Sean Hannity’s 2009 San Diego Freedom Concert

I had the sheer joy of attending Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert in San Diego.

On 9/11 of 2007, I attended the New York Freedom Concert that took place at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Rudy Giuliani inspired the crowd.

On August 7th of 2009, the San Diego Freedom Concert at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre in Chula Vista was spectacular.

I had seats in the very front row, and I got to see some of the finest acts in country music.

Charlie Daniels played the fiddle with passion, and the man next to me was lucky enough to catch the fiddle when it was tossed off stage.He and Sean Hannity naturally did their version of “The devil went down to Georgia.”

Billy Ray Cyrus is known to some as the father of Mylie Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana. Those that know country music know that her father was a star in his own right before she was born. While he did sing his signature hit “Achy Breaky Heart,’ which Sean Hannity also joined in on, Billy Ray gave a passionate renditions of “Stand Still,” and “Some gave all.” This was a concert to honor the military, and Billy Ray Cyrus honored them brilliantly.

One singer that is a hero to military personnel everywhere is Lee Greenwood. One thousand years from now, I pray that “God Bless the USA” still carries as much meaning as it does today.

In addition to country music, there were some great speakers.

Sean Hannity offered humor throughout the evening.

“Alan Colmes could not be here tonight. He’s in Massachusetts with Ted Kennedy. Don’t worry, Colmes is driving.”

“Whenever I listen to James Carville, I think that there really is life on other planets.”

“With liberals, everything is George W. Bush’s fault. If you give a dog a bone, and the dog turns around and bites you, that is George W. Bush’s fault.”

“However, if your child gets pregnant, well that may be Bill Clinton’s fault.”

“A sick part of me misses Clinton.”

Hannity then did his Clinton impersonation.

“Hey girls, here’s my plane. You wanna fly home with me?”

“My Fox News boss is now giving me the evil eye.”

“I pointed out to Jesse Jackson that it was Democrats in charge of Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. He said that nothing could be done. I pointed out that there were 400 school buses. He asked what could be done with that. I told him that you put the key in the ignition. He replied, ‘and then what?’ I said ‘you turn the engine on.’ He then asked, ‘and then what?’ I replied, ‘You take them away from the hurricane.'”

“Our next speaker…this guy is a fluke. I made him. Here he is, the Great One, Mark Levin.”

Mark Levin came out blasting. Some people bring knives to gunfights. Mark Levin brought a bazooka. He immediately laced into those that needed a good lacing into.

“Do you think these b@stards are gonna stop us?”

“What the hell is an acorn, anyway?”

“We show up, and they don’t pay us.”

“They undermine our men and women in uniform every step of the way.”

“Our duty is to defend them. I don’t give a d@mn about Saul Alinsky or the Chicago mob.”

“We need to teach these arrogant smug leftists a lesson. It’s our d@mn country.”

“We stand up for those that are too ill, too sick, and too weak to defend themselves from a runaway Congress and White House.”

“I don’t care if there are 44 Czars or 440 Czars. They are no match for tens of millions of us. They have awoken a sleeping giant.”

“These people will not get away with sending thugs to intimidate 85 year old women.”

“Barack Obama goes around the world apologizing. Nobody apologizes for us.”

“My dad was at Iwo Jima. Obama’s parents were not in the military. They don’t get to tell us what to do.”

The country music was fun and meaningful, but the Freedom Concert is all about the Freedom Alliance.

The Freedom Alliance raises funds for the children of soldiers killed or wounded defending America. Kids are given scholarships for college. Liberals could love this type of program, but it seems that those actually doing something are conservatives. The man most responsible for this wonderful example of private sector charitable giving is Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North.

Sean Hannity made his opinion known.

“I grew up with three sisters, and they went after me. I needed somebody to protect me. I always wanted a brother. I love this man. He is my friend, and the closest thing I have ever had to a brother. Everybody, Ollie North.”

Colonel North, who I met and took my picture with, offered heartfelt sentiments.

“Heroes are people who put themselves at risk for the benefits of others, not some guy in a spandex suit in a comic book.”

“My only beat on Fox News is to cover heroes.”

“We have a couple of our soldiers live on a satellite feed. This satellite feed was put on by the Department of Defense, which is the only part of government that does any real work.”

“I believe in education. I believe that the youngsters in 17 years will get a free scholarship because their father was an American hero.”

“I am on Facebook, but don’t worry, my face is not on there. If you want to support the Freedom Alliance, Text the number 64842 with the word ‘freedom.'”

The other highlight of the evening was the crowd. Thousands of people assembled peacably, and left peacably. Like liberals, they did shout things at the soldiers. Unlike liberals, the crowd was shouting things like “thanbk you,” and “we love you.”

“The couple sitting next to me had lost their son. At some point I plan to tell their story. They remain believers in freedom and liberty, and the heavy price that must be paid for such cherished privileges.

May America long remain a beacon of freedom and liberty, and may people who truly wish to support our troops support their families. Help children of fallen soldiers get an education.

Support the Freedom Alliance.


13 Responses to “Sean Hannity’s 2009 San Diego Freedom Concert”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    Where Eric has it all wrong is to characterize “liberals” and “conservatives”.

    Let me be very frank, I am a registered Democrat, and tend to vote
    for the Democratic candidates for Congressman and Senator.

    That said, on the national level, I have voted the last 3 elections for
    the Republican head of ticket, caus I believe, the Democrats are naive, gullible, prone to apologizing for everything the US does (to our enemies no less).

    The Democrats just don’t get it. Hitler was a liberal fascist, who promised
    his Volk most everything. He blamed the rich, corporations, and of course
    the 500,000 German Jews (many of whom fought in Germany’s armies
    prior to WW2-a mistake).

    He used the centuries long hatred for the “Jews” to unite disparate parts of his well as people in the countries he invaded (and conquered).

    But, in the process, over 6m Germans were killed…6m for 250,000.
    I suppose our God was after all looking down at us, even though
    perhaps not as we would have liked it.

    But for the Soviet Unions advance into Europe..Germany most
    likely today would have been a memory.

    Oh well!

    Let’s be frank, there are good liberals and bad liberals. There are
    good conservatives and bad conservatives. We are all Americans, albeit
    with differing views on most everything.

    Most Americans are somewhere in the middle. I tend towards the right,
    economially and militarily.

    I want LESS government, not per Obama, who I believe
    is an opportunist. He is really left of center, but will swing to the middle
    when convenient. He is like the hybernating animal, who sticks his
    head out, feels the temperature, and knows whether to stay out.

    Obama is a farce, a joke, a flip-flopper. He has reneged on virtually
    every campaign promise..( to differ with his advisers statements).

    I ask, what has he done in over 6 months in office? The ans: nothing.

    His stimulus package is going no where..bogged down in the B of A and other institutions. He will give 2.4 billion in funding for electric/hybrid
    cars..with some of that going to foreign companies. He has encouraged
    3b in aid to mainly foreign manufacturing car companies..for clunker
    rip-offs. (Get that, foreign!). He claims Ford is getting the “focus”. Focus?
    Oh come on.

    Health care is up in the air. His rapier in Wash. D.C., is accusing
    activists against universal health care of being unAmerican. She claims
    they are roudy, not civilized, menacing. Sure!

    Perhaps they should have looked at the actions of their liberal
    constituents in Berkeley at times., who pale in comparison
    their shouts. (Anyone remember Woodstock, New York in the 60s?).

    Maybe the activists should smoke..inhale, snort, use needles, take nude
    coed joint that would be something to behold.

    The Chicago anarchists who were at the head of that Vietnam War protest
    were activists..look what they caused.

    Some say, they were right..that bad laws and policy should be
    ignored and fought, even in the streets.

    I say, we in the US of A have a method for changing bad policy and
    laws. Can we all imagine if the RIGHT took to the streets, with their
    250 guns.

    Is Louis Farrakhan a liberal fascist or what? Is his role model
    David Duke? Birds of a feather.

    No, there are decent people in both political groups. Let’s not
    get carried away.

    The liberals are called “Progessive” by some. If progessive means
    huge state debts..(California/New York), then I am not progressive.
    If progressive means living beyond one’s means, I am not progressive.
    If progressive means leaving Iraq to the insurgents and Al Qaeda, I am
    not progressive. If progressive means not bombing Iran BEFORE it bombs
    Tel Aviv and starts WW3, I am not progressive.

    If progressive means funding foreign car manufacturers, I am not progressive. If progressive means avoiding promised campaign issues ( Columbia, Mexico, same sex contracts and marriages, immigration, labor laws, social security, medicare, medicaid….I am not progressive.

    One thing about Conservative John McCain…he didn’t promise anything
    he knew he could not deliver. Our country will pay a stiff price for
    our gullibility..for 3 more long years of Obama.

    Hopefully, we will have a country then? I am not so sure.

    I read that the Russians have 2 nuclear subs patrolling off the East
    Coast, are using long range bombers for flight maneuvers, are building
    a nava base in Syria..are giving S-300 Missiles to Iran, are cozying up
    to Ahmad and the mullahs still…AND are building a military base
    in Venezuela.

    While all this is going on, NATO is debating whether to send more
    troops to Afganistan. Debating?

    Folks, as my Christian friends keep telling me, we are in the end of days.
    They may be right.

  2. bexavery says:

    eric –
    this morning i watched as my husband boarded a plane along with 100 other soldiers. your post came at a perfect time. thank you for reminding me of how much people care about our men and women in uniform.

  3. Amazing. Oliver North? Really? I’ll never understand the ethics of the modern American conservative.

    And to think that you guys honestly believe you care more about our soldiers than everyone else? Really amazing. Pure gall. The Freedom Alliance is about the worst charity on the planet, the vast majority of its proceeds going “God” only knows where.

    If you really cared about the soldiers, you wouldn’t send them off on colonial expeditionary wars of choice.

    And Lee Greenwood? A one hit wonder who’s one hit was a pandering jingoistic pile of smarmy rubbish? “Where at least I know I’m free?” There are probably a couple of dozen nations out there that are a h@!! of a lot freer than us. “God bless the USA,” my @$$. If any of you people actually ever read the Bible, you’d see what “God” would think of the USA, and you’d see that we are far more like the Roman Empire than the Promised Land. And you would know what “God” thinks of the Roman Empire – a fleeting human abberation.

    As for Dan and his “end of days,” I’ve got bad news for you, Sunshine, it’ll be a billion years before the days ever end for life on Earth. In the meantime, only we control our own destinies, and war-mongering, military-worshipping, jingoistic fools do nothing to improve that destiny.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    “I’ll never understand the ethics of the modern American conservative.”

    Its too bad that the ethics todays liberal holds arent all that freeking great either.

    “And to think that you guys honestly believe you care more about our soldiers than everyone else?”

    Yeah well, most of them are us and not everyone else. The majority vote republican
    I showed you the numbers from so many different sources and even shot down your assertion that you guys support for the troops is greater than ours a million times but like Obama you think if just say it often enough it’ll come true one day.
    Thank God I havent lost my memory or whatever facilities render me able to spot a pile of poo a mile away that keeps chasing me.

    Why does it always have to be country music associating with conservatives ?
    I know so many conservatives that dont give country the time of day its not funny but whenever we merge music with conservatives in the media it has to be country.
    We are a diverse party. And the constant and seemingly “only” association with country does us no favors

  5. I don’t care how soldiers vote. It doesn’t concern me. All I know is that you don’t hear the left begrudging them pretty much anything they want or need. You do, on the other hand, see the Right regularly making life harder on them – sending them off to unnecessary wars and them cutting their benefits! Like many demographics, soldiers often vote against their own best self-interest. The Republican party wraps itself in the flag and adolescent masculinity, so it’s natural that the kind of people who trust the government not to misuse them, who believe they are doing the patriotic thing by siding with those who wrap themselves in the flag, would vote Republican. No surprise there. Look at the people railing against healthcare reform now. They seem to believe that private insurance companies have their best interest at heart and somehow the government will ration their care, even though private insurance companies are doing just that right now. These people are falling for the “socialism” rhetoric, falling for the notion that somehow for-profit insurance companies care more about their health than their own elected representatives. Again, people often vote against their own interests. People can be fooled.

    “Why does it always have to be country music associating with conservatives?”

    Because today’s Republican Party is just the reincarnation of the Dixicrats – a almost purely southern party. Have you looked at the electoral maps lately? Hannity is no idiot. He knows what appeals to the GOP base, and most of them are southerners and western-mountain people who love country music.

    You are NOT a diverse party!

    Just look at the pictures! You are the party rural whites! You are only officially a quarter of the country now!


  6. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah, we are diverse.
    The problem is how were projected and it just goes to show how well you know your political field. Your bigotry has blinded you.
    All liberals dont just listen to Bohemian earth music and rock, do they ? But thats what most associate you guys with.
    But I digress in the name of the Dixie chicks and the fact that theres actually more liberal country acts than conservative YEEHAW!!!!!!

    I’m just curious why producers feel thay have to paint us that way

    So what if it doesnt concern you or not ? It points to the facts that you cant beat and never will, no matter how much you hypocrits claim to support our troops. Theres just not enough evidence to prove you guys do but more evidence to prove that you actually despise what they’re doing and think they’re idiots for fighting any war launched by conservatives.

    The rest of your post was as typical bla bla bla opinion “I’m right” and if you cant see that you’re dumb BS all over again.
    Quite frankly, its the dumbest position any adult(supposedly)man can take
    Youd be rolled out on the curb in any serious debate forum after banging your head on the wall screaming at everyone ( I’ve heard how you talk to people, I’d walk away from you today, 20 years ago I’d of decked you one)how stupid they are for not agreeing with you and calling them your collective batch of names you always use.
    Everytime I read your posts my eyes hurt from rolling so much

  7. Norm says:

    Great post! Wish I could have been there! Mark Levin is one of my favorite talk-show hosts…between him and Andrew Wilkow are the real voices of conservatives.
    I’d get into Jersey McJones if I had the time…he is one screwed up individual! Probably comes from one of those humanist shools of thought…indoctrinated at an early age and was never able to overcome the spell in order to think for himself…oh well, maybe he’ll look into a mirror one day and see who he really is…God bless his one-sided brain!

  8. Toma says:


    All good Americans support you and your Soldier. As a veteran with two sons-in-law in uniform both have been where your Soldier is going and will be going back soon. Our prayers are with you and your Soldier. Stay strong.


  9. hauk says:

    Hail Becky- tell your husband I said thank you! My brother did three tours in Iraq, as did a lot of my friends- we appreciate everything they do!

    Jersey- I’m a professional songwriter. I’m finishing up my 5th album right now, which includes songs we’re shopping out to people like Willie Nelson. I STILL get chills up and down my spine every time I hear Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.” I’m not even a Christian, and I love that song. Admittedly, yes, he was a one hit wonder. But what a hit!

    Eric- wish I could have been at that show- sounds like a doosy! I saw Willie Nelson, John Mellancamp, and Bob Dylan together not too long ago- awesome set. Uncle Willie rules!

  10. I can’t believe now even humanism is a demon of the right. And, as usual, they don’t even know what it is… Any other forms of enlightened thought you guys hate these days?

    Hey Norm, ya’ know, if it wasn’t for “humanism” there wouldn’t even BE an America today – at least not the constitutional republic we know and love. Shall we get rid of that next?

    Hauk, that song makes me wanna puke. It’s a pile of jingoisms and corny platitudes of romanticised pseudo-patriotism, flag-waving, and creepy drivel. Meaningless, pointless, with no redeeming value whatsoever. The song is like a little kiddie diddie but without even that level of maturity. You want some real good songs about America? There are plenty out there that aren’t piles of meretricious tripe like Lee’s. Try Simon and Garfunkel’s “America,” John Mellencamp’s “Pink Houses” – even Neil friggin’ Diamond’s “America” is a far better piece of music and lyrics!

    But noooo… you guys like a song that says nothing really about, but is rather just “rah, rah, rah, wave the flag, America, rah, rah, rah, we love the military, rah, rah, rah, BLA, BLA, BLA…” Nothing but vacuus platitudes. “Where at least I know I’m free?” What does that even mean? He be freer in Canada, for Christ’s sake! “‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom,
    and they can’t take that away.” Who’s they? Take “the flag” away? WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT A FRIGGIN’ PIECE OF COLORED CLOTH??? Not one mention of the constitution – ya’ know, the thing that actually makes</em us who we are as a people – but rather the friggin’ stupid flag! Nothing about why we’re here, who we are, what we stand for (other than “freedom” and a “flag”). Nothing about our trials and tribulations, our triumphs and joys, our quirks and eccentricities – nothing! Pure superficial, insipid, simple-minded, jingoism. The song sucks.

    Stupidest. Song. Ever.

    And Uncle Willie, a true genius songwriter and philsopher Americana, probably thinks the Freedom Alliance is nothing but a front for crooks and fascists. Ask him when you get a chance.


  11. Toma says:

    Jers, you are preaching again. And your hate is showing.


  12. Toma, what the heck are you talking about? What “hate?” I know you conservatives love the ol’ bait ‘n switch, but in this case I have no idea what you’re switching! What “hate?” Are you talking about that stupid song? Look, it’s stupid. What do want? The lyrics are vacuus jingoistic cheerleading with no substance whatsoever. Are you seriously goig to argue with that? Are you next going to tell me that “God Bless the USA” is the lyrical or musical kin to “American Pie” or “Born in the USA?” Really? This is not about “hate,” Toma. It’s about taste and intelligence. I happen to be a musician, and that stupid childish song offends my musical sensibilities. It’s a stupid song. Even “Achy Breaky Heart” is a better song! At least it’s cute and catchy!


  13. hauk says:

    I’ll agree- Uncle Willie probably doesn’t like the Freedom alliance. Not sure I do either. But I think he’d agree that sometimes a song is about a symbol- like the Flag. Yes, it’s just a piece of colored cloth- but it’s a symbol- of Democracy, of Freedom, of the chance that many immigrants had when they came here to escape Tyranny. That;s what Lee is singing about- our history and everything that goes along with the symbol of America.

    Some people just don’t see it. I will agree that Simon and Garfunkel are amazing, and American Pie is a true work of poetic genius. My musical tastes range from classical to folk to metal to wierd Icelandic Death Polka. Sometimes different ideas strike differently with different people- I do believe in the good that this country stands for. And when I hear God Bless the USA-that good is what I think of and remember.

    Doesn’t mean I like or support the government- I just love the Symbol of America.

    Which you’ll probably say is jingoistic hogwash. Which is your right as an American. Doesn’t mean either of us is right- just what we believe.

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