Meeting Colonel Ralph Peters

At the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, I recently had the honor and privilege of meeting Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters.

The event was put together by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

I recently interviewed Colonel Peters, but had never met him before. He is a hero of mine. While others talked, he was giving his blood, sweat, and tears so I may type opinions on a keyboard.

On military matters, he is one of the top analysts in the country in terms of access, intelligence, and piercing logical reasoning.

Politicians tell us what we want to hear. Ralph Peters tells us what we need to hear.

His recent book, “The War After Armageddon” starts out after the destruction of Israel and terrorist attacks on Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The book starts dark, gets darker, and concludes black.

Colonel Peters felt that having Jack Bauer come in and save the day would not be realistic. Colonel Peters is deliberately trying to scare the daylights out of us. This is good. We should be scared. His speech came only days after al-Qaeda in Yemen became a hot news topic and global concern.

I spoke with Colonel Peters before and after the event. A conversation with him is a crash course in military education. If there are people who know more about how to solve global conflicts than he does, I have not met these people. One thing that people may not pick up on based on his television appearances is that he is actually a very warm, friendly, and engaging person. For a man of his accomplishments, he is exceedingly humble.

My respect and praise for Colonel Peters knows no bounds. Therefore, I will say no more and let one of the best and brightest military analysts the world has ever known offer his insights on various global threats.

With that, I present the wisdom of Colonel Ralph Peters.

“It’s great to be with you. The median IQ in this room is greater than that of the intelligence community.”

“The media is fascinated with Yemen. It’s been there a long time. The media treats it like it is something new, like another planet past Pluto.”

“This is indicative of the tunnel vision displayed by the media and the intelligentsia.”

“We pay so little attention to Mexico. Most people can’t even name three past presidents of Mexico.”

“Everything that is said about Afghanistan can be said about Mexico. Mexico is a threat to our security.”

“Conservatives need to stop being like the hard left. Stop engaging in groupthink. Liberals think all war is wrong. Conservatives think every war is a good war.”

“The strategy in war should be about a positive return on investment. That is cold-blooded, but we have to ask the right questions. Will there be a positive return on our investment?”

“There are three basic questions we need to ask when deciding on war.

1) What are we trying to do?

2) Can it be done?

3) Is it worth doing?

Determining whether it is worth doing means we ask, will there be a positive return on investment? Are the risks reasonable?”

“President Obama said the right thing. He said we have to go after al-Qaeda. Yet his actions are about dealing with the Taliban.”

“The Taliban are hillbillies. I know about hillbillies. My family are hillbillies.”

“Afghanistan is so corrupt that it makes the South Vietnam governments look like models of democracy.”

“Our military is incapable of cutting losses. It’s like dumping a bad stock. They can’t do it.”

“Our military’s can-do attitude is usually a good thing. We just have trouble cutting losses.”

“The Taliban is gaining strength. Aghanis see us as occupiers.”

“We see that they are voting, but how are they really voting in their hearts after eight years?”

“We can’t get Afghans to fight for Hamid Karzai.”

“In Afghanistan, the central government was always the enemy. They take the people’s taxes, crops, sons, and even daughters.”

“Afghanistan is not a state as we know it. Then again, California is quite askance.”

“Afghanistan is an accident created where other wars ended.”

“The Taliban want the Pashtuns to have their own country.”

“I am not advocating that we help them. I am explaining their thinking. In their mind, why shouldn’t 30-35 million Pashtuns have their own country?”

“For 200 years, Afghanistan has been a losing investment. It was this way for the Russians and for everybody else.”

“I am not advocating withdrawal from Afghanistan. We need a smaller number of troops, a lighter, sleeker force that is prepared to kill al-Qaeda.”

“Teaching dental hygiene is not helpful in stopping Arab terrorists.”

“We have a Vietnam-like obsession with worthless real estate. We obsess over dirt.”

“Political correctness has seeped into our general ranks.”

“Some people say that killing terrorists just breeds more terrorists. I’ve never been threatened by dead terrorists. You want to be a martyr? Ok. After we killed Zarquai, was there a post-Zarquai rush? No.”

“There have been four great military innovations. One of them is the use of UAVs, the use of Drones.”

“Sometimes American wealth stifles innovation. Look at our enemies. Look at Vietnam. Sometimes poverty forces creativity.”

“Our military is obese. We’ve increased troop levels. We’ve become less lean, less mean, and less agile.”

“One suicide bomber is annoying. Hundreds of them are effective.”

“For those who refer to suicide bombers as homicide bombers, knock it off. They are not homicide bombers. Timothy McVeigh was a homicide bomber.”

“We still can’t defeat the roadside bombs.”

“Our enemies are willing to think in longer terms than our congressional elections.”

“The Talbian is thinking objectively. We are not.”

“The Taliban are psychotic, but they are able to analyze situations. Their techniques are brilliant and dirt cheap.”

“The U.S. military has not had one world class strategist in the last half a century.”

“The answer in war is to kill the enemy wherever you find them. The solution is not to be nice to the Germans when they are killing Jews. You kill the bad guys. You don’t take them to New York City for trial.”

In war you do three things. 1) Kill the bad guys. 2) Help the good guys. 3) Know the difference.

“The War on Terror is a zero sum game. I don’t know one al-Qaeda guy that has been converted. They are not going to become Southern Baptists.”

“In America we have a fear of lawyers. We can’t even shut down their internet sites.”

“Al-Qaeda are the enemies of law abiding Muslims. We don’t hear about them killing other Muslims.”

“Islam has always been brutal. It is spread by the sword. It is a religion of war.”

“We must find an accommodation for the peaceful Muslims, but accommodation does not mean become like Vichy France.”

“Blanket criticism of Islam is not helpful. We have to divide the extremists from the moderate Muslims.”

“There is a middle ground, which is why I get attacked on all sides. The left in America says that I want to kill everybody. The right says I am a closet Sufi. Al-Qaeda lives in an absolutist world. We shouldn’t.”

“In Afghanistan, army soldiers and marines are dying for bullsh*t. Show me the payoff.”

“The Taliban are not dying for a minimum wage. They are true believers.”

“It is a fanatical religion. Where are the Christian suicide bombers? Where are the Chasidic suicide bombers? They would dance around first and then pull the trigger.”

“Talking about religion makes DC nervous. If you subtract religion, there is no al-Qaeda.”

“The United States Army has great tacticians, but they are not paid to think. In the Army, thinking outside the box means finding a completely new way to tell the boss he was right all along.”

The extensive remarks about Afghanistan were followed by questions that led to remarks about other countries. On Pakistan, Colonel Peters offers a very bold solution that most politicians would not even consider. Again, it is easy to be brave when not spending every waking minute worried about being fired. Colonel Peters is retired. His speech is as free as it is candid and right.

“What if we abandon Pakistan? What if we just say that India can handle it?”

“My book does not have a happy ending. Having the Mossad and Jack Bauer show  up would not be helpful.”

“We need to scare people. Ahmadinejad is not one of us. He’s not from the SKull and Bones Society.”

“The Christmas bomber spoke about Allah.The United States says that they don’t know what he was talking about. We have our fantasies too.”

“If we left Pakistan in terms of support, they would have to behave. India would devour them.”

“The only thing unifying Pakistan is Islam.”

“The idea that Pakistan will work with us is nonsense. Pakistan will never behave until there are penalties for misbehavior.”

“Karzai’s family is supported by heroin. The number one drug lord in Afghanistan is Karzai’s brother.”

“The Taliban are willing to fight. The people are not willing to fight for Karzai.”

“The people will fight for religion, their family, and for turf.”

“In the Arab world, the state is the enemy.”

“In 2006 Israeli war with Hezbollah, the Israeli Defense Forces were not willing to do what it took to win. Next time they will.”

“We can’t get the Islamists to want what we want.”

“In Judo, you figure out what your opponent wants, and you judo them. The goal is not to make them want to pay California taxes. You’re going to have to figure out your budget mess another way.”

“In Iraq, religious fanatics kill each other. This is akin to ancient Jewish infighting in Israel, allowing the Romans to invade.”

“Religious Revolts are never put down by compromises. You kill the bad guys.”

“The U.S. surge gave people the courage to flip on al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda was a foreign presence.”

“The Iraq approach won’t work in Afghanistan. The Taliban are the home team.”

“You have to look at what people are willing to die for.”

“You can’t nation build where there is no nation.”

“The British figured it out. You butcher and then bolt. It sounds cold, but that is what you do in war.”

“Iran is different. Arabs have no civilizations. Arabs have cultures. Persians have a civilization.”

“In warfare, you destroy the enemy and break their will.”

“We should have a force of 15,000 to 25,000 troops in Afghanistan.”

“Wherever you find al-Qaeda, you kill it, whether it be in Paris or in the California legislature.”

“Bob Gates is one of the best defense secretaries of all time.”

“If airports want to be do a full body scan on me, I am fine with it. My body is old but utilitarian. However, other people would not be fine with it. People are outraged. Their scan might end up in porno shops or on the internet.”

“We can’t fight terrorism by by punishing U.S. travelers.”

“Profiling is not perfect, but it works. If it stops nine people, and one gets through, it still works.”

“With regards to Mexicans, there are two extremes. We can’t just divide the camps into full citizenship or get out. There has to be a middle ground. Stanford graduates won’t pick lettuce or change the bedsheets.”

There is no way to do justice to the message that Colonel Peters is spreading.

We can buy his books, and listen to him speak, but the key thing we must do is “get it.”

Colonel Peters had a couple of message sin his speech that he reiterated several times. This is because some things must be said over and over until every American is with the program.

We are at war. The solution is to find the bad guys and kill them.

Anything less is counterproductive.

In a world where many things make no sense, it is refreshing to be reminded that many things and people make perfect sense.

It was an honor and a privilege, Colonel Peters.

Thank you and welcome home sir.


25 Responses to “Meeting Colonel Ralph Peters”

  1. His comment on Islam – “Islam has always been brutal. It is spread by the sword. It is a religion of war” was stupid. Islam is no more or less brutalor spread by the sword or a religion of war than Christianity. Just plain stupid. his comments on Iraq are just as ignorant. Al Qaeda was never the problem in Iraq until we made it so, and then the Iraqis got rid of them. His notion that the Arabs have no civilization is also stupid. The trouble the Arabs have had has to do with the nations born out of the colonial era, not civilizations or lack of. He has some valid and interesting points, but overall I can’t take this guy seriously.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    ” Arabs have no civilization is also stupid. ”

    Yeah ?

    Then tell me why the majority of every theocratic run dictatorship in the middle east besides Dubai is and always has been a third world hell hole ?
    I suppose thats Americas fault too, right ?

  3. Micky 2 says:

    ” Islam is no more or less brutalor spread by the sword or a religion of war than Christianity.”

    More bulldoodoo.

    Christians no longer whack peoples heads of for converting to some religion other than Christianity or treat women and kids like animals….

    wise up !

  4. Micky 2 says:

    American Christian soldiers find enemies wounded on the battle field and immediately administer first aid and run them to a hospital.
    Our enemy finds our wounded and wound them some more, torture them, and then kill them

  5. “Then tell me why the majority of every theocratic run dictatorship in the middle east besides Dubai is and always has been a third world hell hole ?
    I suppose thats Americas fault too, right?”

    Theocracies most always are relative hellholes, Micky. That’s why people like me are always leery of the Religious Right. When Europe was steeped in theocratic rule, it was a hellhole too. Just the same, most of the Middle East is not run by theocracies, Micky. It’s a mixed bag. It’s aristocracies, strongmen, juntas, various sorts of democracies, etc. As for any of this being America’s fault, it’s not really, at least not directly. America is simply seen, sometimes correctly, sometimes not so, as an invaluable supporter of some of these sleazy regimes.

    More people have died in the name of Christ than for any other cause in history – even Nazism and communism. Try not to forget that, Micky.

    First of all, you’re assessment of the American soldier is a bit comic bookish, but just the same, our folks wouldn’t be getting wounded on those battlefields in the first place if they weren’t there. We shouldn’t be there. Period.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    still genious…

    islam remains in the dark ages, theres no comparison, as much as your delusional mind chooses to believe.
    Your examples are of vthe past. The majority of Christians have progressed.
    Islam still lives likt it did 3000 years ago.

  7. Micky 2 says:

    You’re just not that smart Jersey, no matter how elitest you view youself.
    I never denied the crusades, I pointed out the differences between todays christians and todays muslims.
    Try to stop being so full of sht for once, would you ?

  8. Micky, first of all, you’re comparing apples and oranges. The Middle East is a different place with different people and different history than Europe. but just the same, apples and oragnes are both fruit, anyway. So, we do have some things in common. Yes, the Middle East is a mess right now, and yes, religion plays a part in that. But you seem to conveniently forget that only 65 years ago Europe practically destroyed itself and for a similar mess. That’s not that long ago!

    The only difference between today’s Christians and today’s Muslims is the state of the world around them. Theologically, there’s very little difference between the two. Never was. The two sides simply invent differences to make trouble with each other for love of money and power. Fundamentally, all monotheism is basically the same. Christianity is just good, and as stupid and vulgar, as Islam.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    “The only difference between today’s Christians and today’s Muslims is the state of the world around them.

    Go ahead Jersey, keep justifying the 17th century crap the Muslims are pulling today and see how ell the next election goes for you guys.
    These morons cant get past 17th century sharia and you’e trying to make some kinda moral case for them.
    Christianity has moved on for the better, Islam has not.

    Dont keep up this asinine argument cuz you just keep making yourself look more foolish than you already are, if thats possible.
    Whens the last time a Christian got his head whacked off fopr converting to Islam ?
    Whens the last time a Christian strapped a bomb to his kids a$$ and sent him to a mall ?
    Most Christian nations are free and profitable. most Muslim nations are not.
    Period. Give it up.

    ” Yes, the Middle East is a mess right now, ”

    Its always been a mess, with or without our presence.
    Even when we havent intervened they’ve been chucking spears at each other.
    They’re a backa$$wards sexualy frustrated autocratric bunch of shmucks.

  10. Micky 2 says:

    “First of all, you’re assessment of the American soldier is a bit comic bookish,”

    Yeah, right. If anythinbg is comicbokkish its the stupid rules of engagement they’re commited to.’Tell me, whats the ROE for Islam ?
    Stop defending people that want to kill you and I, christians or not.

  11. Micky 2 says:

    ” We shouldn’t be there.”

    Oh for the love of Christ will you knock off the bullsht ? These guuys are out to kill every single last one of us you moron

  12. Micky 2 says:

    “Christianity is just good, and as stupid and vulgar, as Islam.

    Right, thats why 99% of the resources going to Haiti is coming from Christians and faith based organizations

  13. Micky, will you get off it already? You’re an American, for Christ’s cake! Are you really that afraid of a bunch of crazy hashassins? Really??? Besides, you’re far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far more likely to get killed walking accross the street then getting killed by a terrorist. I’m sorry, but all you guys constantly worried about terrorists are a bunch of idiots.

    The Middle East hasn’t always been a mess. You just have never learned about it.

    Haiti was founded by slaves rebelling against their Christian masters, who then turned around and isolated then took advantage of them for most of the rest of their history. Great example there, Micky.


  14. Micky 2 says:

    still.christians have progressed cosiderably more on thr basis of humanity and human rights far past the point muslims are at right now. period.

    you cant answer my questions but instead once again resort to your snotty little histoy lessons that the simplest sophmore would be aware of… loses.

    the great example which you so ignorantly ignore is that he history of chridtians is in no way reflected in the actions they are taking today. which is by no means to be compared to the pittance middle eastern muslim countriesare offering today.

    democrats used to be something this country could be proud of at one time. not so much anymore. youre as much an embarrassment to thr human race as todays radical muslims are . intentions are everything and the ends justify the means.
    conservayives, republicans and christians are the most giving, donating and altruistic bunch there is… fact

    “more likely to get killed walking accross the street then getting killed by a terrorist. ”

    yeah, but the cross walks are more effecrive than this administration.

    “the system worked”


  15. Micky 2 says:

    sorry,typing in the dark.

    go ahead jersey, keep up your asinine rhetoric, blame america, defend our enemies, call everyone dumb, hows that workin for you guys ?

  16. Micky 2 says:

    Oh, and then theres the whole honor killing thing and getting stoned in public for showing your ankles.
    Yeah, you,re right, they’re both fruits. One gives life and hope, forgiveness and redemption. The other stinks to high heaven and breeds maggots.

    “I’m sorry, but all you guys constantly worried about terrorists are a bunch of idiots”

    Yeah, and you guys worry about made up ficticious weather that if ever happens will have the effects that of a nuclear holocaust, teaching it to our kids in school none the less.
    The reason were less likely to die from a terrorist attack is because GW actually did something about it. Now with barry in charge wee see more attacks and deaths in his first year than all 7 1/2 years after 911.
    I,m no fan of organized religion, but anyone who thinks theres any similarities between todays Islam and todays Christians is nothing more than an appeasing a$$ kissing apologist for what is the most brutal barbaric form of worship next satanism

  17. Honor killing, stoning, vaginal mutilation, etc, all these horrific cultural phenomena have been going on for a long, long time. They pre-date Islam. That’s why these practices vary from one region to another, and in many regions are non-existent.

    We, Americans, Christians, are among the most violent people on the planet. We kill each other in greater numbers than anyone kills us. So really Micky, I’m sick of hearing how great we are. We’re not.


  18. Micky 2 says:

    were greater than these shmucks you defend.
    you blab and you blab as if your words are somehow meaningful. They are not.
    I have given examples of atrocities commited today in the name of Allah which you’ve been unable to refute.
    We are more charitable, humane, offer far more human and civil rights and take care of va hell of a lot more people than they ever did or will.

    “We kill each other in greater numbers than anyone kills us”

    that has little to with the differences between todays christians and todays muslims which are a bunch of freaking animals compared to us.

    “Honor killing, stoning, vaginal mutilation, etc, all these horrific cultural phenomena have been going on for a long, long time. ”

    you’re only making my point for me, genious

  19. Micky 2 says:

    they’re a bachasswards people whos fefusal to allow their religion to progress is the source of their prolems.
    Not Christianity, and not Americans.

    Go ahead, keep up that line of crap and see how your party does in 2010-12.
    The people are sick to death of you spineless loons blaming rvrything on anyone but whos really responsibe.

    you guys are diving day after day and your arrogant selves dont get it

  20. Laree says:

    No Signs Of Intelligent Life?

    Since the Scott Brown win I have not heard the phrase “Teabagger”
    being used by MSM Reporters. It’s not because those same Reporters weren’t relishing using it as an epithet for Average everyday Americans. Their Corporate Masters called them off because of the Scott Brown win?

    I think tonight’s State of the Union Speech will have a strong Clintonian flavor.

    It’s NYT week at You Have To Be This Tall To Go On This Ride.

    Why does Maureen Dowd compare our President to Mr Spock?

    The State of the Union “Rescue, Restore, Rebuild. Mr Spock makes his move.

    “When the men on the chessboard
    Get up and tell you where to go”

    Read more:

  21. blacktygrrrr says:

    Laree, be respectful.

    It’s Dr Spock, not Mr.

    Like Dr. Evil, Dr. Spock did not spend 6 years in Vulcan medical school to be called Mr.

    Colonel Peters did not spend time in the military to be called Mr.

    Barbara Boxer worked so hard to earn the title of Senator.

    President Big Ears is Dr. Spock, not Mr.

    eric :)

  22. The “MSM” never used the term Teabagger, Laree, at least not after they found out what it meant!

    Micky, the United States has a higher murder rate than any predominantly Muslim nation other than Kyrgystan, which is like the Wild West up there.

    If it were true that their religion was the source of their problems then they would have been having these problems for the past 1400 years. But they haven’t, and what problems they had for that long, they’ve had a lot longer than that. Religion is always a problem. After all, it is completely irrational. But deep down people know it’s irrational and only use it for what they need, ignoring that of it they don’t need. Religion is what people make of it. Right now, much of the Muslim world is not doing well. It is rife with corruption, greed, and the struggle for power. Much of it is cuaght between a not-so-ancient past and sudden entre to the modern, Western-influenced world. And so they turn to their religion to give their lives meaning, solace, comfort, a raison d’etre. Americans do that too. We live in an empire in decline, in a complex and over-developed society, caught in a materialist/individualist rat race in which their is no real winner. And so we Americans turn to religion as well. And that’s why we were such easy marks for the radical Muslim dystopians. That’s why you’re such an easy mark, and that’s why you think this is all about religion. It’s not and it never was.

    I know conservatives need to think they’re btter than everyone else – they have a better religion, a better language, a better skin color, a better culture, a better bla bla bla. But you’re not better. You’re human beiings just like the rest of us – an all too human product of your environment.


  23. Actually Eric, Dr. Spock was a famous pediatrician who tremendously influenced modern child rearing. Personally, I’m not a fan. Spock, the half-human Vulcan First Mate from Star Trek, is “Mr. Spock.” Him, I like!


  24. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, the United States has a higher murder rate than any predominantly Muslim nation other than Kyrgystan, which is like the Wild West up there.”

    Nice try at obfuscating the issue again.
    The fact is that Muslims are still the backa$$wards morons they were 1400 freaking years ago treating women an d children like crap having no respect for human or civil rights.
    It was our God fearing founding fathers responsible for instituting the greatest constitution ever bringing about with it the ability tomgive us th ecivil rights weve obtained along with it. Muslims still operate on the same autocratic theological dictatorships they abided by 1400 yearsago
    What Americans do to each other is irrelevant much like the crap you’re trying to get away with here.
    Try to keep up, or at least stop beingsuch a childish disengenuous fool.

    Todays Christians are a far cry from what they were 1400 years ago. Muslims…

    not so much, period, got it ?

    Like it or not, the vast majority of aid going into Haiti is coming from Americans and American faith based groups and very little to nothing coming from the middle east.
    And stop with your little authoritarian history lessons. I’m just as educated on this worlds history as you areif not more.
    I just dont run around like some self absorbed pompous gas bag always reminding everyone I’m a “student of history”

    having knowledge is one thing, lying about it is another thing

  25. Micky 2 says:

    I met Leonard Nemoy at John Dominis here in the isles while serving him and asked him if he truly believed that the ” needs of the many are far greater than the needs of the one”
    He reminded me that the ones are the many and that without the individual there can be no collective.
    Very nice man, quiet, not your ostentacious loud obnoxious hollywood shmuck

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