This column was written under protest

My column today was written under protest. It can be found at the Republican Jewish Coalition site.


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  1. Micky 2 says:

    Whats funny is that these students, the majority of them liberals, cant see that its their own ideological principles that caused the rate hikes.
    These are the same morons that hit the streets everytime they want Uncle Sam to give away more of our money to some obscure group, people or movement and then cant understand why theres no more left to go around.

  2. Where did Eric get this “ranked 48th in education” stat? I can’t find it anywhere. True, CA has a very high population of people who did not graduate high school (ranked 49th), but that’s because half the state are relatively recent, relatively poor immgrants, or just one or two generations removed. Also, CA has cut state spending on higher education by 40% since 1980, and what with that stupid, sleazy, counter-productive Prop 13 disaster, communities don’t have the resources to spend on the classroom. Because of that stupid, sleazy, backwards, moronis Prop 13, even though CA has a high personal income rate, the ratio of personal income to school spending is below the national average. Also, CA has the largest number of “English Learners” in the nation – by far – at about 25%. So, if you exclude English proficiency, CA schools look much better. And given of all the professionals we really need to produce right now – engineers, doctors, nurses, scientists – Enlish profisiency is not a priority. Finally, of the studies I’ve seen, CA ranks in the top quarter of states when it comes to higher education.

    As for protesting – if it wasn’t for protesting and rabble-rousers like Sam Adams, there wouldn’t even be a United States today. Our good host holds a fundamentally un-American opinion of protesting.

    And just to clarify: the right to a public education IS guaranteed by the CA constitution. Yes, it doesn’t cover higher ed, but you didn’t specify that.


  3. blacktygrrrr says:

    Today requires I clarify the record. California being 48th in education was a smart alec remark not backed by any statistical data. We just suck at so many things it sounded cool. I do not want to be accused of disseminating false information. It was a joke.

    However, nobody on this blog, be it me or anyone else, has views that are “un-American.” We simply disagree. The comment shall be allowed to stand since I am thankful for a nation where dissent is allowed.


  4. Dav Lev says:

    I guess Eric wears his religion on his sleeve. I haven’t noticed him
    with a skull cap, or any other garb which the observant Jews wear (the black represents the destruction of the Jewish people throughout the centuries, and the head gear shows respect for our G-d.

    That’s all folks.

    Those people really have chutspah. But I guess they feel safe
    maligning Eric…maybe it’s his body language saying you can mess with
    me., I won’t respond.

    I don’t really know. Besides, Westwood is NOT a Jewish enclave..there are more Indians and Chinese there than Jews.

    While he was walking to see a protest, I was walking in a local supermarket. Admittedly, I was feeling kind of blue…and tired. It’s not
    the flu folks.

    Anyway, one of the store employees recognized me as a regular. She asked if I were feeling okay..was I coming down with a cold? I answered
    politely, no..just feeling a bit tired. She smiled and went to her
    counter. The store was unusually busy. Guess it’s the season.

    My point is there were no protest by employees about labor contracts,
    or customers holding signs, “Save the whales”, or “Kill the Juices’, or
    “Get out of the Muslim world”, you get the point. Just hard working
    people trying to earn a living..a store making profits to maintain
    it’s chain and build more stores..and customers not per se interested
    in whether the U. of Calif. must increase it’s fees for services.

    It’s all about the budget students..there is simply insufficient funding
    considering the recession.

    I worry more about the 20% unemployed or underemployed..NOT
    a few students whose mommies and daddies earn over 150,000 year
    forcing them to perhaps take a leave of absence from their baby sitter
    college profs, and actually do something productive, like work.

    Then there is the State system of schools, two year schools, for those who simply cannot afford the tuition.

    Good think those liberals didn’t say something to me or my friends..
    I mean, talk about Operation Cast Lead and Goldstone, the traitor, Kapo, Jew.

  5. Well, I do realize that our good host was being tongue-in-cheek with his piece on the recent CA student protests, he does have a long history of mocking, lambasting, lampooning, and otherwise uncontructively criticizing protesters. But what is more important a fundamental right of Americans than to protest? We are a nation of protesters. We were founded by protesters. We fight and die for the right to protest. Protesting is Americana it it’s core and at it’s best. I can’t imagine anything less American than to complain about protesting. Maybe being an atheist? Hmmm… better watch myself here…


  6. Micky 2 says:

    More proof that liberals have no sense of humor.

    “Where did Eric get this “ranked 48th in education” stat? I can’t find it anywhere. ”

    Only an idiot would think that just because of prop 13 and not all the other liberal legislations is why Ca. has the problems it has.

    I got news for you buddy.
    Its very American to stand behind your right to go from A to B without having to be detoured pestered or persuaded by a bunch of maroons.
    The American version goes like this…


    You guys seem to think its American to act like a bunch of clown dogs in heat and use the right to assemble as an excuse to go out raise hell and just get your ya yas off.
    I’ve seen protests, plenty of em.
    My 2 month old daughter almost got stampeded and killed by you morons rushing the stage. Had I not dropped to the ground and curled up around her she would be dead today.
    These A holes knocked over her stroller and everything.

    Of course now Jersey will have to come in and adjust and customize his statement saying he doesnt condone that kind of behavior.
    Well, if thats true then you’ll have to condemn half the liberal protests out there.
    And by the way Jersey.
    If you’re going to grandstand and be so damn high and mighty over ones right to protest and critsize Eric for his lampooning of liberal protestors then it would suit you well to wise the hell up and stop calling conservative protestors “teabaggers” who are dropping their balls in other peoples mouths.

    Fair enough ?

  7. Micky, by your standards, the teabaggers would be baboons. of course, they are by my standards also! LOL!


  8. Dav Lev says:

    Flash, flash, flash..the first good news I’ve heard all day.

    Sarah Palin will consider running for office with Glenn Beck.

    Folks, tears came to my eyes. I could not believe what I read

    Finally, there is a G-d, a messiah, an annointed one.

    Now if only we can get rid of the others..Waxman, Boxer, Reid, Pelosi
    the gang of liberal Democrats, we can save this country of ours.

    Folks, my relatives fought in the Pacific..they went from England to France
    fought in the Bulge and into the Rhineland. They used tanks to roll over
    the krauts. One relative fought in New Guinea..and had tales about
    Tinian. To put it mildly, they said “we were all animals..their side and ours”. We saw what they did, and we took it out on them.

    Now, Obama and his liberal do-gooders, his Tikkun-olam idealogues ( save the world first), are destroying everything we fought against in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf and Iraq.

    They believe in diplomacy, in engagement, in negotiations to resolve
    all our differences.

    Their supporters are approving Mohammad’s trial in a NYCity civil court
    so that the entire world can see for themselves how gravious we are towards our enemies.

    Gracious..after over 3,000 people were melted literally to the
    walls of the crumbling buildings..and thousands more have died to
    make sure it never happens again ( no thanks to you Obama).

    BTW, Obama is reflecting (dithering) about Afghanistan. Latest
    LA Times article says he wants to appease everyone, including the enemy.
    Soooooo, no figure yet on how many troops will go or stay there.

    He is caught it seems between his hard left, his naive constituents,
    and the Karzai government. He just cannot make up his mind.

    Hey guys hows about the joke..Obama goes to Korea. What kind of food
    did he eat? Soul!

    Or, Obama went to China and praised their economic development.
    Yeah, over the backs of their slave children’s labor.

    In the Middle East, Bibi Netanyahu (“gift of G-d”), says he will try
    out a 10 month “freeze” on building in the settlements on the W. Bank, to allow the peace process to move forward.

    Erekat says, “same old thing”, and Abbas has rejected it outright,
    demanding a freeze in Jerusalem (while Arabs build and build and build
    mainly illegally w/o permits).

    Hmmmmm, Abbas should ask himself why Israel is in E. Jerusalem to begin with? Last time I read, Six Days of War”, King Hussein attacked
    the Old City there and parts of the city under Jordanian control since 1948 (illegally). Dozens of Jews were killed and hundreds of buildings destroyed before Israel took back the area from the Mongols. Every vestige of Judaic life (for 2,000 years) was destroyed by the Jordanians…latrines made out
    of grave stones with Yiddish (Jewish) letters.

    Now of course, the thugs in the PLA want the area, as if there was never
    a war stared by them for Israel’s destruction, the murder of every man, woman and child., a second Holocaust.

    Are we all aware that only the defeat of Rommel during WW2, stopped
    Hitler’s SS from launching (thanks Grand Mufti) another Holocaust against the Jews of Palestine, from bases in Greece. Little known facts.

    So, while Abbas is in South America, talking up creating another Arab state on the W. Bk, Gaza and East Jerusalem (the heck with the Jews),
    and a non-Jewish state in Western Palestine, AND talking with pre-conditions to Israel…crowds in Brazil are cheering Ahmad of Iran who
    killed thousands and tortured thousands more who protested a
    rigged election.

    Anyone notice that the Iranians are having war prevent an
    attack by the Big and Little respond with hundreds of Shihab
    Missiles on Tel Aviv if it ever occurs.

    Happy Thanksgiving folks. gobble gobble.

  9. Micky 2 says:


    “Micky, by your standards, the teabaggers would be baboons. of course, they are by my standards also! LOL!”

    Look Jersey, you’re being an A hole because you dont get to make your argument by setting or assuming you know what my standards are.

    The tea protestors were not blocking traffic, there was not one arrest or instance.
    By labeling these people as those who dropo their balls in someones mouth bevause they protest you’re just being a hypocritical disgusting little fckng brat.
    You owe Eric and myself an apology for saying that your right to protest is as American as apple pie while describing us who take our right to protest as nothing more than those performing a sexual act.

    This as disgusting as you’ve ever been and goes to the point why I have chosen not to engage you anymore unless you take it back, admit its wrong, and apologize.

  10. Dan, you have got to be kidding, right? Palin and Beck? That would be dream ticket – for people like me! LOL!

    Micky, those teabaggers are a bunch of idiotic slobbolas. But I would never begrudge their right to be the idiotic slobblas they are. Let ’em protest. The best way to progress as a society is with dialogue, and essentially that’s what protest is – loud, dispruptive, sometimes really annoying dialogue. By the way, why is that you corporate sycophants have no problem with corporations asserting their first amendment rights via anti-campaign finance reform efforts, but when real, live, actual people assert that right it bothers you? Oh yeah. that’s right. I answered my own question. You’re corporate sycophants.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    “By the way, why is that you corporate sycophants have no problem with corporations asserting their first amendment rights via anti-campaign finance reform efforts, but when real, live, actual people assert that right it bothers you? ”

    (Yeah, so lets keep certain news outlets from the press conferences? Fairness doctrines?
    Dont make me laugh buddy)

    The issue here is not anyones right to protest dude. Nice try at dodging the issue again. Once again it just makes you look really stupid to think that anyone is dumb enough to fall for your crap.
    No one is begrudging anyone their rights.
    Its about the fact that these guys cant protest without ruing everyones day around them !!!!
    GET IT ???

    As I pointed out but you so obtusley failed to recognize it was the the tea partys that went without incident.
    One of the only times that the right hit the streets in protest there was no civil disobedience.
    The fact is that this cannot be said for your party and most of its protests which almost always inconvenience everyone around them…
    GET IT ?

    But still, unlike your hypocritical a$$, I dont categorize their efforts as being nothing more than a sexual act because I’m so ignorant and narrow minded thats all I could come up with.
    Lets put it this way, and this example is in no way meant to offend the standards at Erics blog.

    From now on when gays protest up and down the street blocking traffic, ripping crosses from old ladies arms and stomp[ing on them after vandalizing a church and disrupting its services while respecting their right to be heard, I wont call them a bunch or morons or clowns anymore like I usually do, but instead a bunch of freaking fudgepacking freak of nature sick morons whos whole life is about taking it up the a$$ and thats all their protests amount to.

    You’re the slobbola buddy. You’re a sick hypocritcal POS that runs around preaching one thing and doing the opposite.
    This issue here has proven why before I’ve chosen not to engage you and so far you’ve only reasserted the reason why as you obfuscate from the issue or make up arguments that dont exist.
    You’re a disengenuous less than admirable human who cant have a honest conversation without trying to make it about things its not.

    The left has no manners when they protest.
    You can go off on one of your moonbat tangents into anything else all you want but thats is the issue, and its true

    “The best way to progress as a society is with dialogue, and essentially that’s what protest is – loud, dispruptive, sometimes really annoying dialogue. ”

    A protest is not a “dialogue”.
    You cant just make up meanings for words at your own convenience.
    A protest is a statement of discontenet.
    “DIA”, meaning more than one, or opposing forces goes to what is a conversation.
    “LOGUE” as in conversed or scripted words.

    A protest is a one sided expression, declaration of a sentiment that if discussed “THEN” becomes a dialogue.
    There is no dialogue in a protest only awareness being brought to an issue.

    an expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, often in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid: a protest against increased taxation.

  12. O Bloody Hell says:

    > Because of that stupid, sleazy, backwards, moronis [sic] Prop 13, even though CA has a high personal income rate, the ratio of personal income to school spending is below the national average.

    Oh, my. Spoken like a true proponent, and victim of, public education.

    First off, I’m going to assume that “moronis” was meant to be “moronic”. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a mere typo, but, well, just for the context in which to have a typo, a better example of Irony — and I don’t mean in the ‘Alanis’ sense of the word — does not frequently get encountered.

    The part, though, that marks you as a victim of public education is the meat of the statement — Consider the following true statement by a politician:
    ‘We shall drive ever forward along this line until
    all our citizens have above-average incomes!’
    Do you grasp what is wrong with that statement?

    If not, well, go back to school. If you do, then consider that in light of your comment, quoted above. Now, let’s see if the little light goes on…

    > You cant just make up meanings for words at your own convenience.

    Of course they can.
    Name Calling

    You may also find this of interest in the context:
    Bumper Sticker

  13. O Bloody Hell says:

    > You run around preaching one thing and doing the opposite.

    Of course — he’s a libtard. What you just described is part of the job description.

    >>> “The best way to progress as a society is with dialogue, and essentially that’s what protest is – loud, dispruptive, sometimes really annoying dialogue. ”
    > A protest is not a “dialogue”.

    In his intellectual brilliance, he confuses “free speech” with dialogue:

    “A function of free speech under our system of government is to INVITE
    DISPUTE. It may indeed best serve its high purposes when it induces a
    condition of unrest, creates dissatisfaction with conditions as they are,
    or even stirs people to anger. Speech is often provocative and
    challenging. It may strike at prejudices and preconceptions and have
    profound unsettling effects as it presses for acceptance of an idea.”

    – Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas –

    Free speech is required for proper dialogue, but, like all libtards, he doesn’t grasp that “freely speaking” (i.e., with no constraints of any kind for either propriety or polite consideration) isn’t the same thing. While sometimes it is necessary to shock or offend, that doesn’t mean that that is, or should be, your goal with all speech. In the end, you wind up with “discussions” like they have over at DU, where every third or fourth word is “F***”, and the word loses all capacity to either shock or offend.

    It is singularly interesting to go along behind a leftist protest march, noting how much these people who “care so much for the environment” can’t even seem to be bothered to find a trash can. Contrast that with the situation after the 912 Tea Party, or alternately, the appearance of a tea-bag dominated “Town Hall” meeting. The place is pretty much as it was found, all trash thrown in proper receptacles, etc.

    Yet another example of the sheer, abysmal hypocrisy of The Left.
    . Number 1,403,221 of 4,693,204,305,793!! Collect them all!

    Note also how he rejects your request for civility, and continues to insult the “mere plebes” who represent a large proportion of our society. They don’t think exactly like him, therefore they are stupid and ignorant. Projection, much?

  14. blacktygrrrr says:

    AGAIN…Everybody…gloves up!

    Debate policy without the personal attacks om each other.


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