Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck Caused 9/11

Today will be a half-baked attempt, which means it will be up to my usual low standards.

Several days ago I proved that Charlie Sheen was responsible for 9/11.

I now realize that he was a minor cog.

The evidence is overwhelming that 9/11 was caused by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity.

Here is my reasoning. The left is constantly complaining that their patriotism is being attacked, and that they love America as much as conservatives do.

I never attacked anybody’s patriotism, nor have most conservatives. I simply say that the left is obsessed with nonsense while conservatives are trying to save the world. Until the left accepts the cold hard truth that trees and bunny rabbits were killed on 9/11, they will never see the light.

Yet if Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck caused 9/11, then the left is absolutely right to spend every waking minute obsessing about them.

The Obama administration absolutely should spend a good part of their lives focused on these three individuals if it is a matter of national security.

You see, I was under the impression that the Obama administration were a bunch of thin skinned crybabies that desperately needed a diversion to make up for their own inability to accomplish…well…anything.

Yet in the same the previous administration worried about Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Armageddonijad, and other despots around the world, maybe none of these individuals ever engaged in or sponsored world wide terrorism.

Maybe the administration is not full of garbage. Maybe they truly have evidence that any conservative that has ever been on Fox News truly is a threat to our democracy.

Saudi Arabian Islamofacists may have knocked down the towers, but when homicide bombers that fail to do their jobs only end up wounded, they will need access to health care. Conservatives are trying to block Obamacare for the sinister reason that it is a dreadful idea. How dare they? The outrage is palpable. Therefore, Fox News is behind 9/11.

Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck also have issues with gay marriage. So did the 9/11 hijackers.

I rest my case. All conservatives are stupid, evil, and despite being contradictory, both.

There is no way that people as intellectually brilliant as Mr. Obama and his cabinet of academics could possibly be spending much of their days focused on nonsense. They are good, virtuous, and noble. They would never waste taxpayer dollars on such stupidity as to wage war on television personalities when a real war is going on.

Of course, given that I am a conservative, I am always wrong.

So ignore everything so far, unless you already have.

Nobody at Fox News is connected to 9/11. Islamofacists were.

It would be nice if the Obama administration would just grow up and enter adulthood.

Their job is to keep us safe. If they fail, all the hollering about conservative media personalities will fall on deaf ears.

Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh are not always right, but at least they are two things that the Obama administration wishes it could be…effective…and relevant.


7 Responses to “Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck Caused 9/11”

  1. Eagle 6 says:

    Damage to the ozone layer caused Global Warming (GW). Emissions from inefficient, gas guzzling autos and trucks caused GW. Burning trash caused GW. Cow farts cause GW. Anything that is not green causes GW. On the one hand, there is a common theme between the causes of 9/11 and GW – that common theme is the uncommonly vast number of suspected reasons/causes. On the other hand, they have one critical difference: 9/11 happened. GW didn’t. I suspect another 9/11-like event will happen again, but I don’t expect GW to ever happen until Armageddon (sp?)… so cow farts and trash burning will have been rightly deemed as irrelevant. For the former, though, it might be important to know why 9/11 happened, but if we can’t find the sympton, the least we can do is treat the illness. Some believe the best treatment is to “drain the swamp” (i.e. kill all the terrorists). The problems with killing the terrorists are 1) collateral damage which breeds more terrorists and 2) drain one swamp, and the water and accompanying skeeters will find even lower ground.

    Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh are like alarm clocks. They don’t do much but make noise, but if it is timely, it serves a purpose. While the world is sleeping, they attempt to wake a few of us up, irritating as they sometimes may be.

  2. Dav Lev says:

    I’m listening to Mozart’s flute concerto while posting today on this

    Frankly, I don’t know what Id do w/o Mozart? He is truly inspirational
    in these dark times no matter the warm California days.

    Spoke to a few people who had come back from Chicago yesterday,
    where they couldn’t sit out and enjoy a latte, as comfortably as in California (the weather is nicer here).

    Between the weather and Mozart, I came alive before the weekend.

    Then I read that Goldstone has prevailed.

    You might wonder who Goldstone is? Well, he is a liberal Jewish attorney
    who aided in the fight against apartheid. Ultimately he and the country
    were victorious (some might disagree with me on that one).

    The world fought aparteid..wherein a few whites controlled the lives
    of millions of blacks, in a very (gold) rich country. It also has uranium ore and at one time was developing atomic bombs. After apartheid’s demise,
    there was no need for them however.

    Goldstone just handed a 600 page report to the UN’s commission on
    human rights (which employed him to begin with). The report was all about Israel’s Iron Cast Lead…it’s continuing fight with the thugs (Hamas)
    which control the Gaza Strip (which Israel disengaged from completely, except for control of the borders).

    Israel only allows certain kinds of stuff into the food, medicine
    and petroleum, etc. It does not allow anything that can be used or military purposes.

    The other border is with Egypt..which looks away from continuing smuggling of Iranian and Syrian arms into the small Palestinian enclave.
    Every so often it stops a smuggler or two..while dozens of tunnels are
    not affected. It’s for show.

    Soooooo, the Palestinians have access to the world and passage, to and from Egypt..but Egypt thwarts it. It claims, to allow passage would
    enable Israel’s policies. That’s their reasoning.

    Hamas fired 10,000 mostly Kassam rockets into Israel after Israel vacated 22 settlements built after 1967 and hundreds of small manufacturing plants (purchased by rich US Jews to turn over to the Palestinian Arabs).
    The Arabs then turned the sites into terrorist bases, while claiming
    there are no jobs, thanks to Israel’s occupation.

    To the Arabs..A plus B equals D, or F, or one plus one is three.

    Israel warned Hamas about the firings..sometimes Katyushas or Grads were used, which are more lethal, accurate and can hit further north into Israel.

    A few Grads have hit near Ashkelon..a large city in Israel, which
    has chemical plants and oil storage depots. One hit would have
    caused extensive damage and deaths/injuries in the area.
    Many Kassams have hit civilian areas where they are aimed..including
    schools, and religious places. They do not discriminate. All Jews
    are targeted.

    Israel hits back occasionally, pinpointing launching sites. Typically
    the terrorists have simply relocated. Kassam plants are located
    throughout the Strip. Iran is trying to smuggle in Fajr Missiles..which
    can travel up to 50 miles.

    Israel launched Operation Cast Lead…and invaded the Strip with
    troops, tanks, engineers, etc. It showered tens of thousands of leaflets
    warning the residents to move from their homes, etc., where missiles
    had been hidden for later use.

    Some civilians were killed. (Hamas used civilians as shields-a war crime).

    Goldstone requested entry into the Strip from Israel, which was denied.
    That got him angry. Soooo, he entered through Egypt. That got him

    His report accuses Israel of war crimes, and recommends criminal prosecution by a UN agency of Israel’s leaders and military.

    The matter was postponed, but our friend Abbas (Fatah) who is a rival
    to Hamas’s authority, got his wish, for an immediate conference.

    The UNSC is now viewing this matte. ( BTW, Iran, which is developing
    atomic bombs, has ignored 3 UNSC resolutions to stop this enrichment).

    I signed a petition which was sent to our UN Ambassador to thwart
    any UNSC action. Hopefully hundreds of thousands of Christians and Jews will act similarly before this is over.

    One big problem for US is this: if the UN gets away with condemning Israel, what bout our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, where we
    are fighting an insurgency, LIKE ISRAEL, not a government?

    This entire UN thing is frightening. It’s like the world body, through the UNGA and UNSC, is tieing the hands of any country that wants to defend itself.

    I mean, the US has also killed some civilians in defending the majority
    of the Afghan and Iraqi peoples. Our drones have killed civilians in Pakistan, which has it’s own insurgency ( read this past week’s LA Times).

    According to at least one survey, one-third of the Democrats believe
    Israel is in the wrong in defending itself.

    I recall when Obama was campaigning for the Presidency. I remember
    what he promised US.

    I always compare his promises and what he has actually accomplished.
    Zero, -0-, zilch, nothing.

    But there is more to accomplishment than just the numbers.

    His ideology is simply wrong wrong, wrong. His foreign policy is a failure,
    and is dangerous, in that it encourages our enemies and the enemies of our true, and sincere alllies.

    His health plan (he had no plan), is going no where, except to cost us all more in our premiums after he signs a bill which he is comfortable with.

    His plan for the economy has resulted in millions more unemployed, and a stock market which did rebound somewhat after it fell to it’s lowest..but the jury is still out there. I won’t go into the bonuses that companies are still paying out.

    Main street is suffering, while Wall Street’s whiz kids are making lucrative salaries.

    This entire nonsense about Rush’s attempt to purchase a football team
    is outrageous. While Obama has a beer summit to make a cop and an arrogent professor love one another, Rush, who does have a message, like it or not, is out in the cold.

    Oh me oh my…chicken little as they say.

  3. Eagle 6 says:

    Yes, the stock market has rebounded some… a share may have been worth a December 2008 dollar in December 2008, and if nothing within the company the stock represents changes, that same share would equate to a dollar SOMETHING today, making it appear the market is up…but only because the dollar has been so de-valued.

  4. Micky 2 says:

    You dont understand Eagle.
    Us on the right have hyped the threat from radical Islam just so we could go to war. This whole time they were just trying to get closer to us.
    Wait, or is it that we are so evil and commited so many atrocities in the past decades its a wonder the whole world has not taken up arms with the terrorist against us ?
    Or did we make all it up ?
    Or did we not and its all our fault ?

  5. “… conservatives are trying to save the world.”

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long, long time! ROTFLMAO!!!

    Limbaugh, Hannity and and Beck may not be the cause of 9/11, but you can bet they’re a major reason the GOP is in the $#!#house these days. And remember, young people are developing their lifetime political persuasions at this time, and the more these guys spout their sleazy dungsteam, the more likely today’s young people will forever equate conservatism with stupidity.

    Really, though, the GOP doomed itself years ago. It was just a matter of time. The unnatural and counter-intuitive alliance of elite capitalists and Jerry Springer guests was bound to lead to disaster. As I’ve oft said, the GOP sold it’s soul (what litttle of a soul it had) when it took the South.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “and the more these guys spout their sleazy dungsteam, the more likely today‚Äôs young people will forever equate conservatism with stupidity.”

    Yeah right. As if what the dems are displaying now is a towering example of genius ?
    You guys havent even been able to wipe yourself in the last 9 months never mind get aything else done for focusing on ridiculous crap like ” the war with fox” and beer summits, olympics.
    Actually most young people are democrats beacuse the basic fact of life is that with youth comes a greater level of stupidity than with age.
    These people mature and move on to be conservatives simply due to the fact that they grew up.

    The lefts numbers along with the economys are plummeting in every dept right now, Obamas numbers are the worst ever, everything is going to hell in a basket.

  7. Dav Lev says:

    Eric forget to mention a few things that have recently become news:

    Let’s go to an article in Friday’s LA Times, a most liberal newspaper, noted for it’s musical chairs changes in editors. BTW, anyone notice that it no longer has sections (4), that it combined A and B…( local and national news). The local news appears first..then the national news, assuming one has the patience.

    Hmmmmm, did Rush also motivate the liberal special interests in Colorado to challange 3 oil shale leases there awarded, to Shell Oil, etc?

    For those not terribly interested or learned..our former President
    okayed leases to explore and then drill for oil in the offshore shale (soaked with oil). But there are real challanges…the shale has to be heated to very high temperatures…

    In addition to the techical problems..there is the uncertainty of the
    oil market itself…( going from a high of over 140 $ a barrel to below
    40.00. It’s now about 75.00. OPEC controls the output of oil, and Saudi
    Arabia controls OPEC, the same country that just flogged several teens
    in public for defacing some property..and flogged a guy who admitted
    in the media his sin of sexual attraction to someone.

    But I’ll leave Sharia (Muslim law) to another post., the law that
    some in the USA want to slowly and clandestinely replace our system
    of jurisprudence.

    Oil is where it’s at, in the Arab-Muslim world, without which, they
    would be robbed of virtually all their clout, unless rugs, dates and
    sandstorms are your forte?

    Anyway, the US ( admitted by Obama during his campaign), is still
    dependent on OPEC oil…also Mexican and Canadian. This dependency
    governs our relationship with the Arab-Muslim world.

    The Saudis get away with a dictatorship and abuse of half it’s population,
    while Iran is continuing to make deals with Russia and China amounting
    to billions of dollars (so much for sanctions folks).

    Jews are not allowed in Saudi Arabia, while that country insists that
    Israel be just a state, not a Jewish state of state of the Jews ( a disguise
    to allow 5m Muslims to move there per the so-called “right of return”.

    From what I understand, only Henry Kissinger was allowed to enter the country. Recently to force Israel to stop construction in the W. Bk and Jerusalem, Obama tried to get Arabia to take it easy on the Jewish state..and reach out to break bread so to speak.

    It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know how they responded, a big

    Liberal interests in the US and Colorado do not want the drilling offshore.
    They say it will harm the natural waterways..increase global warming, etc. and is a boon to the oil companies, which will pay somewhat less for the rights..compared to other Federal lands. I think the amount previously
    required is 5% of revenue?

    But we all know who is responsible for protecting the US consumer from the greedy oil companies..Rush.

    Let’s go on about Rush.

    There is no doubt in my mind that he influenced Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter and this guy Goldstone (a South African Jewish attorney), to travel to the M.E. and declare Israel guilty of war crimes..before any investigation of counter claims by those defending Israel’s attack in the Gaza Strip, (which left about 1100 people dead, including civilians).

    The UNSC is hearing the report by Goldstone, which was approved
    by the Human Rights Commission, which sent Mr. Goldstone. The matter
    will be turned over to the leftist, anti-American World Court, should Israel NOT launch it’s own investigation..for criminal prosecution of anyone involved AND Israel’s leaders.

    Israel’s come back is that it entered the Strip after 10,000 rockets were fired into it’s territory, over a few years. That it had warned the residents beforehand to leave their homes, etc.

    It also is saying that it only defended itself..and has every right to
    protect it’s citizens and country, that the commission was biased even before the investigation.

    Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, and others, are on a mission to
    demean Israel’s very existence..and that is their real purpose.

    But the real culprit is Rush….he is behind all of this. He is the instigator. He wants to forment unrest in the area, leading to a was, which Israel
    will have to conduct to protect itself..a war in which Iran will be bombed to stop it’s enrichment program by an armada of F15s and F16s, (Israeli), unless of course, per Zbig, the US sends up F-18s to shoot them down should they fly over Iraq.

    Israel had planned to fly over Turkey…that is until Turkey decided to put
    it’s money on Hamas, Hezbollan, Syria and Iran.

    I guess Rush also was involved?

    Sure, right on!

    Where is this all leading..your guess is as good as mine.

    According to Roger Cohen, (NYTimes), if Iran threatens Israel with
    nukes..Israel will reduce that country to a sheet of glass.

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