Hanukkah Night 6–San Francisco Bound

The Tygrrrr Express is off to the Belly of the Beast for the 6th night of Hanukkah.

Tonight I am speaking to the Marin County GOP near San Francisco. I am the undercard to California Republican Party Vice Chairman Tom Del Beccaro.

Yet no matter what the year, some things are universal. With that, I repeat prior sentiments regarding some important wars that were moral and just.

As Hanukkah enters its 6th night, I remind the entire world that again what is being celebrated is a military victory. The Maccabbees came, saw, and kicked rumpus. They did not negotiate, or dialogue, or sing kumbaya. They did not have pointless meetings. They did not take photo ops. They got the job done militarily, and were rewarded with the right to stay alive.

One of the reasons the Jews were able to win battles in the dead of night is because there were no print media at the time revealing secret troop movements. There were no anti-war movies. The ACLU did not exist, so the Maccabees could kill with impunity.

If we are all dead, then all the civil liberties in the world will not matter. This brings me to the greatest generation, those who fought the good war, the heroes of World War II.

First of all, we just had another anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day. December 7th, 1941, was the day that Franklin Delano Roosevelt correctly said would “live in infamy.” The soldiers of World War II saved the world. They defeated two threats that would have destroyed civilization and ended life as we had known it. When we see one of these fine people, we should say, “thank you and welcome home.”

Yet while the soldiers of WW II are beloved, and FDR is revered by many, what is less known is the set of steps that the government undertook during this war. For those who want to read a fantastic book, I recommend Tony Blankley’s brilliant work, “The West’s Last Chance.”


On pages 116 and 177, Mr. Blankley lists steps that were taken by the National Association of Broadcasters less than two weeks after Pearl Harbor.

“Do not broadcast personal observations on weather conditions. Watch sports broadcasts for this. A late night comment that ‘it’s a fine clear night” might be invaluable information to the enemy.”

“Do not broadcast any long list of casualties. This has been specifically forbidden.”

In February of 1942, the federal government offered more restrictions.

“Criticism of equipment, appearance, physical condition, or morale of the Armed Forces of the United States or any of its allies” is to be censored. Also outlawed is the “reporting of rumor or atrocity stories.”

Seventy newspapers were banned, and in a delicious irony, Father Charles Coughlins antisemitic newspaper “Social Justice” was banned. I say ironic because leftists Jews have claimed that the Torah (Old Testament) commands Jews to engage in social justice, which therefore commands them to be politically liberal and hate all things connected to republicans and conservatism. If only these bleeding hearts knew that Social Justice, aka their reason for existing, was an antisemitic paper. Then again, give how angst ridden and self hating many of these Jews are, I would not be surprised if they happily read this paper at the dinner table.

The bottom line is that in the same way that the Jewish community was tough, aka sensible, the federal government did what needed to be done to win wars and save all we hold dear. Leftists claim that George W. Bush is destroying their civil liberties, but what his administration has proposed is nowhere near as extreme as what FDR proposed and carried out. Yes, the very FDR that is lionized as a demigod by liberals everywhere actually cared about a muscular foreign policy.

That muscular foreign policy that was once bipartisan is now under assault from within. Reasonable minds can disagree on whether or not America should wage war under certain situations. What should never be in dispute is that deliberately trying to sabotage a war effort is wrong. It is beyond wrong. It is sedition.

It is wrong to give away secret troop movements. Anything that hampers America in terms of strategy should be the domain of our enemies. Arthur Sulzberger, the owner of the Jayson Blair Times, should have been arrested and thrown in jail the minute that story broke. The first amendment is not an absolute right. Mr. Sulzberger went to a crowded theatre located in the heart of where our enemies reside, and yelled to those enemies to fire at will on American soldiers.

It is wrong to insist on dialogue when agreements reached in previous dialogue sessions have been dishonored or broken. America could have crushed Muktada Al Sadr and put a pair bullets in his heart. Instead, on the verge of victory, we decided to negotiate with him. We were holding all the cards, and we bargained. He lived to wreak more havoc. We had a chance to destroy Fallujah, and instead we pulled back for talks. More Americans died. Only when we went into Fallujah again and destroyed everything, which by the way the main function of a successful military, did the problem get better.

Yet if the real battles are difficult, the public relations war has been a nightmare for anyone who loves the U.S. Military. During World War II, even when censorship was not in place, Hollywood voluntarily supported the troops through movies that supported the war effort. America and the Allies were the good guys, and the Axis were the bad guys. It was not shades of gray or other John Kerry type nuances. It was black and white, and the good guys won the war and saved civilization.

Nowadays, movies show America as the villain. Everybody else can be redeemed. Muslim terrorists are freedom fighters, while the real evil sociopaths beyond redemption are corporate executives, especially republican ones.

Where is the sense of honor? What about loyalty? What about love of a nation that enriches these people? Forget the legal freedoms that these parasites have. What about a moral sense of decency?

General David Petraeus said the surge was working, and that we were succeeding in Iraq. People who had never been to Iraq disagreed with him. These people have the right to feel this way. Free speech exists. Yet so does the Flat Earth Society.

ROTC is banned from college campuses, but terrorists such as Armageddonijad are welcomed under some concept of diversity, which apparently is extended to everybody except for those who defend American freedom.

Defending the right to exist with military force allows this existence t actually take place. When Judah Maccabee and his Israeli Brethren destroyed their enemies militarily, it started a tradition deeper than Hanukkah. It started the Jewish people’s fight for survival, one they have still not relinquished.

In World War II, villages were burned to the ground, homes were razed, and the body count was deep. Pearl Harbor was not a time for dialogue. It was a time for waging war, and even with a liberal president, waging war is exactly what we did. America and the world was significantly better off because of this.

Now we have the 9/11 generation and the War in Iraq. Islamofacists want to kill us all. Those that want to go on Oprah or Phil Donahue (thankfully canceled) and talk out our differences do not understand that the gap is not bridgeable. They want to kill us, we wish they would not do so. That does not leave much room for common ground.

From the Maccabees to Pearl Harbor, good was united against evil. I pray to Almighty God that those that truly believe that civilization and barbarism are equivalent will stop trying to get in the way of those who truly do wish to see civilization win. Some say that evil wins when good people do nothing. Evil wins when those who have the opportunity to support good are unable to tell the difference…or worse…know the difference, and refuse to care.

The Islamofacists are genocidal lunatics. They need to be rooted out with overwhelming brute military force. We won in Iraq, and now we need to win in Afghanistan. As Mr. Blankley reminds us, this is the West’s last chance. If we fail to support the military solution in Afghanistan again, there may be nobody left alive on our side to engage in dialogue.


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  1. I notice our good host conveniently left out some other more important things our government did to win the Second Wolrd War:

    1. No spreading fear. The government handled sabotage and espionage quietly. The American people most always felt secure with very little fear-mongering.

    2. The draft. We fought the war all out with every available able-bodied person of military age.

    3. The war tax. Taxes were raised and expanded so that everyone who could pay paid, and everyone who could pay more paid more.

    4. Rationing: Good necessary for the war effort were rationed, and those goods that could be recycled for the effort were mandatorily recycled.

    5: Price and wage controls. To keep the costs of the war under control, and keep the domestic workforce productive and secure during the effort, prices and wages were capped.

    6. Anti-discrimination laws. To make the best and most efficient use of the domestic workforce, anti-discrimination laws were put in place to get minorities into the war effort.

    7. Fair labor agreements. Unions agreed not to strike during the war in return for the government treating them fairly.

    8. War bonds. The government acccrued some debt for the effort (but not ALL the effort) with the realistic and secure knowledge that we would win and profit from the rebuilding effort in the end.

    Then there was the bad things, like Japanese internment, and over-the-top propaganda, but these things do happen.

    It’s a myth that the press was restrained much during the war. There was lot’s of reporting with lots of press freedom to report as they saw fit. It’s also a myth that today’s media is somehow “giving away” secret information to the enemy, as today’s enemy usually already are well aware of what’s being reported. I know the right hates the Fourth Estate and any rights other than the right to pray loudly with a gun in public, but facts are facts and the notion that the press somehow undermines just war efforts is a myth, and a malicious one at that.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Frankly, I find Rahm and Axelrod, (two house Jews), disgusting. The worst part of it all is there influence over our President.

    Yes, but, Herr Obama is where the buck stops, but prior to that, it
    is laundered through many washers.

    We have to question his judgement on most everything, simply caus
    he has failed at everything. He gets a big F. Oh guys, now he
    is pushing insulation on the US, with credits of up to 3,000.00 per
    insulation. How nice. How silly.

    As I’ve posted before, I was for Giuliani, who would have made
    the perfect President, along with a VP such as Palin, McCain, Thompson
    or Romney.

    An interesting fact: Most Jews in Florida voted for Obama. They were
    told Sarah Palin would shoot Jews from Helicopters. (Sarah Palin
    now says that Jews should have the right to live anywhere in
    Western Palestine. Too little too late Sarah. ) I could have told you
    Jews were gullible. I mean millions walked into gas chambers
    while others played in an orchestra outside for effect. Wowowow.

    We then would have had a real “dream team”, not the current
    office holders..the do-nothing Obama and his side-kick Biden, who
    reminds me of Pancho or is it “Poncho”? Remember him riding
    along Cassidy? Si! Biden wanted US to split Iraq into 3 parts. Sure, right!

    Oh these leftists, if only they read 4 books: Too Big to Fail, The Israel
    Test, Why are Jews Liberals, AND let’s not forget War and Decision
    by Douglas Feith.

    The last book is probably the most salient, considering we are about
    to send 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. It tells WHY we invaded that hapless
    country to begin with, then went into Iraq.

    We DID NOT invade Iraq due to WMD, thought in Saddam’s inventory,
    we invaded because of Saddam.

    Look fellow posters and readers here, HAD Saddam had WMD, he would
    have used them against US, incincerated Israel, and taken
    over the Saudi oil wells. (The first Gulf War’s goal was to take possession
    of the Saudi oil fields as well as those in Kuwait-then link up to
    the Iranian Shias for protection). Had Israel NOT taken out Iraq’s nuke
    site…this would have been feasible (hear that El Baradei).

    Sooo, no thanks to the liberals in Congress ( read: Kerry), we rid Kuwait
    of Iraqi troops, sent Saddam a message about invading another country,
    alerted Israel to the Scud menace, and finally dethroned Saddam.

    WMD not found you say, well, consider the alternative. Saddam had
    tens of thousands of warheads and shells, which could have been fired
    WITH bacterial/chemical agents. He didn’t fire one. If I were a marine
    in Kuwait or Iraq, I would have kissed the ground, thanks G-d.

    Saddam might well have moved his WDM to Syria, as a few generals
    confessed, or Libya, who knows fur sure?

    But, he had the capability of reconstituting any weapons previously
    destroyed..it’s easy with anthrax, smallpox, aflotoxins, etc.

    Yet on 911, over 3,100 Americans were butchered, their skin and
    bodies heated and melted to concrete and steel. And who did the
    Saudi terrorists blame, you guessed it, we Jews., even though
    there were hundreds of Jews killed..AND the WTC is located near
    the Lower Eastside, a heavy Jewish neighborhood in NYCity.

    Leave it to those Arabs to lie about everthing.

    Anyone read today’s LA Times. There were several suicide
    and other bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.
    I especially noticed the picture of an Arab lady, covered with
    blood and being aided by two police.

    I thought, this could be Los Angeles, after all, there are Al Qaeda
    sympathizers right here. I have heard a few of them critical of
    our foreign policy….most especially in the M.E., Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The other day, an acquaintence told me we have no reason to be
    in Afghanistan. He asked what are we accomplishing?

    I tried reasonng with him to no avail. He was alarmed that I
    believed it was better to fight them THERE, than here.
    There had been a scuffle..and over 2dozen LAPD were called
    on an incident. He was shook. Shook!

    Yeah right!

    Oh, BTW, my buddy Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority,
    now is demanding a commitment by Israel to withdraw to the 67 borders,
    prior to negotiations., as if the war was never fought, nor the subsequent wars.

    That’s like a resurgent NAZIism in Germany and Austria demanding
    all US troops get out of the countries, so that the 4th Reich could
    come back., using remaining SS men and remnants of the German
    army and police.

    Attack and defeat seems to be of little consequence to these Arabs.
    They attack, the UN steps in, there are cease fires, and a few years
    later its as if nothing ever happened.

    Hmmmmmm, I wonder, had the Arabs won, would there be a Roadmap,
    Zinni and Saudi Plans, Annapolis, demands for the Arabs to return territory and all of Jerusalem? I wonder?

    While back in Washington D.C., we now learn that Lieberman is
    waffling again on the health care vote. He does not admire a single
    payer system or a government plan to compete with private industry.

    I wonder why?

    For starters, lets take a look at the IRS and how it works.
    Anyone get a 10 and 30 day notice lately who for some reason
    didn’t pay all the tax due on the return. They have the right
    to levy, lien, summons and seize your equity in anything you
    you own ( except for lien priorities, like the State tax lien, or
    obligatory disbursemen agreements, get it?).

    The health plan, to work must reduce expenses incurred by
    medicare and tax everyone, even those not sick.

    The problemo is that medicare is near bankruptcy, yet we
    want to add to their members big time?

    Do we really want the IRS to go after people who prefer
    not to join a government plan, and risk they will NOT get sick?
    Lien, levy, seizure and summons guys.

    Lieberman is right and his move more to the right was right.

    Our job as moderate Conservatives is to dethrown Obama next
    year by ridding ourselves of every liberal in the Congress, starting
    with H. (King) Waxman. I mean shouldn’t he retire to where it’s warmer
    like Miami Beach?

    We have our job cut out for US..thanks to the liberal press, PBS, some pundits, and KCET (locally).

    Back to Israel, they do make mistakes. Agreeing to cease fires
    have resulted in Hamas saying yesterday that if Israel attacks
    Iran, every Islamic group will side with Iran and join the battle.
    Goldstone, do you hear that?

    Oy vey!

  3. Micky 2 says:

    ” but facts are facts and the notion that the press somehow undermines just war efforts is a myth, and a malicious one at that. ”

    Too bad theres examples a dime a dozen that prove that “myth” of yours to be wrong

  4. Okay, Micky. Where’s your proof? Name a battle that was lost because of the press. Name a soldier who was killed, injured or captured because of the press. Name a strategy that had to be changed because of the press. Go ahead. Prove me wrong. Otherwise, you conservatives should stop shredding the constitution in the name of lies.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    “Okay, Micky. Where’s your proof? Name a battle that was lost because of the press. ”

    Nice try, see you’re still up to your old lame tricks huh ?

    Thats not what you said.

    Your claim that the press doesnt undermine just war efforts was so ignorant it made us all that much stupider just for reading it.

    Everytime the press reports half the crap that comes out of dems mouths they’re undermining the wars efforts not just for the context of whats being reported but for the moonbat spin the liberal media puts on everything.

    Then theres the crap that doesnt need to be printed or reported such as troop locations, CIA interrogation tecniques, pics of detainees in compromising positions…

    shall I go on ?
    Yeah, you’re wrong buddy.

    “shredding the constitution in the name of lies.”

    Dont you have to pay dues to the guild for that drama license ?

  6. Micky 2 says:

    “Name a strategy that had to be changed because of the press.”

    I guess you’d expect the press to let us know how and when this happened ?

    Numbnuts, some things are to be kept secret especially if changes have to be made due to the press and its big mouth, get it ?

    I can just see the NYTs headline now.

    “WE Blew It Last Week So heres What Were Doing Instead”

    Do you bother to read what you write or think before you hit submit ?

  7. If the press had lost us a battle, or a soldier or soldiers, or a strategy, surely we’d know about ONE of them! You’d think you could have at least mentioned the Pentagon Papers, though I would suggest that those simply showed the error of an already unwinnable war in the first place, saving soldiers lives and having no significant effect on the war’s, or any battle’s, outcome. But you can’t find ONE SINGLE SOLITARY EXAMPLE to prove the press undermines war efforts. You know why? Because they don’t. They never have. Now, I could give you plenty of examples of the press assisting war efforts, propagandizing for the government, even inventing and starting wars out of whole cloth. But if the press ever actually printed something treasonous – which is EXACTLY what you guys are asserting – then you’d think SOMEONE would have gone to prison, there would have been SOME trial, we would at least of heard SOMTHING!

    Just another conservative strawman.


  8. Dav Lev says:

    Well it’s out folks, The Angry White Male is making headlines on
    at least one website.

    I am one of these angry. I am white and proud to be a male and
    white. I do not apologize for my color or religion for that matter.

    Okay you want the news, you have it.
    According to polls, a lot of white males in all the parties, Democratic,
    Republican and independent are angry, angry at our high unemployment
    and angry at the health plans now stalled in Congress.

    From all sections of the country, people are dismayed at Obama’s failures this first 15 months…(even his black constituency is having doubts?).

    (The other day I listened while Jesse said catagorically that its not about
    his color, but about his policies). Okay, I knew that all the time. I didn’t cry watching his acceptance speech.

    Iran test fired a solid fuel rocket, able to “reach Israel, US interests and
    Southeastern Europe”, no doubt and without any interference by
    anti-missile defenses.

    My prediction, unless Obama get tough (er), Iran will make good on it’s threats to nuke Israel within 1 year. From Tel Aviv to Haifa, Jerusalem
    to Eilat…well you get it.

    But the lefties on PBS and KCET will continue to advocate talking, engaging, negotiation, and diplomacy with Ahmad, the Revoluationary Guards and the head mullah.

    Hitler is laughing in his grave guys.

    Hey folks, watch The Rose Garden on channel 5.2. It shows
    how SS men shoved live tuberculosis germs down the throats of
    Jewish children..during experiments..then hung them.
    The commander of the camp was not fully prosecuted..he was too old at the time of the trial.

  9. Micky 2 says:

    Why wont this thing take my comment ?

  10. Micky 2 says:

    Kay, it took that, lets try again.

  11. Micky 2 says:

    It keeps telling me the comment is duplicated but it doesnt even appear once

  12. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, you said “undermining”
    Not “deaths” or “loosing wars.

    Grow up

  13. Micky, try breaking your post into two parts. I think maybe sometimes the length of the post causes the problem. I’ve never had that problem with small posts.

    As for undermining and deaths and losing wars, I don’t understand what you’re saying. I thought I was pretty clear and coered all those outcomes. Still awaiting an example…


  14. Micky 2 says:

    What are you ?
    Being really really stupid or just being a punk ?

    Heres what you said and what I was responding to.

    ” the notion that the press somehow undermines just war efforts is a myth, and a malicious one at that.”

    Thats does not say anything about the media causing the death of anyone….DOES IT ???

    If you want examples of the press “UNDERMINING WAR EFFORTS” the list is freaking endless bro !

    How bout all the crap we had to put up with during the Iraq war ?
    How bout the durge not getting (til this day) the deserved attention for accomplishing its intention ?

  15. Micky 2 says:

    What are you ?
    Being really really stupid or just being a punk ?

    Heres what you said and what I was responding to.

    ” the notion that the press somehow undermines just war efforts is a myth, and a malicious one at that.”

    Thats does not say anything about the media causing the death of anyone….DOES IT ???

    If you want examples of the press “UNDERMINING WAR EFFORTS” the list is freaking endless bro !

    How bout all the crap we had to put up with during the Iraq war ?
    How bout the durge not getting (til this day) the deserved attention for accomplishing its intention ??

  16. Micky 2 says:

    This is ridiculous.
    it only happens here

  17. Micky 2 says:

    None of my sources will post

  18. Micky 2 says:

    What about the fake pictures of Iraqi women being raped and tortured by our troops ?

  19. Micky 2 says:

    They did it in Nam, reprting stuff that undermined the efforts

  20. Micky 2 says:

    They did it the whole time we were in Iraq during Bushs term

  21. Micky 2 says:

    The Wreckage of the Consensus Revisited: New York Times Company Admits to Spreading Lies to Undermine America’s War Effort
    by Harry Binswanger (May 18, 2004)

  22. Micky 2 says:

    “As for undermining and deaths and losing wars, ”

    Bull, you said;
    “but facts are facts and the notion that the press somehow undermines just war efforts is a myth, and a malicious one at that. ”

    The press, depending on whos writing and whos been in office has always slanted crap thereby undermining the troops efforts.

    They sure as hell didnt give the troops much credit while in Iraq. all you ever heard was the negative and never any of the “facts” proving and showing our successes that i’ve shown you in the last 2 years.

    Case closed. You couldnt of ever been more wrong in your life saying that the media hasnt ever once done anything to undermine the efforts of a war.
    Its just plain stooopid

  23. Micky 2 says:

    Oh, and lets not forget the ole “Koran being flushed down the toilet” no thanks to Newsweek magazine.

    “Newsweek now confesses that its report that American soldiers in Guantanimo had flushed a Koran down a toilet as a means of gaining information from hostages–blamed by many for inciting violence that has killed at least nine people–was erroneous.

    Mark Whitaker, The Editor’s Desk

    Last Friday, a top Pentagon spokesman told us that a review of the probe cited in our story showed that it was never meant to look into charges of Qur’an desecration. The spokesman also said the Pentagon had investigated other desecration charges by detainees and found them “not credible.” Our original source later said he couldn’t be certain about reading of the alleged Qur’an incident in the report we cited, and said it might have been in other investigative documents or drafts. Top administration officials have promised to continue looking into the charges, and so will we. But we regret that we got any part of our story wrong, and extend our sympathies to victims of the violence and to the U.S. soldiers caught in its midst.”

    “And the US soldiers caught in the midst” !

    Did ya catch that part jersey ?

    Oh, heres the rest.
    “I understand, too, the pressures journalists are under to get to press as quickly as possible. That’s true even in the blogosphere. But given the high profile Newsweek has and the incredible sensitivity of the allegations at hand, they had a duty to be damned sure they had it right before running with the story. Their haste and willingness to believe the worst about America’s military helped get a lot of people killed.”

    See that ? People got killed jersey.
    Sooo.. not only did they undermine the wars efforts as I was pointing out it also goes to your other BS claim that the undermining never got anyone killed

    “notion that the press somehow undermines just war efforts is a myth, and a malicious one at that. ”

    Hmm.., now whos being malicious, huh ?
    Of course knowing your disengenuous rump you’ll probably come back asserting that since the war was not “just” then the war efforts were not “just” so the whole thing is moot right ?

  24. Micky 2 says:

    Heres the link in case you think i’m trying to pull a “jersey” on you.


  25. Micky 2 says:

    ” Go ahead. Prove me wrong. ”

    Done deal

  26. Micky, your only “proof” ois rightwing fringe opinion. This whole thing about the press and the media undermining, undercutting, whatever, legitimate war efforts (not sleazy coloniam war crimes, of which I’m all too happy when the press is on the ball) is a LIE. They are Americans just like you and I and do not go out of their way to hurt people for no good reason. The Right just hates the press because the press reports on the moral and ethical and criminal corruption that is a staple of the Right.


  27. Micky 2 says:

    Right Jersey.
    You’re actually going to sit here and try to tell intelligent people that the press/media has never once indermined a war effort by something it wrote.

    You’re an idiot or just simply the most pathetic liar there is.

    I’ve known you for a long time so saying this is not like the typical liberal return you guys give which always goes to ones mental capacities.

    Go get yer head examined, you’re sick dude, seriously.

    As I said, that original claim of yours was so dumb were all that much dumber now for even reading it.

    “Now, I could give you plenty of examples of the press assisting war efforts, propagandizing for the government, even inventing and starting wars out of whole cloth.”

    Only an absolutley nuts off the chart moron would think it doesnt work both ways and that the press has never printed anything that undermines a war effort.

    Do you really think that printing a fake story about our troops flushing a Koran down a toilet didnt make things harder for those fighting the war ?

    Do you really believe that showing fake pictures of our troops raping a Muslim woman didnt make it harder on those fighting the war ?

    Do you really think that witholding reports of progress in Iraq drummed up any additional support for the troops ?

    “legitimate war efforts (not sleazy coloniam war crimes, ”

    See, I was right, your illness is so predictable and you’re so freaking unable to help yourself you did it !!!

    Remember when I predicted this ?

    “Of course knowing your disengenuous rump you’ll probably come back asserting that since the war was not “just” then the war efforts were not “just” so the whole thing is moot right ?”

    And walla !
    You came thru with shining colors proving my point!!!!

    “not sleazy coloniam war crimes, ”

    hey ya hypocrite ! Remember, I told you that if you wanna look like you’ve got half a brain and arent some flaming hypocrite you cant run around saying were not at war and at the same time accuse people of war crimes, okay ?

  28. Micky 2 says:

    ” but facts are facts and the notion that the press somehow undermines just war efforts is a myth, and a malicious one at that. ”

    ” Go ahead. Prove me wrong. ”

    Actually, you made the claim, sooooo…

    You need to get busy and prove yourself right otherwise you’ll appear to be blowing hot air out your rear as usual

  29. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, your only “proof” ois rightwing fringe opinion. ”

    Sorry bub, but you’re the one who came into this spewing an unsubtantial opinion calling it “FACT”

    ” but facts are facts and the notion that the press somehow undermines just war efforts is a myth, and a malicious one at that. ”

    C’mon man, I’m getting tired of waiting for you to prove your claim.

    And if you try crapping out by saying you cant prove a negative you’ll of made my point

  30. O Bloody Hell says:

    You know, I really, really despise wordpress. I’m not going to post anything but a quick response to this stupidity:

    > But you can’t find ONE SINGLE SOLITARY EXAMPLE to prove the press undermines war efforts.

    Well, the most obvious one in history is the results of the Tet Offensive, which was an absolute and utter failure on the part of North Vietnam, destroyed a mass of key personnel, war materiel, and so forth, has been acked in the aftermath as probably likely to have brought NoVietnam to the bargaining table in short order to discuss unification terms…. but was sold by the US Press as a “loss” for the USA.

    The end result, when the NV saw the press coverage, was an emboldened and re-resolved enemy which saw that all they had to do was continue to hold out.

    The end result is the stuff of tragedy. Millions dead in NV, Laos, and Cambodia, thousands of “boat refugees” displaced, and millions more living in abject poverty and severe oppression for the forty-odd years since.

    But hey, according to him, there’s not a SINGLE example — not ONE SINGLE SOLITARY EXAMPLE — to prove the press undermines war efforts.

    > Why wont this thing take my comment ?

    Because, Mickey, WordPress is a piece of absolute, unmitigated, sh**. That’s literally the main reason why I’m not a regular here. If Eric ever uses something other than WP, I’ll come back. Until then, it’s too much trouble fighting with it.

    I can’t grasp why **anyone** uses WP. I really can’t.

  31. O Bloody Hell says:

    > The Right just hates the press because the press reports on the moral and ethical and criminal corruption that is a staple of the Right.


    Oh, yeah, cause William Jefferson’s “cold hard cash” was really just a college fund for his kids.


    Here’s a nice long list of scandals involving dems:
    Now, I’m not suggesting you trust them to be honest, but that’s a pretty good starting point for how many scandals the The McClueless one’s “uncorruptable” Dems are involved in.

    For the most part, I would not be surprised to find there is a list of roughly the same length for the GOP — I don’t claim the GOP is honest, only that they are no more subject to scandals than the Dems. Politicians suck. They have all the integrity of a swiss cheese.

    But even the stuff the press reports on, if you actually count incidents (as opposed to the number of news items about those incidents), I believe one would find shows massively more corruption on the Left, and, more critically, that the issues are far more commonly serious corruption (campaign fraud, voter fraud, finance violations, payoffs and scams) problems rather than issues of hypocrisy (moral positions supported by the Right, violated by members of the Right)

  32. Micky 2 says:

    Bloody, its a shame that I wont get to see more of you giving Jersey his due. I realize theres some slight animosity between you and Eric regarding your language and critique of his selection in format.
    I’m really not much better in the langauge dept but still I think you should try to meet Eric a little more in his terms as its worth every effort to see Jersey get his due placements as you so competently distrubute his way while at the same time make the exibit the world needs to see when it comes to the flawed thing called the left.

    I tried copying my source to the Nam incident and it wouldnt take here.

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