NFL 2009–Hall of Fame Saturday

Quick administrative notes…I got back late last night from Hannity’s Freedom Concert in San Diego. It was amazing.

After a few hours of sleep, I am speaking to the Southern California Republican Women and Men at 1pm at the Smokehouse Restaurant in Burbank. Then after another nap, I am off to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley at 6pm. I am not the headliner, but I will be speaking. For those that care, and I am not sure why you would, I am putting aside partisan politics and heading over to a friend’s house in Valencia even later that night who is left wing. His parties in the past have included trampolines, fire-eaters (literal, not political), and live rock bands.

Now on to the main event.

Politics is for the week. The weekend, after months of suffering, is once again about football.

Every February, Punxatawney Phil it seems sees his shadow. While this means six more weeks of winter, it does not extend football season. What a useless little critter.

Nevertheless, today is Hall of Fame Saturday.

Buffalo Bills Owner Ralph Wilson, Pittsburgh Steelers (and 49ers, Ravens, and Raiders) great defensive back Rod Woodson, the late Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas, Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Bob Hayes, Buffalo Bills Linebacker Bruce Smith, and Minnesota Vikings Guard Randall McDaniel are all entering the hallowed halls of greatness found in the greatest city in the world, Canton, Ohio.

Sunday will be dedicated to their speeches, and the Hall of Fame Game Between The Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans.

There will be plenty of time for analysis. For today, enjoy the beauty and nobility of the day.

Today we celebrate some of the very best men to ever play football.

I am adding nothing further because Shakespeare said that the play was the thing.

The game is the thing.

Enjoy those that make the National Football League the king of all sports.


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