Why they hate Sarah Palin

On the left, Sarah Palin is Public Enemy # 1.

She is reviled. She is despised. Like Dan Quayle and George W. Bush before her, her enemies want to destroy her with a ferocity that conservatives reserve for Osama Bin Laden. Liberals may find Bin Laden less threatening to America, but that is for another time.

This went beyond politics a long time ago. This woman has had people try to rip her family to shreds. People who would never dare utter a word about Barack Obama’s children have decided that the Palin family deserves to be abused.

This is liberalism. It is ideological bigotry. Palin’s fiercest critics do not hate her for anything she SAYS. They do not hate her for anything she DOES. They hate her for the same reason they hated George W. Bush and Dan Quayle. They hate her because she IS.

She exists and breathes air. The left are verbal suicide bombers because their hostility and rage toward conservatives is rivaled only by Islamist rage toward Jews.

Every conservative has to be put into two categories. Either they are stupid or evil. Somebody like Newt Gingrich or Dick Cheney is far too intelligent to be seen as stupid. They are therefore evil, with Cheney being Darth Vader. Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin are far too decent and kind to be seen as mean. Therefore they are dolts.

The only way to avoid this group is to be given “protected status” or to bash Republicans. Charles Krauthammer is in a wheelchair, so Democrats are scared to attack him. He would never use this as an excuse, but that is how they work.

David Brooks and others who have inhaled noxious leftist fumes are admired as “true conservatives” for bashing fellow conservatives. John McCain was loved when attacking Republicans, hated when leading Barack Obama in the polls, and loved again after conceding the race. He never changed. He was loved as a loser and hated when he almost won.

Yet while this is all common knowledge, the one question I have never publicly answered is this.


Why does this pathological hatred of conservatives exist?

It comes down to one and only one issue.

For liberals…especially liberal women…and extra especially Jewish liberal women…only one single issue defines politicians and separates good from evil.

Everything comes down to abortion.

That’s it. Nothing else matters.

Some women will protest that they care about lots of issues.

No, they don’t. Everything, everything, everything, comes down to abortion.

(Non-disclosure: I have never discussed abortion on my blog or publicly stated my position. I will only say that the secular left and religious right would both be unhappy with me. I have voted for pro-choice and pro-life candidates, and the issue has never mattered to me as much as the War on Terror. I have a deep respect for the fact that many people on both sides have it as their top issue.)

If Osama Bin Laden was captured tomorrow, liberal Jewish women would ask him his views on Roe vs. Wade.

In 1992, Dan Quayle (and Marilyn Quayle) had to be destroyed. This was the first election featuring baby boomers. The face of an entire generation had to be supportive of the freedom and liberty that the Women’s movement stood for. One prominent female reporter, after the Monica Lewinsky broke, had only praise for Bill Clinton. The reporter said that she would “get down on my knees and service him myself for keeping abortion safe and legal.”

Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy were serial abusers of women.  The feminists said nothing. It goes beyond politics. The feminists have been silent as David Letterman has sexually harassed his staff (unequal relationships cannot be consensual) and Charlie Sheen has physically beat up women for decades. These men are on the left, and therefore get a free pass.

Clarence Thomas gets vilified for unsubstantiated charges while leftists rape, pillage and plunder, get caught, and are acquitted in the court of leftist public opinion. Justice Thomas was going to overturn Roe vs. Wade, and the left knew this.

Sarah Palin is pro-life.

Some people will protest that they hate her because she is a “dummy” who says things like “you betcha.”

This is dishonest. They do not hate her because of colloquialisms. They attack the colloquialisms because they already hate her.

She is said to have tried to ban library books. No, she didn’t. She is said to want to impose a Christian theocracy on America. No, she doesn’t.

If the left wants to have an ounce of credibility (we know they don’t), they should try admitting what they are about.

She wants to overturn Roe vs Wade (many pro-choice people think it is bad law). They want to stop her and any other politician that wants to do this. These politicians will be stopped by ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY.

I rarely use capital letters, but this point cannot be overstated. The ends justify the means. The end is to protect the right to legal abortion always and forever. The means are anything and everything.

Therefore, somebody standing in the way has to be a bad person. They cannot just have a disagreement.

I have friends who believe that human life begins at conception. I have other friends who believe that a woman has a fundamental right to choose to terminate what is not a human life before a certain point.

Again, I have never taken sides publicly in this debate. Yet people on both sides of the aisles are my friends. I do not refer to my pro-choice friends as baby killers or murderers. I do not refer to my pro-life friends as zealots.

My cause is not abortion. My cause is ideological bigotry.

Ideological bigotry is the hatred of people based on politics. The hatred toward conservatives is out of control. I have personally been attacked so many times for my “abortion position” even though I have never publicly stated exactly what it even is! Yet the leftist hatemongers don’t care. I am a conservative, therefore I have to be their enemy. This is nuts.

For those that disagree with my theory, I offer a challenge. Find one single Republican politician in the modern era who has ever been subjected to comparable abuse that holds a pro-choice position on abortion.

There are none.

It is not the war. It is not tax policy or economic policy.

It is not global warming.

Everything on the left comes down to abortion. It is the only issue that matters.

Now I could be sexist about this and say things  to women like:

Have 1000 abortions. Join the d@mn abortion of the month club. Now shut up and cut my taxes.

I could be even more insensitive and say something like:

I am pro-life when conservatives are the parents and pro-choice when liberals are the parents. The fewer liberals we bring into the world, the better. Most of them will grow up to be liberals, and even worse, feminists. Worst of all, they may raise my taxes.

I could be the most insensitive guy on the planet and offend both sides by saying:

Let’s just take the hottest pro-choice women and the hottest pro-life women, put them in a Jello tub and have them Jello wrestle for supremacy like in the movie “Old School.”

I will resist the urge to backdoor such comments in, and keep things high brow.

Sarah Palin as the first woman president would be every bit as threatening as Dan Quayle as the first baby boomer President, Michael Steele as a black president, or Eric Cantor as the first Jewish President. If Republicans take back Congress in 2010, Michael Steele and Eric Cantor will be vilified. Pro-life minorities are a threat. They will be spared if Republicans lose.

If people want to disagree with Sarah Palin on abortion, be honest and say so.

Don’t go after her family and savage all of them with attacks that have nothing to do with a single political issue.

Dianne Feinstein wrote notes on her hand. Joe Biden says oafish things every other day. Barack Obama failed to pronounce the word “corpsman” correctly. Barack Obama also thought we had 57 states. Al Gore said “a leopard never changes his stripes.” Al Gore also failed to know the difference between Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson. Bill Clinton made boneheaded comments about Remus and Romulus, not knowing they were fictional.

This does not make any of them bad people or imbeciles. It makes them human beings. Human beings make mistakes. It is what makes us human.

Dan Quayle misspelling potato or Sarah Palin saying “you betcha” does not make either of them morons.

They are people.

The reason this matters to me so much is because I have had a short fuse lately. I took a leftist woman and reduced her to tears. I didn’t want to, but she made nasty comments about conservatives and I just unloaded.

I do not want to make people emotionally bleed. Yet liberals are reaping what they are sowing. I and other conservatives have just had enough. The abuse directed at us has to stop.

Conservatives are human beings. Sarah Palin is a conservative.

Sarah Palin is a human being. She deserves to be treated with the same human dignity that every creature of God deserves.

Treating political opponents with human dignity…now that is being pro-life.

No wonder the left refuses to do it. They are pro-choice first and foremost, and they choose viciousness.


17 Responses to “Why they hate Sarah Palin”

  1. LOL! I love it when conservative try to explain the positions of liberals! It’s like hearing a blind person describe a sunset.

    Liberals, like myself, dislike Sarah Palin because we think she’s a sleazy, pandering idiot. Simple as that.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    so then I guess turnabout is fairplay huh Jersey and you no longer get to explain the positionsof the right ?
    trust me, you guys aint that hard to figure out

  3. Dav Lev says:

    I don’t debate with other posters on a website. Frankly, I don’t have
    the time or patience, and it really accomplishes little. But if one were to debate, the NYTimes sometimes gets thousands of posters on one topic and more readers. I don’t fault Eric…he can do just so much, and doesn’t have the reach of the bigger media.

    I also don’t like to generalize. I have met Conservatives who are jerks,
    bigoted morons. Jewish women are mainly liberal, but have other interests that motivate them besides abortions. (Few Jews in reality have this problem..I mean Jewish foreplay is 4 hours of begging, as we all know).

    Jewish women are getting married late in life, (those that do). The Orthdox Jew has many children in big families. They WANT children, partly
    because its a blessing, and partly caus Hitler killed most of their brethren (and potential for child births). So, they are trying to make up for it. I must
    say, successfully.

    Jews are a small part of the electorate, but contribute far more than their numbers. Many liberal organizations have Jewish activists. I have met a few. I usually disagree with them vociferiously. I am not about to “Repair the World”, which has become the new Jewish religion ( liberalism and all that rot). While most of the world has targeted US and us, we Jews still
    think we can change (or better) the lives of 6.5b people.

    I mean, there was a bombing in India last week, wherein several people
    were killed and several dozen wounded. The bombing was at a restaurant
    patronized by foreigners. Some believe (I do) that the real target was the
    Chabad House across the street. When the attackers noticed the security there, they dropped the explosive bag elsewhere.

    Killing dozens of Jews, for them, (and Christians) is what Islamic-fascism
    is all about, my fellow readers here.

    For insight, read, “WW4” by Norman Podhoretz. It relates how
    we (US) have dropped the ball going back to the first suicide Muslim bombers..which prevailed through just about every President, including
    Carter (the worst), Clinton ( begged the question), Bush ( who softened
    during his 2nd term, and of course Saddam Obama (who is just beginning
    read history).

    There are causes galore for my fellow Israelites…from saving the seal pups, to saving the whales, to offshore drilling, to aiding the poor unfortunate disenfranchised minorities ( not Hebrews however), to
    forming groups like J Street and Americas for Peace Now. Both groups
    are financed partly by Muslims and other anti-Semitic and anti-Israel entities, and well stocked with your typical Jewish liberal..help everyone else at our own expense.

    Sooo, I would not characterize “Jewish women” as anything more than a
    group of people, who patronize the arts, want everyone to be equal, are for abortions, (even though we as a people are disappearing at 35,000 year. Hitler is laughing in his grave, while Arafat is smiling. )

    I mean, how many Jewish women know the 10 commandments are part of 613 statements (not commandments)? How many really keep the faith I ask, like giving charity, loving God, keeping the Sabbath and obeying the Laws of Moses?

    Speaking of Moses, over 85% of Jewish men and women voted No on that same sex provision ( yes to same sex marriages) even though God, through Moses, told his people it was forbidden. And I am referring also to some rabbis, who just don’t get it.

    And to make things worse, 85% of we Jews voted nationally for
    King Obama…whose first deed was in going to the Muslim world
    to apologize for our actions against it. ( Mr. Obama, ever heard of

  4. Dav Lev says:

    This is the bottom line, abortion is a wedge issue., like same sex
    and civil union relationships and the rights hereto.

    Look, personally I don’t care if Sally Sue or Tilly Slavin got knocked up
    in someone’s old 1956 Ford, or Cherrolet. They knew at the time what they were doing, and don’t tell me the excitement of the moment
    made them irresponsible. I am not in favor of, nor am I against abortions,
    I simply could care less.

    But I am concerned about what happens to the infant, who, may
    be mistreated as not wanted, or simply is the victim of an immature
    mother, father, or both ( married or not married).

    In the end, we taxpayers will pay for their moment of glee (a good
    book might have been a replacement for the temporary thrill).

    Abortion should not be a national issue, but a state one. Since it
    is (With the SC decision), let that prime other laws, as it should.
    Don’t like the decision, then change it….Don’t like corporations/labor
    unions being able to fund campaigns, then change the law.
    That’s what makes US different than, let’s say, all the Arab countries.
    We have a mechanism to govern..through out elected reps. We don’t behead people (see Iran) for “Crimes against G-d”. G-d my ass!
    These people don’t have a G-d,. just oil money, absent which, they
    would be back to trading in the desert, dates and rugs.

    Whether conception is the beginning of life, or the birth of a human being
    is the salient birth, is really up to the individual. But there are state
    laws that define birth.

    In Kansas recently, a muderer of an abortion doctor was found guilty
    of 1st degree murder. This was the right decision. Some Conservatives
    believe every fetus is a potential human being..and have rights, including
    the right to be born. Taking that right away, is murder. I disagree.
    A fetus is a fetus. If it looks like a fetus, acts like a fetus and thrives like
    a fetus, it is a fetus. Some people say the mother only should determine
    whether she wants an abortion. I disagree with this one. If the mothers life can be affected by the birth of the child…the State has every right to
    force an abortion.

    I would never argue the abortion issue. Let the SC decide as it should.
    Or as one LA resident told me…”Abortions, how silly, there are coat hangers”.

    Now let’s get to an important issue that SHOULD CONCERN all of US.

    Rep Baird, D Virginia…was one of 54 Democratic legislators that wrote
    Herr Obama a letter demanding the US pressure Israel into lifting it’s security around the Gaza Strip and allow unfettered imports into it.

    He added that the US must land ships, brake the blockade (by Israel)
    and force the Jews to allow boycotted products onshore.

    If there is one thing I hate, it’s a Democrat who sides with
    Islamo-fascists..as is being done here.

    Israel does boycott some products..which can be used for the manufacture
    of weapons or related activities, (like cement). All non-military products are allowed past the security barriers. (Fuel in part, food, medicine, etc.).

    The Gaza Strip is part of an overall plan, to surround the Jewish state
    for the final “Jihad”, the destruction of it, and killing of all its people.
    See Arab-Muslim websites for proof and listen to their daily statements
    (Hezbollah and Hamas).

    Israel and Hamas signed a cease fire, which forbade the smuggling
    of weapons (from Egypt/by sea) into the Gaza Strip. This was immediately
    violated by Hamas and it’s supporters.

    BTW, Egypt has a border also with the Strip…but is building a steel
    fence. Do they know something?

    To all the Jewish women (and men) who frequent this website. Instead of
    worrying about abortions (not your problem) write the President and Mr. Baird. Let him know, “Never again”, His actions are pushing the area
    towards, “The mother of all battles”, and “The Final Jihad”, the Arab goal
    for 100 years (per Yasir Arafats own statements-and the rhetoric
    coming from the dictator, Ahmad (as in mad).

  5. Well, Micky, trying to summarize the beliefs any large group is difficult. And the way people describe themselves is often different than how we would describe them. For instance, many Americans call themselves “conservative” or “liberal,” “Republican” or “Democrat,” but when asked for specific positions on issues, they often fall all over the place, politically. Ron Paul and Paul Wolfowitz are both “conservatives.” Enough said.

    However, I think conservatives, in general, have a harder time trying to view things through other people’s eyes because they are by definition close-minded and tunnel-visioned. The biggest problem conservatives have with understanding the world around them is that they hate complexity. They like things to be simple. That’s why so many conservatives can’t accept evolution – they can’t concieve that the subjective complexities they see in the universe could possibly be happenstantially caused. It is beyond their comprehension how that could possibly happen.

    Here, Eric makes a very typical conservative mistake – ass-u-ming that people act completely irrationally. It’s a hypocritical and ironic belief that many conservatives have about people, as they will one the one hand assert that people act rationally (if you’re talking about “free markets” for example) and on the other hand that people act completely irrationally (if people believe or do something they don’t agree with). Eric assumes that people “ahte” Sarah Palin just because she exists. That’s just stupid. Most people, including liberals, don’t have such a personalized opinion of Palin in the first place, and secondly, they simply think the woman is a dingbatty moron. Not because she exists – but because she says stupid things and often in a tartish, rather adolscent way (“pals around with terrorists,” “hopey changey thing,” etc). With a wink and a smirk she’ll say some of the creepiest, dumbest, most pandering and lowly things a person ever said.

    That’s why MOST PEOPLE don’t like Sarah Palin.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “Well, Micky, trying to summarize the beliefs any large group is difficult. ”

    Yeah but this goes to that elitest snobbery you guys carry that says were too stupid to study an ideology and determine if it sits with my personal values.
    Keep that sht up and all of you are going o be on the curb wondering what the hell happened.
    What you guys dont understand is that without that snotty elitest attitude Palin managed to be one of the countrys more succesful female politicians with some of the hoghest ratings who spoke like average Americans not using condescending vocabulary.
    Her choice of words isnot half as bad as “Punished with a babay” or ” the police acted stupidly” or “57 states.

    Wise up

  7. Micky 2 says:

    “That’s why MOST PEOPLE don’t like Sarah Palin.”

    That’s why MOST “LIBERALS” don’t like Sarah Palin.

    get it right

  8. thepoliticaltipster says:

    Some on the left clearly disliked (and still dislike) Sarah Palin because she was pro-life. Indeed, on the left-wing message boards some feminists were more concerned about her supposed hostility to emergency contraception than the fact that she charged the insurance companies of rape victims for police tests. However, according to Rasmussen abortion was the most important issue in the 2008 election for only 5% of voters (down from 10% the day before Palin was selected). Polls and anecdotal evidence suggests that most voters on the left of centre, centre and right of centre were more concerned about her lack of experience and her inability to answer simple question.

    I also believe the importance of abortion is overrated. The idea that Democratic partisans only care about abortion is news to pro-choice Republicans like Giuliani or moderate Democrats like Lieberman. Similarly, Jimmy Carter’s (nominally) pro-life stance hasn’t (rightly) stopped him being seen as a failure in office and as a malign force in recent Middle East politics. The Democratic Party did a nearly unanimous flip-flop in the immediate aftermath of Roe vs Wade while Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson and Michele Steele have all taken “multiple choice” positions on abortion. Steele, who now claims to be firmly pro-life, founded an explicitly pro-choice group in 1993, only leaving two years ago.

    My objection to Palin is that she seems to be the Republican Obama. Both Obama and her are inexperienced, enjoy fanatical supporters, were willing to pander to (and pall around with) the political fringe in their youth and are less than open about their foreign policy beliefs. Although Obama increased the number of troops in Afghanistan and has launched an assault on Taliban ground, he has promised a timetable for withdrawal and is pursuing negotiations with them. His administration has also done absolutely nothing to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Similarly, Palin is probably unique in referencing Pat Buchanan and endorsing Rand Paul while wearing an Israeli flag pin.

    The former Alaskan governor seems to be a form of Palinode – a recantation of the right-of-centre Republican values that have attracted moderates, and even occasionally conservative Democrats, to the Grand Old Party. What would have happened to the Big Apple had Giuliani decided that, “only dead fish go with the flow”, and abandoned New York to urban decay? Academic ability is not necessarily synonymous with either character or Presidential leadership and teenage pregnancy can happen to any family. However, many of Palin’s supporters sound like left-wingers when they imply that having children within wedlock and studying hard to go to a good university are elitist aspirations.

    Some commentators have clearly crossed the line by making jokes about her son (or daughter), or using Palin’s risky decision to take a long haul flight while in labour as an excuse to air conspiracy theories about her pregnancy. However, sadly this is par for the course in Presidential politics. McCain had to deal with smears about Vicki Iseman and internet rumours about his health while, according to polls, a small minority of voters still believe that Obama is a secret Muslim and/or was born in Kenya. There were vicious rumours about every twentieth century President, although in a few cases the truth was even stranger.

  9. This is from a few days ago:

    “Although Palin is a tea party favorite, her potential as a presidential hopeful takes a severe hit in the survey. Fifty-five percent of Americans have unfavorable views of her, while the percentage holding favorable views has dipped to 37, a new low in Post-ABC polling.”

    MOST PEOPLE don’t like Sarah Palin. She’s a joke.


  10. thepoliticaltipster says:

    Btw: To be clear, when I refer to “many of Palin’s supporters” I’m talking about Palin’s cheerleaders in the press.

  11. Micky 2 says:

    Shes not up against an ABC audience Jersy.

    “Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Republican voters say former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin shares the values of most GOP voters throughout the nation.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 21% of Republican voters disagree and think the 2008 vice presidential candidate does not share their values. Twenty percent (20%) are undecided. ”

    Sheesh, you might as well of tken a poll from any liberaly bias outlet.

    You can her anythin you want, shes laughing all the way to the bank and doesnt have twice asmany people pi$$edat her as there at the dems right now

  12. Micky 2 says:

    You can “CALL” her…

  13. Micky 2 says:

    I actually dont favor her as a candidate, shes no idiot. She did manage to actually be a very succesful community leader, Mayor,and Governor, and not because shes an idiot. Its basic math, you should try it.
    But you guys insistance on trashing her makes you look ridiculous and fearful of something you say will never exist anyway.
    If shes so freeking incompetent then why is she so relevant ?
    What you’re afraid of is not that she’ll take any office. You’re afraid that she’ll remind the country of what its supposed to be..
    which is what shes doing

  14. Micky, if there’s one thing George W Bush taught us, it’s that you can be an idiot and make it to high office.

    I notice you used the word “fearful,” just as Eric said that to the left, Palin is “Public Enemy #1.” Neither is true. The left no more fears Palin than David Duke. She’s unelectable, so who cares? She’s certainly not “Public Enemy #1” as she lacks the power to be a significant threat to anyone.

    I think what this is all about is that you guys are embarrassed about Palin. You just can’t accept that you backed an idiot. So you project your insecurity on others, blaming us for her her failures.

    Eric asserts that it’s a manifestation of “ideological bigotry.” Well, maybe some of the rougher knocks on Palin are a bit (but they are funny as all hell!). But the general belief that Palin is a moron is Palin’s own creation. She is, in fact, a moron.


  15. blacktygrrrr says:

    The rougher knocks are “funny” when they are somebody else’s family.
    When one’s own children are innocent victims of assaults, it is less amusing.

    Only a sadist would find the abuse of Palin’s children fair game.

    Given that every conservative on Earth is either “evil” or a “moron,” the critics should just admit they hate all conservatives for breathing, admit they only have 2 categories, and be done with them.

    If Palin saw a liberal bleeding in the street she would save their life. One cannot say her fiercest critics would be as charitable. After all, bigots usually take delight in the suffering of others.

    At some point a whacked out leftist will commit an act of violence against her family, and the left will claim she deserved it.

    The line behind verbal dehumanizing and physical violence is very thin.

    I pray for her safety.


  16. Micky 2 says:

    “Neither is true. The left no more fears Palin than David Duke. She’s unelectable, so who cares? She’s certainly not “Public Enemy #1″ as she lacks the power to be a significant threat to anyone.;

    That doesnt explain away the massive efforts that have gone into discrediting her and her family.You guys are either sick, or afraid.. I’ll go with both since I think liberalism is character defect bordering on disease.
    You dont stomp someone into the ground unless they pose a threat or you’re a masochist.
    Her background and successes do not speak moron. Her background is fact.
    your contributions once again are nothing more than the opinionated parroted venom of hateful ideologs.
    Now go drawsome horns on a righty and enjoy yourself

  17. Toma says:

    I’m running a little late with this post and I doubt any one will read it but I’ll post it any how.

    Public speaking is dangerous even if it happens at the gas station. Any thing spoken can never be taken back once it is out there for all to hear and repeat at their leisure. Some times during the course of conversation, public or private, one might draw a blank, so to speak. I’ve done it many many times. When one draws a blank, so to speak, it is wise to cease talking and try to regroup, so to speak. Also, there are times when one should not speak at all and just keep one’s mouth shut. I have found it true that the best time to keep your mouth shut is when you feel like you just HAVE to say something.

    Mrs. Palin I feel finds herself in these types of situations and has a hard time not saying something. The result is a thoughtless statement and a thoughtless statement is usually not good. This is not a condition unique to Mrs. Palin, however She seems to get a lot attention when she utters anything and/or scribbles something on her hand. Perhaps she should use 3 by 5 cards or a teleprompter. That might draw less attention.

    I think Mrs. Palin is good person and I can align myself with a lot of her core beliefs. But I don’t want her as President of the United States.

    That said I would vote for Sarah Palin rather than Hillary Clinton.


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