The first gasbag in chief spaketh

I was going to cover President Obama’s remarks to the nation last night, but then I decided only to cover the substance. After deciding that a blank page would leave my readers cheated, I realized that the speech can be declared substantive simply because President Obama said so.

I expected him to cover familiar themes, ranging from his own fabulousness and heroic nature, to saving America from everything in this world, all of which was George W. Bush’s fault. I also expected him to declare that he was bipartisan simply because he said he was, and that Republicans were not bipartisan because they disagreed with him.

I also expected environmentalists to praise him despite the fact that the gas from his speeches is killing the Ozone Layer, assuming that anybody really ever cared about that.

Naturally, I was right. He began his speech by mentioning that in the first few weeks of his administration, quick and decisive action was taken to save this economy.

No, Mr. President. That was George W. Bush and Hank Paulson. You and Timothy Geithner had no idea how to handle the problem, and you still don’t. The idea that anything bad belongs to your predecessor while anything good is all because of you is more tired than me at a mattress testing convention.

(Nordstroms should not have thrown me out. I may have bought that hammock.)

He then continued by spouting nonsense, but with his head tilted at an angle to convey seriousness.

“The recovery act we passed has already saved jobs and created new ones.”

Are you kidding me? Only a liberal could expect to lose 10 jobs, only lose 5, and call that job creation. These are the same liberals that think that if a program grows by 5% instead of 10%, that money is being saved. They simply make stuff up.

Mr. President, only 60 seconds into your speech, and you keep reminding me that you are full of cr@pola.

Just level with America sir. Stop telling us that anything you have done so far has worked. If you want to say you need time, and that in time things will work, I can listen. Do not say you have already succeeded. The facts contradict this.

He then stated that he provided Americans tax relief. Who are these people? What tax relief?

Then he stated that “our economy was not ready to compete in the 21st century.” He mentioned green jobs. Enough with the Deepak Chopra gobbledy gook. Steelworkers and coal workers are being decimated while the First College Professor in Chief lectures us about going green.

If he wants me to go green, make the stoplights more friendly so I don’t have to see red every morning on the main road.

Then he lied about 47 million Americans not having health care. This is the most fraudulent statistic the Democrats use, which says a lot for Democrats. The number is a bold faced lie.

He then lied about how people would not be forced to give up their private insurance. With a public option, they will undercut private companies. The same liberals who criticize Walmart for successfully lowering prices to drive competitors out of business deliberately ignore that Government is like Walmart to the 100th power. At least Walmart plays by the rules.

He declared that the AARP “endorsed his reform efforts,” as if that actually means something. The AARP are partisan Democrats.

He criticized one anonymous Republican strategist for saying that Republicans should “go for the kill” and reject compromise. Apparently Mr. Obama had no problem with allowing Rahm Emanuel to say that “a crisis should never go to waste.” Mr. Obama truly believes that compromise means cramming a liberal agenda down conservative throats with no dissent in the name of bipartisanship.

On the one hand Mr. Obama is tired of businesses being hit with tax burdens, but then says he wants to raise taxes on businesses. However, unlike George W. Bush, apparently when Mr. Obama raises taxes it will be an investment and not a burden. Well that solves that problem.

Once again, the Associated Press got to ask the first question, because they are a liberal organization posing as a neutral one.

They asked him if he would offer specifics as to what he wanted from Congress. Since he would rather let Nancy Pelosi either succeed so he can take credit, or fail so he can shift the blame on to her, of course he does not want to leave any fingerprints. Besides, this guy is lazy. He likes campaigning, but he has no interest in doing the actual work.

He never answered the question.

“There are a number of different ways to raise money. I preferred my proposal.”

How modest of him.

He thinks that there are enough rich people to pay for this.

“I am not for closing other ideas.”

My lord this man is generous of spirit.

He does not want to hurt the middle class. So instead he will harass rich people, and they will lay off or refuse to hire middle class people. President Obama will then blame George W. Bush for this as well.

President Obama was asked, “What’s the rush?”

While the answer is because he wants to ram things through before his polls slip further (the reason George W. Bush could not bomb Iran), he cited the need to help families.

He always makes one or two valid but meaningless points per press conference. He says things nobody could disagree with, but that don’t matter. This speech featured the line that “inertia is the default option.” He also mentioned that “it is important that we get this right.” Who could argue with that?

“I will not sign a bill that I don’t think will work.”

Then no bill should be signed until he is out of office.

In the interest of moderation, the President asked MSNBC to ask him a question. Chuck Todd asked if everyone would be covered.

President Obama said unless we had a single payer system, only 97 to 98% would be covered. During the campaign he said 100% of Americans would be covered.

“You haven’t seen me out there blaming the Republicans.”

For the love of God Mr. President, that is your entire political platform. Sheesh! Remember, everything in life that is wrong is your predecessor’s fault, he left you with a mess, but you are not blaming him. You need to stop bathing in “E’au D’Obama Anus” cologne.

In President Obama’s world, Republicans play politics while Democrats act on principle. The President even brags that he has “seen Republican ideas.” Yes, and then he rejects them out of hand.

For those who think I am always against President Obama, let me give credit where credit is due. His necktie was perfect. I think he uses a Windsor knot. Like his necktie, his words are contorted into a twisted shape that fits him perfectly but does not benefit anybody else.

“Americans have to give up things that won’t make them healthier.”

President Obama is a smoker. Come to think of it, that also makes him a hypocrite. His smoking habit does more to raise my premiums than anything I do.

I was only half way through when I decided to throw in the towel. Health requires a good night of sleep, which I cannot get if I stay up all night listening to this windbag.

(Windbag is a better term than gasbag due to his hostility toward the oil industry.)

He then went on to blame George W. Bush again, before taking credit for a stimulus package that George W. bush passed.

President Obama then stated that he saved 2.2 trillion dollars for America. I will not be getting a check in the mail, because these savings are as mythical as the jobs he has saved.

He then blamed his predecessor again. The theme here was to cry, blame, and protest.

This is our leader. I think the start of any health care plan should be pre-natal. We can start by giving the baby in chief his bottle and a nice long nap, or at the very least, a time out.


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  1. Laree says:

    Michael Graham was on Imus this morning discussing Professor Louis Gates arrest and the President mentioning it in his press conference.

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  3. Dav Lev says:

    And we members of the Hebrew faith voted 85% for Hussein Obama.

    Don’t like me including his middle name, well, I do it for reasons.
    His latest pro-Hamas, pro-Fatah, pro-Hezbollah, pro-Iranian foreign
    policies were evident when he demanded Israel NOT build a 20 unit
    apartment house in East Jerusalem (while the Arabs build in “Jewish” West Jerusalem (no Obama criticism there).

    Sooooo, Jews are forbidden to live in Arab occupied land (the Jews had first dibs on Palestine), while Obama is the first black (mulatto) to reside
    in the White House. Something stinks at the head folks. The Jews were promised a nation in what is now Jordan, yet no Jews are allowed there,
    except Kissinger of course or Albright (would the Hungarian fascists
    have believed her not a Jew?0.

    Getting back to East Jerusalem. The Palis want this as their capital of
    yet another Arab state. (They have 22 now). Yet they did have it
    after 1948, when they stole it from the Jews., burning down everything
    Jewish, using cement tombstones as latrine walks. No synagogue was
    without some destruction. The area became Judenrein (w/o Jews), until
    67, when Hussein decided to attack West Jerusalem..with thousands of
    artillery shells, etc., killing and wounding Jews. (BTW, then then leader of
    Israel begged him not to join the fray-to no avail).

    Typically, we read that his involvement was inconsequencial. Inconsequential? How would we like it if Washington D.C.was shelled
    from Maryland?

    Soooo, the real Obama (he didn’t fool me one iota), is coming through.

    He is basically an Arab lover. They can do no wrong.
    Little Israel however, can do no right, even though they won the wars in 48 and 67.

    I mean, okay, Israeli planned rooms for natural growth may actually
    be constructed but at what cost? The cost folks, is no more construction, ever.

    And back at the ranch, thousands of Palestinians are coming heard me right, here, to the US of A., thanks to Obama and our money.

    Do Palis make good neighbors I ask?

    Regarding Mr. Gates…anyone see him on the liberal PBS network lately?
    This guy likes to provoke, he does it all the time. He interviewed
    on one documantary a group of good old Southern boys…and blatantly upset them. A group of Southern blacks did attend, who favored the
    Confederate flag (their ancestors fought for the South, as did other blacks).

    This guy simply likes to manipulate racial tensions. His reaction
    to being arrested was typical…he knew darn well that all he had to
    do was say, “this is my home, I have identification”. And the matter
    would have ended without all the timult. He knew exactly what he was
    doing. He wanted the confrontation…

    And our not so wise President bought into it, hook line and sinker.

    BTW, smoking kills…people in nursing homes in wheel chairs, often times
    have poor circulation thanks to lifetimes of smoking.

    Get it Obama!

  4. Amazing, yet another “conservative” government wrecks the nation again, and somehow you cons have the unmitigated gall to complain about cleaning it up the mess you made. I think of a funny cartoon i saw the other day, a building, labeled “the economy,” is on fire and a bunch of firemen, labeled “the stimulus plan,” are fighting the fire with water hoses and some idiot in the criwd watching complains, “Look at all the water they’re wasting!” Amazing. How do you guys sleep at night?

    And then you have the insane audacity to exclaim, “He began his speech by mentioning that in the first few weeks of his administration, quick and decisive action was taken to save this economy… No, Mr. President. That was George W. Bush and Hank Paulson.” Really? So throwing money at the failed crooked banks and failed crooked investment houses is okay, but extending unemployment benefits and rescuing fiscally ruined states, problems specifically created by those same failed crooked banks and failed crooked investment houses is bad? Really? Amazing. Again, how on Earth do you guys sleep at night?

    And he’s not blaming the Republcians for anything other than what they should be blamed for, being lying criminals on the take for the health insurance sector, in so many measured words, of course. He doesn’t blame them for the bill stalling, though. He knows, like all other honest and informed people, that the Republicans are irrelevent to this bill’s passage. He doesn’t need them, nor particularly want them, though he does patronize them a bit by saying otherwise. The blame for the bill’s stalling falls squarely on the those members of the Democratic Party who happen to also be criminals on the take for the health insurance sector, mostly those pandering conservative “Blue Dogs,” DINOs all of them.

    And the final lunatic irony… (drum roll please…) “smoking kills.” Wow. Really? I didn’t know the Republican party acknowedged that FACT. So, we tax the living heck out of cigarettes. They’re bad for you, they’re an expensive cost to the healthcare system, we tax them so as to help pay for that system. We should do as much with booze and junk food. Good to see a republican come around to that FACT.


  5. Toma says:

    I suppose I’m remiss for not watching the O’s speech but I can’t help it. His arrogance and fate sincerity is thinner than BJ Clinton’s and I didn’t think that would be possible.

    Obamacare can be explained in one sentence.

    Bureaucrats shall decide what medical treatment a person shall recieve.


  6. And how would that be different than what we have now, Toma?

    Oh, right, they wouldn’t be making the decision with profit being more important than our well-being.

    How terrible!



  7. Laree says:

    They just are not listening in Washington they don’t have their ear to the ground. The Natives are restless and they can’t hear the drumbeats.

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