Woodstock–Hippy druggies celebrate 40 Years of being hippy druggies

The world would have been a better place had Woodstock been known only as the little bird that hangs out with Snoopy the Beagle.

Today is the 40th anniversary of a never-ending music concert that will most likely get more coverage than the anniversary of the landing on the moon.

The disparity is staggering. One month after courageous men truly taking a giant leap for mankind, a bunch of derelicts and degenerates took hits of acid so that they could leap out of their minds.

“One small hit for man…one giant bong for mankind.”

I was born in 1972, which means I grew up in the 1980s. I thank God for this. Lord knows how I would have ended up if I would have hung out at an event glorifying stoners.

Today is as good a day as any other to dispel the myth that anything positive to human society came out of that event.


Yes, some of the people involved did eventually shave, get cleaned up, and go on to lead productive lives. Yet that was not because of Woodstock. It was despite it.

Woodstock was nothing more than hippy druggies celebrating their right to be hippy druggies.

Let us count the negative contributions of Woodstock to American society.

1) The glorification of drugs.

There is nothing positive about drug use. Drugs destroy lives. Anybody who thinks that doing drugs is “no big deal,” should simply find another nation to drag down.

Drug use is not a harmless or victimless crime. My tax dollars go to pay for everything from prevention programs to rehab centers to more prisons. Those who want to legalize drugs forget or willfully ignore the fact that medical care is more expensive than it needs to be. One of these reasons is treating drug addicts.

I am not advocating refusing to treat these people. They are still human beings. However, they are still screwups. They are redeemable, and I have yet to meet a person on drugs that was less enjoyable to know after giving up drugs.

I have a family member that is a basket case, and I am convinced that drugs contributed to this.

2) The glorification of unprotected sex.

Look, I am not puritanical when it comes to sex. However, unprotected sex again kills people. Those that do not develop fatal diseases end up with less serious medical problems that again involve trips to clinics. This is not free. Taxpayers pay for the irresponsibility of others. The AIDS crisis that exploded in the 1980s, glorified by pious celebrities and their useless red ribbons, is a result of the sexual anarchy that these same moralizers created in the 1960s.

3) The glorification of uncleanliness.

I had limited access to facilities in 1985 when Hurricane Gloria belted Long Island. Facilities are good. They separate civilization from”Lord of the Flies.” What about going to a music concert requires slovenliness? Nothing.

4) The glorification of the anti-war movement.

War sometimes is the answer. Those saying war is never the answer should either move to England, endorse slavery, or live under a world controlled by Adolf Hitler. This is before anyone ever heard of Saddam Hussein. The Vietnam War was absolutely winnable. We won on the battlefield and lost in the media. The lesson of Vietnam should only be that if a nation is going to go to war, they had better do whatever it takes to win. It is ugly, but that is what shortens wars and saves lives. Holding up peace signs doesn’t accomplish anything except embolden enemies willing to fight to the death.

5) The glorification of cutting school.

I wish Joe “Lean on me” Clark had taken a baseball bat to these kids. No, not upside the head. He could have cracked the bat against a pole to make his point. People skipping school to get high are not learning. Yes, I know that the schools are a disaster, and home schooling is the only solution. Yet these kids were not learning anywhere during those days. They were wasting their parents’ money.

Liberals love to romanticize Woodstock, and they love to show how these people matured and led positive change. They conveniently ignore that many people at Woodstock ended up incoherent, rambling lunatics. They may have ended up that way anyway, but Woodstock could not have helped.

I have been to music concerts. It is possible to enjoy the music without LSD or hashish or any other mind numbing stimulants, depressants or halucinogens.

The genie that jumped out of the bottle in the 1960s will never be put back. Woodstock will no longer ever be the bird hanging out with Joe Cool on a dark and stormy night.

Woodstock should be remembered as a bunch of Joe Uncools trying to preach individuality and rebellion by looking, acting, and dressing the same. Woodstock was about mindless automatons preaching that they knew better than everybody else.

Now those people are bankrupting Medicare and Medicaid, many of them needing medical care in their early 60s for illnesses that clean living 80 year olds do not need.

They didn’t know anything.

40 years later, many of them still don’t.


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  1. Micky 2 says:

    “Today is as good a day as any other to dispel the myth that anything positive to human society came out of that event.”

    C’mon Eric, you have to at least admit that some of the music was great.

    In Hawaii around 1967-68 we had our own little version of Woodstock. It was called the Diamond Head Crater Festival. It took place inside an extinct volcanic crater, the one you always see in the background in pictures of Waikiki. Its call “Diamond Head”.
    Of course I was about 13 years old, from a very liberal family, already smoking weed and drinking at that age.
    Those were part of the years that led to me being a moonbat up until about 10 years ago. While I regret the early start into drugs, booze and moonbattery I will always cherish the memories of watching Carlos Santana, Buddy Miles, Sly and the Family Stone, Melissa Manchester, Donovan, live for free, all day long.
    For some reason I tend to appreciate the liberal movement of the 60s and 70s more than todays because at least they had the fortitude to want to be void of any political agenda as opposed to todays liberal movement which is clearly the largest instrument of the left and morphed into this machine that claims to hold the values of the 70s movement. The 70s movement was a passive simplistic group with a simple non constructive agenda. Todays liberal, although he may own a bong and wear some tie dye T shirt is a roaring monster and nothing at all what they are trying to appear as. A 70s hippie/liberal would run from todays liberal as much as todays liberal would run from a con.
    We didnt like the dems any more than we liked the cons.
    The problem is that the movement in that era had no clue as to what the replacement would be if they tore everything down.
    I think the only good things I can say of that came out of that era was the music and the attention they managed to focus on equal rights for blacks and women.
    Oh, chicks without bras at times had its good points. (pun intended)

  2. Dav Lev says:

    While it’s true that Woodstock brought out the worst in people,
    it also brought out the best.

    Essentially, this festival which drew 500,000 people (mainly young)
    to a farm in upstate New York, was a protest against the war.

    I watched TV the other day, a documentary on Woodstock, showing
    all it’s attributes. There was one young lady who gave out peanut
    butter sandwiches..( food was in short supply and latrines were
    not sufficient). She later bacame a Congresswomen, Republican.
    She characterized herself “as a Jewish mother”.

    I doubt she was taking drugs..or stripping before others, or swimming
    naked in the pond (which some did unfortunately).

    The entire event was not planned properly..the cause of most the
    havoc in my opinion. But it did send a message to Washington D.C.

    Decades later, the strongest advocate and influence on that war (McNamara) was convinced the war was unnecessar…that his perspective
    on the war was to stop Communism from taking over the world was wrong ( it was a civil war ).

    At the time, he looked at other US problems..the Berlin Wall, Cuba, etc.,
    and saw Vietnam as an extension of Soviet policy ultimately leading to the destruction of the US.

    Well, the Soviet Union is no more, we lost that war, AND we are still
    in existence.

    Woodstock was a symbol of the times..and NOT what Eric has characterized it to be..a haven for the worst elements of our society, the
    drugged up youth. ( I favor legalizing drugs..through pharmacies or
    doctors..taking the profit out of it, the adventure and the need for
    expensive treatment).

    As part of our new health plan, if passed, we could incorporate
    medical treatment, including therapy, for drug addicts..who will pay
    a quarter under MY PLAN.

    Those who protested the war in Iraq, are basically the same people,
    but acting more civilized. That’s it in a nutshell.

    I was against the Vietnam War and knew several people killed or
    hurt in the war. I believe they all died or were wounded for nothing,
    zilce, -0-. We should never have gotten involved..just we we made
    a mistake in going to war in Korea. (We waited far too long to
    bomb Germany during WW2-and should have dispensed with Herr
    Hitler in 1933).

    I was for the Iraqi Wars (both). Allowing Kuwait to be occupied
    indefinitely would have given control of the oil to the Arabs. Not getting rid of Saddam would have put US in danger forever (he certainly would have
    obtained WMD including nuke). 911 would have been repeated over and over again…with far more casualties (see smallpox study prior to the war,
    which revealed 3m dead from a terrorist attack within 3 months).

    I find it interesting that the liberal LA Times had an article several weeks ago criticizing the theory that small pox released in the US would have
    been devestating (not sufficient anti-biotics available to treat). The op-ed said that the study was faulted because it surmised 10 people affected, progressively. as opposed to 1 or 2. Thus 3m people would not have died.

    Wowsoowow, like perhaps with our porous borders, hundreds of attacks could have taken place simultaneously across the nation.

    While we can argue that drugs dominated Woodstock, I’d rather
    this, than violent protests..people really getting mad and taking to the streets.

    Read todays’ LA Times for an interesing article about a dozen or so
    gun carrying activists who were seen at one of Obama’s rallies.
    They claimed their freedom to carry weapons per Arizona law.

    Multiply that by millions of anti-Vietnam protestors..think about it
    perhaps fighting the pro-war types.

    Regarding our fight in Vietnam, the nation was tired of seeing thousands
    of our finest being killed in the jungles and tens of thousands wounded,
    in a no win war. But if you want to blame anyone, blame the reporter
    who just died (TV anchor) for his negative analysis of the war effort.
    You all know who I mean.

    As far as our current wars, Obama spoke before a veterans organization.
    He said that Afghanistan is where the Taliban will allow Al Qaeda
    to gain strength and again attack the US..therefore, we are right
    in remaining and pouring in troops (from Iraq).

    I disagree. I think we should get out like yesterday..and let Muslim
    fight Muslim. We cannot win this type of war in the Muslim-Arab world.

    We should concentrate on ending Ahmad’s regime in Iran, which will
    within 2 years have nukes aimed at all of US. Now that is the real danger, and the Israelis know it, not the remnants of Al Qaeda (they don’t have
    nukes, or airplanes, or tanks or anything, just hot air).

  3. Micky 2 says:


    “As part of our new health plan, if passed, we could incorporate
    medical treatment, including therapy, for drug addicts..who will pay
    a quarter under MY PLAN.”

    Thats attractive for those that want to keep using.

    “hey, I’ve got a safety net. I can party ( or live an unhealthy lifestyle ) all I want and when I’m finally toast I can have the fed put me back together.”

    “Those who protested the war in Iraq, are basically the same people,
    but acting more civilized. That’s it in a nutshell. ”

    Not really. As opposed to todays protestors those protesters in those days had no allegiance to any American political party, mostly the communist party, most of them were against what they called “THe Establishment” which incliuded all American politicical institutions.
    Todays liberals who once protested the Afghan war are now silent as Obama continues the same path as Bush even going so far as to implement many of his policies.

  4. RFWoodstock says:

    Whoa…where did those 40 years go! It really does seem like yesterday. The energy of that time was…so positive and loving. It was everywhere I went in 1969. We were happy all the time whether we were high or not.

    What do we do now…just sit back and “Retire” or do we finish what we started in the 60’s? I say we get on with it.

    We want an end to greed and selfishness and especially the attitude of profit over people..where did THAT idea come from?

    We want peace not just the absence of war but a perpetual state of cooperation among people for the mutual benefit of all. Violence is never allowed to be a solution for ANY situation.

    We are smart enough to develop renewable energy sources using the sun, wind, water and geothermal, feed everyone of the planet and provide health care for all. It’s time to provided these basic human needs.

    In 2009 Woodstock is the perfect concept to germinate those ideals from 60’s in the soil of the 21st century and digital age and fertilize them with the ideas of the progressive-thinking youth of today.

    And of course there will be a lot of great music!
    Spread the word. Join WoodstockUniverse.com.

    Peace, love, music, one world,
    [email protected]

  5. Wow. For a young guy, our good host sure sounds like an old curmudgeon here.

    I grew up in the 80’s too (born in ’68). Drug abuse, violence, irresponsible sex, crime, and all sorts of other social ills – all these things were far more rampant in the ’80’s than in the ’60’s. The “Me Generation” have been complete louses. And now that we’re older, we’ve done a fine job of wrecking the country with our selfishness, avarice, imperialism, hubris, and lack of ethics. At least the hippies were nice people, for the most part. Gen-X has so far proven to be a bunch of sleazebags.

    As for the Vietnam war – like the Iraq war but even moreso – it was an evil war and the hippies were exactly right about it. I don’t know how many innocent people in their own countries have to murdered to satisify the American Hawk. It seems never enough for them.

    By the way, Robert Novak just died from brain cancer. I was not a big fan of his personally, and still think the Valerie Plame affair was never properly adjudicated. But he was an amazing journalist and had a big impact on this country and he will be missed. Rest in peace, Robert Novak.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    RF, The hippies of the 60s had no goals carry on into today. There was no intelligent message. The only message was to do away with anything resembling progress or a viable state and live in a world dependent on the fruits of those they bashed. It was about one of the most hypocritic movements in our history.
    Go on welfare, grab some food stamps, get high all the time and live this euphoric dream of a life as long as Uncle Sam paid for it, it was cool.
    Those idiots failed to recognize or admit that what was funding their lifestyle was the exact same thing they said they hated.
    Todays liberal is all about power, the exact opposite of the movement you say has somethin to finish. Guys like you area rare breed that never grew up past a goal any more lofty than total sloth.
    30 + years of drugs and booze made me finally realize that it was your breeds mentallity that was killing me, actually did at one time.
    Everything was everyone one elses fault, everyone who had anything owed me and everyone else, I was always mad at the world for all the percieved injustices the movement had convinced me was worth staying wasted over all the time.
    The music was the only good thing that came from that wasted decade.

  7. Ya’ just gotta love “conservatives” who “love the music.” LOL! I guess they just ignore the lyrics.

    Micky does make one good point here, though, and it’s summed up, I think, in this masterful piece by Frank Zappa. The hippies really did “turn” against those wonderful principles on which they once stood.


    It’s a ‘Must Listen.’


  8. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, I’ll bet I know more lyrics from the 60s by heart than you do.
    Much of it was based on the same method/message.

    “Down with money” But Pink Floyd made some sense outta that.

    “Tis the root of all evil, but if you ask for a rise its no surprise nones giving it away”

    “If you cant be with the one you love, then love the one your with.”
    Yeah, that was before AIDS came along and someone had to pay for babys Birkenstocks.

    The anti war music…
    War is always bad no matter what
    But these schmucks forgot that if it werent for that war we’d be speaking with an English accent. What the hell, half the musicians were ‘blokes” anyway.

    Drugs became one of the most money grubbing capitalistic ventures in our countrys history. But you didnt see the hippies b*tching about that enterprise once growing your own had a 90% profit margin.

    “Come Together’

    Little hippies communes across the country were failing left and right because there started to be disagreements over who’d produced enough or was pulling his load. The ones who chose not to be stoned 24/7 were actually producing and were getting hip to the slackers.

    Sorry bub, but I’m just one of many recovering democrats today whom used to be like you and the 60s heads. My sobriety goes pretty much hand in hand with my movement to the right.
    Once I abandoned that mindset of blame and whining and “wheres mine?” sobering up was easier than it had ever been

  9. I doubt you know more lyrics from any era than I, Micky. I was a lead singer and guitarist for almost fifteen years. I know a LOT of lyrics by heart.

    And it’s not “a rise” – it’s “a raise.” Gilmour just pronounced it “rise.” Must be a British thing.

    As for speaking with an English accent, that would be fine by me. In all honesty, I sometimes wonder if we’d all have been better off if we’d lost the Revolutionary War. On the other hand, there are a lot of great things America has done for the world, so objectively speaking, I tend to think it’s better that we won.

    As for the “where’s mine” mindset, if you ask me, conservatives are the worst for that. All they worry about is their material wants. They actually even pray for money. PRAY FOR MONEY. How’s that for irony? Liberals, true liberals, think like John Lennon’s “Imagine.” They believe they are their brothers keepers. They understand that it takes a society to promote opportunity. They understand that life is roughly half luck and half what you make of it, and that luck starts the day you’re born, as infants do not choose their parents. They do not worship material possessions, they do not adhere to arbitrary morays and values, they do not seek to impose their will on others. I’m sober now myself, after almost 25 years of heavy drinking, and I’m more liberal than ever.


  10. Micky 2 says:

    “I doubt you know more lyrics from any era than I, Micky. I was a lead singer and guitarist for almost fifteen years. I know a LOT of lyrics by heart.”

    he he, you wer suckin on your mom when I was singing those lyrics buddy.
    You’re not the only one to play in a band which I was doing before you were born.
    Yes its rise !!!
    Thats how its sung and thats the English word used. Thats another one I knew by heart before you were born.
    Geez you’re pedantic little jerk

    “As for speaking with an English accent, that would be fine by me. In all honesty, I sometimes wonder if we’d all have been better off if we’d lost the Revolutionary War.”

    Unlike you, that thought never crossed my mind

    As for the “where’s mine” mindset, if you ask me, conservatives are the worst for that.”

    Aww, be quiet already dude, you werent even there !!! I was !!

    ” All they worry about is their material wants. They actually even pray for money. PRAY FOR MONEY.”

    yes, and liberals pray for conservatives money.

    Look I’m not going to argue a part of history with you that I freeking lived and you’re clueless about. Nor am I going to argue your ridiculous communist John Lennon theories with you. I’ve sat with Neil Freeking Abercrombie, got stoned with him, discussed the 60s movement, communism, collectivism, peace love harmony and all that crap with him who at the time looked very much like your classic hippie.

    “They believe they are their brothers keepers. ”

    The bottom line is that if you dont allow me to keep whats mine or produce it then I cant share it with anyone, can I ?
    OMG, for some reason I’m flashing back now to where because you worked at one restaurant in your life you’re qualified to tell me how to run one. Oh yeah, tip pooling/socialism/wealth redistribution doesnt work.
    Its basic freeking math. There is no collective without the individual. With no collective there will always be the individual. If you’re not allowed to function as an individual then you cannot contribute to the collective.
    Thats has and never will change
    But of course thats the beauty of being a liberal. You conveniently skip over crucial elements to make your point and pretend as if those elements dont exist. Thats why communal ownership never does as good as private

    they do not seek to impose their will on others.”

    Right, as Obama trys to shove health care on a majority that doesnt want it, riiiiiiiiight.

    ” I’m sober now myself, after almost 25 years of heavy drinking, and I’m more liberal than ever.”

    Then you’re not sober.
    When you can rack up more than a decade come talk to me.
    It takes 8 years to get alcohol completely out of your system.

    The 60s, for all it had to offer was still one of the most wasted decades and generations in the last 100 years or more.
    People got tired of being dirty, broke and lost and simply said to hell with this. And then we did a freeking 180 and went disco.
    That should be proof enough that we wanted to get as far away as possible from what we previously were.
    We wanted possesions, nice stuff, security and girls that shaved their arm pits.

  11. Sorry, Micky, but it’s “raise.” I happen to be a maniacal Pink Floyd fan. Besides, “rise” makes no sense. Who or why would anyone be giving a “rise” away? What does that even mean. In the context of the song, “raise” makes sense. “Rise” would be inane. The English may pronouce it “rise,” but it’s spelled “raise” and it means the same thing here as it does there. Oh, and the song was a knock on the wealthy. Heck, Pink Floyd “Animals,” the wntire album was a knock on capitalism itself! Ya’ don;t get much more liberal than Pink Floyd. Why you would listen to them is beyond me.

    I don’t think Liberals are any wealthier or poorer than conservatives in general. Liberals, like conservatives, are a mixed bag, economically. It’s the one way in which both groups are similarly a “big tent.” Here’s an interesting study of income and party/philsophy: http://www.stat.columbia.edu/~cook/movabletype/archives/2009/08/who_are_the_lib.html

    Just because you lived in the sixties doesn’t make you an expert on the subject. Afterall, you have some rather simplistic and broad takes on the period – as does our good host. For example, people often forget that “hippies” were actually a tiny percentage of the population. Most people in the 60’s were just like people today – average, ordinary, working folks. The “hippies,” for the most part, like most American counter-cultures over the years, tended to be the children of the Middle Class. Bored suburban white kids. So yes, much of what they believed turned out to be completely unrealistic, and as they got older they realized just that and the vast majority of them mainstreamed back into the predominant culture. But just because much of what they believed was pie-in-the-sky doesn’t mean that they were bad or necessarily wrong. Just unrealistic. And they weren’t all “dirty.” That’s another simplistic myth.

    I’m a liberal – yes – but that doesn’t mean I believe in complete communism! That’s just silly. I just believe that in all functional societies, the Free Market must be balanced with the Public Good. There’s a time and a place for all things under the sun, Micky, and whether you like it or not, the fact of the matter is that we Americans are socialistic in many ways. The police, firemen, the military, public utilities, schools, roads – all socialism. I just think healthcare should be considered a Public Good as well.

    As for your rather horrible treatment of my personal problem, I still find it amazing that you actually counsel people on substance abuse! With counseling like that, I’d be better off trying to stay sober at the local bar! And 8 years? Where the heck did that come from? What an absurdly arbitrary number! Where do you get “facts” like that from???


  12. Micky 2 says:

    “ho or why would anyone be giving a “rise” away?

    heres the lyric genius.

    “Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie
    Money so they say
    Is the root of all evil today
    But if you ask for a rise it’s no surprise that they’re
    giving none away”

    Why you ask ? because they dont say things the same way in good ole London town. Thats why !
    The rhyme is intentional.
    And living in the 60s doesnt make me a expert but it sure qualifies me to know a hell of a lot more about what I’m talking about than you.
    I WAS THERE !!

    Hippies, no matter what percentage of the population they were, were the biggest movementof the time, thats the point and subjecy=t of the post.

    Screw it jersey. I’m outta here, you’re up to your childish bullsh*t again.
    Thinking you know more about something I actually lived, consumed, was a part of.
    get over yourself and grow up

  13. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah, I keep people sober, I make them sober. I know guys like you so well that I have guys like you in tears whithin 5 minutes.
    The less sobriety you have the less we want to hear from you. Thats how it works. We thrive on the old timers as the ones with the answers and not the newcomers who only serve as a reminder of what we were or could return to. This is why the tradition has always been that those with less than thirty days are not to speak at meetings and those with substantial sobriety are to be listened to.
    Dont get too complacent and proud of yourself there buddy. Humble yourself and realize that you could lose it all tommorow.

    Its a fact that booze takes 8 years to leave your system, its not “arbitrary”
    Our bones regenerate themselves every 8 years. Only until that cycle has taken place is your body 100% alcohol free.
    FACT !!

  14. Tears? Me?

    Micky, we’ve been blogging together for quite a while now. Surely you must be a better judge of character than that. Perhaps you just don’t understand. As you well know, everyone comes from a different background has different reasons for the things they do. I grew up mostly in a large Irish Catholic environment with highly functional alkies all around me. Everyone drank. It was normal. I didn’t see it as bad. Quite the contrary, I saw it as normal adult behavior. And these were highly successful people, captains of industry, highly educated, “lace curtain Irish.” Even on the Italian side of my family, drinking was normal and everyone was quite successful and happy. They had good families, good marraiges, good jobs, good lives. I think that’s why I picked up on drinking so very young. It was just all around me, a part of my environment. I didn’t turn to booze to escape anything, or for emotional refuge. I was never abused or uncared for. I got along with most people most of the time. I just drank to feel even better. I had a very happy childhood, a good family, a good education. I had great friends and wonderful adventures. I did have a lot of freedom though, too much looking back at it now, and I did abuse that priviledge. I was awfully wild. I think a lot of that was growing up when I did. America, especially the NYC area, was a particularly wild place in the 1980’s. The temtations were everywhere. Drugs, sex, booze, clubs, craziness abounded. Crime went through the roof. Looking back at it now, it’s amazing that I survived. Many of my friends didn’t.

    So, you see, I really don’t have anything to cry about. My life has been pretty easy. I consider myself very lucky. Drinking was just a poor choice, not a mental disease. On top of that, I was someone most people thought of as a “happy drunk.” Drinking tended to put me in a good mood. I guess, being a very high-strung and energetic person, a depressent had the effect of calming me, making me a little more tolerable to calmer people. So everyone around me was always quick to offer me a drink. Thankfully, my wife and my best friend saw that this was not good for me, and eventually I came to listen to them and knock it off. I was surprised to see how easy that was. When you have good people around you, slowly killing yourself doesn’t seem like such a good idea. I want to grow old. If I kept it up, old was something I simply wasn’t going to be. Of course, being diagnoses with extremely high blood pressure and hypertension went a long ways too! ;)

    I understand that bones take so many years to fully regenerate, and that booze is repuduced in the marrow, but the 8 year thing seems a little simplistic to me. Just the same, I apologize, as you did base that comment on a reasonably substantial fact. That’s one for you, Micky! I’ll have to write you in seven years and see how I feel! ;)


  15. Micky 2 says:

    If you came to me the key element there would be that “YOU CAME TO ME”
    At that point you would more than likely be playing your worst game.
    I pull men twice what you are out of gutters, sh*t infested hotel rooms, port a potties, prisons, hospitals, allys. They fight with me, they try to steal from me, they spit at me, I’v even had feces tossed at me. These men are beat and not always ready to accept whatever terms need be in order to clean up.
    Your whole life story is very admirable and nothing I havent heard about , oh, 300-350 times before.
    Its immediately defense as if I was implying you needed help, which I never did.
    But if you are definitley going to quit then substantial sobriety will be the only guage of the truth behind that commitment. If you fail to live up to your own commitment in your case the worst that might happen is you go party for few days and then be disappointed in yourself.
    The whole thing was a big “IF” so you really dont need to go telling me your life story.

    When I start tearing down that humongous ego of theirs, reduce them to what they really are, get them to confess everything they’ve ever done to anyone because of their habit, see right thru all their bullsh*t and show them who they really are they all break down and cry.
    If they dont cry, I send them back to where they came from. They’re not ready. I want sincerity. Guilt is the single largest component of addiction, it has to be indentified, it requires remorse and brutal honesty you never thought you’d be capable of. As your sponsor you’d be required to everything exactly as I ask or you can go back where you came from. Its tough. Sometimes these guys arent allowed to speak to their kids or loved ones for weeks, it all depends on the individual but the fact is that its his best thinking that got him where hes at so hes simply not allowed to think for himself until he kills the old platform and starts building on a better one
    I know a awful lot more about this business than you do but of course you’re going to tell me how to do that just like you did with the restaurant business, which is my lifes work, just like you think you know as much about the 60s as I do, even though I was actually there the whole time.

    I dont begrudge anyone their drinking, enjoy, as long as it doesnt harm anyone by proxy or any other means. Hell, I wish I could still party but my chemistry has altered, I assimilate diferently now than I used to or most people do. I’m a big proponent for legalizing pot. The substance doesnt do 1/10 as much damage to the individual or his surroundings as alcohol does

    Whats really rough is that after all my years of hard work I’m now having to take 200 mg of morphine everyday along with 15mg of oxycontin every 4 hours. Without it I’d be crawling instead of walking.
    Its not enough to get me high, but now the tease is back, 24/7
    Well, the docs know all about me and have their eye on me. When all this is over I’ll have to do a gradual withdrawal protocol. whoppeeee

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