Robert Wexler–Goodbye and Good Riddance

Robert Wexler is quitting his job.

Good riddance.

Just to clarify, this column has nothing to do with the current President of American Jewish University. That Robert Wexler, while politically liberal, is a very good guy who has also been nice to me.

The Robert Wexler I am referring to is the wretch that has occupied a House Seat in South Florida, where elderly liberal Jews still think FDR is President. Even worse, some of them wear those golf pants.

This is not about liberalism. It is about decency and treating people with dignity.

Congressman Robert Wexler never missed an opportunity to fail to engage in these qualities.

He called himself a “fire breathing liberal.”

What he was, was a bully.

I wrote a book about it called “Ideological Bigotry.”

The book is not about all liberals. It is about specific liberals, those that cannot and will not see conservatives as human beings.

The media is going to praise Robert Wexler because he is leaving Congress to work for a Middle East think tank dealing with Israel.

He is leaving because he is under an investigative cloud.

The ideological bigots in the media will not hammer him for leaving in the middle of his term the way they did Sarah Palin. They will do backflips to explain why this situation is different.

Actually, it is different. The charges against Sarah Palin were trumped up dirty tricks that were discredited. The allegations against Robert Wexler were truthful.

The man lived in Maryland and lied about it. He claimed to live in South Florida. He didn’t. He was a squatter that needed a friendly district for his leftism. Maryland is liberal, but the seats were filled. He went district shopping, no more, no less.

Yet this is not the issue with me. The guy is just mean, plain and simple.

Jews who take their cue for him are the reason I can’t walk into some Synagogues without feeling I am in enemy territory.

As for Congressman Wexler, he was one of the loudest proponents of impeachment hearings for Bush and Cheney,

How ironic given that Wexler was caught lying. Of course, he probably has a bumper sticker that reads “No one died when Wexler lied.”

He sees the handwriting on the wall. The Democrats had the best chance in decades to advance a liberal agenda, and there is a chance they will fail to get the job done. 2010 is expected to be a good year for Republicans, and Wexler does not want to be on some committee in the minority.

This is a rat jumping the ship. No, I am not calling him a rat. It is an analogy.

His response to being exposed as a fraud was to do whatever Democrats do when they get caught…blame Fox News. How dare they not toe the liberal line and sweep the story under the rug!

In addition, since November of 2008, the FBI has been investigating him for 25 amended FEC claims. It seems this man enjoys throwing rocks at Dick Cheney from his own glass house.

In addition, Wexler belongs to a fringe group of people that have decided that the surge in Iraq failed simply because they said so.

The entire world to the right of Leon Trotsky knows it succeeded, but Wexler has his reason for claiming otherwise.

It is very simple. Conservatives and Republicans see the enemy as Al Queda, Saddam, Armageddonijad, and other lunatics that want to end Western Civilization.

Wexler liberals see the enemy as conservatives, Republicans, and George W. Bush in particular.

Wexler is even a bully on Israel. I have never questioned his motives about Israel. He has a reputation by some of being pro-Israel, and I am not going to attack that. However, that same civility and decency he receives is not given back.

He had the unmitigated gall to question Sarah Palin’s love and commitment to Israel. How the media could fail to call him out on this vicious attack is beyond me. How does he know what is in her heart?

The idea that Jewish liberals love Israel while supporting policies that undermine Israel is bad enough. Yet to attack the motives of Conservative Christians for loving Israel is disgusting. Most of them have no interest in converting me. They just see me as their little brother in religion.

Wexler has even attacked the Republican Jewish Coalition for having the nerve to engage in politics to benefit Republicans. They want more Jews to vote Republican. That is what they are supposed to do. That is why they are called the Republican Jewish Coalition. Wexler simply demonizes anybody who disagrees with him. As an RJC leader, I am deeply offended by his attacks.

There are many more things to say, but today is a good day for American politics. The dialogue just became slightly less coarse and significantly less hateful.

Goodbye Mr. Wexler. Goodbye and good riddance.


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    There is a description in Nora Levin’s book, “The Holocaust” (the destruction of European Jewry), about Europe and Russia’s Jews, of all observant persuations ( reform to progressive to Conservative to Orthodox to ultra-Orthodox). For those uneducated in our ways, the difference between the Reform and ultra-Orthodox is like the difference between Mexian and French Catholics..or between Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholism..or between Jehovah’s Witnesses and Baptists.

    Get the picture!

    But in the end, 6 plus million of my people were butchered throughout Europe and White Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, Romanians,
    Uranians, Poles, Lithuanians and Estonians..not to mention the contribution by the police forces of the so-called liberated (defeated) countries, ie, the French, etc.

    Let me be honest, most Europeans and Russians were not involved in this massacre of one-third of a people…most were concerned about their
    own lives.

    Hitler fought the Jews right to the very end in 1945..but it wasn’t much of a contest.

    Not only did the “Jews” not have arms..or an army but they were
    totally dis-connected from one another, had no unity, were socialists to Communists, etc. They were Zionists ( believing in a Jewish state in Palestine) and nationalists ( not believing in any other Jewish country). They were religious and atheists…believers and non-believers.

    In other words, they were screwed up, which also allowed the very oranized Germans and Austrians to do their dirty work.

    I have often wondered how the Jews would have fared against the 4 SS groups, which murdered over 1m of 4 separate parts of Russia and White Russia., beefed up with local police forces and soldiers (ie., the Lithuanian, etc., had they been armed to the teeth..or even had small arms?

    There is a movie out now about the Jews who joined the partisans in Russia. They did well against superior German forces and survived the war, mainly by hit and run attacks and hiding in the forests.

    In the Warsaw Ghetto, were herded 500,000 people..from Poland and other parts of Europe. Eventually they were all killed, mainly in Treblinka
    or by starvations and disease. 220 ultimately died fighting the German SS troops..a very few survived that ordeal.

    One Warsaw Ghetto resident was heard to ask, “How can 500,000 people be killed it’s impossible”. “How”?

    Well, it happened.

    Miss Levn describes the futility of fighting the Germans..especially
    since the Jews were so disorganized and divided.

    Doesn’t this remind you of Robert Wexler, the fraudulent head of
    a divided and confused people?

    Let me add something else…Sarah Palin was used to illustrate by
    at least one black Democratic Congresswoman who campaigned for
    Obama in Florida, that anyone who can shoot moose from airplanes
    can shoot Jews too.

    These elderly Jews, who have dementia or other forms of brain disease,
    were straddling who to vote for, UNTIL, their children came down from
    the East Coast..and convinced them to vote for Obama..some saying
    failure to do so, would mean they were no longer interested in visiting

    The poor, hapless sick old Jews..could not fight that threat.

    Sooooo, Florida, with it’s minorities, but not the Cubans, voted for Obama.

    Now, those living in Florida and the rest of the US, are paying for their

    I once had a conversation with a redneck type at work. He told me that
    if he had his way, all of southern Florida would be excised from the US.

    It took me about 2 minutes to figure out what he meant.
    He was a liberal gentile.

    There is a saying in Hebrew..something about saving the world..Tikkun something or another.

    Well, before saving the world, the Jews should save themselves.
    Unfortunately 1.4billion Muslims believe the Holocaust never happened, its just a myth created to foster the “Zionist” creation of Israel.

    Some, even in the USA, claim that Truman voted for it’s creation, caus he
    needed “Jew” votes. Yet Harry wasn’t in love with Jews, as we all know.

    Okay, so back to Wexler. Good riddance. But how will these people vote
    Nov 4, 2010? Will they cling to the misconception about Roosevelt and his Democratic Party? Will they think that Roosevelt saved the Jews?

    What saved the Jews ( 3m in Russia and England), and the rest of the world’s 6m, was fact that thanks to the Jews, we developed the atomic bomb first. Had the Germans gotten the bomb..we would now all be speaking Deitch..those that are alive that is.

    Obama may go to Israel. He should be encouraged by Jews in Florida and
    well-meaning Christians everywhere. He should get up and give an inspiritional speech in the Knesset.

    He should tell the world that so goes Israel, so shall go the USA.
    He should tell the world that Iran WILL not have an atomic bomb..that we have 3 fleets in the Persian Gulf to insure that 50m Iranians are freed from Ahmad and the mad mullahs.

    He should tell the world that the US, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan and Turkey are friends..but the Muslim world has a responsibility to fight it’s insurgents and defeat the Jihadists.

    He should warn Hamas and Hezbollah (Iranian proxies) that the US stands behind Israel’s survival, within recognized borders..that Jerusalem will never be divided, and that Hamas must be dismantled (no unified Fatah/Hamas). He must insist on a demilitarized Palestine. He must
    negate any so-called right of return of millions of Muslims to Israel.

    He must demand Israel remain a Jewish state..just as the Arab states
    are Muslim.

    He must approve Arab holy sites be under Muslim control..but not
    to the exclusion of Jews who want to visit their sites.

    He must authorize additonal sanctions against Iran…and bipass Russia and the UNSC.

    He must immediately condemn the Goldstone Report as biased and a threat to every democracy.

    He must stop Chavez in Venezuela.

    He must tell the Saudis that their financing of extremists is unacceptable.

    If Mr. Obama does the above..only then, should Jews vote 50% for the Democrats..50%, no more.

    It’s in their interests.

    Again, bye bye Wexler..I hate to see you go.

  2. “It is very simple. Conservatives and Republicans see the enemy as Al Queda, Saddam, Armageddonijad, and other lunatics that want to end Western Civilization.”

    Oh c’mon. This is a joke, right? You’re not daring me to dig up the THOUSANDS of qoutes out there from conservatives who refer to “liberals” and “liberalism” as “the enemy,” “the main enemy,” “the enemy within,” the most dangerous enemy,” the most incidious enemy,” etc, etc, etc, are you? PUH-LEASE.

    And then Dan here goes on to confer that Jewish folks like Wexler are the reason Hitler got away with the Holocaust!



  3. Micky 2 says:

    Still Jersey.
    While theres plenty of examples showing both sides calling the other the enemy it still spot on that you guys dont recognize our real enemies but instead offer justifications and support for their evil.
    Which by default does make you an enemy.

  4. saunterdog says:

    See, good things do still happen. I would bet money he’s going to play the” Israel had no right to defend themselves against terrorist and they’re-baby killers!” card. What a weenie.

  5. Yeah, well Micky, according to our good host, it’s a liberal thing. In reality, it’s a HUMAN THING. What our good host is trying to say here, I believe, is that liberals see conservatives as more of a threat to America than terrorists. Personally, I think so too. Sure, conservatives don’t go around flying planes into buildings (though they do love dropping bombs on other nations’ buildings), but let’s take a look at some of the real damage they do…

    “Nearly 45,000 annual deaths are associated with lack of health insurance, according to a new study published online today by the American Journal of Public Health. That figure is about two and a half times higher than an estimate from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 2002.

    The study, conducted at Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance, found that uninsured, working-age Americans have a 40 percent higher risk of death than their privately insured counterparts, up from a 25 percent excess death rate found in 1993. …”

    Let’s see… 9/11, 3,000 people… every year we don’t have universal healthcare, 45,000… hmmm…

    So. How many Americans die because of liberals every year? Gee. I wonder.

    “30 GOP Senators Vote to Defend Gang Rape”

    Conservative approval of gangrape = 1. Liberal approval = 0. You guys are winning!!!

    Oh, but we’re talking about terrorism here, right?

    Now, we all know that 9/11 happened on the GOP’s WATCH, but what about since then?

    Well… it’s a disaster. Just last month a plot was uncovered in NY (I notice not a single conservative bothered to applaud anyone for stopping it, even though it was the most substantial plot uncovered since 9/11).

    Sorry, but I just don’t see anything here but hypocrisy and irony.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “Yeah, well Micky, according to our good host, it’s a liberal thing. In reality, it’s a HUMAN THING. ”

    yeah, I guess its okay to qualify liberals as humans.

    What our good host is trying to say here, I believe, is that liberals see conservatives as more of a threat to America than terrorists.”

    I couldnt agree more after that stupid report Napolitano put out painting us all as domestic terrorists.

    “Sure, conservatives don’t go around flying planes into buildings (though they do love dropping bombs on other nations’ buildings), but let’s take a look at some of the real damage they do…”

    You mean like the nuke the dems dropped on Japan ?

    ““Nearly 45,000 annual deaths are associated with lack of health insurance,”

    So what ? Thats doesnt prove any death on the part of conservtives.
    What about the millions that died of the liberals banning of DDT ?
    Or examples such as leftist environmental regulations that killed thousnds in the French heat waves ?
    Or Clintons leftist policies that allowed Al Queda to grow un monitored for years allowing them to kill thousands.
    Maybe if you guys hadnt trapped minoroties into living sub standard lives they’d be able to afford a doctor.
    And then theres the level of plots being busted lately. Sure, I’ll give this admin credit if you’ll give Bush credit for keeping us safe for 8 years.

    Fair enough ?

    The fact is that everyone of our enemies see Obamas weak security policies as an opening for them.
    Plus, his policies of allowing the CIA to have to devulge operational secrets, giving 900 million to Hamas ( wonder how many they’ll kill with that money ?) and reversing this whole country to a pre 911 mentallity is sure as hell not going to save lives

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