Armageddonijad and Khadafi Duck

Today the Tygrrrr Express is Indian Wells Bound. This weekend is the California Republican Party State Convention. I will be one of many speakers.

One reason this event will be so fabulous is because Mahmoud Armageddonijad (nee Ahmadinejad) of Iran and Mohammar Khadafi Duck of Libya will not be invited. In fact, they are forbidden from attending.  Even better, Helen Thomas will not be allowed to ask any questions of any of the speakers. Only distinguished people need apply.

While Indian Wells will be the happiest place on Earth, New York City will be the most miserable. Even Governor Patterson cannot be blamed for this one.

For those who do not know, Gotham City is the location for the most useless, worthless, and corrupt organization on Earth. Yes, the only people that make ACORN seem like law abiding citizens would be the member of the United Nations, which ironically consists of neither.

For one thing, Palestine is not a nation, so technically they should not show up until a worldwide conference on supporting terrorism is created. Actually, given that Libya and Syria have been on the U.N. Human Rights Council, I guess the people of the fictional land of Palestine fit in perfectly.

For those who wonder why America does not kick the U.N. out of New York City headquarters, it is because it is important to keep friends close and enemies closer. Also, it is amusing watching some of these clowns try to pitch tents in areas and then be chased out by citizens that dislike genocidal lunatics.

Besides, why should we have to use up frequent flyer miles? Let them travel. We own the organization anyway. We are the largest shareholder due to the fact that we pay the largest amount of dues. When these other parasitic nations pay their fair share, we can relocate the organization to its rightful place in Damascus, and then blow it up after all the democratic delegations leave the meetings.

Because we have given our word that despots are allowed to attend these meetings, we cannot engage in targeted assassinations once they arrive. This is in keeping with the principle of gun rights that says that you can shoot the intruder that invades your home, but not if you invite them in.

(Homer Simpson found this out with Ned Flanders.)

Where we have failed to draw the line, where we keep getting it wrong, is with media coverage. There should not be any. News organizations should cover news. This should eliminate the Emmys, Oscars, and United Nations functions.

Professional sports now gets it right. When a crazed fan runs on to the field, cameras that used to cover this now deliberately look away to avoid giving the attention seeker the publicity they crave.

(Even better is that in football, the athletes on both teams fighting each other unite to take a free shot at the intruder. That part can be covered provided the agitator is injured.)

Under this principle, which works, the media should not cover the United Nations. It does not do anything. It gives meaningless speeches that amount to nothing.

(Some would put President Obama in this category, but at least he is secretly trying to do things, although without admitting this. They may be the wrong things, but he does have a stealth agenda. A better parallel in terms of a complete lack of an agenda would be Bill Clinton.)

While I still maintain that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama talk too much and say virtually nothing of substance, they were democratically elected. Also, while they may be narcissists, they are not genocidal wack jobs.

Such charitable praise cannot be doled out to Armageddonijad and Khadafi Duck.

What legitimate organization gives these people a speaking platform?

In a self-congratulatory act that would make the U.N. proud (boy does Obama fit in well in that regard), many delegates walked out of Armageddonijad’s stump speech.

He should not have been allowed to speak to begin with.

Was Howie Mandel not available? Maybe Alan Thicke? Heck, Pauly Shore could have emceed this event given that he used to be “the weasel,” while most of the delegates are a bunch of weasels.

These events are spectacular in their insignificance. Watching plutocrats feast on 7 course meals while decrying world hunger is almost as delightful as watching them drive in limousines one block and congest traffic so that they can give pious speeches on reducing carbon emissions. Even Al Gore and John Edwards are less phony (barely).

Khadafi Duck rambled for over an hour and a half, without apologizing for having nearly 300 people murdered on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Armageddonijad then spoke for 30 minutes without apologizing for basically being himself.

Here are some of his “thoughts.”

He said that we should stop printing money, spreading inflation, and engaging in unbridled capitalism.

(I think he is just jealous that Jews like Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke get to run a central bank and he doesn’t.)

He predicted the “end for those who defy democracy.”

(Good. He just gave permission for us to kill him.)

He criticized the “Inhuman policies in Palestine.”

(Even Better. Let Israel blow up Hamas and Hezbollah and get find some human beings willing to rule these people. The inhuman policies in Gaza are 100% the fault of those living there. The man funding much of this misery, ironically enough, is Armageddonijad.)

“The U.S. has racist ambitions.”

(Maybe he was talking to the Pelosiraptor. Nancy Pelosi frequently accuses Republicans of this, along with most Obama advisers. We have a black President. Is Armageddonijad implying that black people are trying to take over the world?)

He lamented “Afghanistan drug trafficking.”

(I lament his trafficking in world wide terrorism.)

“Change must be structural, theoretical, practical.”

(He must have taken an Obamanomics course. That statement is downright platitudinous in its meaninglessness.)

By grace of God, Marxism is gone. Capitalism will meet same fate.

(Good. We can start by cutting off his finances. The Palestinians are poor, Iran has oil wealth. He should give the money to them.)

He pointed out that “Gitmo is not shut down, there are secret prisons in Europe.”

(How does he know this if the prisons are secret? This fails on definition alone. Also, I think he called Obama  a liar for not keeping his word.)

He wants the “elimination of all chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons.”

(We can drop them over his palace. Then we will not need most of them any more.)

However, he then said that “All nations do have the right to access to peaceful technology.”

(This is purely Clintonian. A peaceful Armageddonijad is like a pleasant member of NOW.)

Iran one of the most progressive democratic governments in the world

(Liberals call themselves progressives. Maybe now they will be ashamed to use that word. I wonder why Armageddonijad avoids the word liberal. Maybe he does not want to lose in Iowa or New Hampshire in 2012.)

He complains that we “supported Saddam, and then took military action against same man.”

(We supported him because Iran was worse. Saddam then briefly became worse than Iran, which takes talent. Now Iran is # 1 again in the homicidal polls. He is Homecoming King.)

As for Khadafi Duck, I do not speak gibberish.

However, in plain English that even a dictator can understand, I would not lose sleep if his plane was blown up over the ocean. We could then express regret but free the culprit in the name of the dictaotrs really having it coming.

For those who want to criticize me by saying that my words stoke their fires into trying to do the same to us, my response is simple.

They already are. They have been for almost 40 years. Everybody except the United Nations and most college professors understand this.

(The group “Stand With Us” understands this. A rally in Westwood in Los Angeles was successful, and more rallies in New York, Detroit, and elsewhere are taking place today. I thank Rachel at “Culture For All” for informing me of these anti-Armageddonijad rallies.)

Then again, given the history of Bill Ayers, Armageddonijad and Khadafi Duck can always retire and find a job at a Poison Ivy League University teaching political science.

After all, as we saw this week, nobody is too crazy for leftists to offer a platform.


5 Responses to “Armageddonijad and Khadafi Duck”

  1. Laree says:


    The UN was created to stop world wars from starting so I don’t know what despots are doing speaking at the UN. Especially one, that is threatening another country. Iran doesn’t even border Israel. I don’t believe Palestinians are Shiites – they are Sunnis, and we know how long those two factions have been at each other for centuries (I doubt Iran really cares about anything but dominating the region, now that the Sunni Strongman Saddam is gone) I guess the UN circus was able to start, once the clowns showed up.

  2. Micky 2 says:

    Netanyahu spanked the UN today.

  3. thepoliticaltipster says:

    The situation regarding Iran is getting grimmer by the minute as Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad get closer and closer to getting their bloodstained hands on nuclear missiles. It is clear that Obama’s attempt to get sanctions through the UN is futile, because even with Russia’s recent softening towards such measures, Chinese approval is still needed. At the same time I wouldn’t put it past either China or Russia to agree to nominal sanctions, while continuing to sell Iran gasoline and other vital supplies on the quiet (Chavez’s Venezuela is also another possible source). Given that the only realistic solution is a pre-emptive Israeli strike, I even worry that the whole sanctions charade might be an attempt by Obama to give Israel false hope, therefore delaying a proper resolution of the situation.

    Therefore only hope seems to be that something happens which forces the Obama administration to stand foursquare behind Israel – something which makes any opposition to a strike on Iranian reactors politically toxic. A revolt by the Democratic centre, (Bayh, Lieberman etc) is one such possibility, thought they would probably have to threaten to quit the caucus to get Obama’s attention. A Clinton resignation is another event that would force Obama onto the straight and narrow (and would probably fit in with the rumours that she is considering running for the New York Statehouse). It is a particularly depressing thought that Israel’s future may depend on Hillary Clinton doing the right thing.

  4. Laree says:

    Photos from the G20 Pittsburgh Protest, from the scene guest blogger “Terrible Towel. I am going to try and update through the day as I get the pics.

  5. Laree says:

    Update more photos from the G20 Pittsburgh Protest Guest Blogger “Terrible Towel”

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