Bay Area Patriots Tax Day Tea Party

On April 15th, at Union Square in San Francisco, I was the headliner at the Bay Area Patriots Tax Day Tea Party.

The belly of the beast was there, and I put my tongue right in it.

I would like to thank Sally Zelikovsky an Gini Wolters of the Bay Area Patriots for putting on a spectacular event that was a total and complete success on every level.

1000 people were in attendance, and the group of speakers was as diverse (real diversity, not the phony kind the left trumpets) as they were pleasant. Television media and KSFO caught the action, and action was plentiful.

For those who mistakenly thought they were at the Mrs. Universe Pageant, that is understandable. Between Mrs. Zelikovsky, Mrs. Wolters and radio host Melanie Morgan, there was no shortage of models in case the local lingerie company was looking for new talent.

(I was determined to have Morgan before bed, but since Melanie is married, I settled for Captain Morgan instead. By the time the bottle was done I could not tell the difference between Melanie and Captain anyway. No, not really.)

This was no conference of bigots. It was the conservative Woodstock, minus the drugs. San Francisco has never been so clean and civilized.

Mrs. Zelikovsky kept a tight control over the event. Violence was loudly condemned at the outset. This was a peaceful gathering of concerned citizens.

Several people did show up with Hitler and Nazi signs. They were liberal plants. Mrs. Zelikovsky was well prepared. She had several security people who were assigned to fan the crowd and root out any inappropriate material. Supporters were equipped with pink “infiltrator” signs. When a leftist plant would show up holding a Nazi sign, the infiltrator sign had an arrow pointed right at them so that the entire crowd would know that they were a plant.

The Pelosiraptor called the Tea Party attendees “astroturf.” The astroturf was on the left, and it was smoked out perfectly. The grassroots organizers did not let the left hijack the event.

(When I heard the Pelosiraptor use the word astroturf in a sentence, I thought that another liberal woman had just admitted to being in Bill Clinton’s pickup truck.)

The left, in San Francisco of all places, surrendered. They wanted violence, but still fail tog rasp that the violence is coming from them. Mrs. Zelikovsky used the tactics of the left against them, which is why this event was flawless. The trains ran on time.

T-shirts saying “Reset 2010” were sold in abundance.

Critics of the event were so desperate that the best they could do was point out that I was short, and had unkempt hair (apparently only liberals are allowed to have unkempt hair on windy days).

I was too busy arriving in their city and making a ton of money on book sales to notice. I could not hear the critics. I had a large bankroll stuck in my ear.

Liberals on the internet cringed over their inability to disrupt this event. One liberal complained about the impolite nature of conservatives. He expressed himself by cursing in front of his own child. I pointed out that foul language would not be tolerated in this arena, and the miscreant sheepishly apologized.

Mrs. Wolters had her article on the event publishes in American Thinker. As she accurately and proudly pointed out, the right out-Alinskyed the left.

Pictures of the event abounded.

The left is on the run. The Bay Area Patriots stormed Union Square, held a peaceful event, and encountered virtually no resistance. The left will claim that they had no desire to waste their time disrupting the event. They did try, and they did fail in the typical liberal tradition. Like bullies, they fled when confronted.

This was not just a victory for the Bay Area Patriots. This rally was a victory for ordinary people everywhere. The masses spoke in the Pelosiraptor’s back yard, and the Pelosiraptor had to deal with it.

Deal with it liberals. Patriots from the Bay Area are not backing down.

This is just the beginning.


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  1. whatstheuse23 says:

    ERIC- Robin Eatman here – I used to be a broker at Tiger and Mike Patton put me on to your site. AWESOME brother – I love your stuff. I’m a big fan of Infowars so this is right up my alley – the TRUTH my friend!!! Just wanted to say WAY TO GO! Patton and I both work for Larry Levin’s Trading Advantage now Hope you are well!


  2. Can anyone explain to me what our good host means by “real diversity?” I have no idea. And were there really “plants” there? How could you tell? They all looked exactly the same to me! I could tell apart a flock of birds more than I could this bunch!

    It was quite a show. Very yelly-shouty, though. I can’t take the yelly-shouty thing anymore. Gives me tinnitus. A lot of jokes. A lot of shouting about taxes and welfare and such. Not sure what that was all about. It’s not like Obama and the Dems are raising a lot of taxes or giving much of anything away. As usual, after watching it all, I still have no idea what the whole “Tea Party” thing is all about. Just screaming and yelling about nothing.

    Do the Tea Party people think the GOP is going to be able to lower everyone’s taxes any more? Federal taxes are lower right now than ever in our lifetimes. Do the Tea Partiers have a plan to actually pay down the debt that doesn’t involve revenue to pay it down with? If so, I’d love to know when exactly they expect Jesus to come back to Earth and make that miracle happen! They complain about the deficit, but no one seems to note that if Bush had just paid for the wars he waged there’d be no deficit today! Do these Tea Party people understand that you have to actually pay for things that you want? They want wars, right? So, do they want to pay for them? Apparently not.

    I could go on, but I don’t think this whole Tea Party thing will be around much longer, so let ’em scream and yell inanity to their little hearts’ content. My only advice would be to tone it down a little. The whole shtick is getting painfully shrill.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “It was quite a show. Very yelly-shouty, though. I can’t take the yelly-shouty thing anymore. Gives me tinnitus. ‘

    Was much better than that radio call in you did a couple years back. I thought I was listening to Hulk Hogan straining to take a constipated dump one week in the waiting.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    “Do the Tea Party people think the GOP is going to be able to lower everyone’s taxes any more? ”


    “Federal taxes are lower right now than ever in our lifetimes.”

    So you’re comfortable knowing that this is only temporary, right ?
    Why hasnt Obama fomally denounced the pondering of a VAT ?

    ” Do the Tea Partiers have a plan to actually pay down the debt that doesn’t involve revenue to pay it down with?”

    Does Obama ? Does it have to only be tax revenues What cuts and where has he mentioned those cuts will be ?
    Howbout using the left over stimulus money to start with ? How bout we not build bridges for lizards or do potatoe research right now ? Is it really a priority ?
    The best plan the left has right now is to start taxing us for now for healthcare we cant use til 4 years from now. Yeah, I got a measely 13 bucks a week ($52.00 a month) from Obama this year. I guarantee you my federal deductions for government insurance will be more than that when the time comes…and its coming. Do these guys really think they can insure the entire country for each individual American at 52.00 a month without us having to cough up some more cashola ? They’ll call it something else but it will still be a tax on something most of us didnt want to start with.
    As long as the largest percentage of new hires has been whithin the government I seriously doubt we’ll see the left cutting corners or doing away with anything. except of course we do have to remember. Obama is trying. He’s gonna start by reducing medical benefits for seniors by 500 billion bucks. Who cares, they’re non productive old farts who are gonna die anyday now anyway.
    And then theres all the little pork projects that went into the bill just to get some to sigh on. Whos gonna pay for that ?
    Certainly not me, theres just no more there.

  5. Micky, all law is temporary, and Obama did say the VAT floated by Volker is currently not being considered. One would think you guys would like a VAT tax. Heck, I remember the Reagan and Bush Sr admin’s floating the VAT idea years ago. This sudden opposition to sales taxes shows that conservative have no consistant political beliefs. If Obama is for it – be it a conservative idea or not – you guys are against it.

    Just as I predicted to you guys last year, the remaining Recovery Act money is being spent now. Expect unemployment numbers to go a little by November. After all, I certainly never said Obama and the Dems were above politics! You can also expect immigration reform big time this summer. I just can’t wait to see the Tea Partiers explode on that one. Between the stimulus kicking in and the immigration debate, expect the GOP gains in the midterms to be mitigated.

    As with my first observation, I notice that fiscal responsibility is again thrown under the bus by conservatives in favor of Obamania. One would think conservatives would see the wisdom in the 4-year plan to beef up revenues for the expansion of health coverage, even if they’re against healthcare reform. But no. If Obama and the Dems are doing it, it is de facto bad.

    The healthcare plan dopes not reduce benefits. That is a lie. The cuts (which probably won’t come), are from reimbursements to Advantage insurers. ^%$# them. We should never have privatized Medicare in the first place.

    And you know, Micky. you’re whole industry is nothing but a welfare program. If it wasn’t for the write-off for dining and entertaining, there’d hardly be a restaurant industry. Tax payers essentially pay a good portion of your salary.


  6. LOL! Are you talking about that call I made to the BIO! guys? Yeah, I do have a loud voice. What can I say? That’s not yelling, though. That’s just my voice. I speak from my diaphram.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    ” and Obama did say the VAT floated by Volker is currently not being considered. ”

    He didnt say it was off the table either. And he sure as hell wasnt as boastful about it like when railed how anyone making under 200,000.00

    “This sudden opposition to sales taxes shows that conservative have no consistant political beliefs. If Obama is for it – be it a conservative idea or not – you guys are against it”

    Yeah, the only problem is that under Bush it wouldnt of amounted to 10% which with the debt Obama has created is where it will have to be to be effective.

    ” you’re whole industry is nothing but a welfare program. If it wasn’t for the write-off for dining and entertaining, there’d hardly be a restaurant industry. Tax payers essentially pay a good portion of your salary.”

    Uh… I owned a metal refinishing/chrome shop which I’ve shut down due to the last 8 months of battling butt cancer. And no, not really as far as the rest. business goes, my tips as a Maitre D` or head waiter have always been 4 times that of my paycheck…. which were taxed according to the amount of food sales that night on the assumptive figurethat most waiters were making 15%.
    I made out because my average was above that. As far as tax payers paying the run of the mill generic Red Lobster server goesthese people only make minimum wage or slightly above, so lets not be too proud of what the tax payers are paying waiters. Especially when it during the Clinton years that they started taxing our tips by the formula I mentioned above.
    He got part of his surplus outta my hide buddy.

    “I speak from my diaphram.”

    No comment, Eric would delete it

  8. Micky 2 says:

    Yesterday on CNBC “street signs” Obama is quoted as saying “Its something that would be novel for the United States and before I star saying this makes sense or that makes sense I want a better picture of what our options are”

    Biden on The View in response to Whoopie said; ” Obama was open to listening about that”

  9. Micky 2 says:

    “Tax payers essentially pay a good portion of your salary.’

    Oh , and by the way, I seriously doubt all the people vacationing here in the isles are doing it off taxpayer dollars.
    I’m not a banquet waiter who does convention banquets etc.
    More than half our labor force in the isles works for the state. The taxes they pay are basically just a reimbursment to the state. Taxing taxpayer dollars when more than half you’re workforce is government is a recipe for disaster, and now its here.
    Its not working out too well. All state employees have to take a mandatory 3 furlough Fridays a week.
    Parents with kids too young to care for themselves are forced now to hire day care or take the day off.
    Djou`s running is the closest a republican has ever come to taking that seat in 20 years, N. Abercrombie is resigning and running for Governor which leaves us with a special election next month. All polls here indicate his average support is standing at about 50% against 2 other dems.
    You guys are loosing seats everywhere. The people have seen enough spending and debt thanks to both sides of the aisle.
    Obamas record breaking spending, deficit creation and lack of product to show for it was the straw that broke this countrys back.

  10. Micky, a fundamental reason those people come in there and give you those tips in the first place is because of the write-off. When Clinton proposed getting rid of that corporate welfare program back in the 90’s, the restaurant biz spend 30 million dollars – a lot back then – to lobby congress to keep the write-off, because they darn well knew that it would significantly shrink their frivolous industry.

    “Oh , and by the way, I seriously doubt all the people vacationing here in the isles are doing it off taxpayer dollars.”

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!! Where the heck do you think the RNC hald their annual meeting this year? Are you %$#@!^ kidding me??? Businesses, confernences, business groups, political groups of every stripe are a huge percentage of Hawaiian tourism revenue! EVERYONE knows that! And “all” the people? Who the heck said anything ridiculous like “all” the people???

    Look, the whole restaurant biz always suffers when the economy suffers. Yet more proof that supply side economics don’t work. You can stimulate supply all you like, but if the demand isn’t there, it isn’t there.

    As for the VAT, again, you’d think you guys would be for it. I thi9nk you’re being hypocritical. I guarantee if it was the GOP offering it, you’d be for it.


  11. Dav Lev says:

    The tax gap. For those that don’t know what this is, please go to
    the websites. Let me explain using 1994 to illustrate.

    That year, the federal budget was 2.4 trillion.

    About 400 billion in federal taxes that should have been paid had:
    all tax returns been filed, full payment was included with those returns filed, income and expenses of mainly small business been accurately reported on the income tax returns (federal).

    Of the above amount, approx. 50b was collected by all the divisions of the IRSS: audit, collection, taxpayer service, intelligence, taxpayer service.

    That means essentially those that did pay taxes (required to file and pay), made up the difference.

    The percentages are basically the same each year..sometimes the IRSS collects more, sometimes less. It’s budget recently has been about 10b year. It employs about 120,000 people, give or take.

    Two points: one-half of our population do not pay federal taxes
    on their income. Those that do, must make up for the delinquencies.

    Lets be honest, China has been financing our wars. both in Iraq and
    Afghanistan. Ultimately, they get their loans back, and of course
    are paid yearly interest. That is how they make their money from US.

    Any suggestion by any US leader, to change the entire IRS code is
    appreciated by those of us who want fair taxation.

    The Tea Party movement does not represent most Americans..they
    do not represent the Democrats/Republicans. They are angry
    at both, and deserve to be, considering the unfairness of the progressive
    taxes on all of us.

    Taxes are high., when you include social security, state (California),
    gasoline, telephone, etc. Yes, they are lower than in past decades,
    but is that much of a consolation? Previously, tax dodges, havens,
    and schemes..made up the difference. (See offshore islands, and
    tax deferments on income not spent in the USA as examples).

    But the biggest gift to taxpayers is the write off on real estate interest
    and taxes. The government paid for the sub-prime crisis in many ways folks., through tax breaks, capital exemptions ( first 250,000 single/500,000 married, etc.).

    Sooooo, those that sold homes prior to the bubble bursting ( I know many),
    made a lot of gelt (money)., on top of the exemptions.

    The purchasers using easy money, lived for nothing…THEY DID NOT
    PAY RENT. And small amounts as down payments, added to this

    Who paid ultimately for it, you and me., thans to our liberal
    legislators who demanded their constituents get a “piece of the US pie”.

    This time, we all ate crow.

    I am for a value added tax. You buy, you pay.
    I am for higher state taxes on real estate ( strip malls), than individual

    Both Republicans and Democrats are responsible for the anger out there

    And I do agree on something: how does anyone know that the people
    were plants? Did their signs reveal something else?

    It is well known that a percentage of the US population lives with conspiracy theories., both on the left AND RIGHT. Oklahoma
    should have proved this. Muslims who kill their comrades on army
    bases, prove this. The JDL leaders killed (3), proved this.

  12. Dav Lev says:

    Sorry, the year should have been 2004.


    Which Tygrrrr was up on that stage, anyway? The rank ‘n file Wall Street Neo-Conservative Republican partisan, or the rightwing nationalist populist ringmaster?


  14. blacktygrrrr says:

    For those caring, Youtube does not allow videos more than 10 minutes. My speech was 20 minutes, so only clips are shown.

    I absolutely praised George W. Bush in my speech, and I absolutely advocated turning Iran into a 50,000 hole golf course.

    I also praised Israel.

    I am a Neocon, not a populist. Unlike the left, the right has a big enough tent to allow a variety of different speakers.

    I was just the most delightful.

    eric :)

  15. LOL! Well, I guess that answers that! Not sure about that tent, though. If the GOP tent was big, why would there even be a Tea Party movement? These sorts of movements occur when a large segment of the electorate come to feel that one or both of the major parties is not addressing their concerns. In this case, it’s pretty clear that the Tea Party folks are mostly Republicans, or at least usually vote GOP, who feel the party isn’t doing what they want. What they want seems similar to what the Pat Buchananites wanted back in the 80’s and 90’s. That’s a pretty bi departure from the mainstream GOP/neocons. I think if you had expounded more on what you really believe, the crowd would not have been very happy with it.


  16. Micky 2 says:

    Dont tell me who my clientel is was.
    When I worked at Fraunces Tavern on Broad and Pearl just a block from the SE and the Pacific club in L.A., yeah, I made good money off the write offs. Here in the islands the majority of my clientel were tourists using their own money along with a handful of loyal customers who would eat wherever I was serving simply because they knew that I was also a professional chef who would not allow a bad plate to hit the table. theres no kitchen out there that could bullsht me if the food was not up to par.
    Dont be so arrogant to think that you know where my money came from.
    The majority of tax money that goes into foodservice goes into govermental institutions such our schools, prisons and our military.

  17. Micky, every restaurant is unique, but the point is that the industry as a whole is heavily subsidized at the expense of taxpayers. You can’t deny that. And you certainly wouldn’t know who all is writing off their meals over there. In Hawaii, everyone looks like a tourist!


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