Henry Waxman, Paul Reznik, and the West LA Chamber of Commerce

Regular readers of my blog know that I was accosted at the Luxe Hotel by a man named Seth Horowitz at a function for Congressman Henry Waxman. The event was sponsored by the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.


(Paul Reznik
Consortium Real Estate
Phone: (310) 948-0932
Fax: (818) 955-6503
[email protected])

The incident that occurred on August 27th of 2009 left me with the issue of getting justice from Mr. Horowitz. I had no interest in seeking a pound of flesh. I was willing to settle for an apology. I spoke to the owner of the Luxe Hotel, a Mr. Harkham. He was very gracious and apologetic. I politely explained to him that I had no interest in suing the hotel. I simply wanted an apology from Mr. Horowitz, and an explanation as to why this happened.

On September 10th, despite much belligerence prior to that, Seth Horowitz apologized.

“Dear Mr. Golub,

I apologize to you for the manner in which I approached you when you attended the event held by the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce for Congressman Waxman.

My intention was to ensure that the event would be held with ‘decorum’.   At no time was my intention to be in any way threatening to you.

The Chamber was made aware of your blog the day before the event.  Your blog contained the Congressman’s name and the event at the Luxe.  Due to the nature of the dialogue around the country, and because your blog mentioned that the event at the Luxe was a ‘Town Hall meeting regarding Healthcare’, we were concerned that their might be some disturbance at the event.

Nothing you did while at the hotel was in any way a problem.  You conducted yourself with ‘decorum’ and we thank you for that.

We pride ourselves at the Luxe Hotels as being committed active members of the community.  We are more than tolerant of all points of view.

You are welcome to be a guest at the Luxe Hotel at any time.  I look forward to meeting you again and hope to put this incident behind us.

Yours truly,

Seth Horowitz

Vice President of Hotel Operations

Luxe Hotels

General Manager

Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard

11461 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049

Direct: 310.691.7513

Fax: 310.691.7533

Cell: 310.383.4449


I sent Mr. Horowitz back an email.

“Mr. Horowitz,

I genuinely appreciate the tenor, tone, and sincerity of your apology.

Apology accepted.

Please  wish Mr. Harkham a Happy Rosh Hashanah and a peaceful Yom Kippur. If you are Jewish, I extend that to you as well.


Eric Golub

P.S. I still want to know exactly who gave you the instructions to approach me, and exactly what words were said to you. It seems that the Waxman team was behind this overreaction from the beginning. I do not blame the Luxe Hotel for their heavy-handedness. Nevertheless, the Luxe Hotel aspect of this situation is completely closed for me.”

When I used the word “their,” I was referring to the Waxman people, not the Luxe.

Some may question the sincerity of the apology, but I do not care if it came through clenched teeth and a clenched fist. If I were the owner of a business and one of my subordinates caused a problem, and the victim had no interest in suing, I would want the matter put to bed immediately. So if Mr. Harkham put his steel toe in Mr. Horowitz’s hide, I don’t know and don’t care. Rosh Hashanah is approaching, and I am accepting his apology at face value.

So is the matter closed?

With regards to Mr. Horowitz and the Luxe, yes. With regards to the Waxman staff, absolutely not.

I wanted to find out why this happened to begin with. Mr. Horowitz did not act in a vacuum.

I did have a conference call with Lisa Pinto and Karen Lightfoot. Ms.Pinto seems to be a low level person, while Ms. Lightfoot controls communications from DC. Ms. Lightfoot and Ms. Pinto explained exactly what Mr. Horowitz stated, that my blog was the cause of concern.

Specifically, the fact that I described the event asa  “health care town hall” and not a “luncheon” was what worried them.

To this I have a question to ask them.

“Are you kidding me? Are you seriously that dishonest? Do you think that playing semantics changes the fact that you took an innocent guy and harassed him over nonsense because your Congressman is so scared of the voters that he can’t even handle his event being mentioned at all? Is the word townhall now a dirty word?”

Ok, that was several questions, all of which were valid.

I wanted to know who gave the orders. They placed all of the blame on the West LA Chamber of Commerce (WLACC). The WLACC was in charge of everything, all the Congressman did was show up. He was merely an invited guest. The President of the WLACC, Paul Reznik, coordinated security.

I left a message for Paul Reznik. He called back, and immediately got snippy.

I know that liberals hate it when I refer to certain behavior as being “typical liberal” behavior, but the solution is to stop behaving this way, not lashing out at me for properly pointing it out.

Examples of typical liberal behavior include smugness, condescension, and hostility toward conservatives for breathing.

Mr. Reznik is a typical liberal.

He told me that since I got my apology from Mr. Horowitz, I should be happy. He asked me what more I could possibly want, and I told him I wanted the truth.

In the conversation he told me to “be a good little boy” and to “run along now.”

He also said that he read my blog. He said he did not like that I was going after others such as Waxman. I pointed out that I was the victim in all of this. He then made an astoundingly arrogant comment, even for a liberal.

“The real victims are your readers. The readers of your blog are the victims.”

Maybe Mr. Reznik should investigate whether any of my readers were accosted by me. No. The only accosting was done to me. So liberal smugness aside, Mr. Reznik was simply looking to humiliate a conservative. Unfortunately for him, I just get more emboldened when people like him act this way.

He actually tried to suggest that Mr. Horowitz acted on his own, a ludicrous assertion.

I pointed out to him that the Waxman campaign had already given him up. So while Reznik is trying to throw Horowitz under the bus, the Waxman people are trying to do the same with Reznik.

Yet while I have been completely right about most of this from the beginning, I did get one thing wrong, which led to another interesting development.

I figured that there was no way the WLACC would be liberal. Mr. Reznik asked me what I knew about the WLACC. I told him that as a branch of the national Chamber of Commerce, it most likely had moderate to conservative leanings, especially on business matters.

Mr. Reznik told me that I was completely wrong. He said…twice…to my amazement…that “The West LA Chamber of Commerce has a liberal bent on public policy.”

Now this guy is the President of the group. He was emphatic that the group had a “liberal bent on public policy.” He pointed out that the WLACC supported national health care and other liberal positions on social issues.

When the heck did the Chamber of Commerce turn into this? Then again, this is West Los Angeles.

I initially figured that there was no way the Chamber would sanction abusive behavior against a conservative, since the were a natural ally politically. I was wrong.

I then used Mr. Reznik’s own proud admissions to point out that this gives him a motive to target me just as the Waxman people said.

He then insisted that he did not give the order, but would not say who did.

He then got belligerent and insisted that the conversation was off the record.

Screw that! This typical liberal bully does not get to decide what is on and off the record. I explained to him that if he wanted it to be off the record, he should have stated in the very beginning that this was the case.

He then told me that he would monitor my blog closely to make sure I did not defame him. Good, let him increase my readership. I have tons of things to say about him, and truth is an absolute defense. Let him sue me. I welcome making him the poster child for liberals gone wild.

I made him an offer at the end of the conversation, which he rejected. I told him I would allow the entire conversation to remain off the record if he gave me the name of the person who gave the orders to have me harassed.

The bottom line is that if Lisa Pinto, Karen Lightfoot, and Paul Reznik think that they are going to circle the wagons and cover this up, then they are off their abusive leftist rockers.

I was polite with all of them, and each one of them got nasty when I refused to just “let this matter go so we can all move on.”

I will explain this in a way that even liberals engaging in a coverup can understand.

I want the truth. I will get the truth.

Seth Horowitz did not stand in my way.

Neither will Paul Reznik.

Neither will Lisa Pinto.

Neither will Karen Lightfoot.

Neither will Henry Waxman.

You liberals tried to bully the wrong conservative.

I am just getting started.

For once in these peoples’ ideologically bigoted lives, they are going to be held accountable.


15 Responses to “Henry Waxman, Paul Reznik, and the West LA Chamber of Commerce”

  1. Toma says:

    “They are going to be held accountable.”

    Good luck with that eric, I don’t think that is possible. These people are notorious for assigning blame to some one else.

    Never admit you are wrong, ala Vladimir Lenin. You have to know that you are member of the “angry”, “unhinged”, “Mob”. When all else fails you are a “racist”. Keep up the fight, they will demonstrate their hypocrisy, again.


  2. I actually wondered the same thing myself about the “Town Hall meeting regarding Healthcare” line, because when I looked up the event, I discovered that it was on fact not a Town Hall meeting regarding Healthcare – unless you were planning on making it one(?). It was a political luncheon with paying invitees. Big difference. Given the ludicrous vitriol from the Right regarding healthcare reform, and their angry adolscent behavior at townhall meetings around the country (heck, even a ridiculous outburst at the president from a congressman during an address to the Hill), I’m not surprised they thought you may be trouble. Remember, we are often judged by our associations. Today, Republicans just don’t look very good.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “Today, Republicans just don’t look very good.”

    Hah haha hahaha haha ha ! We look a helluva lot better than you guys. g against uscapaigninm
    Elections are coming up but insted of cleaningup your acts I’ll bet theres more infigting than campaining against us.
    You cant pass a bill to save your life and you hold the majority, you have the crappiest congress ever, keep getting caught in lies, you took your eyes off everything for healthcare that the majority doesnt want,you’re spending money we donthave, you own this crappy economy….

    spare me

  4. Micky 2 says:

    wow, wuh happen ?

    elections are coming up and you guydare already stsrting at each other

  5. Sorry Micky, but you guys really look bad. The only people who look worse than Democrats right now are Republicans. Check your polls and registration numbers.


  6. Toma says:

    BTW Jers, You called me a liar when I stated in a prior post that ACORN is partially funded by taxpayer money. Have you heard that the Senate voted I think it was 83 to 7 with 9 not voting, to cut off ACORN’s HUD and DOT money? Do I get an apology? Probably not, that is OK I understand.


  7. They don’t get direct funding for themselves, Toma. Just like Illegal Aliens don’t get direct coverage from the healthcare reform proposals, just some states that suffer high cost burdens from healthcare services for illegals would get some reimbursement. What happened in the past few days is that ACORN has bascially been cut off from participating, directly or indirectly, in federally funded activities, like HUD, DOT projects, and the census. They receive no taxpayor money for their internal operations. What you’re saying would be like saying that the NRA gets taxpayor money because some federal money goes to firing ranges in parks where the NRA gives safety classes. You’re picking your nose so deep, it’s bleeding.


  8. Micky 2 says:

    Here ya go BUDDY !
    Care of Rasmussen

    Obamas numbers have been going down for months now
    57% dont like Pelosi
    Reid is trailing republicans
    Only 33% think the country is headed in the right direction
    GOP leads 47% to 39% on economic issues this month, up from a six-point lead in August. This is the biggest lead Republicans have held on the issue in nearly three years.
    Recent polling finds that two-out-of-three American voters (67%) lack confidence that Congress knows what it’s doing when it comes to the economy.

    Sixty percent (60%) of likely voters now say tax increases hurt the economy, up six points from last month. A Rasmussen Reports video report released earlier today shows that 47% of voters believe their own personal taxes will increase under the Obama administration, the highest level found since he was elected.

    When it comes to the issues of government ethics and corruption, voters now trust Republicans slightly more, 35% to 34%. In August, Democrats held a three-point lead on the issue.

    Sixty percent (60%) of voters nationwide believe that Obama is at least as ethical as most politicians, down from 74% when he took office in January.

    I could go on and on and on and what are you gonna do about it ? Insist you’re right ? ha !

  9. Micky 2 says:

    Nah Toma, jersey get a pass on lying, hes backing liberals

  10. So, Micky, you’re saying that the NRA gets taxpayer money? Or the Boy Scouts? Or any NGO that happens to work with or use public facilities or reesources? Silliness. You have to be desparate to make such a ludicrous argument.

    Obama’s overall numbers are good. Further numbers?




    A majority, bleit slim, of Americans approve of Obama and want his policies to succeed.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    Were not talking about Obama, you were refering to the party

    nice try


  12. Micky 2 says:

    oh christ jersey, any illegal alien can walk into any hospital and score tons of goodies on , without even showing a library card

  13. Just to clarify my sentiments, though – I think the gov’t is right to cut ACORN off. Given recent revelations of that organization’s misbehavior – and not just a couple of bad eggs, as was the case with the alleged “voter fraud,” which was nothing, but apparent widespread criminally negligent activities – ACORn should not be receiving, albeit indirectly, any assistance from the taxpayors until they clean up their act. I’m terribly disappointed with ACORN right now. They’ve done some great work in the past. It’s a shame to see how they’ve degenerated. It would be like the NRA counceling people on how to sell guns illegally to street gangs.


  14. The Westwood Village Press says:

    Paul Resnik is not respected by many of us in Westwood. He ruined the grassroots effort to start a neighborhood council by joining forces with Ronato Romero, Jane Willaims and they (in my opinion) stole petitions and research work done by many volunteers in Westwood. They then disenfranchised several prominent leaders in Westwood, like Steven Sann, Sandy Brown and the Westwood NC Founder Mark Herd, while forcing a poorly written set of bylaws down the neighborhoods face. Screw that guy. Don’t trust him, he’s out for himself and sits on every board in WLA. He’s a control freak and he’s an sob and he knows it. We’re keeping a watchful eye on this guy. More news to follow at http://www.uclawestwood.com

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