RJC in Santa Monica

Several days ago I had the pleasure of attending the Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Summer Bash in Santa Monica, California.


The Loews Hotel was the scene for a great night of food, socializing, politics, and all around great speeches.

On the national scene, South Dakota Senator and possible 2012 presidential contender John Thune offered his common sense prairie wisdom. The Sacramento Queen and I enjoyed meeting him and taking our picture with him.

On the state scene, California Insurance Commissioner and GOP gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner gave a passionate speech that offered some new policy initiatives regarding Iran.

In Hollywood news, Actor John Ratzenberger, famous for playing postal worker Cliff Clavin on “Cheers,” gave a rousing speech about his Nuts and Bolts Foundation, and the need to become a nation of manufacturers again.

In more Hollywood news, illness prevented comedian Jonathan Winters from entertaining the crowd. He is resting comfortably at his home. Filling in quite ably at the last minute was conservative comedian Evan Sayet. Evan broke out some new material, which was well received.

New media was given more prominence than ever at an RJC function, as an entire blogger table was set up. While some typed away on keyboards to send out immediate reviews, I remained the dinosaur that took notes by hand using a pen and paper. My coverage of this event will be as extensive as the event itself was spectacular. In the mean time, Roger L. Simon of Pajamas Media produced a video compilation of several interviews he did with people at the event. I was one of the interviewees.


The Master of Ceremonies was RJC Leader Ron Plotkin. I like Ron because he has suits and ties of varying pastel colors that put the guys from Miami Vice to shame. On this night he and I both went with more moderate, subdued outfits, but you can’t keep snappy dressers conservative for long, even if their politics are conservative.

Other notable attendees included actor Orson Bean, and Congressional candidate Ari David. Ari is running to replace Henry Waxman, who I have downgraded to Waxboy due to his childish decisions with regards to policy.

As for policy, the event was heavy on policy and politics. However, this was an event that put the party in Republican Party. The Fall of 2009 will feature many political battles. This makes it even more vital to have a celebratory Summer while we still can.

The RJC lit up Santa Monica, and rather than say any more, I would simply encourage all of you to attend next year.

If you ask nicely, I might wear one of my Miami Vice suits instead of the basic banker black.


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  1. parrothead says:

    The important quesiton is why did they move it fomr the Reagan Library

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