Why not just kill all conservatives?

Although I am a conservative, I have noticed that liberals in Congress feel that the very existence of conservatives is a threat to this nation. Since it is the job of our leaders, currently on the left, to protect Americans and keep us safe, why don’t they just pass legislation to kill all conservatives?

No, I have not fallen off the cliff of sanity. Far from it. I am following the logical train of thought.

The Nazis felt that the Jews were an enemy of Germany. They were subversives, an enemy within. Now as the son of a Holocaust survivor, I will be the first to attest to the pure evil that the Holocaust was. Yet at least the murderers followed a logical progression. They dehumanized the Jews first. Once the Jews were reduced to mere vermin or insects, treating them with the dignity that one treats human lives was unnecessary.

According to the liberals in Congress, conservatives are not human beings. They are a scourge. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to just eliminate them forever.

This is not me deciding this. I am just listening to their own words.

One Florida Congressman decided to take over the role of leading bigoted lunatic in Florida now that Robert Wexler is leaving. His words were inspiring to anybody who found warmth in hatred.

“People who watch Fox News are collaborators with the enemies of America.”

Collaborators? I had no idea that people who watched Fox News favored putting my relatives into ovens.

For those who think that using the word “collaborators” is a reference to anything besides the Holocaust, separate your liberal head from your liberal hide. It is absolutely a Nazi reference.

Enemies of America? Would that be Al Queda? Saddam Hussein? Khadafi Duck? Armageddonijad?

This cannot be, given that Fox News does not seem supportive of any of these men, based on what I have seen on the network.

I watch Fox News. Maybe he means me. Apparently I collaborate with enemies of America.

This could be true because I watch football with friends who also watch Fox News. At least now I know who I am collaborating with. I was not sure what we were collaborating on, since we can’t even come together to agree on what to have for dinner while watching the game.

This reference to conservatives as murderers and traitors to America is not new.

Remember, Al Gore, who almost stole a presidential election, said that George W. Bush “betrayed his country.”

That is called treason, which is punishable by death.

Nancy Pelosi said that angry people at Townhalls reminded her of political murders that took place in the 1970s. This is as disgusting as it is dishonest. George Moscone and Harvey Milk were both killed by fellow liberals. Also, conservatives do not wear t-shirts advocating the murder of President Obama as liberal barbarians did with George W. Bush.

You see, I look at George W. Bush, and see a human being. I see a loving husband and loving father. Only after that do I see a President and a conservative Republican.

This is how the media can stay silent while Al Gore’s son gets drunks and stoned and drives a car into a tree (the silence was appropriate) while brutalizing Sarah and Bristol Palin because Bristol brought a beautiful new life into this world. Liberals were bothered by this because it was a new conservative life. Like roaches, every new one makes it harder to eliminate them all.

Does anybody think this is far-fetched? Then explain why hate crimes legislation applies to racial and ethnic bigotry but not to ideological bigotry. If Howard Dean goes on one of his anti-Republican screaming rampages, and finally snaps and kills some Republicans, isn’t that a hate crime? The man said “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for.” That sounds crystal clear to me.

Liberals in Congress hate conservatives with the same ferocity that conservatives hate Al Queda. In fact, some of these liberals accused George W. Bush of being behind 9/11. If this is true, wouldn’t killing him be noble? After all, whoever planned 9/11 should be killed.

No, I am not advocating the murder of George W. Bush. I love the guy. I don’t want anybody in our government to be killed. I wouldn’t mind if some liberals in Congress shut up, but I do not wish death on them or their families. I will never compare them to the people that murdered members of my family in the 1940s in Germany.

Yet again, if conservatives really are less than a noble opposition, and are truly evil, wouldn’t it be patriotic of these liberals convert their verbal violence into actual violence?

Remember, I have been personally harassed by staff members of Henry Waxman. These staffers, including Lisa Pinto, “collaborated” with Paul Reznik at the West LA Chamber of Commerce to make sure that I knew my place at the bottom of the humanity hierarchy.

(I included this reference to remind these miscreants such as Reznik that while I have been busy, I have not forgotten his thuggery or the Waxman campaign’s attempt to cover it up. I will have more to say as the 2010 election gets closer.)

Some liberals will complain that I am blaming them all for the sins of a few. Nonsense. Silence is acquiescence. They got indignant when a Congressman accused (accurately, but still in bad form) President Obama of lying. Yet they stay silent when their own side compares conservatives to racists, bigots, sexists, and homophobes simply because we exist and breathe air.

Actually, not all of them stay silent. Some of them quietly cheer. Some of them even loudly cheer.

I am sure plenty of liberals saw the title of my column advocating the killing of conservatives, and then chuckled, saying, “Hey, that’s not a bad idea.”

Sure, they will say they were just joking and don’t really mean it, but what they mean is that they have to take a poll or convene a focus group first.

Until liberals in Congress and their supporters can see conservatives as human beings, made of blood, plasma, and water, they will continue to demonize us and feel justified for doing so.

(For those still not convinced, enter a liberal Synagogue and listen to the sermon. The Nazis were unpleasant chaps, but those conservatives in their navy blue suits are downright frightening.)

In 1930s Germany, it started with dehumanizing people and ended in murder.

Don’t think it can’t happen here with any group, even if that group consists of guys wearing red and blue diagonal neckties.

Then again, I can understand why liberals would want to murder me. I watch Fox News and vote Republican. I am a collaborator, and we know what happens to collaborators.


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  1. So, Alan Grayson, who has decided to take it upon himself to do what conservatives have done forever – hurl hyerbole at the other side – said something conservatives say about liberals all the time, and that bothers our good host to no end.

    Al Gore pointed out the fact that Bush’s first election was quite possibly the biggest fraud ever pulled on the American people, and our good host says that’s treason.


    And here were are with this whole “ideological bigtry” argument again.

    One big bag of stones and one house made entirely of glass.

    So, our good host has a couple of examples of hyperbolic rhetoric. Let’s see how many examples I can find from the right in the next couple of minutes…

    Rep. Michele Bachman (R, Insanoland)
    http://www.minnpost.com/minnclips/2009/08/07/10734/michele_bachmanns_most_extreme_quote_countdown (too many insane derogatories to transpose)

    Ex-Rep. Robin Hayes (R, South Caro-LIE-na)
    “Liberals Hate Real Americans That Work And Achieve And Believe In God”

    Disgraced Ex-Rep. Tom Delay (R, Tex-@$$)
    “Well, Sean, I was reading today that he is in favor of a bill to fingerprint every American in this country and have a national fingerprint database. And if you don’t fingerprint yourself, you will be fined. I mean, if that is not straight out of the book of a dictatorial proletariat, where you’re going to do something that’s not a… you won’t do something that’s a criminal act and go to jail for it? I mean, and I could go on and on and on.” A lie.

    I could go on and on and on and on and on… Some Democrats are simply throwing the bombs right back at the right, and that bothers the right. Well, boo hoo for them. they are the ones who so degraded our national discourse. Let them eat their own cake now.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Liberals own the farm when it comes to saying stupid sht.
    They are by nature a bunch of hypersensative over expressive emotional wrecks whos purpose in life is to find victims and make them up when they run out.
    “Conservative” by title alone will give you a clue who owns the most irresponsible mouths in the country.

    Anyone who says that a baby is punishment needs his freeking head removed.

    If you want to destroy the national discourse all you need to do is run around for 8 years and make a host of accusations on the president that none of you are ever able to prove.
    That’ll do it everytime

  3. LOL! “Conservative” also tells us quite a few other things – like “intransigence,” “misoneism,” cognitive dissonance,” etc.

    Here’s and intersting report on a study regarding misinformation and how it works on liberals vs conservatives: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/09/14/AR2008091402375_pf.html

    Even when conservative ideas are empirically refuted, they still cling to those ideas. (Of course, all the proof you really need is that fact that four times in the past century and a quarter, the economy severely tanked after extended periods of laizzez faire goverence, and yet still you’re all convinced laizzez faire goverence is a good idea.)

    Here’s a list of publications, articles and studies on radical rightwing rhetoric: http://www.wfu.edu/~louden/Political%20Communication/Bibs/Conservative.html

    The Right uses hate, fear, and intolerance as weapons to divide the American electorate into disparate camps, fighting with each other over apolitical matters while the serious issues of the day go undiscussed, unstudied, unreported, and unlegislated.

    The Left has it’s flamethrowers too, of course. So do all sorts of other groups. But no groupd has mastered the art of radical rhetoric moreso than the American political/religious Right.


  4. Toma says:

    I could go on and on and on and on well there you go.

    I love liberals, they are so funny. NO, I have to hate liberals because that ‘s what Fox News tells me to do. No, I have to love liberals because, well because they say so. But liberals have called me names because I have dared to disagree with them. They call me racist, traitor, enemy, paranoid nut case and many unmentionables.

    I guess that I’ve been wrong so long that I don’t know how to be right, or is it left, I get confused. I love liberals though, they are so funny.

    I think I’ll start agreeing with them so they will love me too. Then I won’t be racist and I’ll become patriotic. I don’t want to be the enemy any more, it is so lonely. So, I’m a liberal now whoopeeeee I will live happily ever after.

    Oh, gosh, I feel so much smarter and wiser and happier now. Why has it taken me so long to the see the light? BTW, where is the money you promised?


  5. Well, Toma, it should be pretty clear that we’re all using generalizations here. I certainly wouldn’t say that all conservatives are this or all liberals are that. But for the sake of argument, it’s much easier to skip all the endless possible qualifiers to any subject. You do get that, right?


  6. Toma says:

    No Jers, I don’t get it. I never get it you know that. You know damn well you have to explain everything to me.


  7. Toma says:

    No jers I don’t get it. I never get it you know that. You know damn well you have to explain everything to me.


  8. Dav Lev says:

    The following says just about everything involving liberals, to my

    For those that don’t know what J Street is, it’s a group of radical leftwing
    Jews..all liberals of course. This is a relatively new Jewish group ( to add to the 60 or so in existence), which claims to be pro-Israel.

    Liberals say they are pro American..they believe that more government is better government. More government is a better USA. I strongly disagree. But I want a strong military.

    J Street is against the current policies of the Netanyahu government in Israel, which was voted in by the electorate AND the President S. Peres.

    The policies of the government tend towards the RIGHT, but with
    some deference to the middle..AND the wishes of the US (under Obama).

    Prior to Mr. Netanyahu assuming leadership, Ehud Olmert was the P.M.
    He is now in a trial for corruption, which forced him previously to
    end his political career. Olmert offered the Palestinian moderates (Fatah)
    the entire West Bank, Arab neighborhoods in E. Jerusalem, a limited
    right of return AND 3% of Israel itself ( prior to 67 borders). Jerusalems
    Old City was to be ruled by 4 parties, including Jordan.

    Now what could be better for the Pales? They didn’t reply to his

    At Camp David, Israel offered the Pales just about the same thing…they
    didn’t come up with a counter offer..and so gave up the opportunity to
    have a state, which by now, given world contributions, would have
    solved the conflict after 100 years.

    And so the fighting goes on and on and on. The Israelis are hoping for a miracle. The Palestinians are waiting until Iran tests an atomic bomb, which will give them leverage or actually nukes Tel Aviv, (my opinion).

    J Street is undercutting all the hard work of more right wing US groups,
    and the opinions of my Jews AND most Christians., which desire
    two states ( one Arab, the other Jewish), living side by side in peace,
    fellowship and harmony. Not bad, right!

    The problem is this is not what the Arab world AND the Palestinians desire. They want Jihad, Jihad, Jihad. Or as some US Muslims say in their
    Friday night sermons..”the Jews and Infidels are the sons and daughters
    of monkeys and apes”. “Behind every rock and tree, when a Jew hides,
    the rock and tree will shout out, there is a Jew behind me, kill him (or her)”.

    J Street and liberals, the peace now (war later) types just dont or refuse to understand this.

    The liberals demanded we get out of Iraq, years ago..and leave the Iraqis to their fate. Now, Obama is deliberating our future in Afghanistan.

    Folks, I would like US to get out also. I hate when a US serviceman or woman is killed or has his (her) brains crushed by an IED. I cry each time US Marines are killed in a helicopter crash.

    I also cry when I hear that Hamas launched another Grad (imported from Iran) rocket at Ashkelon, Israel or a Kassam at Sderot ( a small city
    within southern Israel). Ashkelon has oil and chemical plants and storage bins…that is WHY rockets are launched into it.

    A Jew named Goldstone just submitted a 550 page report to the UN.
    It describes Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip, but had little to say as to
    why the attack, (which did kill some civilians placed by Hamas in harm’s way).

    Leave it to the Jews to cut their own noses.

    Folks, J Street, like Americans for Peace Now, the Mormons, and
    some Protestant churches..are leading the US into a disaster far worse
    than 911.

    We are all now concerned about the swine flu and rightfully so.
    Over 1,000 deaths to date and increasing.

    My fellow posters..and readers at this website., take heed:
    prior to the Iraqi invasion to rid that country of the evil of Saddam,
    there was an experiment on the East Coast, supervised by several
    US legislators. A simulated attack using smallpox was made..it resulted in the deaths of over 1m people in a few weeks. We simply did not have
    enough vaccine.

    Or as President Bush said..do we want to fight them here?

    I think we know the answer. J Street doesn’t. That’s why we must
    fight their policies..and support groups which understand the fight we are all in. Don’t believe me…ask the Taliban.

  9. So, Toma, you’re condescending me for me pointing out that your condescending me? Nice.

    Dan, what on earth are you going on about now???


  10. Micky 2 says:

    Liberals take the cake when it comes to sayin stupid stuff.
    I could probably start with the misfits on the street and their artistic little rants in efigy, up to the music business and then work my way up from there to the hollywood elite, actors, the liberally dominated media, and then the moonbat politicians themselves.

    They are the artisticly inclined ones who apply this vivid imagination to everything they do. Including what they say.

    Theres no comparison. Any contrary argument is like saying cats bark more than dogs
    You can post all the examples of cons sayin stupid stuff you want because for every one of those I could dig up ten liberals comments to rebutt them with.
    You’re practically famous for your idiotic spewings.

  11. Micky 2 says:

    “Of course, all the proof you really need is that fact that four times in the past century and a quarter, the economy severely tanked after extended periods of laizzez faire goverence, and yet still you’re all convinced laizzez faire goverence is a good idea.)”

    Yeah, Obamas little finacial fiascos have definately put a cramp in that statement.
    Hes topped the list of economical screw ups tri fold above any other administration ever. More debt and deficit in 9 months than a few previous combined.

    “The Right uses hate, fear, and intolerance as weapons to divide the American electorate into disparate camps, fighting with each other over apolitical matters while the serious issues of the day go undiscussed, unstudied, unreported, and unlegislated.”

    Funny, I could give examples of this administration doing all that right now. Never mind the crap we all endured leading up to the election.

    Obama rode the Bush hate wagon right into the White House.

    He scared the crap outta the whole country claiming that if we dont do the stimulus, TARP, bail outs, healthcare, global warming etc we will be facing catastrophy.

    Totally intolerant after claiming we’ll have the most open transparent administration ever. Yeah right
    Going after anyone, thing, or organization that speaks unfavorably about him. babys are punshment ?

    And if theres any infighting going on right now its clearly within the majorities that run everything thing right now.
    Thats why absolutely nothing is getting done.
    Congress, the houses cant agree on anything. Cant even agree with the generals he put in charge.
    I’m buying stock in Orville Redenbacher. Everyones gonna start loading up on popcorn for the big show.

  12. Micky 2 says:

    “But no groupd has mastered the art of radical rhetoric moreso than the American political/religious Right. ”

    hah !
    I dont see them on the streets beating up ole ladies, destrying stuff, dressing up like clowns, hanging people in efigy.
    Theres just no comparison, never will be.
    Instead of denying it you guys should just fess up an admit it as character thats essential to your survival, what actually defines you all the most

  13. Dav Lev says:

    I won’t get into a debate, or differentiate the personalities of liberals vs conservatives. Frankly, I admit I’m just not good at it.

    I look at how both groups resolve issues, economic and security.

    There is a blogger, (I won’t mention her name here), who is the head of
    a conservative group, which is highly critical of Arabs and Muslims.
    This person is both.

    I was referred to the site..went there, and was astonished at
    the revelations..the latest about the terror groups that are all over
    the United States.

    Whether liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, we have
    a responsibility to ourselves, our families and our neighbors
    to see through the propaganda of the Jihadists, Islamists, and their
    supporters, whether locally or worldwide.

    Bringing up a liberal synagogue as representative of how 5m adult
    members of the Jewish people ( I divide my own people into sections
    based on their affiliations from the most Reform ( little divinity involved)
    to the most Orthodox (they side with Iran, the Palestinians and don’t recognize Israel as a state). Many so-called Jews are unaffiliated with anything..preferring their liberal causes to any attachment to either
    religion or people (volk).

    Over 200,000 Jews have converted to other faiths.
    But conservatism can go too far. There is a converted Jew to Christianity
    named Sekolow. He is seen often times on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). He is the darling of the Evangelical movement in the US, and
    has won several important complaints filed with the US Supreme Court. He is eloquent.

    His problem however is that he favors the unification of church and
    state., which many on the right have been pushing for years.

    He just doesn’t seem to get it. The liberal G-d is not the same as the
    conservative G-d. The Muslim G-d, is not the same as the Jewish or Christian G-d. The Jewish concept of G-d differs from the Christian G-d.

    I mean do liberals want to kill Christians or conservatives want to kill
    liberals? I don’t think so.

    I recently ended a debate with a friend, who is very liberal. He is a social
    democrat whatever that means? He thinks Israel won’t survive, it will implode by itself due to the theocracy which governs some aspects of the small country’s life..birth, marriage, death, conversions, etc.

    I told him that Israel has accomplished much over 60 years..a beaten
    people brought back to life against all odds. That differences will
    end among the diverse factions.

    He argued that Islamic fascism is not worth worrying over. After
    realizing I was getting no where, I ended the debate.

    Hopefully we won’t experience another 911, which, in my opinion,
    will be more selective next time around. Of course the Taliban will
    blame the Mossad.

    No, thoughts of killing one another should not enter these discussions,
    even in jest. But people DO get angry, ready to kill.

    You know folks, I love being an American, I really do, with out
    Constitution, separation of church and state, freedom of the press, speech and assembly. I love the Bill of Rights.

    I don’t care about town hall meetings which get kind of loud. I don’t care if a legislator tells the President that he is a liar.

    Maybe what they are saying is true? Maybe our President really did
    meet with that guy who is on trial now from Illinois? Maybe?

    Perhaps when Obama guaranteed we would be out of Iraq thanks to
    the benchmarks and timelines..and the war in Afghanistan is the “good war”, he was just being honest about his policies?


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  17. raoul116 says:

    How much will you pay me to read your very predictable and quite boring book?

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