Yom Kippur–The Sacramento Queen and I Broke Up

Today is Yom Kippur.

Here are the briefest of pre-written thoughts.

1) The man I am is far from the man I need to be. Some days I worry the gulf is widening.

2) I hope I am doing what is right, and fixing what is wrong.

3) I wish God to bless his children the Jewish people on this holiest of holy days, and also to bless all the children of the world.

4) I am glad the NFL moved the Jets game. I know this is not a Jewish nation, but it was a very respectful gesture.

5) The Sacramento Queen and I broke up. There were no villains. I wish her well.

6) I worry about my family, and wonder what will become of us all. Things were simpler when my grandparents were alive.

7) Politics will return tomorrow. Today, as I fasted for 24 hours and tried to cleanse my system and my soul, I simply pray for all humankind to have peace, love, and tranquility.

God bless you all.


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    The Jets and Giants won their respective games, while in the M.E.,
    Iran was first testing it’s short range Shahab Missile, then it’s 1,200
    mile Shahabs. They were all successful tests, according to the Revolutionary Guard spokesperson and pictures.

    Iran boasted that it’s supposedly peaceful nuke site in Qom, will
    test it’s enemies eventually, blinding them.

    Our do nothing President smiles and makes innocuous statements, to the
    laughter of our enemies.

    Secretary of Defense Gates says no military action will succeed against Iran, all of our strength against their goal of wiping our our allies will be
    in increased sanctions. Sanctions will bring Iran to it’s knees.

    And I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge…

    The Jewish holidays came and went, like so many years previous.

    6 million Jews won’t ever celebrate these holidays and have time to
    reflect on themselves and their future.

    5.4m Jews in Israel are wondering about their future, while the USA

    I ask, has anything really changed since 1945? Have we learned
    nothing from WW1 and WW2?

    No. Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela are anticipating more
    talks, more engagement, more diplomacy from US, while they are
    preparing for their Jihads.

    Instead of using our B1s and B52s, that nuke site in Qom still stands,

  2. Laree says:

    Thank You Eric

    I wish you and yours a peaceful year.

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