No More Grievance Summits

Now that President Obama has held a beer summit on race that was complete and utter nonsense (after all, if it was truly important, Joe Biden would not have been invited), liberal New York Post columnist Kirsten Powers wants to hold a sexual summit. I was excited until I was informed that it was just a summit on sexism.

Yes Lady Pandora, your box is wide open and waiting to be penetrated my men (and women apparently) bearing gifts in the form of stupid ideas.

Every activist group in the country is now gearing up for the next Yalta. Lesbian Vegans for Libya have already begun printing the flyers.

For the sake of full disclosure, I confess that by left of center standards, Kirsten Powers is reasonable. She is not a wild eyed leftist nutcase. She can be quite thoughtful and sincere. Yet in the end she is still left of center, and her arguments are still fatally flawed.

She expresses dismay over an article that describes Hillary Clinton as a word that rhymes with witch. Yet what really dismays Ms. Powers is that the article was written by what she considers to be a “respected” (translation: (liberal) publication. The Washington Compost was the offending rag, with Dana Milbank being the offending liberal.

“This isn’t some random blogger or even an opinion columnist expressing vile views. This is a reporter at one of the nation’s top newspapers making a sexist joke about a woman he covered during the presidential race.”

Oh those bloggers, those low class plebeians incapable of quality journalism. They always get the story wrong. They don’t have the training and pedigree of the Jayson Blair Times or the Dan Rather and Mary Mapes version of 60 minutes.

I could generalize in the same way that Kirsten Powers does and point out that liberal snobbery is redundant.

So is blaming sexism against an entire gender on what may be contempt toward a particular individual who happens to be a woman.

“Conservative commentator Alex Castellanos defended this on CNN saying that Clinton deserves to be called a ‘bitch.’

For what? Running for president? How dare she!”

No. For being a nasty individual that has built her entire career on the success of her husband while claiming the mantle of feminism. Or perhaps for helping her husband destroy the reputations of other women and blaming it on a vast right wing conspiracy. Or for claiming that she has 35 years of experience when simple math says that she is simply adding 35 to the year she graduated law school to reach what was her present age at the time she ran for president. Or for being, as one conservative columnist put it, a “congenital liar.”

This is not about her right to lie her way into the Oval Office. This is about being criticized for calling a woman one when she acts like one. Is it a nasty word? Sure. Is Hillary a nasty woman? Yes. Perhaps Ms. Powers can explain why other political women are not referred to this way.

Again, she implies that she expects that behavior from heathens and conservatives, but when a liberal newspaper columnist says a politically incorrect word, then intellectual Armageddon is upon us.

Yet at least Ms. Powers, in her own way, is at least consistent. She is willing to do what most fake feminists would not dream of doing. Ms. Powers defends Sarah Palin.

“The only thing worse would be running for vice president. Just ask Sarah Palin.

I’m no fan of the former governor of Alaska, but as a life-long feminist I can’t ignore the endless stream of sexism directed at her.”

Then criticize the people actually doing it Ms. Powers. They are called liberals. They are the same women that claim to care about the rights of women while ignoring the fact that while Bill Clinton was abusing them, George W. Bush was liberating them from brutal beatings in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sure, a few conservatives attacked Sarah Palin, but most of them are connected to McCain campaign consultants that need to place blame away from McCain, and who know that if Palin gets the nomination in the future, these same consultants are finished. The bulk of the vitriol is not conservative rational self interest, but irrational liberal ideological bigotry.

“Friday on MSNBC, guest host Donny Deutsch… was adamant: ‘The only reason we are so fascinated, the American public has never seen a woman that looks like this in power. That’s where the fascination starts.’

Where was this insightful analysis when the vapid JFK-wannabe John Edwards and his silky hair ended up as the Dems choice for VP in 2004? Or was everyone too dazzled by his completely undistinguished one term as a senator?”

Where were you Ms. Powers? You were supporting the Kerry-Edwards ticket because you put style and partisanship over substance. John Kerry stood for everything and nothing, yet you supported him and his even less substantive running mate.

Yet Ms. Powers really goes off the track when she blames the behavior at the wrong culprits.

“There is something profoundly juvenile about adult men in the media grouping powerful women by crude stereotypes like ‘bitch’ or ‘hot chick.'”

Women are far more abusive to their fellow sisters than men ever could be. Men could never get away with such boorish behavior without the tacit approval of women. Meny women find brutes sexy, and nice guys boring.

The problem with attitudes toward women are virtually solely at the feet of women. They sexualize themselves. and then blame men for being guily of enjoying eroticism. They put on the tough guy gloves and then try to play the girly girl routine when men defend themselves.

Either are women are clear thinking individuals that have the power to say “no” when they choose, or they are mindless automatons.

Ms. Powers, as previously stated, is better than most liberal women. Yet make no mistake about it. Being reasonable compared to other liberal women is like Fatah being less murderous by a small degree than Hamas.

In the same way the Palestinians wake up and blame the Jews, liberal women blame white, conservative male oppressors for everything from world hunger to shooting Santa Claus.

White male conservatives are not the culprit. If anything, we are scared stiff of being called racist, sexist, homophobic bigots the minute we walk out of our homes and breathe air within fifty feet of an aggrieved victim group.

It is politically correct liberal hypocrites that cannibalize their own when they run out of conservative flesh to tear to pieces and devour.

Ms. Powers is totally right to demand that women be treated with respect.

She is totally wrong in understanding the cause and the solution to the problem.

We don’t need a summit for the grievance mongers. We need the grievance mongers and the people using the offending words to shut up.

The Jews call it Loshon Hara. It hurts the speaker of the words, the person receiving the words, and those that overhear the words.

Everyone should stop it.

Then again, what do I know? I am just a white, male conservative blogger with a fabulous smile and (by the grace of God) good hair.


7 Responses to “No More Grievance Summits”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    Seems like the left is beginning to engage itself in ways that show a little destabalization going on here ?

    “We won’t tell you who’s getting a bottle of ‘Mad *itch’ beer.” A photo of the secretary of state then appears.



    This isn’t some random blogger or even an opinion columnist expressing vile views. This is a reporter at one of the nation’s top newspapers making a sexist joke about a woman he covered during the presidential race.”

    Sexist ? Nah, I’ll agree with Eric.
    Ever seen a female dog in heat ? Yeah, its that simple.
    Many times when I call people A-holes its because I actually put some thought into it.
    When what comes out of someones mouth or actions remind me of the worst product human bodies create I have no problem relating them to that part of the anatomy.
    Same with Hillary, like the female dog in heat she has her eyes set on one goal regardless of what stands in the way.

  2. Ya’ know, for a guy, our good host is oddly fascinated with this stuff. What does he care what feminists are saying about this or that? I don;t get it. people teased Sarah Palin because she struck us as a moron. Sory if that bothers you. You don’t here us saying that about a Hutchinson or a Dole or a Whitman. We argue with them on the issues. But with Palin the issues aren’t even relevent – she doesn’t even have a basic grasp of them. She just strickes us as a moron. It’s not what she looks like – it’s what she sounds like. She sounds like a moron. You guys keep supporting her. Just keep on keepin’ on with that. See how far it gets you. oh… and enjoy being in the minority for a long, long, long time to come. You want to win elections? Don’t support and nominate morons to higher office.


  3. Toma says:

    The feminists have discredited their so called movement with their blatant dismissal those women the core group dislike. The Dems act much the same way. It doesn’t matter who you are if they don’t like you and consider you a threat they will do what is necessary to discredit and destroy you. Their daily actions prove this beyond any doubt.

    My Old Man refered to the feminists as a “bunch of cut bags”, I have to agree. I don’t care what they say or do, they are irrelevant.

    I’m not a fan of Sarah although I don’t consider her a “moron”. A moron is considered stupid and lacking good judgement with an I.Q. quotient between 50-70. I’m sure Sarah’s I.Q. quotient higher than 70 as I’m sure Obama’s is also. However, an intelligent mind can still demonstrate a lack of good judgement. At times intelligent people seem to forget that what they say cannot be un-said and what they say has long lasting effect on those around them. The more public the statement the greater the effect and more dire the consequence. The stupidity lies in the person trying to justify the poor judgement to himself and then to others. This is what I see in Obama. He says what is in his heart and his heart lacks character and his mind lacks judgement. His justification is simply stupid.

    But then we all can be morons at times. It all comes down to the scope of the consquences.


  4. hauk says:

    Twice in my career I have had jobs that either were receptionist- or included receptionist duties. Please note that receptionist is a position that for the past 50 years has typically been relegated as “women’s work”.

    In one job, I was lectured about how it was sexist to ask one of the girls in the office to cover me as I was handling an offsite event. The next week those same girls told me I had to move several cases of wine because they were really heavy. Why me? Cause I was a man and thus it was okay to ask me to do physically strenuous work, as anything physical has been typically relegated as “men’s work.”

    I think Heinlein put it best when he said America is a country where racism/sexism/otherism has been made so apparent by the country’s efforts to deny it exists. (Loosly paraphrased from “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”)

    Racism/Sexism will be dead when Sonia Sotomayor is nominated and people discuss only her judicial record and no one mentions her skin color or what hangs/hides between her legs.

    I long for that day to come. After all- I have a bad back and doing manual labor isn’t so good for me.

    Oh- and btw- the recession is over. I am employed again!

  5. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah well Hauk.
    Most of those jobs that Obama said he created , turns out they were just temporary short term employments. Although I do gather that you didnt settle for something as such.

  6. Toma says:

    Hauk, the recession is just half over, I’m still unemployed

    Mick, How’s things where the sun don’t shine man. I hope you are on the mend.


  7. hauk says:

    I’m working for the New Haven Symphony, so no, it’s not an Obamajob. I’ll think good thoughts for you Toma!

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