The Indefensible vs the Incomprehensible Part III

A seminar recently put on by the Middle East Studies Department at UCLA was entitled “Invasion is a Structure, not an Event: Settler Colonialism Past and Present.”

I initially covered this event for Campus Watch, Frontpage Mag, and the Middle East Forum. I then offered a rebuttal to a pair of professors that were offended by my quoting them perfectly in context.

Yet due to the sheer ludicrousness of this conference, I have decided to take some thoughts that initially ended up on the cutting room floor, and share them. Think of this as the B-Sides of an album, if the album was written by homicide bombing lovers at an institution of lower learning.

The Arab speakers communicated in crisp, perfect English. The main Jewish professor offered a fractured linguistical hybrid known as “Heblish.”

One piece of good news for decent human beings is that the “crowd,” was small. About 30 people attended, and 15 of them were professors. Of the 15 “students,” about five of them were over 50. The rest were a mixture of Arabs and other leftist groups completely disjointed from the actual topic.

Gershon Shafir provided the Heblish and the Jewish self-loathing.

Between him and the Arab professors bashing Israel with a lack of rhetorical aplomb, I still maintain that Palestinians don’t need a homeland. They need a thesaurus.

There was plenty of diversity from an apparel standpoint, as the professors wore different colored shirts.

Australian Professor Patrick Wolfe offered Marxism, but my brief conversation with him during the intermission showed that on at least one issue, he is not on the left. He certainly kept quiet about it. I asked him if he supported Australian climatologist Ian Plimer, and he said he did. Ian Plimer has taken Australia by storm by proving that Al Gore is full of non-biodegradable cr@pola. He agreed with Plimer’s assessment.

Patricia Larson, a woman over 50,  spoke about sexuality in colonial Algeria. She managed to unite Lochman and Shafir, initially because they were glaring at her black leather miniskirt and fishnet stockings, and eventually because they badly wanted her presentation to end. It was a distraction from bashing Israel.

In all fairness to Ms. Lorcin, for a left-wing academic that speaks about things that range from the ridiculous to the sublime, the miniskirt and fishnets were not bad for a woman her age. I guess a woman speaking about Algerian colonialism will take drastic steps to keep people awake.

Professor Gabriel Piterberg, perhaps still also focusing on Ms. Lorcin’s stockings, offered this gibberish inbetween comments about Likud and R2D2.

“Picture an Oriental Jewish woman fantasizing about a man with a mustache.”

Oriental is a politically insensitive word, and I was not clear if the Asian woman lusted after Saddam Hussein or Inspector Clouseau.

When Gabriel Pierberg offered that “Likud policies are about exerting sexual power,” I thought that this must be mistaken since it was Yassir Arafat who sexually violated everything in sight, not Israelis.

Yet to truly understand what these people miseducating our children truly actually care about, one has to know that nothing in this conference galvanized anybody to do anything. It had a shelf life of an Arabic Star Wars Conference, which Gabriel Piterberg may be working on next. One issue did spur a call to action, and the ladies discussed it passionately.

“These are expensive coffee cups. They are not biodegradable. I am going to say something and write letters.”

Jewish people should be relieved that the few attendees not eligible for an AARP card found the indefensible aspects of the conference overrun by the incomprehensible.

As I keep saying, it is terrible in this tough economy that organ grinders and their dancing monkeys are unemployed while UCLA Middle East Studies Professors still collect paychecks. If they were any more useless they would be United Nations diplomats. After all, these are the only two places where a cushy job requires only hatred of America and Israel, and knowledge of nothing.


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    I find it most fascinating that Israeli leaders, cannot even get into the door, at many universities and other institutions, to describe Israel’s motivations, whether battling it’s enemies, or any other aspect of Israeli (Jewish) life, w/o dozens, sometimes thousands of pro-Pales protestors.

    Between Olmert’s beefed up security and Peres being shuffled away
    from the thugs and hoodlums ready for his appearance ( Brazil ),
    Jews do not get even a chance to explain.

    Yet at liberal, tax supported, mob orientated ( we want an education
    for nothing or at least not much beyond our scholorships ), UCLA, once a school well known throughout the world, the jihad murderers get away
    with anything.

    I have said over and over again..anyone who shows up at these conferences, must be photographed..( or use a camera phone ) with
    the pictures given to the FBI, and local law enforcement.

    These are the bums that will spearhead the “jihad”, the “mother of all battles”, once unleased by their bosses in Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran.

    You can count on the fact that they are armed to the teeth..and not just
    with tasers, unlike most “liberal”, tikkun olam” Jews.

    For those not educated in means, save, or help or rescue or
    aid the WORLD. Yes, we Jews (and many Christians) want first to
    aid our so-called oppressed brethren in other lands BEFORE we aid ourselves.

    Folks, read The Israel Test..for real insight into what is happening all around US, Israel and the West. It gives the broad view..the ultimate
    demise of civilization as we know it.

    Essentially, it’s about US and Israeli entrepreneurship, creativity,
    free-enterprise, private initiative and capitalism vs the Arab-Muslim idea of land, Volk, jihad and violence to achieve their ends.

    So goes Israel, so shall the US AND Western civilization. Sharia law
    (Muslim) law, will replace the Constitution, or British set of laws.
    Beheadings, women’s diminished roll, flogging for minor crimes,
    the Judeo-Christian belief in a loving G-d, compassionate, but also
    a G-d to fear, will be replaced, And youd better believe it.

    The Arab goal since the Jews started arriving in larger numbers in the
    late 1800s, bringing civilization to the arid, marshland, and insect infected
    small slice of land along the Med., was then, and is still, to throw
    the vermon, cockroaches, cancerous, Jews, into the sea, or destroy them
    in the be replaced by the Volk, (the people), on their (holy) land, given by Abraham to them 5,000 years ago.

    To them Jesus was a Palestinian. To them, the Jews are rats and bacteria
    having migrated from some distant place in Russia.

    Jewish enterprise is the real is not about Palestinian rights,
    it’s about envy..they cannot stand it..Jews with an army, malls, factories,
    nice homes, and science, technology, medical skills, research accomplishemnts, business acumen.

    For 100 years, according to Arafat, one of many NAZIs, from the same
    pod as Abbas, Assad, Ahmad, Goering, Himmler, Heydrich, Hitler and
    Erekat, Arabs have fought the “Zionists” (Jews).

    Every conference like the one at UCLA is part of the scheme of genocide,
    first against Israel, then against US.

    And unfortuantely, some liberal Jews (and half-Jews), like Thomas Friedman, still don’t get it. They write books, The Lexus and the Olive
    Tree, or about the Lebanese civil war which killed 500,000, emphasizing
    Shatila and Sabra ( a few hundred Pales were killed by Christians
    taking revenge on the deaths of their loved ones ).

    While Alan Dershowitz and Friedman either blame the “settlements” or
    justify their existence…Iran is moving along with it’s goal of
    equalizing the dominance of Muslim mobs with Western technology.

    While Obama is boasting how we will reduce our stockpiles of defensive
    and offensive weapons, our enemies plot, scheme, and continue
    to defy the UNSC’s prohibitions on enriched uranium.

    It is not too late folks, to stop this erosion of our country, the ultimate
    destruciton of Israel and the West. But we must speak up, write out
    legislators, send support to our religious brethren in Israel…
    and WAKE UP., before Sharia comes knocking at our door. Then it
    will be too late. Give the bums at UCLA a finger..and they WILL take your entire body.

  2. Wait a minute… this whole thing was about a “seminar” with all of 30 people in attendence? Eric, I think you have better things with which to concern yourself.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    So what if even Eric was the only one there ?Seems like you’d have better things to concern yourself with than what he does with his time.
    Just sayin.

    “As I keep saying, it is terrible in this tough economy that organ grinders and their dancing monkeys are unemployed while UCLA Middle East Studies Professors still collect paychecks. If they were any more useless they would be United Nations diplomats. After all, these are the only two places where a cushy job requires only hatred of America and Israel, and knowledge of nothing.”

    Yeah, if I were one of the protesting students I say get rid of these dime a dozen liberal professors so they could shore up some revenues instead of this 32% hike they’re tossing at the students.

  4. Yeah, that rate hike was just plain nasty. But that’s the vicious cycle left us by the failure of laizzez faire governance. Housing prices plummet, people lose their jobs, local and state revenues plummet, rates go up on education, healthcare and subsidized housing because the state and local governments have less revenues. Of course, if we had universal public higher education, there wouldn’t be rates to raise. All we’d have to do is raise taxes on the filthy rich, and there’s plenty of them in California, and that would be that. As opposed to firing professors of Middle Eastern studies, as we desparately need more of them now given the mess our last government majority made for us over there, we should be raising revenues from the cheap, sleazy, fear-mongering b@stards who wrecked this economy and got us into that mess in the first place.


  5. Dav Lev says:

    The real question we must ask ourselves now, considering the latest news about Hasan Mohammad, is, are the jihadists and their supporters at UCLA
    somehow linked together?

    Is the FBI looking into this matter or are they stalling, for better PR
    with the Arab world?

    The latest news is that Hasan may have links to that radical mullah
    and 911..that emails show money (less than 10,000) to avoid the IRS
    scrutiny was discussed for actions. “Actions” what does that mean?

    Some in Congress are beginning to think perhaps a fuller investigation
    is necessary. Is Texas becoming a haven for terrorists..slipping across the

    Are those that routinely advocate genocide against US being watched
    fully I ask? If not, why not?

    There are hundreds of Jihadist cells in No. America folks..waiting for the word.

    We must never let this happen, but it starts with an informed public
    and a smart President and State we have them?

  6. Micky 2 says:

    “But that’s the vicious cycle left us by the failure of laizzez faire governance.”

    Its because this adminstration has shown its true colors.
    They’re doing everything they can to scrape up bucks for Obamacare and it looks like education is the first to the chopping block all over the country.
    I have to stay home 3 fridays out of the month now to watch my kida the teachers have all been given furloughs. That eats into my bottom line therby giving the fed and state less come tax day.

    Idiots, pure idiots.

    “All we’d have to do is raise taxes on the filthy rich, and there’s plenty of them in California, and that would be that. ”

    Amazing, how creative.

    “ALL” we need to do ?

    heh, they’re leaving Ca., NY and all the places with ideas like yours.

    Yeah, the economy had some dents in it when Obama came into office.
    Its now an unsalvageable mess.
    Yeah right, we really need these American hating indoctrinating Arab bastards in our schools.
    get a clue.

    Really, you’re boring, try some different approachs already.
    I slap this kinda crap into submission in my sleep.

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