NFL 2009-2010–Non-Pro Bowl Non-Recap

Normally today would be my Pro Bowl Recap.

Out of protest, today is my non-Pro Bowl non-Recap.

I am refusing to cover this pathetic excuse of a game. In fact, I might not even watch it.

That’s right. The world has fallen off of its axis. I am threatening to not watch a football game.

I missed a game once in 1982, but I was grounded. I cleaned my room, and have not missed a big game since.

This is not a big game.

It is bad enough that the league moved the game from Honolulu, Hawaii to Miami, Florida. I love spring break in South Beach as much as the next guy.

Making it the week before the Super Bowl is mindless.

The Colts and Saints have no players in this game.

The league is so desperate for players that my coed touch football team might be fielding a couple subs.

After all, I am a 2 time defending champion.

No Warner. No Favre. No Manning. No Brees.

No interest.

I would sooner recap the Senior Bowl then this game.

For those not into football, the Senior Bowl is high school players, not the geriatric old timers.

I could cover poker, marbles, Scrabble, dice, Boggle, Chinese Checkers, or any other things that are more of a sport than this pathetic game.

Look, I love Miami. Guys do not go to Miami to play football. They go to chase tail. Now as much as I like chasing tail, I would not want my Spring Break exploits to be broadcast on ESPN.

Then again, they are more entertaining than this stupid game.

Did I mention that this game is stupid?

Normally I rank NFL Commissioners from Pete Rozelle to Paul Tagliabue to Roger Goodell higher than Mother Theresa or the guy who cured whatever the hell he cured.

Yet even saints make mistakes.

Next year please return this game to Hawaii. Please return it to the week after the Super Bowl.

I am refusing to watch it.

Ok, for the sake of ethics, I am a football addict and I have to drive to San Diego at the same time it is on. I am tivoing it so whichever reader ruins it for me will burn in hell, which is somewhere near San Francisco.

I may do an actual recap of this game later in the week at which point you will care less than you do now.

For those amazed at my ability to spend several hundreds words saying that I am not going to say anything, it is a God given useless gift.

Oh, and as for the game, a 34-34 tie was broken with 6 minutes to go when Matt Schaub hit Antonio Gates for 17 yards to set u a 2 yard Chris Johnson run. Tony Romo brought the NFC back but was intercepted by Jackson with 2 minutes to play as the AFC defeated the NFC. 41-34 AFC

This concludes my non-Pro Bowl non-Recap.


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  1. So far, Roger Goodell hasn’t shown himself fit to shine Pete Rozelle’s shoes. It’s been one bad decision after another. If he fails to bring the players and owners together for a new contract before next season, Goodell will go down in history as the George W. Bush of sports.


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