KRLA Townhall 2009 Part II

At the KRLA Townhall 2009 event, Michael Medved moderated a panel featuring Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, and Dennis Miller. Kevin James was the emcee. This is Part II of the fabulous event that combined political conservatism with humor in liberal doses.

(MM = Medved, DM = Miller, DP = Prager, LE = Elder)

MM: “Dede Scozzafava dropped out of the NY 23rd race and ended up endorsing the Democrat. Is this good news overall?”

LE: “I am reluctant to take a local race and extrapolate it for a national trend. It is way too soon to draw a conclusion.”

DM: “I went trick or treating as Scozzafava. We have the New Jersey race coming up. Jersey makes Jonestown look open-minded.”

DP: “It is good news when Republicans win. Close doesn’t matter. Robert Gibbs’s position is redundant. The press is his press secretary. Scozzafava feeds the definition of RINO. Obama will get the credit.”

DM: “Scozzafava looks like a rhino.”

MM: “Obama carried the 23rd district.”

DM: “How do you know this stuff? I should read.”

MM: “Shifting to foreign policy, are Israeli settlements the problem?”

DP: “If I’m an Israeli, which president would I trust? Would I trust the one who honored the Dali Llama, or the one who refused him to appease China? Popular does not mean cares. He doesn’t care. Israelis know this. Obama has 6% approval in Israel. There were 0 settlements before 1967. Did Arabs recognize Israel? No. I am pro-truth. The lie of our time is settlements. The picketers have an upside down moral barometer. Picket China or the Congo.”

LE: “Prager is right. Pre-1967, there were no settlements and no peace. Jesse Jackson reflected how Obama feels. The Palestinians said that Hillary made things worse. Finally she is right.”

DM: “Hillary has been cheated on more than a blind woman playing Scrabble with gypsies. Bibi knows that the other side are animals. Give radical Islamists casinos. It cooled off the Indians. In their case the Sand Dunes is already pre-named. If they don’t get Baccarat, they’ll be even crazier.”

MM: “Who is the most important columnist today?”

DP: “Charles Krauthammer.”

DM: “I was going to say Cindy Adams. I love Page 6. I’ll go with Mark Steyn.”

LE: “The greatest current living philosopher, columnist Thomas Sowell.”

MM: “Some espouse that GOP failures in 2008 were due to social issues. Is this valid?”

LE: “No. Either espouse principles, or don’t walk the walk. People didn’t vote for George W. Bush in 2000 because of his support for a prescription drug benefit program. Besides, Obama is anti-gay marriage.”

DM: “It was time. President Bush made the hard decisions. It’s like a parent stopping the car to discipline the kids. It’s a tough sell. John McCain spent 6 years in a rat hole. That’s enough for me. Be center-right, not flip-off Daily Kos. Prager, are those new socks? They have 12-pack written all over them.”

DP: “You can’t beat believers unless you believe in things. The GOP hierarchy is a mystery, like mosquitoes. I look at both of them, and think, ‘Why God?’ Right now there are two political parties, the destructive and the stupid. I tried to run against Barbara Boxer. I met with a GOP leader. He asked me what I did for a living. GOP leaders believe that politics is a hobby. The left believes in the left. We should believe in conservatism.”

MM: Obama said he supported attacks on pirates. When the matter was clarified, he thought that he was supporting a tax on pirates. What rating would you give Obama, and what rating for George W. Bush?

DP: “I give a Obama a D. I wish I could give him an A but I can’t. He did shoot a Somali pirate. I give President Bush a B.”

DM: “Obama killed the pirates simultaneously. With Obama you can’t grade him because everything is an essay question. I give President Bush an A. He was a real commander in Chief like George Washington.”

LE: “With Obama, on economics and foreign policy, I give him an F. With President Bush, on foreign policy I give him an A his first term and an F his second term. On the economy he gets a B both terms. I loved the tax cuts but hated the borrowing.”

MM: “It is difficult to change course. I give President Bush a B+ and Obama a gracious D.”

LE: “The surge was courageous.”

DM: I would give Obama an A in gym class but he does not play well with others.”

MM: “What was Obama thinking with the war on Fox News?”

DP: “The left lives in a bubble. They ask if there is one human in New York City who voted for President Bush, not ‘will it work?’ The White House was stunned that other networks didn’t play ball. Had they gone along, they could never again claim that they were not on the left. They are very bright and insular, like college campuses and the left. They talk to each other from kindergarten through death.”

LE: “They have been stunned by Glenn Beck reporting on Van Jones, and Fox News overall on ACORN. They attack Fox News so that other stations dismiss Fox News stories.”

DM: “The other networks are not noble. This is Rahm Emanuel’s play. You hire a Chicago thug, let him play ball, and whack the bat. Yet Roger Ailes has a spine made of titanium. Emanuel is like an Amish Lamaze instructor. It’s on. Similes come to me like…”

MM: “Why would Obama want to increase the ratings for them. Obama’s people are not dumb. What do they mean by ‘speaking truth to power?’ Ailes does not have his finger on the nuclear button.”

DM: “Maybe they are just dumb.”

DM: “Look, a 787 billion dollar stimulus bill is being given out in $20 handouts in 2010 to buy votes. The tsunami is half full. If you say it now, you’re called racist. If we become France, I’ll just live there. They have nice stuff. If Democrats retain the house, socialism has landed like Parliament Funkadelic.”

MM: “I am less concerned about the czars than I am about what is wide open. The Brookings Institute favors imposing a value added tax, increasing income taxes. We have a higher tax rate than Israel, and we have higher spending on defense than Israel as a percentage of spending.”

DM: “Obama supports a bill for a setting the clock back tax.”

MM: “Are the majority of military personnel happy with Obama?”

DP: “Unhappy.”

MM: “It is their job to salute. Look at the military votes when counted.”

LE: “They are unhappy but doing the job.”

DM: “Unhappy. Are we really going to end on this? It’s kind of anti-climactic. We can do better.”

MM: “I think we should help Miller run from office.”

DM: “Excuse me from worrying about the Earth using 1906 temperature figures. Back then we were sh*tting outside in the woods. Hey Ezekiel, put the candle wick down the hole, then let’s go churn butter.”

I had the pleasure of meeting all of these men afterward. Except for Miller, I had met them all previously. This is ironic given that Miller has had me as a radio guest on his show. When I told him who I was, he exclaimed, “Eric, Baby, of course I know who you are. Get over here.”

I like Miller, but he is truly certifiable.

I would like to again thank these men for putting together a stimulating program. I already look forward to Townhall 2010.


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  1. frankie says:

    Hi Eric – I am trying to get in touch with you! Would love to have you as a speaker for our group. How do I contact you?

  2. Micky 2 says:

    “MM: “It is difficult to change course. I give President Bush a B+ and Obama a gracious D.”

    LE: “The surge was courageous.”

    Yeah, Biden is saying its one of the admins. greatest acheivments.

    “”The vice president expressed optimism about Iraq, saying it could end up being “one of the great achievements of this administration.”
    “You’re going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer,” Biden said. “You’re going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government.”

    OH MY GOD !!
    Have you ever encountered such a gathering of lying shtheads in your life ?
    The man is on record numerous times saying no amount of troops will ever help and every desparaging outlook “ala campaign mode’ you could ever come up with.

  3. Wow, I just can hardly ever get a post to take anymore!


  4. Micky 2 says:

    Eric, happens to me alot also. could ya look into it for us ?

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