Sonia Sotomayor–Supremely Wrong

Before getting to the main event, a quick notes is offered.

Also, with regards to Bernie Madoff, I have nothing to say. I am fine with the sentence. Let the guy burn. He gives my people, that being financial services professionals, a bad name.

Now onto our Constitution, which is hanging by a thread.

Five Supreme Court Justices have given justice to twenty Connecticut firefighters. Four liberal judicial activists failed to allow reverse racism to become the law of the land.

Sonia Sotomayor had her ruling in the Connecticut firefighter case overturned by five strict constructionists that understand that judges are not hired to be social workers.

For those who do not know, the Connecticut Fire Department offered an exam in which the top twenty scores would result in promotions for those individuals. When all was said and done, none of the top twenty scores belonged to black applicants. There were a couple of Latinos in the top twenty, but the majority of those in the top twenty were caucasian.

The fire department decided to scrap the results and invalidate the promotions solely due to fear of a racial discrimination lawsuit.

This is a very reasonable fear, because people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson exist. They are proof that thuggery works. These two racial criminals have spent years shaking down corporations, and even a black man winning the White House was not enough to inoculate this particular fire department from fear.

What the department failed to calculate was that discriminating against white people is also problematic, since white people apparently do belong to the human race in addition to the caucasian race. The firefighters that studied hard and spent time, money, blood, sweat and tears to reach the top twenty were told that they were the wrong color.

This was not affirmative action. This was outright racism.

My words might enrage black AMerica, but luckily as a conservative I could care less about that. The bottom line is that black people are not inferior. All they need and deserve is an equal shot. Unless evidence comes out that black people were banned form taking the test, or that the test itself was discriminatory, then the results should stand.

Sonia Sotomayor told twenty individuals that merit did not matter. The only reason justic prevailed is because Republican presidents selected seven Supreme Court Justices, and only screwed that task up twice.

If I was a black American I would be angered at the notion that because one test had results that went against their community, that all other communities should suffer. Do we even know how many black firefighters tried to take the test? Did they study hard?

There is no evidence that any individual blacks were discriminated against with regards to this test.

This is America. Michael Jordan dominated basketball. Tiger Woods dominates golf. Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice reached the top levers of power. Barack Obama reached even higher. Bill Cosby built a comedy empire, and Oprah Winfrey built a talk show empire. Robert Johnson bought a professional sports franchise.

Every one of these people deserve their fortunes and accolades.

So did the top twenty firefighters.

Sonia Sotomayor got it wrong. She got it Supremely wrong.

The only thing separating America from endorsing discrimination and racism is five Supreme Curt Justices. May John Roberts, Sam Alito, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, and Clarence Thomas remain healthy through 2016 and beyond.


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  1. The ruling was overturned because of the way CT banned all promotions in retaliation, not because of the 14th Amendment or “reverse racism,” quotas or anything else. The court said that “fear of litigation” is not a reasonable excuse for race-based decisions. That’s what this was all about. You should try reading the actual opinions rather than reading bloviated opinions of it from the likes of the WSJ.

    As for “strict constructionists,” apart from what I personally think of such a ridiculous philosophy, I don’t see any on the SCOTUS, and personally wonder if there is such a creature on any bench anywhere. Even thiose who are referred to as such deny that’s what they are. Really, you could not be a “strict constructionist” without being a radical activist. It is yet another conservative fallacy.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Typically, the “liberal” Jews on the SC voted for discrimination, reverse that is.

    We as a people, and there are exceptions, me and Eric being two
    examples, always vote and act against our own self interests.

    Thus, instead of having 50 to 100 million adherents of an ancient faith, which (not in the Orthodox) is constantly being re-evaluated and re-interpreted, we have just 13.3 million.

    Before all the thousands of readers at this site get mad at me,
    let me explain that the major reason for our numbers has been
    the persecution, going back to day 1. (The Crusades, Holocaust,
    Arab-Israeli Wars, etc.)

    Look folks, B. Madoff, who made off with at least 14 billion, out of
    the 170 billion that went through his hedge funds, has been literally
    crucified by the world (the Arabs are saying he is just another “Jew”).

    While I could care less about him, I do care when he is labeled

    I mean ENRON and Worldcoms’s leaders were Christians, yet has
    anyone ever heard them described that way? Dual standards and
    double standards galore, I would say.

    Unfortunately some “Jews” don’t adhere to the laws of Moses,
    especiallly not to steal, while other Jews vote against increasing our
    people (No on Prop 8), to the extent of almost 85%.

    That is however for another post.

    Let me be frank, there is reverse discrimination in most civil service
    agencies. In the Federal government, there is an organization called
    AID. It promotes blacks, Asians and hispanics, typically at the expense
    of we whites. Don’t believe me, talk to any minority who is involved
    with discrimination at a Federal agency.

    Any minority person, who receive a promotion, is at the expense
    of the majority.

    The numbers say it all.

    There are 305 million Americans..about 45m hispanics and 35m blacks,
    with 10m Asians. Except for a few of or largest cities, there are 3.1 whites
    to every minority. Just look at the numbers.

    There is no way, an agency can have 10 members of a minority to one
    of the majority, w/o some sort of preferential treatment in hiring,
    firing and promotions., this despite the laws AGAINST discrimination
    against anyone (including whites), in the government.

    And don’t try to say anything or complain to EEO, within an agency.
    Their investigation will result in a slap on the wrist only against
    the management.

    In private industry, Obama is pushing laws to discriminate against
    the wealthy contributors to charities, by decreasing the amount
    they can deduct…(most contributors are white).

    Speaking of Obama, can we all now get a good laugh at his latest
    accomplishment., cap and trade., which will cap nothing, and cost
    US all more ultimately. Hey guys, is China, Brazil, Japan, and Russia
    capping their steel mills?

    You like wind power, with all those monster mills? Talk about the
    environment being compromised, this is a joke. Less than 3% of
    our power sources come from wind mills (green power). I mean,
    who will vouch for it’s anticpated results by the year 2109, when
    the world’s population by my estimates will be over 10 billion., with
    growth mainly in China, Brazil and Africa.

    Are we all aware that most of the pollution comes from got it right, cows. Let’s start eating more vegis folks and stop the global warming.

    For all my Muslim admirers…Russia reported that the ship taken
    captive by those pirates around the “Horn” and owned by the Iranian
    government, had container with toxic material.

    It has been assumed that Iran planned to explode it at the Eastern
    end of the Suez Canal…near Israeli cities to the East. Just another
    dirty bomb to kill thousands of we Jews.

    Yet it got little coverage in the US leftist media..or world’s press for that matter.

    That’s okay, Iran has accused the “Zionist press” of provoking
    the recent riots (by over one-half their population represented).

    Soooo, we Jews get the adverse publicity to a fault by Iran, while
    their little dirty dirty bomb scheme goes unnoticed.

    But then again, they say that the Holocaust was a “Jew” plot
    to dominate and destroy the Palestinian (sic) people.

    Hmmmm, I thought the Palis people were we Jews, you know,
    the “Palestine Post”.

    And back at the ranch, Hillary is still insisting that Israel stop it’s building in the settlements beyond Israels 67 borders…to appease the enraged
    Arabs..the guys who sent 100,000 soldiers for the final “Jihad” against
    the Israeli Jews that year. “We will meet in Tel Aviv over the bones
    of their leaders”, was the saying at the time.

    Don’t believe me, read Michael Oren’s, “The 67 War”.

    Just think had Israel not sent up those 300 planes to wipe out
    the Arab airforces on the ground….and Egypt used it’s Russian
    supplied bombers against Israeli cities (their plans).

    I shudder to think of what would have happened.
    Steven Spielberg would have another film by now as a

  3. Micky 2 says:

    I dont care what anyone says.
    I want the team that passed the test to be the ones putting out the fire in my house.
    Bottom line is this.
    Sotomayors record of being reversed as often as she has will be unconsequential in her advancement. Shes clearly a racist cloaked in empathy which it seems is exactly what Obama wants in his corner.

  4. Toma says:

    And Obama will get exactly what he wants. Or should I say what the people behind him want. I don’t think Obama knows what he is doing.

    These people care nothing for law. The constitution is not much of a hurdle when the majority in Congress sees it an invalid document because it is based on “self-evident truths”. Power at any and all cost.

    Power over what? A bankrupt nation? What is the motivation? If re-election is the primary goal, they don’t have anything to worry about. Dems will carry future elections George Soros and ACORN have laid the ground work and busy manipulating the census at this moment. The media will saturate the airways with what ever it takes to disinform the public that listens to their broadcasts. This next election will not be an election but an organized stuffing session. The federal expansion will prevail with the Dems at the helm.

    My advice is to get a government job and join the union. The only growth the economy will realize in the foreseeable future is the federal government. I will have to tell my grandchildren that they will have to do more than just score well on a civil service exam for a government job. Being white they will have to get a very deep tan and possibly have their eyes narrowed or speak Spanish in order to “qualify”.

    Of course I jest, making false statements on a government document is against the law. Unless you are a member of Congress or any organization favored by the “powers to be”.

    So, what do we do now?


  5. Eagle 6 says:

    What we can do is look at our Constitution, compare it with Honduras’ Constitiution, and ask the rhetorical question, “Why would the US support a foreign President who demanded a longer term, thereby violating his country’s Constitution?” We pose this question, then relate it to a Supreme Court nominee who has for years been quite vocal about the “conditions” of her judgement (i.e. Hispanic woman), and construct a solid argument that our current CINC has no regard for the Consititution and is much more interested in making certain animals more equal than others. If our President demanded a longer term, and the citizens protested, would the protesters be considered illegal members of a coup??? Be very afraid.

  6. parrothead says:

    In all fairness, while I didn’t like Sotomayor’s ruling, my understanding of her ruling was that the appeals court did not have the authority based on Siupreme Court precedent to uphold the firefighters position. WOudl she had ruled th eother way wiht other precedents, hard to say. In this case she actually wasn’t being activist if I understadn the ruling correctly

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