Joe Piscopo and other (angry) mob(ster)s

Editors Note: I am en route to San Diego for Sean Hannity and his Freedom Concert. I will not be covering the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation because there is nothing to say. She got confirmed. If Republicans want to prevent another mediocre talent and leftist ethnic grievance monger on the court, then winning back the Senate is the only hope.

Besides, I have bigger concerns.

I am now officially a mobster.

This is surprising to me. I am not Italian, and most Italians I know are not mobsters either.

I like Italian food, but found the Sopranos colossally boring. For those who said “Bada Boom!” and “Bada Bing!” I responded with “Bada Yawn,” also known as “Bada who the hell cares?”

Yet in the current health care debate, anybody that goes to a town hall meeting and disagrees with the President is now part of an angry mob.

So this is actually less about mobsters than mob(ster)s.

To be part of a mob, there is only one qualification. One has to disgaree with President Obama and refuse to be silent about this.

When George W. Bush was the president, dissent was patriotic. Very leftist ran wild. Were there reasonable Democrats that protested in a civil manner? Sure. Yet the lunatics were celebrated. Every organization from “Lesbian Vegans for Libya” to “Hillary’s hags and harpies” to “Bush lied, the music died” was out in full force.

Cindy Sheehan engaged in behavior toward President Bush that can only be described as stalking. Medea Benjamin and the rest of the Code Pinkos engaged in verbal bombthrowing that bordered on terrorism.

Yet despite accusations that President Bush was clamping down on free speech, those accusations from Hollywood celebrities and other leftist nitwits defied logic. After all, people yelling about censorship at the top of their lungs with no repercussions hardly sounds like a police state.

As for Barack Obama, anybody disagreeing with him is a concern. Leftists are constantly complaining about Gestapo tactics, but they seem to enjoy them themselves. After all, what else would one call collecting evidence of conservatives criticizing the President, and then emailing the White House to inform them.

Despite having the White House and both houses of Congress, the left is more enraged than ever. They still have not grasped what election after election has told the rest of the civilized world.

Leftists don’t matter. They are, were, and lord willing, will always be irrelevant.

Without rehashing past discussions, in short, conservatives get elected by saying who they are and what they believe. Liberals get elected only when conservatives mess up, and only be denying who they are. They make up phony terms like “progressives” because they are too gutless to admit they are liberals.

Because of this, there is no mandate for liberalism in America.

For those that point out the last two elections, think again. The Democrats won in 2006 by not discussing anything remotely resembling a policy or a program. They stood for nothing, which was good enough whe the Republicans were seen as less than nothing. Naturally, outside of non-binding resolutions, and hating President Bush, they did nothing.

Then they got the White House in 2008, and they claimed a mandate for liberalism. This is false because Barack Obama denied who he was from day one of his campaign. He had a mandate to fix the economy. He did not have a mandate to remake it in the tradition of FDR.

Democrats had a few brief months where blaming Republicans for everything from killing puppies and kittens to hating seniors and children worked. Yet then a funny thing happened.

The voters wanted results. They wanted the blame game to stop. The liberals were incapable of stopping.

Liberal hatred of conservatives is pathological. They need hatred the way normal human beings need  oxygen.

With no Republicans to blame, the liberals had no choice but to blame somebody. It was tornado temper tantrum time. First the Democrats lashed out at each other. The Blue Dogs correctly understood that allowing the Pelosiraptor to dictate legislation would not her. She has a safe seat. She would not care if they all lost their seats once the legislation was passed.

Yet the Blue Dogs eventually turned into lap dogs. There was just one problem. Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and even Rahm Emanuel ran into the one group of people that could not be bullied…voters.

First the Democrats got shellacked at Town Halls. Then they simply decided to stop holding them. They began a ruthless assault on ordinary Americans. Just ask Joe the Plumber.

They then verbally attacked people attending tea parties and town halls as either lunatics, or plants. Now liberals are experts in having planted questioners in their midst, to ensure favorable coverage.

I remember attending a press conference by Barbara Boxer where the questioners were required to write the questions on pieces of paper, and she would choose which ones to answer.

The liberals once had complete domination of the media. Then conservatives found outlets, including talk radio. The left came unglued, knowing that dissenting conservative opinions were even allowed.

This led to citizens getting more politically active. This is not a threat to Democracy. This is democracy.

Now the left is demonizing people attending Town Halls for simply disagreeing with the President.

The left is determined to find people that act badly. In the same way Palesiminans are having a tougher time recruiting new homicide bombers, leftists are posing as hateful conservatives because mainstream conservatives refuse to act like bat spit crazy nut jobs.

When Senator Boxer complains that the protesters are fake because they dress well, she is conceding that most liberal protesters are unshaven creatures that should be profiled at airports.

I recently attended a strategy session, and we were told as conservatives that we were to be civilized and polite. We were told not to hold up any crazy signs, or yell any bad words. This is because one incident of bad behavior will allow liberals to present all conservatives as wack jobs.

The funny thing is the conservatives did not even need this advice. Unlike liberals, they do not need to experience extensive training in civilized behavior. We do not throw objects or celebrate those who do. We would never throw shoes at Barack Obama or a pie at a liberal commentator.

The left has become so unhinged that they actually accused the senior citizens in the audience of grandstanding so that they could be on You-Tube.

It was at this moment that a liberal mobster had to settle down other liberal mob(ster)s, even though he agree with them politically.

I never thought I would witness this, but the voice of reason in this discussion was Joe Piscopo.

As a political blogger, I never even thought to ever write his name. H eis an actor or comedian who was famous for something a while back. I mean no disrespect. He seems like a nice enough guy. Yet his recent appearance on Hannity was brilliant.

I still do not understand why he wa son Hannity, but again, for a Hollywood celebrity, he actually spoke like somebody thoughtful. When the You-Tube issue was brought up, Piscopo deadpanned that “These are senior citizens. They don’t even know what You-Tube is.”

I admit, to me that is hilarious, and quite accurate. They call it “new media” because it is new. It is mainly the tool of young people.

I do not know what Joe Piscopo knows about new media, but Joe Piscopo knows about mobsters. He and Danny Devito was hilarious in “Wise Guys,” when Dan Hedaya hired each of them to kill the other one. Ray Sharkey was killed, but Piscopo bungled his way into survival.

He knows comedy, and apparently he knows seniors as well. They are not looking for internet glory. That is a young thing. They do not know You-Tube from My-Space to the Space Race to the Great Space Coaster.

My father is a bright man, but he has no idea how to do most things on a computer. He is old and set in his ways. He dictates letters, and my mother types them. I taught him how to download music, and he got angry when nobody else had the songs he liked. My mother wakes up 3am to handle eBay auctions. Again, this man is no dummy. He is just old, and not interested in Twitter and Facebook. My mother checks his email.

Many seniors are angry because they truly love America, and see liberal policies wrecking the nation they inherited.

These poeople are not fake plants. The assertion is ludicrous.

The pelosiraptor claims that these people are “carpet-bombing” this country. Many of these seniors belong to the World War II generation. They know more about carpet-bombing that the Pelosiraptor ever will.

These are not political agitators. They don’t put on war paint like Code Pink. They are not college kids that wouldn’t know a fact from an opinion if it was drilled into their skulls.

The seniors simply want to get to the truth. They want congress to read the bills they vote on. They want congress to level with them.

They want honesty.

They are not an angry mob. I have seen angry mobs. During the LA Riots of 1992, I saw a city have to be put on lockdown. It was not Republican senior citizens burning and looting. It was young people with a sense of grievance and entitlement.Why would seniors steal VCRs back then? They did not even know how to program them. (I let mine blink 12:00 because twice a day, every day, it was right.)

The left can kick and scream and cry and hurl epithets. What they cannot do is govern.

They control everything, and they are repeating their mistakes of 1992.

The louder they yell, the more they will be rejected, and the more desperate they will become.

They could try reaching across the aisle, but if they did this they would not be liberals.

Again, when hatred is a religion, it is difficult to let reason trump emotion.

I will continue to exercise my right to free speech. I will engage in democracy.

I may attend some protests. I am sure the crowds will be filled with decent and civilized human beings.

For now, it is time to hang out with some great AMericans.

The Tygrrrr Express is San Diego bound, ready to hear Charlie Daniels, Lee Greenwood, and of course Sean Hannity.

I never thought I would say this, but if Joe Piscopo is there, that would be cool as well.

We will be portrayed as angry mob(ster)s, but thousands of people singing “God Bless the U.S.A.” along with Lee Greenwood sounds like a lovefest to me.


20 Responses to “Joe Piscopo and other (angry) mob(ster)s”

  1. “If Republicans want to prevent another mediocre talent and leftist ethnic grievance monger on the court, then winning back the Senate is the only hope.”

    Well, you can call whoever you want a “leftist ethnic grievance monger,” for whatever that means, but to call Sotomayor a “mediocre talent” is either a lie or a show of sheer ignorance – either way it is at least extremely hypocritical. When it comes to academic and prfoessional qualifications, Sotomayor is right up there with the best of the SCOTUS justices today, and her actual trial experience is right up there with the best of the justices EVER. To say she is a “mediocre talent” is just plain stupid. I disagree with John Roberts or Antonin Scalia, for examples, but I would never say either was a “mediocre talent.” Both have very solid creds no matter how you slice it. Clarence Thomas, on the other hand… eh.

    “Yet in the current health care debate, anybody that goes to a town hall meeting and disagrees with the President is now part of an angry mob.”

    Well, I haven’t heard ANYONE say that. But certainly many of these recent “townhall protesters” are acting that way. hey, the Leftis do it all the time and you guys are the constantly raging against that behavior. yet when Righties do it, somehow we’re slandering them by decrying their behavior. In fact, THIS VERY BLOG REGULARLY DECRIES DISORDERLY PUBLIC BEHAVIOR. Now, somehow, it’s okay. It’s like that conservatiove canard about “judicial activism” – you only complain when it’s not to your liking. Very hypocritical.

    Many of these “townhall protesters” are behaving like an angry mob, rhetorizing with incoherent nonsense, stifling adult discourse and debate, riling themselves up like the rabble they are with hyperbolic frenzy and insane paranoia. If you listen to some of the things they’re yelling, you realize this is truly mob/herd-mentality in action:

    Not only are these mobs, but they are retarded mobs. All they do is repeat GOP talking points straight out of the mouths of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other radical rightwing rabble rousers. I haven’t heard one truthful, honest, or original sentence come from the mouths of these “protesters” yet. It’s the insipid “Tea Parties” all over again. The fact of the matter is simple: these people don’ like that conservatism in on the downslide in America today and we have a black Democrat president. That’s all this is really about.

    83,000,000 million Americans already have public healthcare. I don’t hear any of them saying their’s should be taken away. Yet they gladly deny millions of other people even the opportunity to obtain coverage. It’s the ol’ “I got mine, so go f’ yourself” philosophy and it is disgusting. These monons should be ashamed of themselves.


  2. summa04 says:

    It seems today’s post went over his head, but that doesn’t surprize me. I am fired up at callous name calling, “Many of these “townhall protesters” are behaving like an angry mob, rhetorizing with incoherent nonsense, stifling adult discourse and debate, riling themselves up like the rabble they are with hyperbolic frenzy and insane paranoia. If you listen to some of the things they’re yelling, you realize this is truly mob/herd-mentality in action…These monons should be ashamed of themselves.” With all the media time given to any one of the current admimistrations’ “doings” one has only to read, listen or watch to make their own mind up. Things will never change if ya don’t shut your trap and listen to what the American people are trying so hard to tell Obama and Congress. The nation is clearly divided. See…I take offense to rabble, moron, paranoia,lets see, Hoyer said, “rabid,” and Pelosi, “some carried swatiskas,” and the DNP characterized many as “plants, fakes, wild” and worse. I see citizens standing up for what they believe and expressing their constitutional right to freedom of speech. We are scared for our democracy and rightly so. Never has so much been asked and so much taken by our government. The attempt of full control is ridiculous and citizens are uniting one at a time, not because of blah, blah, right or left, but because they have had enough! They can read bills in full and have minds of their own and they can detect a smaltz when they see one or two or, more. Read the bills in full. I may not be as smart or versed in government lingo as some, but…I do know a fake when I see one and I do know what America stands for and when someone is trying to pull the “wool over my eyes.” God Bless America! Frankly, I have no insurance and yes, I guess I am also a “right wing lil ole granny” that will on any given day stand up for America, waving my flag, wearing a cheap 29 cent flag pin, hand over my heart when the anthem plays, saying Christmas and not Winter Festival and bow my head when a prayer is said. If I look like a “mobster,” then so be it. LOL, what were we talking about? (teasing, of course) Have a great weekend!

  3. Toma says:

    Jers, I know you are quite proud of Obama and the Dems, but there are people who are not. I wrote a post last week warning about the White House taking steps to curtail criticism of Obama and his objectives. You may recall.

    If townhall meetings with our so called representatives get loud, angry or even mob like it is about time. I have been writing articles local and web wide for years trying to get voters to pay attention to who they send to Washington. And motivate them to supervise those elected and sound off when they are angry, threaten their jobs, recall them if necessary, vote them out of office in the least. Well at last, a few concerned citizens are getting involved. Behold, it took a Muslem, Marxist to bully the people into action.

    BTW, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. I’ll paraphrase Clint Eastwood. “Sometimes you come across someone that you realize you should not have messed with, well, I’m him”.

    Perhaps I flatter myself, but I pray the White House sends me a letter of “chilling effect”. I pray Obama tries to silence the critics. I for one will continue to call it like I see it. I will not be silenced, not in this life time.

    Have a good day man.


  4. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, Did you read what you wrote? “Yet they gladly deny millions of other people even the opportunity to obtain coverage.” Let’s see, I work, get paid, stop at the store to buy a soda, and don’t give the guy standing outside a soda…so I’m denying him the opportunity to have a soda? Replace “soda” with car, house, health care… My willingness to work denies others opportunity? As Sherman might say with Lucy….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. Toma, they’ll just stop having townhalls. Mobbing around doesn’t accomplish anything. It just makes you guys look bad. Believe me, you are not helping yourselves here anymore than the Code Pink people helped the anti-war cause.

    Eagle, if I’m not mistaken, you’re one of those 83,000,000 people getting government healthcare. now, yes, of course, you work for it, but you get to keep it even when you stop working for it. I worked for many years for my health coverage, but when I stopped working for it, I lost all that money I put into it. The system we have now is simply cheap people denying other people the right to affordable choices with their health coverage. I now have to do without healthcare that I depsarately need because I don’t have coverage anymore. It was just my luck that I was healthy when I was paying and working out all those premiums and now that I’m unemployed, I have no coverage and the insyrance companies simply pocketed my money. We need a system in which all of us that can pay do pay and can get care when we need it, not just when we happen to be paying. You get that. Why can’t I?


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “Mobbing around ”

    A bunch of senior citizens on fixed incomes who are worried about the quality of their death now as opposed to their quality of life are mobbing around ?
    Yeah, And everyone in Israel denies the holocaust, whats next ?

    Its not the governments resposibilty or obligation to give people health care. Its not a right.
    If you’re unemployed, you go on unemployment and recieve medicaid til you get on your feet again. If your permantly crippled, then we should help you.
    But I see no reason why because a supposed 43 million people cant get insurance, dont want it, or dont deserve it, the whole damn country needs this crap rammed down its throat just to please them
    Just like with Cash for Clunkers, people see a freebee they take it. People will take frebee health care and drive the private sector out so NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO KEEP WHAT WEVE GOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its all BS desigened to make the country dependent on the dem fed so as to garner votes in 2012

  7. Micky, those senior citizens are all on MEDICARE. They’re a bunch of morons. They don;t know what they’re talking about and if they did, they’d realize they were just being selfish lowlifes.

    And anyone who complains about Cash For Clunkers, IMHO, is nothing but a ridiculously cynical partisan who would still complain about the Democrats if they cut every tax and killed every regulation tomorrow.

    Nobody’s talking about taking away what you got. They couldn’t get rid of private insurance if they deployed the marines on ’em. Private insurance isn’t going anywhere. It’s a massive macro-investment scheme. They talking about giving you more choices, employing more competition to lower costs. because Micky, at 7% healthcare inflation a year, you won’t got what you got for very much longer unless we do something now.

    I know conservatives cling to the status quo like babies to their blankies, but at some point you have to take the cover off your eyes and see there are no monsters in the room.


  8. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, those senior citizens are all on MEDICARE.”

    Right, that makes no sense. Why would they reject what they’ve already got ? ( put down the bong) Actually, most of them have their own policies and medicare only picks up the small portion that their own plan doesnt.

    “Nobody’s talking about taking away what you got.”

    Thats right, they’re not talking about it, but I know the market and I know people, and so does Obama. That doesnt mean it wont happen. What fuzzy math are you going to use to prove that people wont take the public once its available ? And what fuzzy crap are you going try and convince me with that the private sector wont have a hard time keeping with competition that has an endless feed ? If thats the case then only those taking the public option should be the ones to be taxed, right ?
    They’re not talking about it because they know they dont have to. It will happen anyway.
    That there is pure logic that just shredded your argument

    Jersey, I’ve heard all this sh*t before and I’m really not feeling you’re being honest enough to be worth the lengthy engagement involving crap I’ve heard from every liberal in denial about what a collosal failure Obamas plan is.
    You have nothing again except your insults to peoples better judgement when they dont agree with you. I have facts. And the fact is that the fed has never ever run anything that can compete with the private sector and done it better or for less. Most people want to keep what they’ve got. Theres already medicade (going broke) medicare (going broke) SS (going broke) CHIPS for the kids of folk who cant afford it, welfare (going broke) and now he wants to implement another revenue sucking system with out the funds to keep that up and running.

    Sooooooooo, its you who needs to wake up, toss your blankie and quit this dream that this administration is actually going to make this work if it passes.
    Besides that, you never answered my question.
    Why dont we just give insurance to those supposed 43 million who have none and leave the rest of us the hell alone ?
    The majority of the country is happy with what they’ve got, numerous polls support this. I know I’m happy with mine.

    “I know conservatives cling to the status quo like babies to their blankies, but at some point you have to take the cover off your eyes and see there are no monsters in the room.”

    I know that liberals only protest when they want something for nothing.
    Conservatives are protesting because they dont want what is supposedly so much better for them. We have a right to not have something shoved down our throat or pay for those who are too fricken lame to get it themselves.

    “Micky, at 7% healthcare inflation a year, you won’t got what you got for very much longer unless we do something now.”

    hah !
    Thats right ! Its called inflation. I will also be making more money next year, if that schmuck doesnt take it for you. name one thing thats cheaper today than it was last year ? Or ten years ago ?

    Look at how much Obama has raised the cost of the fed doing business just in the last 6 months and you’re telling me about 7% ? How long before revenues to cover health care dont cut it and he raises taxes a second or third time ? With all the other debt hes running up like no one has ever seen before in our countrys history you can bet your sweet a$$ it wont be long !

    You guys dont give a rats a$$ about anyones health care. Its all about power, control and votes.
    Everything I said this schmuck was going to last year, hes doing now.
    On top of that he increased the talking heads in the fed government trifold, (the fed is the only place employment has gone up) and delegated everything to everyones brother and your friendly neighborhood Czar. One cheeck on the each side of the butthole doesnt know what the other is doing. Thats why you’ve got Geithner and everyone saying one thing while his boss says another.
    Biggest mess I’ve seen in any presidency in 50 years. No thanks, the sooner this guy is out, the better

    Selfish lowlifes ? Why ? because they dont see why they should foot the bill for guys like you who didnt take care of themselves ? Or the 43 million who supposedly cant have or dont want this ?
    These people have paid into the system their whole damn lives and now the messiah wants to take more from them for someone else whos able bodied ?

    No no no no my friend. Its you A holes who are being selfish ! Tell that moron to get you all jobs sp you can buy your own. And while hes at it. Tell him to leave the system in place and crack down on the idiot lawsuits that raise the cost so much. Doctors can barely afford to practice in my state 1 I’ve lost 3 this year due to insurance costs !
    But he wont do that ! bacause he wants “DEE POWER !!!
    Crust o mighty hes willing to have so called “FISHY” e mail sent directly to the white house to find out who doesnt want it ?

    Thats just wrong buddy, wrong wrong wrong ! But it does show that hes not interested in those 43 million without health care he keeps trying to guilt us with.

    I’m not stupid Jersey, I’m informed, I read ya know, I’ve been around.
    I’m dealing with facts of life here and your the one thinking the man behind the curtain will do something for you.
    I dont know about you, but I learned a long time ago that if you want something, and want it done right you’d better get it yourself and do it for yourself.

    Its you guys who are the lowlife sleazes. You want something your not entitled to at someone elses cost, cars, houses, health care, food. And then throw a fit when we actually claim ownership to whats ours. Just who the hell do you people think you are ?Thats just sleazy

  9. Eagle 6 says:

    Ahhh…I missed you guys…
    Jersey, I do not begrudge anyone health care – but as Mickey pointed out, it is available when insurance isn’t. I understand your point about a greater pool reducing costs, but we already know some of the realities – 10+M uninsured don’t “belong” here and are already stressing the system…many more millions don’t have insurance because one must HAVE something besides his health to warrant insuring it…we may have had this discussion many months ago…I went without insurance for my wife, kids, and me for over ten years because I owed more money to everyone than I had assets…so what was I to insure against? A guarantee to be seen? No, we went through two births, cancer treatment, and a couple other issues, and the hospitals and doctors took great care of us…it took a while to pay it off, and I’m not convinced that I’m not still paying for it via a second mortgage that was rolled up under a house sale, second mortgage, house sale, second mortgage… ha ha – I have lived the American Dream… buy a house and bet on the come…and about the only thing I have now are two mortgages on a house that’s worth 2/3rd s of its value from 2003 and guaranteed Medicaid when I retire…yes, as a military guy, I am guaranteed medical upon retirement, but since I’ll be about 60, it will convert to Medicaid, so it won’t matter whether I was in the military or not…but I got some good teeth from the military about 4 years ago…Walk like I’m 70 and smile like I’m 20…

  10. Dav Lev says:

    About 1-2 years ago, the LAPD were seen using “excessive force” against
    a group of rioters, in a park.

    They used their batons freely, and mace and pepper spray to disperse
    the often times unruly crowd.

    The entire incident was seen around the planet..and used by the liberal
    media conveniently.

    Several police were held accountable..

    Now, our police chief has retired. He was a tough cop but
    reached out to the community. As one black politician said prior
    to his tenure, I’ll reserve my opinion until afterwards.

    What the future holds for our city, I don’t know?
    I have to ask myself, will the anarchists prevail? Will
    we become another England or France, or Israel for that matter?

    Don’t dare cross a Muslim in France and England. Don’t you dare
    cross (excuse the expression) a Haredi Jew in Jerusalem. In Pakistan
    being a Christian (minority) provokes people into violence (see LA Times).

    Yet, the liberals do not criticize these demonstrations (often violent)
    anywhere as vocifereously as in Eric’s blog.

    To characterize the protests as by a bunch of manipulated insurance
    company dildos…is horrific and prejudice.

    Personally, I am against socialized medicine, in any convenient form,
    even though I am for the medical part of social security as an umbrella

    I won’t demostrate as seen at the town meetings. I won’t shout
    or stamp my feet.

    I will email my two liberal Senators however, my concerns, for what
    it is worth.

    Folks, we must stop the creep towards a managed economy
    and managed life..managed by bureaucrats who if they could
    would be making an honest living, where skill, and not
    who you know, is relevant.

    For the 20m hard core uninsured, we are placing ourselves
    in the hands of people like Obama, Boxer and Feinstein.

    It’s not too late to reverse this.

    Watch FOX TV this Sunday, for the truth.

  11. Dan Lev, do you have any idea how many people are on Medicare – are utterly and completely dependent on it? You would take Medicare away if you could? Really? Ya’ know, I know a lot of conservatives would gladly do just that, but you won’t hear anyone “serious” dare bring that up in the political arena – why? Because there wouldn’t be a single conservative elected anywhere in America. And this gets to Micky’s point…

    Micky, yes, these Medicare recipients complaining about the possibility of other people getting a public plan, or at least a non-profit co-op (which is what BCBS used to be, by the way, but it was so profitably successful they ended up selling it publically), are acting like lowlifes. It’s the ol’ “I got mine, so f’ you” philsophy and it disgusts me.

    Eagle, Things are a LOT more expensive today than they were just 10, 20, 30 years ago. The rate of healthcare inflation has been so ridiculous over the past generation, millions of people have been priced out of care. Yes, there is emergency “charity” care, but that is extremely wasteful, mostly avoidable, and is busting the books at the clinics and hospitals. 49% of ALL foreclosures involve medical costs. 62% of ALL bankruptcies involve medical costs. Medical procedures, drugs, and care are getting so expensive, second mortgages just don’t do it anymore, especially when you add the now ridiculous costs of education. I simply don’t have the equity to both pay my wife’s student loans and get the surgery I need.

    The point is simple. The private helath insurance industry is simply a superfluous middleman parasite. Their overhead is roughly ten times the overhead of the public systems and their results are no better at all. We are paying 50%+ more than any comparative developed nation and our outcomes are no better, if worse. The “competitiion” we have now is a myth, with most people stuck with whatever they can get from work and with each state limiting the number the health insurance companies to two or three for 75% of their populations by allowing these companies to run the very systems they’re supposed to be acuating and monitoring. It’s a scam and I can’t believe any matuire, intelligent adult can’t see that. This is why we’re the only developed nation on the planet with such an atiquated and STUPID system. And this gets to Micky’s point as well…

    The protesters either have no idea what they’re talking about or they really are just shills for Big Insurance.


  12. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, yes, these Medicare recipients complaining about the possibility of other people getting a public plan, or at least a non-profit co-op (which is what BCBS used to be, by the way, but it was so profitably successful they ended up selling it publically), are acting like lowlifes. It’s the ol’ “I got mine, so f’ you” philsophy and it disgusts me.”

    Pot, meet kettle.

    Spare me the emotional context and try rationale, logic and fact for once.
    First of all, they didnt just “get theres”
    These people have been paying taxes their whole life that went to help lowlifes and misfortunates.all over this country.
    And stop lying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve listened to the protests and the majority , almost all, are not protesting what other people might get, but instead what they themselves might get THAT THEY DONT WANT !!!
    GOT IT ???

    And yeah, so what if they cry about footing someone elses bill ?
    I swear, thats all you liberals do man ! Is run around balling your little heads off claiming to be victims od this and that and its my job to set you free. We have the right to not support other peoples laziness or stupidity.
    You yourself have said many times you wouldnt do it for a conservative cause !

    And whats your philosophy ?
    Give me some of yours whether you like it or not ?
    Ownership of our property is the cornerstone of this country but no, that doesnt apply anymore right ? No longer are we allowed to keep whats rightfully ours. You and the messiah get to dictate where our money goes, to whom and for what.
    So please, take your sanctimonious faux disgust and go run it past someone wuth an IQ of 10 and they might buy it.

    this proposed law does nothing to correct the problems with the current Health Care Industry.
    Why is that ? Because they dont plan on it being around much longer, that’s why

    Obama can dictate who CEOs the auto co.
    He can regulate and have oversight/monitor pay for those execs
    They managed to force banking inst. to make mortgages cheaper for certain demographics
    Why cant they do the same to the health insurance industry so prices come down ?
    Hes willing to assert govt strongarm techniques to other industries, why not the medical insurance industry ?
    Because it would take away the opportunities to have more direct control over peoples lives. By placing stipulations to your public policy they can dictate where you live if that hood has an unhealthy environment that could make you sick they suggest/make you move. If you smoke or eat a lot or the wrong things they could hold your policy over you to make you change. Promoting green efforts thru dictating peoples diets. (dont eat meat, go organic etc…)
    Why wont politicians be getting the same plan ? Why shouldn’t Obama and his family take it if its so damn great ?
    In the past Congress has been able to regulate the Health Care Industry. The passage of Newborns’ and Mothers’Health Protection Act of 1996 (NMHPA), signed by President Bill Clinton was a step in the right direction and was done with bi-partisan cooperation. Congress could do it again and that is what needs to be done.

    But of course I’ve already discussed why they wont do it.

    And then theres this.
    “There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to”
    Those are the words of a dictator, not an American president who is supposedly supposed to answer to the people.

    You still havent answered my questions, you either wont because the answers are incriminating or you’ll play your stupid little game by asserting that some bull you ran of is an answer.

    “The protesters either have no idea what they’re talking about or they really are just shills for Big Insurance.”

    Onced again you show your complete contempt for anyone disagreeing with you but saying things like this. People are either too stupid or being driven by some outside force.
    That makes you look really stupid.
    Because I’m one of the people in that audience and you have not answered my questions which are of my own making.

    See, thats why this will be our last debate for quite a while again. Because instead of winning the debate on the merits of the facts you resort to and boil everything down to people being dumber than you are.
    You arrogance and love for what you think is a brain superior to everyone elses is whats dusgusting.
    Your inability to let you brain and not your partisan bigotry do your thinking is disgusting.
    These people do know what they’re talking about Jersey and you have nothing to prove that anyone is a shill.

    You lose, again. Because all you can boil it down to is us making you sick because of our supposed greed and you answered not one question.
    Se ya in a month or two

  13. Micky, c’mon, please, stop with the “win/lose” thing. It’s a debate, a discussion, not a boxing match. You get way to personal with this stuff.

    You are falling for the talking points handed these phony “protesters” by the insurance industry. These are lies. No one is telling people they have to change what they already have. That is a lie. We all pay taxes for Medicare – even 2/3rds of “illegal” aliens – and it is not some trsut fund for the future but rather a direct transfer of wealth. Many of these recipients of Medicare never paid a dime into it, let alone an amount anywhere near the value of what they receive in older age. I paid plenty of Medicare taxes but I can’t receive anything from it because it is not a trust or a fund or an insurance pool, but a welfare program – a direct transfer of wealth from the working to the elderly. It is our debt to them for maintaining the civilization we enjoy. Medicare, in this debate is only relevent in that the very people who are receiving this medical welfare are refusing to extend that welfare to others, and that is scummy at best.

    You say I haven’t answered your questions? Well, not a one of you have answered mine: why is it that government workers get to keep their coverage when they stop paying into it, but regular private sector working folks like me can not? All those tens of thousands of dollars I paid and worked for went to the private profits of insurnace companies and now I have no way to retrieve it. That is the system we have today. Personally, I think anyone who supports that is an idiot.

    Again, we need a system in which EVERYONE who can pay does pay and EVERYONE is ALWAYS covered. Anything less is not only STUPID but just plain SCUMMY.


  14. Micky 2 says:

    You lose.

    You proved nothing that you claimed.

    “You are falling for the talking points handed these phony “protesters” by the insurance industry. ”

    These talking points were my own long before these protestors came out.
    Even when Hillary was pushing for it about half of what I said was said 10 years ago. As a matter of fact it was the first post I ever wrote 3 years ago on someone elses blog. This topic has been out there for decades Jersey and these arguments are much what they were a long time ago as they are now None of the are all that new except the rebutals to Obama lies.

    You keep repeating yourself saying no one is saying you’ll lose this or that but you have no instance or example to back it up while I have an explanation and verifiable facts at least. When the f*** are you ever going to learn that your word is not the last word or gospel ?
    Are you telling me I’m supposed to listen to you ?
    PULEEEEESE give me a huge fricken break wouldja ?

    “Again, we need a system in which EVERYONE who can pay does pay and EVERYONE is ALWAYS covered. Anything less is not only STUPID but just plain SCUMMY.”

    Yeah, I can and do pay and am always covered. And if i’m not theres medicade which should only be a temp thing.

    “You say I haven’t answered your questions? Well, not a one of you have answered mine:”

    Its the first time you asked this one. Thats why I dont debate you anymore cuz you lie.
    You never asked me that question, you asked TOMA !!!!

    “why is it that government workers get to keep their coverage when they stop paying into it, but regular private sector working folks like me can not?”

    Because your wifes loan is more inportant than your life ?
    Priorities ?

    ” All those tens of thousands of dollars I paid and worked for went to the private profits of insurnace companies and now I have no way to retrieve it.”

    Its called insurance. I cant retrieve what I put into my car insurance when I get rid of the car. But I had the peace of mind knowing that while I had it I couldnt get my a$$ sued out from under me.
    The insurance companies make no illusiuon that you’ll be able to keep any acrued revenues in your account, only that you’ll be covered as long as you pay.
    It works both ways for a reason. Some only pay a few months like with health insurance, get sick, and reap way way way more than what they paid. Its not a scam. Thats how it works even with auto or home insurance, and by the way


    Stop being such a cry baby and expecting to be covered for life because you paid some crappy little payroll tax all your life. That is whats sleezy and greedy. Because as injured as I am, I’m still paying taxes on my property, my income and investments and I’ll be damed if I can do that while you guys sit arouns and demand to be coverd by my dollars as if its your damn right !

    Kay, were done, you havent changed, see you around November, we’ll give it another whack if you can be honest

    ” That is the system we have today. Personally, I think anyone who supports that is an idiot.”

    I dont support it.

  15. Micky 2 says:

    Hmm.., that tail end was supposed to be up and complete.

    “” That is the system we have today. Personally, I think anyone who supports that is an idiot.”

    I dont support it. It needs reform. But will never support the fed handling my health care. The way they handle everything else.

    no thanks

  16. We are the only developed nation on the planet without universal healthcare. That’s all you need to know to prove that we’re a nation of self-defeating morons.


  17. Dav Lev says:

    Have any of the liberals criticized the current barbarism by the Iranian regime? Has anyone noticed street or other demonsrations by the liberal crowd, or politicians for that matter, against the over 115 executions in the past 50 days of Iranians….as reported in the LATimes?

    We are now witnessing show trials, similar to the worst of the McCarthy
    days, which were used to expose Communists in our govt and military and entertainment worlds..and condemned since. ( Read the account of
    a noted Hollywood author who dared to expose Hollywood’s Communists),
    author of What Makes Sammy Run.

    BTW, the same Ruskies who were the role model for US Communists and fellow travelers, allowed over 2m Jews to be slaughtered..( after the pact between Russia and Germany)., while allowing Poland to be raped.

    Of course we know that Germany than turned on it’s ertswhile friend, attacking it soon after the pact. The result was the death of over 25m
    Soviets and most of European Jewry (both despised by Hitler and
    his gangsters).

    But getting back to Iran, why isn’t Obama doing something about this
    tragedy? He has sent thousands more to die in Afghanistan…in a war
    without any end or positive results.

    Obama’s war is on and running and gaining steam. Yet the liberals
    who were against Iraq and still opposed to our involvement, are saying and doing nothing. Are we seeing mass protests..letter writing, emails to Obama and Hillary?

    What is Hillary doing now? Well, after criticizing our only ally in the M.E.
    she is in Africa, telling the South Africans to be role models for the rest of reach out more to their neighbors, etc.

    She has made statements about Ahmad and the mullahs who control him, but they are meaningless, irrelevant.

    Folks, while the liberals condemn right protests locally against Obamas socialism plan for medicine, they say silent while Ahmad in Iran is
    skrewing over 50% of his own people, still says the Holocaust was a lie and used to promote Israel’s creation, and has banners saying, “Next year in Jerusalem” affixed to it’s Shihab Missiles.

    My friends, what can we do to stop the liberal destruction of our country and their indifference to our enemies?

    Well for starters, email Obama and Hillary. Secondly, vote for right thinking
    legislators. For heavens sake, get rid of the liberal wing of the Democrats in the next election.

    I say, thank God for the blue dog Democrats, the Republicans and
    people like Newt, Cantor and the Republican Jewish Coalition.

    Unless we stop Iran, and soon, I envision a mushroom cloud over
    Washington D.C., which Iran will blame the Jews for doing.
    Peanut brain Carter lost Iran, and Obama is avoiding rectifying
    this tragedy., Obama, the most leftwing pinko this country has ever had.

    So, what else is new?

    Hey guys, over 50% of the cash for clunker money will go to
    foreign made cars. Get it, foreign made.

    And what is Obama doing now, reneging on his promise to avoid
    using the govt to set drug prices.

    I guess we can now all buy drugs from Canada and Mexico or
    go their for treatment.

    And what else is new?

  18. Micky 2 says:

    “We are the only developed nation on the planet without universal healthcare. That’s all you need to know to prove that we’re a nation of self-defeating morons.”

    ‘We also have the best on the planet which goes to show that these morons will settle for crap.
    We also have the right to buy what we want on the market as long as its legal. I dont see guys like you packing up and shipping off to Canada.
    People come here for what they cant get at home. We dont go anywhere to get what they have.
    Do we ?
    How many people have you heard say they’re going to Europe or Canada because the health care is better ?
    And what about the majority that does want the status quo ?

    CNN poll
    Obama’s health care plan is favored by fifty-percent of those polled. Forty-five percent have an unfavorable opinion of his plan. Nevertheless, there appears to be more intensity among those who oppose the plan. Thirty-three percent oppose it strongly while only twenty-three percent support it strongly.

    People are no more willing to trust the government to make health care decisions than they are insurance companies.
    When faced with decisions “such as which patients get certain treatments, when they get treated, and which treatments are ineffective or too expensive,” forty percent of respondents say they would prefer insurance companies make those decisions and forty percent say they would prefer the government to.

    The poll was conducted among 1,136 adults with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points
    From CNN Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser

    “Recent national polling suggests that nearly three out of four Americans support government programs to improve the country’s health care system.”

    (Pay attention. It says they want the government to do something about it, not neccessarily run it or offer it.
    “the countrys health care system” as in “the one in place” right now there is only one system, thats what they’re talking about)

    “Seventy-two percent of those questioned in recent CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey say they favor increasing the federal government’s influence over the country’s health care system in an attempt to lower costs and provide health care coverage to more Americans, with 27 percent opposing such a move. ”

    (As in ” the present one already in place)

    “Other recent polls show six in 10 think the government should provide health insurance or take responsibility for providing health care to all Americans.”

    (Yeah, I wonder which polls those are ? Funny they dont mention them.)

    “That doesn’t mean that health care reform is a slam dunk,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “Americans tend to support those goals. The question — just as in 1994 — is how they will react to the details of future legislation to address those goals.”

    (uh huh, the devil is in the details, the “angry mobs” will tell you what those details are)

    “President Bill Clinton and then First Lady Hillary Clinton tried by failed to reform and expand health care coverage during a two year period from 1993 to 1994.”


    “Now here’s where it gets really tricky: “Would you prefer a health care reform plan that raises taxes in order to provide health insurance to all Americans, or a plan that does not provide health insurance to all Americans but keeps taxes at current levels?” It is now a 47%-47% tie, thanks to the threat of tax increases.”

    “More than two out of three Americans (68%) rate health care in this country as fair or poor, but a near identical number (69%) give good or excellent marks to their health insurance coverage and are very reluctant to change it.
    only 10% of Americans in the latest survey say they are not insured.”

    “In addition, 65% of Americans say they want to keep their existing health insurance as opposed to 15% who are willing to switch to some form of government health insurance. ”

    “His Democratic opponent, Barack Obama, has called for a national insurance program for individuals and small businesses similar to what federal employees have. ”

    OH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dissatisfaction with the U.S. health care system makes the issue a perennial campaign favorite. The fact that voters are generally reluctant to give up their own insurance coverage makes the issue resistant to reform.

    Thirty-seven percent (37%) of men give good or excellent ratings to the U.S. health care system, as opposed to 23% of women. Nearly twice as many women (40%) rate it poor, contrasted with 33% of men.

    But 70% of women give good or excellent marks to their own health insurance, while only 67% of men agree.

    Democrats are dramatically more skeptical of the overall health care system than Republicans: 86% of Democrats rate it fair or poor, as opposed to 50% of Republicans who see it as good or excellent. Sixty-five percent (65%) of unaffiliated voters also give the system low marks.

    Still, 64% of Democrats, 75% of Republicans and 67% of unaffiliated voters grade their own health insurance as good or excellent.

    “African-Americans, however, are nearly evenly divided in their assessment of their own health insurance programs, with 48% giving them excellent or good marks and 50% rating them fair or poor. Seventy-four percent (74%) of whites, by contrast, rate their own programs food or excellent, with only 26% giving them the lower marks.”

    (Gee, I guess i’d be a racist if I said that figures because most blacks are dems)

    “Accordingly, blacks are nearly twice as likely as whites to favor switching to an insurance program administered by the government, 27% to 14%. ”

    “Dissatisfaction with both the overall health care system and their own health insurance was highest among those in the lowest income bracket, earning less than $20,000 per year.”

    ( Gee, I wonder why)

    “In an April survey just 29% of Americans favored a national health insurance program overseen by the federal government. Nearly half (46%) believed the quality of care would suffer under such a program, and 42% expected the cost of health care to go up. ”

    “Sixty-one percent (61%) of voters nationwide say that cost is the biggest health care problem facing the nation today. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 21% believe the lack of universal health insurance coverage is a bigger problem.”

    “The new polling also shows that 80% of those with insurance rate their own coverage as good or excellent. That’s up from 70% in May.”

    “When asked if they believe a new healthcare reform law will improve or worse health care quality in the U.S., 43 percent of respondents 65 years of age or older said it will worsen care, while 34 percent said it will improve it. That compares to 45 percent of those age 50-64 who think it will improve care quality, and only 33 percent who think it will worsen care quality. Note that those two categories essentially cover the Baby Boom generations and their surviving parents.”
    “Seniors are the least likely of all age groups in the U.S. to say that healthcare reform will benefit their personal healthcare situation. By a margin of three to one, 36% to 12%, adults 65 and older are more likely to believe healthcare reform will reduce rather than expand their access to healthcare. And by 39% to 20%, they are more likely to say their own medical care will worsen rather than improve.

    “Obama Approval Drops Below 50% Among Seniors

    Obama’s job approval rating from Americans fell to 52% in July 27-29 Gallup Poll Daily tracking, its lowest reading to date. In the same poll, his rating from seniors is 49%, down from an average 54% throughout June and from 61% at the start of his administration in January.”

    (So jersey, you think all those seniors at the meetings were plants who dont know what they’re talking about ?)
    Also, is it fair that I pay higher taxes to pay for your insurance while still paying to keep my own ? Can I afford that ? Will it force me to the private plan ? PLUS !!! I HAVE TO PAY TAXES ON MY BENEFITS TO BOOT ??? YOU GUYS ARE FREEKING NUTS !!!

    And, for the last time (one more chance)

    Why cant we just give insurance to a portion of that 46 million that dont have any, who are legal Americans wanting it and leave everyone else alone and concentrate on fixing the system in place ?

  19. Dan Lev, you have some gall. Of course American liberals despise the Iranian regime. Of course we speak out against it. You are just intentionally ignorant of the writings and speeches of the Left. I seriously doubt you take in any information that does not eminate from your rightwing rags. The Iranian regime is an authoritarian theocracy. The Left hates ALL authoritarian theocracies. The true Left hates all authoritarianism, all theocracy – period! You only seem to hate this particular Iranian authoritarian theocracy because they are not the particular type of authoritarian theocracy that’s to your liking. You prove that with your defense of the HUAC’s Hollywood inquisition. Disgusting. I find it hard to believe that you are an American. You seem to stand against the very core of our republican (small r) ideals.

    Micky, by definition, if 83,000,000 Americans already receive “government healthcare,” then a large percentage of the very people opposing “government healthcare” are already receiving it! They are phonies. Lowlifes. “I got mine, so f’ yourself” people. One of the worst species of human characters. They should be ashamed of themselves. If these lowlifes don’t want “government healthcare” then they should give up their Medicare, their VA, their SSDI, their Workman’s Compensation, their Medicaid, their GEICO, et al. But this has nothing to do with their coverage, so they don’t care about anyone else. They just want to make money from their investments and interests in private insurance. Some of these lowlifes were even taped at these townhalls with private insurance t-shirts, or AARP (which contracts with Medicare) t-shirts, and such. These people deserve NO attention at all. They should be completely ignored. They are misinforming the public, just as you are misinformed yourself, for pure selfishness, a sin by every standard of morays. These people disgust me. The media, though, which is also beholden to the status quo, makes hay out of these few, loud rabblerousers, and sure enough public opinion begins to turn against the public’s best self-interest. Nothing new to see here.

    The only reason we don’t have universal helathcare in America is because Americans are by and large STUPID.


  20. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, by definition, if 83,000,000 Americans already receive “government healthcare,” then a large percentage of the very people opposing “government healthcare” are already receiving it!”

    Yeah Jersey, what “definition” would that be. And if thats the case then why does Obama need to worry about a new plan ? Just boost the one the fed already has in place , right ?

    “I got mine, so f’ yourself” people. One of the worst species of human characters. They should be ashamed of themselves. If these lowlifes don’t want “government healthcare” then they should give up their Medicare, their VA, their SSDI, their Workman’s Compensation, their Medicaid, their GEICO, ”

    Awww bulls*t Jersey. Were talking about thos who own private policies that donr want to lose them. Thats part of whats at stake here.
    You yourself said that if anyone didnt take advantage of cash for clunkers they would be a fool. Well everyone that could did take advantage of it, right ? So it stands to reason that everyone would also take advantage of what seems like free health care also, right ?
    That would squeeze out private enterprise.
    And while you may think ownership of private property is selfish and lowlife, despicable I’ll have you know that ownership of private property is the core element that made this country great and you morons would like to take that away by actually trying to ram your brand of etyhics and morals down our throat and say that because you think its the wrong moral to carry you will legislate out of your own morals and ethics.

    What ? Am I despicable because I dont want to share my house or my car with anyone ?
    Screw you ! I’ll help you get your own but you cant have mine.
    Bla bla bla no one ever said the insurance companies were angels but I’d rather deal with them and my doctor than the democratic party and people like you.
    Bottom line is that the proof is overwhelming that people dont want government calling the shots on their health care. They do want the government to help fix it. But the majority sure as hell dont want them to run it.
    Last I checked this was a country with a democratic electorate and so it shoulkd be put to a vote and not rammed down our throats by people like you using sob stories and guilt.
    Yeah, the majority voted for Obama knowing health care was one of his biggest issues. But even a large portion of them are beginning to realize that under his method its not feasable or sustainable. Not only is it bad for our physical health its bad for the countrys financial health, especially right now. These morons would glady take an entitlement they are not entitled to at the risk of total financial ruin.
    Now thats selfish !

    And of course as usual your best and final remedy to everything is simply that everyone else is dumber than you are. People who dont see it your way are stupid. Okay Jersey, whatever.

    In my opinion, anyone who thinks like that is the epitome of stupidity.
    Its a good way to get run over in your whole life running around thinking yours are always the smartest. I learned my lesson a long time ago to never underestimate my opponent. Some like you never enter that equation.

    Plus, I win, because you never answered any of my questions yet or even apologized for your false claim that you asked me the one that you actually asked Toma instead.
    You really are piece of work.

    See ya in a couple of months if you clean up your act

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