Activism and Passivism Saturday

Today was going to be activism Saturday. I was galvanized and ready to go.

A drive from Los Angeles to Nevada would have had me helping to kick of the Tea Party Express with 10,000 people. Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, and others are doing the Showdown in Searchlight. Then in the evening Ann Coulter leads the Henderson rally.

I would tell you all about it, but I did not go.

In Los Angeles, Vice President Cheney is speaking at the Claremont Institute’s 30th anniversary dinner.

I do love Cheney, and would tell you all about that event, except I am not going.

The Young Republicans are fired up today. Some of them flew from Northern California to Southern California to run phone banks and walk precincts for Sunder Ramani. Jane Barnett heads the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, and I am sure the Barnett Brigades and their Red Strike Team will tear liberals asunder for Sunder. I met Sunder. He is very impressive. The special election is April 13th.

I would say more, but I did not join them.

Yes, there is activism all around me, but it is tough to fire up the world and sleep until 11am at the same time. Actually, I was up at the crack of 10:45, but even the 15 minute head start did not help enough.

Yes, today is Passivism Saturday.

The weather is beautiful outside. I could sing “Pleasant Valley Sunday” by the Monkees, but that will not happen. I live on the Westside, not the Valley. Today is Saturday, not Sunday. I prefer “I’m not your stepping stone.” Besides, I don’t sing.

I could visit my Rabbi, but that would require a walk around the block.

I could do my taxes and clean my condo.

Heck, I would do some good old fashioned navel gazing, but that would require too much effort.

Last week I mentioned why I was not running for political office. Today was going to be the real reason. That story makes me angry and I am in quite a good mood today. So next week it is then.

I guess today I am reminiscing back to my college days when a television show called the “Care Bears” was on for kids. My friends and I had a group called the “Lethargy Club,” also known as the “I don’t care bears.”

One guy was Lethargy Bear. Another was Apathy Bear. I, the strident one, was F*ck It Bear. This was less due to my lust for women and more for my attitude toward everything, which is creeping in today.

The Lethargy Club had a high five, where we all missed because we did not want to bother raising our hands. Our mascot was the Lethargizer Bunny, who kept going until he quickly fell over and fell asleep.

I could tell the story of how Ralph Nader cut in front of me and others in line at LAX airport, but in all fairness 500 to 1000 words of ranting can be summed up by the one line I just said. Screw you, Ralph.

So as I prepare to get on my knees and scrub this condo, unless I decide not to do it, I celebrate all of those contributing to society on activism Saturday.

For those celebrating Passivism Saturday, I have been awake for 30 minutes. Despite my not being part of a union, and perhaps doing nothing today, a Sabbath nap after lunch may be delightful. After all, Saturday night is only a few hours away. Better rest up now.

I could say absolutely nothing and take 600 words to do it, but I am not sure I am that talented. If I just did, then maybe I am.

Happy Passivism Saturday all.


4 Responses to “Activism and Passivism Saturday”

  1. Our good host was even conseidering hanging around with the teabaggers? Really? You do know they hate Wall Streeters, don’t you?


  2. Eagle 6 says:

    I would join you in Passivism Saturday, but I’ll pass…I just don’t feel like doing anything…and JMJ, you are consistent as usual… ALL teabaggers hate Wall Streeters? Just as ALL Republicans want good guys and bad guys…and ALL conservatives live in a comic book world…It certainly makes it easier to attack others if one has a predisposed opinion…Ah! but I’ve been lying around all day while my wife cooked, cleaned, and put out pine straw, so actively attacking on this Saturday eve is out of character…

  3. Oh c’mon Eagle, can’t you spot a generalization when you see one? I’m not the one saying “all” about anything. Heck, I doubt “all” of anyone agree about the vast majority of things. But if you require me to be so intensely anal with every argument I make, I can’t waste my time on that.

    And this is from the WSJ – not HufPo or something. And anyone who’s been paying any attention to all this knows exactly what I and the WSJ are talking about.

    Look at how the teabaggers are purging mainstream Republicans. The targetted Republicans are ALL of the mainstream WALL STREET variety – even McCain, who long since lost his “Maverick” title whether he continues to use it or not. I think the Tea Party has been reluctant (in GENERAL of course) to get to cozy with the GOP because they believe the party has been outright purchased by Wall Street and does not truly believe it’s rhetoric about God, the Constitution, “small government,” etc.

    I stand by what I said. Oh, and I think the teabaggers are ALL being idiotic, even if I kind of agree with them about the crooks on Wall Street.


  4. Eagle 6 says:

    JMJ, Just poking…I had an earlier conversation this week with one of my best friends in the Army – a female DA Civilian, and she hit me up with the “ALL” Republicans this, that, and the other…so when I read your post, I was primed…

    I haven’t had time to watch or read much about the TeaBaggers – I’ve heard some spin from CNN and Fox, and my biggest concern is they will split the conservative effort, paving the way for Father Barack to stay in power…he wouldn’t bother me so much if he simply made decisions and ran with them, but he treats everyone as if they are his kids…admonishments, disdain, threats…I had the only earthly father I wanted, and I abhor his and momma Michele trying to tell me how I should live my life and whether health care, climate change, cap and trade, or Chevrolets are good for me.

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