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Walter Cronkite has left us. While I had my issues with him, I cannot deny his commitment to the news.

So as flags at news stations fly at half staff, I will reserve today for events and link love. For better or worse, Walter Cronkite lived long enough to see the flow of information become rapid, global, and constant.

Here are some links and events.

Tuesday, July 21–I will be speaking to the Ventura County chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, headed by Mitch Silberman. I will be doing a book signing.

Sunday, July 26–I will be a live guest on the Elise Richmond radio program at 9am. She is based out of San Bernardino.

Monday, July 27—Joel Pollak, the student that took on Congressman Barney Frank, will be speaking in Beverly Hills. This guy is worth listening to. The Republican Jewish Coalition is putting on this event. He will also be speaking August 3 in San Diego.

Thursday, July 30—I will be speaking to the Bakersfield Congress of Republicans. The luncheon begins at 11:30am at the Petroleum Club in Bakersfield.

Saturday, August 1—For Texans living in Los Angeles, the annual Salt Lick Barbecue takes place in Redondo Beach.

Friday, August 7–Sean Hannity has his Freedom Concert in San Diego.

Saturday, August 8–Sean Hannity has his Freedom Concert in Las Vegas.

Saturday, August 8–I will be speaking to the Southern California Republican Men and Women. This will take place at the Saddleback Ranch in Burbank. Rick Montaine has the details. This will be during the day at a luncheon, so there is still time to get from and to both Hannity concerts.

Saturday, August 8—In the evening, Sarah Palin will be speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. The Simi Valley Women’s Republican Federated is putting on the event.

Wednesday, August 12—Jennifer Rubin of Commentary Magazine at Beverly Hills Public Library.

Thursday, August 13—I will be Emceeing the kickoff event for the San Diego Chapter of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum.

August 14-16—California State Young Republican Convention in Simi Valley.

Wednesday, September 9—I am speaking to the Westside Republican Club at Jerry’s Deli in Westwood in Los Angeles.

Thursday, September 10—It is tentative, but I might be speaking to the Tri-Valley Peninsula Women’s Republican Federated Chapter in Oakland. Details to follow if this firms up.

Wednesday, September 16–I will be speaking to the Long Beach Republican Women’s Federated at their monthly luncheon. Please contact Helene Belisle for details.

Attached are some podcasts of radio shows I recently did. I am in the process of attaining the remaining ones. Enjoy!

June 16—Robby Kendal 1540 AM WTXY–Carolina

June 24—Rick Emerson 101 FM KUFO—Portland, Oregon

July 1—Pete Kaliner 1110 AM WBT—North Carolina;jsessionid=2a303cfeb8738b9ec5ba586ca6e8f1f63694?startrow=6&page=2&section=audio&category=0

July 14–Bob Dutko  103.5 FM WMUZ—Detroit, Michigan

July 14—Rick Amato 1170 AM KCBQ—San Diego

Now on to some other fun events.

Rick Amato has the Cruise for America.

Jeff Gurman and the Los Angeles Jewish Chamber of Commerce have another mixer coming up.

Karen Allen has formed the Republican version of eBay.

Josh Mandel is running for Treasurer of Ohio. Support him.

Moshe Phillips writes about the Israeli version of Sarah Palin.

Jerrol LeBaron wants politicians to carry themselves with integrity.

Terry West does fabulous work in New Orleans. Some have moved on. He still helps.

Daniel Franks is worth getting to know. He is an up and comer.

Ok, today is my touch football league and tomorrow is my kickball league.

Off to be an alpha male. Happy Saturday all.


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  2. Ahhh, the Freedom Concert! So, how much money are they actually raising for their charity this time around? 8% of the total? I feel sorry for people who actually think this scam is doing any good.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    They’re raisng what they say they’re rasing.
    Tickets are from $38.00 to $78.00 . Fees are included in ticket price $4.75 facility fee, $4.25 parking fee, and a $4.00 donation to the Freedom Alliamce
    $4 per ticket is going to pay tuitions for kids of fallen soldiers. Thats about right if you’re going to say 8% of the total when the total averages about 50.00
    Each bucks destination is clearly marked for its intention. They’re not asying anything thats not true.
    Theres no deception that some on the tour do get paid and that the only intention os only to raide scholarships.
    Its a gathering of those who see things in the same light, they come to invigorate and motivate a base of our population for a cause that is simply not just to raise tutions, but also to give credit and bring awareness to our troops and the American way of life as we know it thats being yanked out drom under us.
    Note the title “Freedom Concert” not “Tuition Concert”
    So yeah, if you go forward with the misnomer that the concert is “ONLY” to raise tutions then you could call it a scam. But that was never the concerts “WHOLE” intention.
    The 4 bucks that goes to each tuition does exactly that, does not get divided up and sent into any other direction and there is no scam.
    Maybe if these moonbats who are going to run this BS comspiracy theory that the concert is a scam we should throw up in their face the concert scam of the century all presented to us under the guise of being “For the planet”
    Yeah, Al Gore, lets take a look at that full blown POS they called “for the earth” and then we can talk about hypocrites and scams.
    I doubt you guys feel sorry for anyone connected to fighting for our ciountry when not too long ago not only did you not give a rats a$$ what happens to their kids but wanted to and seriously were entertaining the idea of billing the solfiers out of their private insurance for their own battle injuries.
    Rather than feeling sorry for them the left has launched endless campaigns that imply what our troops are doing is wrong, murder, immoral and stupid…

    “But hey, we support you “!
    On another note.
    I realize that country western is an American art form. But there are other American art forms that represent Americans that have the same values and concerns as conservatives.
    If were going to change our image and present ouirselves to the country s anything fresh we should really start associting ourselves with more varied types of art besides just country western At the risk of pi$$ing off a lot of country I have to say that I’m tired of all of us being seen as only one type of demographic because we keep getting linked to only one kind of music
    One best example of what I’m talking about would be Eric.
    You can still be a conservative and listen to wide variety of music and not be painted just as some guy with a pick up, a shot gun in the rear window wearing sh*t kickers.
    Not everyone who wants for this country what conservatives want are all necessarily crazy about country music and I’m getting tired of having to listen to it associated with a lot of my favotite programming.
    We rock, we swooon to Jazz, we dance to techno, we enjoy cultural aspects of music from abroad but theres few conservative media outlets that make this apparent. Every into, theme song or spot of entertainment is always country.
    If we as a party are going to try and change the methods of attraction to us (not the message) then it would really serve us well to knock it off with the cramming of country down everyones throat as if its our partys anthem. Everytime Hannitys show starts and the soundtrack starts rolling you can hear me a block away sarchastically giving a rebel yell “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw! and I’ve practically given up on Huckabee actually ever rocking. I mean really, c’mon Huck, you band is called the “Littlerockers” and I’ll I’ve ever heard them play is a bunch of country twangs.
    C;mon over to my house, my son and I will both get on our trap sets and blow you away witrh a percussion duo jam that goes into Primus, Deep Forest, Tito Puente and Aerosmith while two huge American flags fly over my garage door with the huge “no moonbats” sticker across it.

    (the neighbors love me)

    NOT ! :-)

  4. Micky 2 says:

    Thats whay I get for not proofing and typing in the dark. (yeah, I still look at the keys and not the screen)

  5. Laree says:

    Neil Cavuto Goldman Sachs just bucking trends it is what any company does to survive? Goldman Sachs is doing just fine in the present financial environment.

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