Defending South Park–Half Naked Picture of Muhammad and a Goat

I have decided to show a picture of Muhammad today.

If the Tygrrrr Express burns and I get beheaded, I will be another casualty in the war of civilization vs. barbarism.

Muhammad was special at some time, but let’s be honest. Today this former warrior could not beat up most people. He is a shell of what he was.

I found a picture of him in all his violent rage. The picture also has him without a shirt on. Even better still is a reference to a goat. So yes, I have a picture of a half-naked Muhammad with a goat.

Here it is.

Deal with it George Clooney. The men who stare at goats is more than a bad movie nobody watched. It is now this image I published.

Some may say that I am not being offensive enough, but it is hard to show a picture of Muhammad when I have no idea what he looks like. If I did, I would post it.

While I am not an expert on this issue, I do know that he does not look like a bear. Therefore, since it is obvious that he is not a bear, the creators of South Park did not offend anybody.

Perhaps the same Radical Islamofascists may wish to stop calling Jews apes and pigs.

South Park attacks all religions, and they do it brilliantly.

One of the funniest episodes I had ever seen was when it was determined that the entire leader of Catholicism was a bunny rabbit. After all, the large, long hat the Pontiff wears fits perfectly over rabbit ears.

Catholic League President Bill Donohoe retaliated by murdering 3000 New Yorkers on 9/11.

Oh no wait…That was Mohammed Atta.

The Jews have been lampooned on South Park, with the holiday of Purim being mocked in brilliant fashion.

Yet when all is said and done, Matt Parker and Trey Stone are not attack religions. They are attacking people who abuse religion for nefarious purposes.

After the Purim episode, I remember the Lubavitche Rebbe strapping a suicide belt around his waist.

Oh no, I am confused again. That was another Mohammedan.

The Virgin Mary is covered in “fertilizer.” A cross is hung in a jar of something that looks like Apple cider but sure ain’t.

Christians protest. They try to cut off funding, at which point the ACLU and other brain dead liberals claim censorship.

Yet the left has no problem encouraging the censorship of Muslim cartoons. The left sees them in bad taste. They are culturally insensitive.

What the left really means is what they will never admit.

It is ok to make fun of Jews and Christians because Jew and Christians will not retaliate with genocidal rage.

There are plenty of peaceful Muslims. This is irrelevant. If 99.9% of them are peaceful, then one million of them are bloodthirsty savages.

Rather than try to kill these million, the left tries to give them respect.

It does not work.

Radical Islam is a cancer. It needs to be forcefully eradicated.

When Muslim cartoons showed Mohammed to be violent, what was the response from Radical Muslims?


The cartoons were…and are…right.

Islam has a violent strain. Judaism and Christianity do not come even close.

For now.

Radical Muslims need to understand that one of two things is going to happen.

Either Christians will surrender, as they did in Europistan, or they will fight back with equal if not greater brutality.

The Crusades Part II will be even more bloody.

I will not lose an ounce of sleep if this happens again. I don’t care if Radical Muslims are sodomized with baseball bats and then fed to the goats they use as spouses.

The 99.9% of sane Muslims will be better off. They want the Islamists gone.

I will not be part of the Caliphate. I don’t need to be sensitive or understanding. If liberals want to be tolerant, they can go live in these Arab Muslim nations. I am sure the ACLU Human Rights Department will beg for Christians and Jews as leaders once they are deported to live with the savage governments.

Until then, South Park needs to keep doing exactly what it is doing.

More versions of the Danish cartoons must be printed every day.

America is still a Republic. Democracy exists here. We will not crucify Christians an coddle Islamofascists.

Why do liberals do this?

Because they don’t fear Jews and Christians. Despite talk of Jewish and Christian extremism, the left knows all they will face is an angry letter.

Liberals fear Radical Islamists. By agreeing to self censorship, they have already surrendered.

Once again, don’t send a liberal to do an adult’s job.

I am a conservative, and a proud Neoconservative at that.

I will not back down.

Here is a Danish drawing.

Behold the roses of the prophet Mohammed.

Ok, enough fooling around. Here they are.

The next time an Islamist calls Jews apes or pigs, perhaps Israel should drop a nuclear weapon on their country and obliterate them all. After all, isn’t genocide the answer to those who insult the children of Abraham?

The next time the Pope is insulted, shouldn’t Christians go into random Muslim neighborhoods, round up the infidels, and shoot first and ask questions never?


The goal is to stop the bad guys, and only the bad guys.

Negotiation and dialogue does not work with Islamofascists. The only solution is force. Killing them does not breed more. Killing them leaves them dead.

I stand shoulder to shoulder with the creators of South Park. It is a conservative program, hence the liberal silence.

Then again, liberals could just be cowering under the bed in fear.

They would rather attack Republicans. How brave of them.

Radical Muslims who practice a b@stardized form of Mohammedanism need to be slaughtered like the apes and pigs they are.

Then Theo Van Gogh supporters can draw cartoons of the carnage.

I would happily publish those cartoons.


4 Responses to “Defending South Park–Half Naked Picture of Muhammad and a Goat”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    A former head of the NRA was severely criticized after holding a rifle
    above his head and saying to the world, over my dead body.

    I am not a member, even though I can defend myself if necessary,
    and not by tossing bagels at the enemy. I respect that group.

    We Jews are for Tikkun Olam, (repair the world), I don’t want to repair
    the world, I just want to keep it safe from the fascists. Eric is wrong on one count, according to a Texas pastor, there may be 10% of the Islamic
    world that are terrorists. That’s 140,000,000 folks, more than the combined
    armies of Russia, Germany and Austria during WW2.

    And these people have or have access to nukes ( see Pakistan and
    Iran). According to experts, once Iran’s enrichment program reaches
    a certain threshhold, it can make 10 bombs year.

    We now learn that Iran is exchanging oil for uranium ore.

    Hey guys, I thought they needed oil for their own internal purposes.
    Guess they don’t.

    Okay, so what to do about it and why?

    The other day, I read that 67 people were blown apart in separate
    suicide and other bombings in the Baghad area., presumably by
    Sunni Muslims.

    I mean, if they can do that THERE, what will they do Here?

    When asked why we are in Iraq/Afghanistan..I answer, caus
    I want people killed on their streets, not ours.

    Let’s be honest, if the terrorists were ever to “occupy” any part of the USA
    who would be the first rounded up? Of course it would be the liberals,
    media types, billionaires in Hollywood. You get the point.

    The Muslims were aggravated that our forces were in Saudi Arabia,
    so they destroyed the WTC towers, hoping to kill tens of thousands.

    Fatwas are issued daily by clerics…encouraging the murder of
    Jews and unbelievers ( non-Muslims).

    When people strive to kill me, I have no sympathy for them.
    It’s just that simple.

    One prominent rabbi when asked how the Holocaust happened,
    his answer was, it started slowly. An author and historian said,
    it happened cause it was allowed to happen.

    The Islamic Jihadists know they cannot take over this country overnight.
    They want first Iraq, then Afghanistan, then Pakistan with it’s nukes,
    then Iran, totally in their control. Israel is now the focus of much of
    their hatred (and the US) caus it’s fighting back.

    They forget that the Arabs have launched 10 wars against Israel and
    lost. One win, and there will be no proximity talks or talks about
    East Jerusalem. It’s all or nothing baby.

    April 27, 1944 was a big day for 20,000 people interned in Buchenwald
    Germany. 40,000 people disappeared there, but thousands were saved.
    Or as Walter Cronkite said, 500 naked men and boys were piled like
    cordwood. They were white and starved to death. “Murder was committed

    This was the beginning of what had happened during the years 1938 to 1945. The Reich did not last 1,000 years, or most of us would be
    lampshades ( or sunken heads found in Buchenwald).

    When we learn of death threats for innocous statements, rhetoric
    or cartoons, can we all imagine what if?

    I love the USA. I despise our Presidents’ speeches in the Arab world,
    especially in dicatatorships. I loathe his current attitude towards our
    only reliable ally. I cannot understand why he sends an envoy to
    Syria, while that country sends Scud Ds to Hezbollah, and has
    taken over Lebanon, a once Christian country?

    Why, why, why?

  2. Dav Lev says:

    Sorry guys, I made a slight mistake in my figures.
    There were actually over 220,000 people interned in Buchenwald
    from 1937 to 1944, when it was bombed.

    Of these, over 22,000 died from various causes, including starvation,
    hangings, worked to death, experimented upon, made into lampshades, etc.

    The prisoners were Russian soldiers, political persons, Jews, gypsies,
    the deformed and maimed, etc.

    The guards were particularly brutal in this large, mainly political camp.

    To experiment and save German lives, they tossed phosphorous on
    live see how they could be treated. Ouch that hurts guys.

    There were many ancillary camps, for those who wanted to work
    as opposed to being shot immediately. Of course, they ultimately died.

    There were prosecutions after the war (see websites), which showed
    as Walter Cronkite said upon entering, neat lines of logs, which later
    proved to be people, starved to death, in rows of 500, men and boys.
    “Murder was done here”.

    Originally meant to house horses, the buildings were turned into
    barracks for the dying..5 to a bin.

    Why is this important so many years later?

    Because our President and his staff are allowing Iran’s Ahmad to
    rule with an iron fist over 75m people. Instead of using our 3 carrier
    fleets in the Gulf, we are “talking”, “engaging” using “diplomacy” with

    Ahmad says the Holocaust never happened, just a Zionist myth.

    Yet we engage with these people. Why?

    Haven’t our leaders learned anything from Dachau, Sobibor and Buchenwald?

    We focus on Gitmo and whether prayer shawls are distributed and
    scold guards in that Iraqi prison. We want justice for terrorists who
    if they could, kill us all. Something is very unfair here guys.

    One sweep of B1s and B2s, and a few hundred bunker busters and
    smart bombs at those 31 nukes sites..and Ahmad will be pleading with
    us to stop. Why don’t we do it? What are we waiting for Obama?

    You go around kissing people, and giving meaningless speeches
    for coal miners, who knew the risks. Okay, we all feel sorry.
    I feel sorry for our 4,200 guys killed in Iraq…while we ponder
    the politics of Sunni vs Shia. Where are you Obama?

    We just lost a few guys in Afghanistan…helping the Taliban fight their
    brethren. Hey, they did not bomb the WTC, Al Qaeda did. In fact,
    they fought against the Ruskies…AND outlawed boy toys.
    So they cannot be all bad, right!

    Syria is violating UN1701 which ended that war between Israel and Hezbollah. They now are supplying over 25,000 Hezbollah thugs with
    advanced weapons and help with their final jihad, the mother of all battles and occupy northern Israel, while Israel gets punished by Hamas from the West and Iran sends Shihabs.

    Okay Obama, where are you on this one?
    I would suggest you read, Michael Oren’s The Six Day War,
    and the Holocaust for the truth.

    I could care less about profiling of people, some of whom quietly admire
    Bin Ladin. When will we wake up?

  3. Micky 2 says:

    My favorite episode of Southpark was the one where the two Atheist Otter tribes went to war over a title for the entire Atheist movement.
    It points out exactly how people will fight over anything regardless of religion.
    It all boils down to bigotry and insecurity

  4. Eagle 6 says:

    The Christians were a bloody lot in their earlier years – much like the Muslims are now…part of it is a matter of maturity within the religion. Most Christians have tempered their actions, but the Crusades are akin to the Jihad-like activities of current Muslims. There are still abortion-doctor killings, Catholic/Protestant murders in and around Ireland, et al, but mainstream Christians don’t have the passion they had in the early days – as the Muslims have now.

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