Liberal Jews–The New Eunuchs

The Tygrrrr Express is Palm Springs bound to speak to the Palm Desert Forum Republican Club.

I will not be spending the entire day predicting what President Obama will say. I almost wrote him a heartfelt column and then stopped myself. He doesn’t listen to me because he doesn’t listen to anybody. He will do whatever he feels like doing. His critics are either evil or imbeciles. He will offer conciliatory rhetoric that will not be backed by any concrete actions. Until he says something different and then backs his words with deeds, he remains irrelevant to me.

I will carefully listen to his words, and analyze them. I will be fair with him, and wish he would finally be fair with me.

Right now I do not have time to deal with him. I have too many of my own community members that should be considered dismembers.

Liberal Jews are like eunuchs, only with less effectiveness.

Another event at Valley Beth Shalom featured rhetoric that was tough on the outside with a nice squishy marshmallow center on the inside.

The event was put on by AIPAC, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee.

AIPAC actually believes that mentioning the word “sanctions” over and over again actually amounts to anything worthwhile.

At this event, Henry Waxman and Brad Sherman were praised for supporting sanctions against Iran. At no time were Jon Kyl and Joe Lieberman mentioned.

It is called the Kyl-Lieberman Iran Sanctions Act for crying out loud. Heaven forbid a Republican or foreign policy hawk ever get mentioned positively.

Newt Gingrich gave the speech of a lifetime at the AIPAC Conference last year, but the only Jews getting praised are the peaceniks.

I know it is politically incorrect to criticize AIPAC, but they need to grow a pair.

Sanctions are never going to happen. China and Russia won’t allow them.

If watered down sanctions get approved, monitoring and enforcement will be a joke.

There were sanctions against Iraq. Saddam Hussein worked with the French and the U.N. to undermine them. The oil for food scandal proved the worthlessness of sanctions.

Liberals in control of AIPAC love to point to sanctions against South Africa, as if South Africa and Iran are even close to being analogous.

Sanctions against South Africa worked because the world was united. Black people were being oppressed. It was a human rights issue, and liberals love human rights. Liberal white guilt applied.

Nobody cares about dead Jews. The Holocaust proved that. The world stood by and did nothing. The world is again standing by and doing nothing.

I am glad that black people were freed from bondage. We are all creatures of God, and we all deserve human dignity. I just get frustrated when I see blacks being considered a “minority” while Jews are a “bad minority.”

Anybody thinking all minorities are equal should look at campus affirmative action policies, where Asians are being rejected en masse.

There is zero incentive for the world to prevent Iran from hitting Israel.

The idea that the the Iranians are bluffing is insane. The left has no answer to the question of what happens if the mullahs are wrong?

I am not willing to play Russian roulette with the existence of Israel.

In a war, there are only two options.

Go Roman or go home.

So what do liberal Jews do? They attack Republicans and Christians.

In the coming days I will have more to say about Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League calling Rush Limbaugh an anti-Semite.

Abe Foxman is a liberal pansy. The ADL says nice things about everybody on the left.

Limbaugh has been fantastic on Israel and Jewish issues his entire life.

Abe Foxman was the one who told Joe Lieberman in 2000 to stop talking about his religious faith on the campaign trail.

Sorry Abe, I like people feeling comfortable with belief in God. Secular zealots can put a sock in it.

Unlike Lincoln, Foxman is no honest Abe.

I am proud to be Jewish. I am also proud to be a conservative Republican. I will stanbd up when my religion or my ideology is attacked.

Until liberal Jews understand that the enemy is the mullahs and not a conservative radio host, they will remain ideologically imbecilic.

When they come for me, Abe Foxman or AIPAC will not speak up.

I pray that some Israeli doctors finally give these liberal appeasers testicle transplants really soon.

The clock is ticking.


7 Responses to “Liberal Jews–The New Eunuchs”

  1. I assume you want America to unilaterally (or maybe bilaterally with Israel?) to go to war with Iran. If that’s the case, I have a suggestion: you go fight the Iranians. Enough American blood has been shed fighting over the Middle East. Enough is enough. Iran already has incentive to not attack Israel: Israel. Israel is a nuclear power and no one doubts they’d use that arsenal if they were ever attacked. So what more do you want? When are you conservatives going to grow up and be able to tell the difference between rhetoric and reality? How many Americans have to die fighting for your innane causes?


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Let’s face it, Jews have no balls (to put it politely).

    In 1938, thousands of Jews were imprisoned in Dachau and Buchenwald, many having had their eyes gouged out, and skulls bashed in by the German police. In 2 days, thousands were arrested by the Hitler Youth, Gestapo and German police, in Austria and Germany. Over 200 synagogues were burned to the ground, and thouands of Jewish owned stores destroyed. 91 Jews were killed outright (not in the two camps).

    On top of that, German soldiers who were watching, were heard to be saying, “When we defeat the US, next will be their Jews”. So help me God.

    Germany afterwards, levied a fine on its Jews, for all that destruction.

    I mean, that’s chutspah.

    250,000 Jews left Germany. 300,000 were sent to Auschwitz and Treblinka, Sobibor and other camps. Few survived.

    Germany invaded Poland in Sept 1, 1939…after making a treaty with
    Stalin. In the summer of 1941, Germany invaded Russia along a 1,000 miles front with over 1m troops. While in No. Africa, Rommel was waiting
    for reinforcements (he was defeated ultimately, thus saving Palestines Jews from their fate at the hands of his army and Muslim SS divisions).

    This is all history folks, but say a lot about liberal, naive, gullible US Jews who talk much and have no backbone.

    Few Jews own guns..fewer still are members of the NRA. (While gentiles
    own over 250m guns).

    How many Jews join rod and gun groups? How many Jews go hunting for]deer, or other animals, which is legal and encoraged to thin out the herds?

    Why are US Jews more interested in saving the whales, and sea pups in
    Alaska than their own people in the former British Mandate of Palestine?

    Why are so many Jews against our fighting for the freedom of 50 m Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why are liberal Jews quick to join
    activists who try and break Israels blockade of the Gaza Strip (to keep
    them from smuggling arms, etc?)

    Why do Jews continue to support the liberal Herr Obama, despite
    (thank God) the moderate and conservative Democrats and Republicans?

    We now are reading the Hugo Chavez (the dictator of Venezuela) may join a flotille which will try and break the blockade by Israel. (Egypt is building a steel fence). I ask, if he is stopped, then what? Will he launch a
    Crystal Night against South America’s Jews? What is he up to?

    Scott Brown just beat the pants (excuse my wording) of his Demcratic
    opponant. Polls show he could beat Obama today in an election.

    Are we Americans waking up from this 15month nightmare, finally?

    Brown wants to stop the march towards socialized medicine. He wants
    capitalism to come back. He favors a strong, resolute US foreign policy which rewards our friends and punishes out enemies.

    He favors the two state solution to the Palestinian question, but not at
    Israel’s expense. He will not push Israel into risking it’s existence
    with Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Iran.

    I prayed every night that Brown would trounce his opponant. My prayers were answered.

    Folks, there is hope for US yet. But we must continue this fight against
    liberalism whenever it arises, and from whatever sources.

    Herr Obama wants to destroy our education system, our health care system and our relations with our friends. His plan to cap student loans,
    extend child care credits and encourage IRA plans by small businesses,
    is a pig in a poke. I ask, where is his 1,000 credit promised? Why didn’t he line out billions in pork? Why is he failing my state of California?
    Why doesn’t he condemn Acorn for what they really are?

    Why, why, why.

    I am a member of AIPAC and the much more strident ZOA.
    I contribute to Standwithus. I am for John McCain. I want more
    Jews to own guns..lots more guns. I believe in the Judeo-Christian
    bible. I am against Sharia Law, and will fight to the death to prevent
    it from becoming my law. Never.

    I encourage everyone to see the movie, “Inglorious Bastards” a movie
    made 70 years too late. Tears came to my eyes, when I saw this
    gentile commander tell a bunch of nurdy Jews to…the NAZI bastards.
    (30,000 Polish Jews were in the partisans, out of 3.5m Jews-3m Jews were
    gassed in concentration camps, or shot in their homes). Too little, too late folks.

  3. Wait a minute… is Dan suggesting that the Jews in America are facing another Holocaust at the hands of “liberals” and “Herr Obama”??? Is Dan sane? Does anyone know if he’s writing his posts from an insane asylum?


  4. Micky 2 says:

    if so at least hes getting help.

    same speech, I was waiting for that cowboy boot to hit Obama upside the head.

  5. Micky 2 says:

    spending freeze, now that were broke. But wait, I heard something bout va second stimulus ?what an idiot

  6. Micky 2 says:

    ” I dont want to re litigate the past”
    Then leave the CIA alone ya jerk

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