Meeting Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

At a private function in Malibu, I recently got to meet Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

I have met her once before, and this time was just as pleasant if not more so.

Normally I would provide her remarks, but on this occasion I will not be doing so. The event was private, so I just never asked if I could blog about it. For those wanting to hear specific comments from Congresswoman Bachmann, I did interview her several months back.

The event itself featured a pair of people I know through political circles who are trying to join Ms. Bachmann in Congress. Ari David is taking on Henry Waxman and Mattie Fein is taking on Jane Harman. They are both Jewish Republicans, which is a source of pride for me.

As for Congresswoman Bachmann, my problem with her is the same as my problem with Sarah Palin. I can’t stand their position on traditional marriage. I think it is awful. What I mean by that is I can’t stand the fact that they are married to somebody who is not me.

Out of respect for the dignity of her office, I will use a g-rated euphemism and say that Congresswoman Bachmann is very easy on the eyes.

Sorry boys, but her husband is not a fictional creature she uses to deflect potential suitors. She really is happily married. Her husband is an incredibly nice, thoughtful man. I had the chance to speak with him for a decent amount of time, and he is just a very likable, sincere human being.

One thing that more people should know about Congresswoman Bachmann is that she and her husband have taken in 23 foster children, in addition to the five children she raised. I don’t care where somebody is on the political spectrum. Being a foster parent is an act of kindness that truly warm souls partake in.

Of every member of Congress, Michele Bachmann is numero uno on the list of individuals targeted for defeat in 2010. The Democratic Speaker of the House is frothing at the mouth to remove her.

Liberals describe her either as stupid or evil, but those charges are so old they are boring. Every conservative in this country is stupid or evil. Liberals do not hate Michele Bachmann for anything she says or does. They  hate her because she is.

She is a female conservative. That is reason enough. Now that Sarah Palin is a private citizen, Michele Bachmann is the new bogeywoman to despise.

It would be nice if liberal would just admit that they hate her because she is a threat. She is very conservative and very telegenic. She captures a room.

If the left ever decides to judge people by the content of their character, they would see what I saw the other night. They would see a warm, caring, sensitive person that is truly concerned about the direction this country is taking.

I really don’t agree with Michele Bachmann on every issue. I do find her to be a very thoughtful and decent human being. In a world where many people fall short, it is refreshing to meet somebody honest.

In a world where people have an unquenchable lust for power, Congresswoman Bachmann is comfortable with who she is. When her political career ends, she will still have a happy family life.

When she was done speaking, she took many questions. She stayed for hours and spoke with people, posing for many pictures.

When the talking heads on the left try to destroy this woman, I will remind them that they have never met her. Well I have. She is as genuine as they get.

America is lucky to have her service, and Minnesota is even more blessed.

As for Malibu, it was nice that a hotbed of liberalism for a few hours was an oasis of sanity and clarity intellectually and morally.

I wish Congresswoman Bachmann and her family well always.


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    If good looks were all that was required to win office, then both these people would be in the legislature w/o any question. Add to them, the very handsome (and articulate) Scott Brown, then we Independents and Republicans have nothing to fear from the likes of Henry Waxman, and Barbara Boxer.

    I mean, Waxman has been noticeably without feathers…for decades. However, he still has all the marbles in his pouch. Unless of course,
    there is a miracle. But, we of the Hebraic faith do not believe in miracles
    per se. It’s a hard sell.

    I find it most interesting that 54 Democrats signed a letter to Herr Obama
    asking him to pressure little Israel to stop harassing Hamas by their
    use of security measures ( a border fence, occasional airstrikes against
    people about to launch rockets, etc.).

    Not one Republican signed this nefarious document….NOTE to
    my fellow religious crowd when you vote in November.

    You know, the Democrats receive lots of bucks from us…yet when it
    comes to protecting OUR (aka US), interests..who comes to aid, but
    Richard Nixon, George Bush, and the Republican Christians ( Evangelicals).

    But without exception, most of us are in a fog about what matters, like
    self-pretection and survival.

    During WW2, President Roosevelt had the vast majority of my people
    in his pocket., like 92%. Yet, he never did one damn thing to save anyone, like bomb the major camps..(his excuse, it would aggravate the Krauts-aggravate the Krauts?).

    My people used to say, un velt, un tanner velt, and un Roosevelt ( velt meaning world). That was their world during those years.

    At the very end, he managed to aid a few hundred thousand people. In exchange for all this, we got the atomic bomb (thanks to the Hebrews), which saved millions of US soldiers, and maybe our Republic?
    I still believe we would now (those of us alive) speaking Deitsch, if not for Oppenheimer, Einstein, etc. On the West Coast ( Calif), our language would be Japanese.

    What has Feinstein, Boxer, Berman and Waxman wrought we here in
    California? Just think about it.

  2. Norm says:

    Nice job Eric…
    I haven’t been commenting much lately…just reading…but I will jump in an let you know I’ve been here…maybe next time I’ll shorten it to: Kilroy was here…

    ps: I didn’t meet Michele Bachman up close and personal but I was in Washington when she had that meeting on the Capitol steps…closest I got was here

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