David Horowitz at USC

On this Pearl Harbor Day, I thank every soldier for giving me my freedom and defending the American way of life. To our heroes, thank you and welcome home. We all must do our part to fight for freedom, as soldiers and private citizens. One man that is helping fight for freedom is David Horowitz.

I had the privilege of seeing and listening to David Horowitz of the Horowitz Freedom Center.


He spoke to the University of Southern California College Republicans in Los Angeles.


Mr. Horowitz  is a former leftist radical who is now a conservative. At age 70, he had devoted this part of his life to combating and defeating  radical Islam. His focus is the universities. He is trying to prevent Islamism from poisoning college campuses.

Because of this, Mr. Horowitz has faced death threats, and requires a bodyguard. Leftist radicals on campus take delight in engaging in protests, ranging from moderately rude to violent.  Some of these future community organizer thugs actually think that “silent protests” such as standing up in the middle of a speech and turning backwards is civilized and peaceful protest since know yelling or pie throwing is involved. It is not. It is blocking the view of the people in front of them.  Not all forms of protest are out of bounds. Yet these “silent protests” are disgusting, and do absolutely nothing to further discussion. Also, it seems that conservatives do not behave in this way.  Leftists are fine with this behavior because they do not see conservatives as human beings, and therefore acting human toward them is not a requirement.

As for the event itself, there were so many aspects that one blog post does not do the event justice.  The first part of the event consisted of the pregame left-wing warm-ups. This involves an attempt to discredit the event before it begins by demonizing the speaker.

I know David Horowitz. I have met the man many times. He is a good human being that has had more pain than any human being should have to suffer through, much of it recently. He is an intelligent person that does not have an ounce of bigotry in him. Let me emphasize again for the liberals who like to throw around charges of bigotry to demonize conservatives. I know this man personally. There is not an ounce of malice in his heart toward anyone. He wants to defeat radical Islam. He has nothing against regular, every day moderate Muslims. Such charges that he does must be forcefully, immediately, and repeatedly be condemned lest they take hold.

One reason I have such contempt for leftist protesters is their unwillingness to debate on ideas. They circulated  a phony flyer that was meant to look like it came from the USC College Republicans. It stated, “Hate Muslims? So do we.” Thankfully the College Republicans fought back, and pointed out in the Daily Trojan that the flyer was fake.

Another leftist tactic before the event was to try and criticize the College Republicans for banning many people from the event. RSVPs were required in advance. Perhaps these future community organizers might wish to understand that when people have their lives threatened, they are going  to require that extra precautions take place. It is a disgrace that 12 security guards were required to protect a 70 year  old man simply trying to express opinions that only those affiliated with a university could object to while preaching diversity.

Many people banned were members of  “Students for Justice in Palestine,” an organization where justice is code for “kill the Jews.”  Their own rhetoric is pretty incendiary. Members of the  “Progressive Alliance” also have a history of agitation, and shockingly enough they were enraged at their inability to spread more rage.

USC College Republican President Alexandra Ekman saw a Facebook posting by the Students for Justice in Palestine that read in part that they voted “to oppose this speaker in any way possible…”

In any way possible? Who acts like this? Oh yes, leftists and Palestinians. Therefore, any measure possible must be taken when it comes to self-defense.  It only takes getting it wrong once for a tragedy to occur.  People who throw pies at speakers and shoes at a President need to be jailed and beyond until the behavior stops.

The event itself consisted of remarks by Mr. Horowitz followed by questions and answers. I did not stay for all of his remarks because I have heard him speak before, and I agree with him. Here are a few selected remarks.

“The behavior on this campus this past week has been an utter disgrace.”

“I have a bodyguard, I have been physically attacked.”

“I have to be protected from groups like the Students for Justice in Palestine and the Progressive Alliance. They call us fascist. They are the ones who are fascist thugs. “

“They see Fascist as anything they don’t like.”

“The only persecuted groups on campuses are conservatives, Christians, and Jews.”

“Muslim students are coddled on campuses.  They get more money, more privileges, and campuses bend over backwards for them.”

“The Daily Trojan did not print a response to the ‘David Horowitz is a beast’ column.”

“I marched in the civil rights movement before these leftists were born.”

“I don’t know if they teach history in schools anymore.”

“Leftists scream, rant, and call people names to try and shut them up.”

“’Racist’ is a useful term to demonize conservatives, run them out of society, and dehumanize them.”

“An attempt to conduct a second Holocaust is being done by the war against the Jews on campuses.”

“Islamofascism Week initially began to protest the fact that women were being genitally mutilated in Muslim countries.”

“If you find that offensive, you are called anti-Muslim. I defend the women, not the Taliban.”

“There are good and bad Muslims. Most Muslims want peace and are law abiding.”

“The KKK began as a Christian organization, yet most Christians and churches today condemn the KKK. In Islam, I don’t see the condemnation if radical Islam.”

“In the Koran, Jews are called apes and pigs.”

At this point  some leftist protesters stood up and engaged in one of their protests that only a liberal  on a college campus could find acceptable.  They stood up and turned their backs. They were all escorted out. Some complained they were being oppressed. Some laughed and bragged about their great victory as they were being escorted out.

At this moment I decided to leave the event because observing the protesters in their natural habitat would make a good study in the argument of evolution vs. creationism. I believe in God, but if anybody came straight from baboons, it would be leftist protesters. In fact, outside they were confined to a specific area resembling a cage. I did not see any of them eating bananas.

They started chanting, “Ain’t no party like a freedom party ‘cause a freedom party don’t stop.” For those not familiar with rap music, they simply ever so slightly changed the words from the song “West Coast Party” by rapper Coolio.

They also started chanting “bigots go home.” In an act of hypocrisy, they did not leave themselves.

These twenty people were not useless. They make for a very important teaching tool. At that moment of observing them, I ran into an 18 year old Muslim freshman girl named Heba (last name redacted).

She was pleasant, polite, and thoughtful. We ended up speaking for close to 20 minutes, maybe longer. She was dressed in her Muslim garb. We both laughed when I asked her what her scarf was called  Apparently it is called a “scarf.”

She told me that people had called her a terrorist, and I told her this was awful. We actually agreed on more than we disagreed.  I told her that I would defend to the death her right to wear her traditional garb, but that I drew the line at somebody wanting their face covered in drivers license photos. Religious law cannot supersede American law. She agreed. She asked me why I had such a hostility toward the protesters. It was a totally fair question, and she respected my answers.

The 20 protesters that got ejected from the meeting accomplished nothing. They are trapped in a protest cage talking to each other. The goal is to persuade people, and their tactics had the reverse effect. She asked me what I thought would be better.

My response was that people who disagree with speakers should come to the event, sit quietly, listen,  and then ask very polite but tough questions during the question and answer session. Some events do not allow questions, or have them submitted in writing, but Mr. Horowitz showed more tolerance than many by allowing tough verbal questions.

Heba understood my point, and had another fair question. How can people ask tough questions if they are not allowed in.

My response to her was the system is not perfect, but when members of a group behave badly, a few rotten apples spoil the entire bunch. I knew she was not a terrorist, and felt terrible for her that other Muslims gave her a bad name. However, I knew what she was going through. I am a Jewish stockbrokergae professional, and  Bernie Madoff gave me, Jews, and stockbrokers black eyes. I knew that when a terroriost act happens, she rpays that it is not connected to Islam. Well I rpay that a crooked financial scandal does not involve Jews, and Jack Abramoff hurts me. She understood, an questioned where we go from here.

I told her that I loudly condemned Madoff and Abramoff, and that the main perception in America among Mr. Horowitz and his many supporters is that moderate Muslims are not loudly and forcefully condemning the terrorists. In the Middle East they stay silent to avoid being murdered. Yet in America, we are free, and this freedom comes with responsibility, which means standing up for what is right and condemning bad behavior.

She conceded that she personally did not know enough about Mr. Horowitz to label him, and I thanked her for being a friendly and reasonable person.

I reentered the room where Mr. Horowitz was speaking. A fiery question and answer session was taking place. Whatever anybody outside may think of Mr. Horowitz, those civilized enough to let him speak were rewarded with a real exchange of ideas that campuses pride themselves on but rarely ever live up to ideologically.

Mr. Horowitz concluded with a stinging indictment of the pacifist movement.

“Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot have murdered millions of people. They and their supporters Jane Fonda, Ted Kennedy, and Howard Dean all have blood on their hands. These people do not spread equality or peace. All they spread is leftist misery.”

I would like to thank David Horowitz for risking his life in the name of freedom against the Islamists who want to kill us all, and the leftist enablers who make excuses for them.

As for the College Republicans, they have been subjected to disgusting acts of bigotry. Some of them are also Jewish, subjecting them to unimaginable abuse. They showed tremendous courage in putting on this event, and were ultra-professional in their demeanor all night.

It is sad that such courage is even required. Yet universities long ago stopped being bastions of ideas and are now laboratories of social engineering.

The reasons why combating anti-Semitism and Islamofascism on campus is so important is because for a free society to remain free, people must be willing to learn in peace. This requires listening, learning, and asking hard questions.

Until David Horowitz can speak in peace, and until College Republicans can put on events without being slandered and libeled, then none of us in America are free.

This is a fight for the core American value of freedom. Without freedom, there is no America.

When we stand up for freedom on campuses, we stand up for good and decent Americans everywhere.


15 Responses to “David Horowitz at USC”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    In Israel, America’s most reliable ally, an Arab woman seeking ( supposedly) medical help at a Jewish hospital, suddenly pulled out
    a knife and stabbed the security guard.

    I posted on several websites that the following:
    if she had succeeded, another dead Jew
    if she had failed, and was arrested instead, or was arrested
    killing the guard, she would be get a Jewish attorney to represent
    her in an Israeli court. If found guilty, she would be sentenced.

    Noting her sentencing, Hamas and/or Hezbollah would arrange to
    kidnap either an Israeli soldier, or a civilian (Jewish). As part of
    a “deal” for the release of this hapless person, she would be
    released, along with hundreds of others similar situated.

    Israeli leftists (the media and academia) and organizations funded
    partly by Norway and other EU countries, would encourage the swap
    dismissing the idea that the terrorists would and could resume their
    killing (of Israelis).

    Americans for Peace now (the parent of Peace Now/Israel), and J Street
    would join in the chorus approving the “deal”.

    If this woman was killed by others while commiting her violent act,
    she would simply have the opportunity (and her family) of cavorting
    with 72 male Muslim virgins in heaven.

    Knowing the above, she realizes she has nothing to lose.

    Who loses, all of US.

    And back in Washington D.C., President Obama speaks before
    a group of industrialists, pushing his ( yet unknown), formula for
    reducing the 10.2% unemployment and 10% underemployment
    figures. He admitted he knows how difficult and complicated all this
    is. Wowowoowow. I mean any first year econ student in a 2 year
    college could have told you that Mr. President.

    I want to repeat something I posted previously. I was in a debate
    over Afghanistan and how we should pay for it. I suggested a
    2% surtax on EVERYONE. (Most US citizens do not pay Federal income
    tax, except for payroll, which is then given back as “earned income

    I mean you could hear the screams..”you want us to pay more taxes
    above the country increase”? “Why should we poor working folk
    pay, when the rich out there are fleecing the government with tax
    break and tax loopholes”?

    Then I added that we should bring back the draft., starting with
    the 18 year olds. You can imagine the outcry about THAT.

    As the turkey said before being killed, “gobble, gobble”.

  2. Horowitz’ attacks on universities have drawn a lot of criticism, often because his claims are either blatantly untrue, or unsubstantiated. I think he’s a little nuts, to be honest. I’ve come to wonder whether his facilties are still in working order. It’s not that he’s a conservative now. That’s not even all that surprising. After all, he wasn’t just a “leftist” – he was a full-fledged Marxist! So, it’s no wonder that later in life he switched poles as radically as he did. The problem with Horowitz is that he seem to have grown very paranoid and intransigent in his older age, typical symptoms of age-related neurological disorders. This seems clear when you look at his reaction to “Radical Islam,” which seems utterly disproportionate with the threat, or his war on academia, that borders on pathological, or when he takes a stance that is later proven wrong, and yet he refuses to ever change or admit a mistake. I’ve seen this before, in people with age-related dementia and alzheimers.

    Now, of course, I understand there are plenty of people who do not suffer any physiological dementia who hold these positions, but I wonder about Mr. Horowitz because he was never quite so irrational in his younger days. It’s one thing to note that Pat Buchanan says something carzy – he always has. But when David Horowitz started saying carzy things, I really began to question his sanity.

    Horowitz does have a valid point when it comes to the “New Left” in the West. Just like the “Neoconservatives” (which pretty mush means “New Right”), the New Left often seems to be clueless about what they ostensibly believe. Take, for example, their disappointment with Obama at the moment. There is the “idea” of Obama – the one that won the Nobel Prize – but then there’s the real Obama – human politican. Idiots one both the Right and the Left were sold on the idea of Obama, and so the Right hypocritically laughs and the idiots on the Left get angry when Obama does not live up to this “idea.” Horowitz, to his credit, has as much disdain for the New Left as he does the New Right.

    Dan, you can’t raise taxes on working and middle class consumers in the middle of a massive recession to pay for a war. We know exactly how to pay for a war the right way and FDR did it almost seventy years ago. It’s the oldest equation in the “civilized” world – the poor fight wars, the rich pay for them.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “This seems clear when you look at his reaction to “Radical Islam,” which seems utterly disproportionate with the threat,”

    Yeah, I’ll bet its not nearly as disproportionate as you moonbats when for either stupidity or ideology you try to minimize the threat with your stupid PC terminology or outright lies.

    “I wonder about Mr. Horowitz because he was never quite so irrational in his younger days. ”

    So, he was more rational when he was the flaming marxist you said he was ?

    “Dan, you can’t raise taxes on working and middle class consumers in the middle of a massive recession to pay for a war”

    To bad your messiah doesnt see it that way for everything.

    So, ontop of being a “student of history” you’re now a shrink ?

    “yet he refuses to ever change or admit a mistake. I’ve seen this before, in people with age-related dementia and alzheimers.”

    Pot… meet kettle.

    If you knew anything about mental disease you wouldnt of said something so utterly ridiculous, never mind even bringing it up as a comparison to anything.
    Ones stubborness at the hands of dimentia or alzheimers has nothing at all to do with their political or ideological convictions.

    Of course anyone whos debated liberals as much as I have can tell you that one of the first things they do when their argument is falling apart or they cant refute the truth they immediately go to questioning ones state of mind. “Get Help” or ” Missed your meds “? is the typical snide a$$ return.
    Or else they go to the education factor and start railing about how stupid we must be because we dont have a piece of parchment paper from some snotty college. Like they guy over at Right Pundits who debated US spending in Israel with me for a week boasting how he was such a professional debater when after that week I finally had to point out to him that he’d been spelling “Israel” wrong the whole time.
    if you doubt me I’ll post the link.
    Oh, yeah, that reminds me, they love to critisize your grammar or spelling also when things start going south for them.
    My grammar and spelling is not all that so I try to refrain from acting like them but when its one of their main weapons in their artillery its irresitable to use it on them.

  4. Toma says:

    Wow. “I’ve seen this before in people with age-related dementia and alzheimers”. Jers, the depth of your experience is incredible.

    You disagree with Horowitz and Horowitz disagrees with you, so he suffers from age-related neurological disorders, he is pathological and paranoid and you really question his sanity.

    Micky is right your theme is always the same. Any one that disagrees with your is an idiot. It is very boring.


  5. I’m very familar with David Horowitz, Micky. He’s been around for a loooooong time. I just think that as he gets older he seems to become less rational. He was the epitome of rational, regardless of whether I cared for his rationales, when he was younger. As he’s grown older, he’s clearly become a little unhinged. It’s not his politics, it’s his thinking. It’s just very different.

    As for Obama and taxes – Obama lowered more taxes for more people this year than Bush ever did in a year. So either you’re lying or you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    As for grammar, boy you sure seemed to forget all about that “O Bloody Hell” guy quick!


    Horowitz began assailing the New Left YEARS ago. Where ya’ been? Are you even familiar with this famous writer?

    Ya’ know guys, this is why the Right is in such a trench these days. You guys have been dumbfounded by the likes of the Fox News BS artists, the AM Talk Radio rabble rousers, and the Newsmax and Worldnet rightwing yellow tabloidists. Whatever happened to the Safires and Buckleys and Horowitzes? It’s a shame. At least back in the old days the Right had some intellectual heft. Now it can be summed up in a living joke named Sarah “Barracuda.” I’d be ashamed if I were still to the Right.


  6. Toma says:

    When Horowitz was a young Marxist he was the epitome of rational. You agreed with his “thinking” then. As he got older and wiser he changed his “thinking”, now he is unhinged. Same theme different paragraph.

    I’m not ashamed of my thinking. I am ashamed of the people who think they are leading this country. They are wrong.

    Fox does not run me Jers I get my new from Newsmax, WSJ and David Horowitz’s “unhinged” site. I don’t listen to the radio unless it is tornado season and the power is out or Direct TV can’t get through the storms. Perhaps I am in a trench but I’m not alone and I trust my company.
    Do you trust the people in your trench?


  7. Dav Lev says:

    For all those early morning risers who lurk on this site, one salient
    bit of news stands out.

    Headlines read that over 100 Iraqis were murdered today
    in downtown beautiful Baghdad ( near government buildings)
    by three coordinated suicide bombings. Many more were hurt.
    This as we are progessing to downside our forces in that country,
    where we freed 25m people, but are reversing our efforts, in my

    I mean for those liberals who believe earnestly that we should have
    gotten out of Iraq sooner ( as Obama promised), and who are not
    enthused about sending more troops to Afghanistan, AND who
    continue ( read Obama) to demand we talk, engage, negotiate,
    wishful think, and compromise with dictators ( like Ahmad and
    his mullah rulers), what happened today says more than
    all they could ever.

    Or as I tell skeptics, we can fight them THERE, or we can fight them
    right here in the Southland.

    Frankly, Id rather fight the weather, folks.

    We are at war with these people, who want US and everything we
    hold dear destroyed. It’s that simple.

    Mr. Horowitz only saw the tip of the iceberg.

    USC, UCLA, and other colleges are paid for by my and our taxpayer
    dollars…what happened to him should not be allowed. It’s that
    simple. They cannot continue to be podiums for hate, and encouraging
    violence, for any reason whatsoever.

    A razor has two sides you know.

  8. Oh God, Toma, get off it. Horowitz was a Marxist before my time. I, and I think most people, didn’t really become aware of him until he had already moved to the Right. As for your political persuasion, I don;t know where you get it from. It’s really out there.

    Dav Lev, guys like you keep talking about how we “freed 25 million people” in Iraq. Did you know that 60% of Iraqi Christians had to flee the country after we “freed” Iraq? Prior to our invasion, women and girls in Iraq could go where they want, wear what they want, work where they like, and attend school, and “Honor Killing” was outlawed. Now that we’ve “freed” Iraq, and Sharia Law has crept into the state, women live under the constant threat of losing their children, being brutalized, raped or murdered at the whim of men, and if the behave or dress secularly, as they used to, they face detainment and much worse at the hands of sectarian militias. Women have been forced into prostitituion, may no longer travel abroad, have second-class status when it comes to custody of their children, and thousands of female professionals have been forced out of their jobs but can not travel abroad anymore.

    “Freed,” my @$$.

    Congratulations, rightwingnuts, you finally won the Iran-Iraq war… for Iran and the Islamic Theocrats.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    “I’m very familar with David Horowitz, Micky. He’s been around for a loooooong time. I just think that as he gets older he seems to become less rational. He was the epitome of rational, regardless of whether I cared for his rationales, when he was younger. As he’s grown older, he’s clearly become a little unhinged. It’s not his politics, it’s his thinking. It’s just very different.”

    Yeah, the key phrase there is ” it’s his thinking. It’s just very different.”

    Since hes not on the left anymore thats “very different” to you.
    And since you really have no constructive argument against him you go to his state of mind.
    Really, from one man to another. You have the most disengenuous convoluted ways of getting out of the stupid crap you say than anyone I’ve ever met.

    Bloody hell was intentionally and very creatively mis-aligning his grammar Jersey. He actually a very good writer.
    And mind you, the only reason he stabbed at your grammar was because of the same reasons I just mentioned.
    You liberals all think you’re smart and hoity toity with all your big unecessary words and crap that it irresistable to nail you when you make a mistake.

    “Ya’ know guys, this is why the Right is in such a trench these days. ”

    Its that kind of crap thats got you guys in the trench today buddy.
    All polls and elections lately indicate the country is once again making its move to the right and our shortcoming that lead to out falling behind was never because we nicknamed a woman barracuda.

    You seem to think that just because the sitting president is a dem you guys are somehow on top of the game ?
    Oh My God ! Dont make me laugh.
    If the election were held today knowing what the people know Obama would lose. The congressional majority is out this next election, no one likes the direction the country is going and as part of trend for the last 9 months Obamas apporoval took another dive.

    Really dude, once to get rid of that attitude that everyone whos not in agreement with you is either insane or stupid you’ll allow for better conversation.
    But who wants that if it takes you down the path proving you wrong, right ?

    Oh yeah, why dont you all knock off the FOX bashing also ?
    Its about as construvtive a rebuttal as your other methods where you attack sanity amd intelligence.
    Just freaking argue the point and stop trying to dodge by always going to style instead of substance.
    But, whats the point. Thats what liberals do. They dont like the way things are going so they try to change everything in the debate, their opponents quality of mind and even the meaning of words. What better way to win an argument than to right away disqualify the entire base of the opponents argument by dismissing his mental facilities or intelligence
    No one would blame you for not wanting to argue with a retard or and idiot so as long as you can make that case you’ll of won.


  10. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah Jersey, those Iraqi Christians are coming back.
    Forgot to include that little nugget of fact, didnt you ?

    I’d really like to see some evidence that Iraq is what you say it is today.
    I doubt you can prove that what you’re talking about is happeniong in any significant manner and will bet that its a bunch of smaller incidents you blew way out of proportion just resurge your BDS

    You just proved my point for me not one minute after I stated it.

    ” I don;t know where you get it from. It’s really out there.”

    You just cant freaking help yourself ? Can you ?
    There you go again, dismissing your opponents validity, this time its not his sanity of intelligence but his political persuasion is “out there”.
    Might as well just say what you always say. Hes either nuts or stupid

  11. Toma says:

    Jers, do you read what you write?


  12. Micky 2 says:

    “Prior to our invasion, women and girls in Iraq could go where they want, wear what they want, work where they like, and attend school, and “Honor Killing” was outlawed.”

    How incredibly ignorant can one person be ?
    Would you like to see the list of living conditions in Iraq before we got there ?
    Wanna know what kind of killings were LEGAL ???
    Wanna know what happened to millions of little girls at the hands of Saddam ????
    “Go where they want”?

    What a bunch of crap

    Its really quite disgusting that you would make up such a bunch of crap on the backs of dead soldiers saying thats what they died for.

  13. Yes, Toma, I do. What exactly is your critique?

    Micky, you and Toma are playing a rather sleazy little pseudo-intellectual game here. You should be smart enough to know what I’m talking about. When I say Horowitz’ thinking is different, I mean that it’s different than his seeming rational thinking in the past – including his conservative thoughts. It seems to me that Horowitz started going over the deep end a little more than a decade ago, well after his conversion to the Right.

    And yes, I’m sorry, but I have very little respect for the intellectual accumen of the Right these days. If anything, you guys have become rather proud anti-intellectuals, lining up far to closely with the insipid Religious Right, old ex-Dixiecrats, “White Trash.” To me, that’s Sarah Palin – the condidate of “White Trash.” Nothing to be proud of. This is why Christopher Buckley said “Sarah Palin is an embarrassment” when he endorsed Barack Obama. He just could not bring himself to back such a ridiculous ticket.

    The vast majority of Iraqi Christians are not coming back, Micky. Same goes for most of the new Iraqi diaspora. If you want evidence of what Iraq has become and is becoming, try turning off Fox “News” and reading a real news story for a change.

    As for Toma, when he says things to the effect that Obama is some kind of foreign, Moslem, communism, yes, I have no clue where he gets his thinking from. I can’t imagine.

    Yes, things were bad under Saddam, Micky. But all we’ve done is switch one set of victims for another. I’d hardly call that a “freer” state of being.


  14. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, you and Toma are playing a rather sleazy little pseudo-intellectual game here. You should be smart enough to know what I’m talking about. ”

    Yeah, as we both pointed out, what you always talk about.
    Other people facilities and intelligence.

    I’ve checked Horowitz many times bro. Hes not nearlly as off the deep end as some of your liberal counter parts.

    Its what you and liberals always do when you want to discredit the argument. You take out the person making the argument.
    As Toma said, its getting old.

    “Yes, things were bad under Saddam, Micky. But all we’ve done is switch one set of victims for another. I’d hardly call that a “freer” state of being.”

    Just as I thought, you have no proof. Just a bunch of bloated clims you cant prove whereas i have on many occasions shown you vast examples of success in Iraq.
    They are much “freer” and dont push it or else I’ll be forced to once again prove you wrong.
    Its common knowledge on any newscast that Iraq is having problems placing returning refugees. I believe the news before I believe you.

  15. Micky 2 says:

    By the way, you aint no rocket surgeon yourself buddy

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