Hanukkah 2009–8 Crazy Nights in 8 Cities

The Tygrrrr Express is ready to celebrate the great Neocon holiday of Hanukkah.


Hanukkah 2009 officially begins at sundown of Friday, June 11th of 2009, ending at Sundown of Saturday, June 19th. Given that Ramadan is 30 days and Christmas is 60 days from just after Halloween to the beginning of 2010, expanding the holiday from 8 to 10 days in terms of blogging is more than appropriate.

I will have wall to wall Hanukkah coverage interspersed with real news.

Those complaining probably are at home watching endless coverage of some golfer.

He is not Jewish, and therefore irrelevant to Hanukkah and the Tygrrrr Express until December 20th at the earliest.

So for those that want to hop on board the Tygrrrr Express Hanukkah train, here are the various stops I will be at.

If I had one and only one regret, it is that none of the cities I will be in for Hanukkah will be Miami.


If there was ever a city to have a Republican Jewish brunette show up at my home covered in only a blue and white Hanukkah bow, Miami would be it. At least I will be there for Spring Break in March.

Even without Miami and scantily clad bow bunnies, there is fun to be had across America.

Pre-Hanukkah, also known as Hanukkah day zero, Begins on the morning of Friday, December 11.

I will be driving from Los Angeles to San Diego, and speaking at the Fallbrook Republican Women’s Federated holiday party in San Diego at 10am. Fallbrook Golf Club:  2757 Gird Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92028. Please contact Stella Young for details.

Jewish holidays begin at sundown, so the nights occur before the days. Hanukkah Night 1 stars at sundown on Friday, December 11. There is nothing like a Hanukkah party on the beach. The Young Jewish Professionals of San Diego have their annual Shabbat Ocean Soiree at 7pm. Time for Hanukkah at Pacific Beach.


On Saturday, December 12, I will be speaking at the San Diego County Republican Women’s Federated Holiday Party at 2:30pm. Bahia Resort Hotel, Bahia Belle Paddlewheel, 998 West Mission Day Dr. Please contact Mari Perez for details.

Hanukkah Night 2 is a mystery. I have to make my way from San Diego to Sedona, Arizona. So if anybody knows of a really great Hanukkah party in Yuma, Arizona, count me in. I think I will sleep in Yuma because I have never been there, and it is there.

On Sunday, December 13 in the morning, I will be a guest on the Elise Richmond radio program based out of Palm Springs. I will be calling in from somewhere between San Diego and Sedona. I will be discussing 18th century Russian footwear. No, not really. I will be discussing the true meaning of Hanukkah.

Sunday, December 13–USC Chabad has its 10 year banquet. It will be in Los Angeles. I will be there in spirit.


On Sunday, December 13, at 2pm, I will be speaking to the Verde Valley, Arizona Republican Women’s Federated in Sedona for their annual holiday party. Please contact Joni Dahlstrom for details.

Hanukkah Night 3 has me en route from Sedona to Lake Havasu Arizona. I will be at a Hanukkah party in either of those cities, or whatever is in between. Hopefully they will have football highlights on in the backgorund since it will be NFL 2009 Week 13.

On Monday, December 14, I will be speaking to the Lake Havasu, Arizona Republican Women’s Federated at Noon. Please contact Linda Hasslen for details.

Hanukkah Night 4 will be in Lake Havasu. Finally, some certainty. I guess that means the previous night should be Sedona just to spice things up. Monday Night Football will be played as scheduled.

On Tuesday, December 15 at 7am, I will be speaking to the Lake Havasu Republican Men’s Club at their breakfast at the Golden Corral. Please contact Jim Woodyard for details.

I am not a morning person, and three events in one day will be as challenging as it is fun.

On Tuesday, December 15 at 11:30am. I will be speaking to the Colorado River Republican Women’s Federated in Mojave, Arizona at 11:30am. Please contact Susan Case for details.

Hanukkah Night 5 will occur just after I have completed my drive from Mojave County to Maricopa County, as I celebrate in Phoenix, Arizona.

On Tuesday, December 15 at 7pm, I will be speaking to the Arizona Young Republican League. Please contact Christopher Campbell for details.

The rest of Hanukkah Night 5 has me driving all the way from Phoenix to Los Angeles. After a few hours of sleep, Day 5 (remember days are after nights) has me flying from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Hanukkah Night 6 has me in Marin County.

On Wednesday, December 16, at 6pm, I will be speaking at the Marin County GOP holiday party as the undercard for California Republican Party Vice Chairman Tom Del Beccaro. Please contact Karen Molden for details.

Thursday, December 17 begins as Hanukkah Day 6 and ends as Hanukkah Night 7. This day and night is a total mystery to me. I will either be Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Jose. I could check and see when my flight is, but that would be boring. The bottom line is whichever city has more Republican Jewish brunettes is where I will spend my time. Actually, special Thursday editions of NFL Football will force the ladies to wait a few hours.

Friday, December 18 features Hanukkah Day 7 followed by Hanukkah Night 8 (there is a pattern here). The Simi Valley Republican Women’s Federated has their annual holiday party at the Towne Center. I will either be there, partying in Los Angeles, or laying face down somewhere sleeping, hopefully indoors.

Saturday, December 19 is the 8th and final Day of this glorious holiday. At night, it will no longer be Hanukkah. Nevertheless, for those celebrating the 9th night, I will be speaking at the Rush Limbaugh Club of Orange County at 6:30pm at their holiday party as the undercard to Congressional Candidate Mason Weaver. Please contact Joe Snyder for details.

San Diego, Yuma, Sedona, Lake Havasu, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and either Silicon Valley, Simi Valley, or something else.

8 Crazy Nights, and 8 crazy cities.

Beginning Eastbound and Down.

Ending flying down the highway headed west.

In a streak of black lightning, called the Tygrrrr Express.

Happy Hanukkah Day -1, or pre-Day 0.


3 Responses to “Hanukkah 2009–8 Crazy Nights in 8 Cities”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    I just came back from a Kroger Store in the neighborhood.

    In front of me was a “frum” couple..he was very “Jewish” looking,
    with his entire garb..(but not the large black hat and rope).

    His wife wore the traditional head gear, masking probably very lovely
    hair. ( These were not Muslims folks).

    Anyway, I’m sure he had many children at home, considering the
    large amount of food he was buying.

    It struck me that I couldn’t find any Chanukah trees…lots of Christmacy
    stuff, cards, trees and all that holiday stuff..but no blue trees.

    The Kroger stores have cheapo DVDs..5.99 and above, but no
    “bushes” for we members of the Hebrew faith.

    I wondered whether this couple was involved with fighting Islamic-fascism?

    Considering they are Orthodox, there is a chance they might
    be Republicans, or at least independents. (Most secular Jews are
    “liberals”, liberalism having replaced our bible).

    Tikkun Olam, (save the world) comes before saving ourselves.

    The latest Jewish news is that Obama is finally realizing that there
    are home grown terrorists, and Hasan is just the tip of a huge iceberg.

    Maybe it isn’t too late for US yet?

    I recalled a chat wih a few shoppers…who decried our involvement
    in Iraq…(the typical liberal attitude of we don’t have a problem).
    They still don’t get it, we are fighting THERE to avoid fighting HERE.

    Watching the top general in Afghanistan say that the Taliban will allow
    Al Qaeda back…..if permitted, then the entire area includig Afghanistan,
    Iraq, and Pakistan will truly be the center of terrorism ( not to exclude
    other parts of the world), unless we stop it, I cried real tears.

    Just maybe, even with Herr Obama and his naive advisers on foreign
    policy, (its the settlements only, guys, that the Arabs hate), we have a chance
    to end the 21st century version of “My Struggle” (Hitler’s Reich and
    attempt to create a New World Order).

  2. Eagle 6 says:

    Tygrrrr, If you ever get close to Atlanta, I’ll ask one of my buddies named “David” to find a post-Hanukkah party for you…wow, I just committed stereotyping… unfortunately, most of my David buddies are libs…whoops, another stereotype…my next door neighbor is a hard-working, wonderful man…and extremely helpful as a neighbor. His wife is a schoolteacher. They are former flower children but now seem quite conservative in their Jewish faith…conservative meaning lifestyle, not political views.

  3. Hannukah is a “neocon” holiday? That’s a new one! If the neocons ever discovered oil that could burn for that long, they’d bury it, kill anyone who knew about it, and never discuss it again! LOL! Bet you wish you had oil like that, what with all the travelling you’re up to! And be careful of all those litigaters in Havasu!

    Have a safe an happy Hannukah!


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