Ideological Bigotry Part XXV–The Oklahoma City Black Militant Cabbie

Before the main event, some quick housekeeping notes from the People’s Republic of Los Angeles.

Today I am speaking to the Temecula Republican Women’s Federated at their annual fashion show.

I am glad to be escaping Los Angeles for the day, especially since last night in Los Angeles was chaos. Both President Obama and Ann Coulter were within walking distance of my home.

Ann Coulter spoke at UCLA. I did not attend, but the event must have gone off without incident. I would have heard the sirens and seen the smoke had their been any real fire. Perhaps leftist protesters were beaten into submission by campus police before the event started. If this is the case, I might donate to the local policeman’s ball this year.

As for President Obama, he slept down the block from my home. He was in town to try and save Barbara Boxer, his most harmful action since taking office (including health care reform).

The hysterical shrill one shrieked while the cool as a cucumber one did his thing. Only people in Los Angeles could appreciate this.

I should have stayed home last night, but I was dumb enough to think I could go out for a hot dog without incident. I came home just before 9pm, and on a normally quiet street facing the main street, cars were backed up a city mile. I was across the street from my home, unable to get there. There were police everywhere. When I asked why, they said “Obama.” I innocently asked “Couldn’t he just take side streets?”

At least the motorcade went past my building without stopping inside. All I needed was for the jacuzzi to be sealed off because the president wants to go for a poolside soak at the same time I do.

(Sadly enough, Ms. Coulter did not stop by for a jacuzzi soak either.)

Yet it is one thing to be held hostage by traffic. In all fairness to the president, he causes less congestion than Kobe Bryant. The Lakers, who I detest, are in the playoffs. Until basketball season is over, downtown Los Angeles will be even worse than its usual awful experience.

Now for the main event.

It is one thing to be held hostage by traffic. I work from home, and can stay indoors. It is quite another thing to be held hostage in a foreign city by a deranged lunatic still bitter over events that occurred in the 1860s.

I was in Oklahoma City one month ago. The National Federation of Republican Women had a spectacular winter conference. After the conference, I decided to visit the Oklahoma City Memorial. The memorial was in walking distance from my hotel, but it was cold outside. I decided to brave a 10 foot hotel walk to a cab instead for a less than 5 minute ride.

That is when I encountered a fellow that I will refer to as the Black Militant Cabbie.

Now I know that liberals think I am a provocateur, and that my ongoing tales of ideological bigotry are inside my head. I mean every once in awhile somebody on the left could do something bad, but could that many people do bad things to one man for no reason? How could this be?

Simple. The left is an entire cancerous ideology of hate. Bullying is what they do. The Black Militant Cabbie (BMC) was just one typical leftist, nothing more.

The exact words I said to this man were, “The Oklahoma City Memorial, please.”

5 words…The…Oklahoma…City…Memorial…please. That is all I said.

Within 60 seconds, this man explained that white people needed to understand that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh were responsible for the culture of hate that caused the Oklahoma City bombings.

(Beck was a radio DJ at a morning show at the time, I think. He spun records.)

Timothy McVeigh was a typical white separatist who wanted to keep (n-word…which the cabbie said several times) down. McVeigh got his orders from talk radio. He then said that all Republicans were the cause of hate in America.

I could have let it go. Yet I clearly remember the 5 words I said…”The Oklahoma City Memorial please.”

I looked at the driver and said, “I am a Republican, and I don’t appreciate you blaming an entire group of people for this.”

He then looked at me and said, “Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned my politics in the car.”

I angrily responded, “You think? Maybe you shouldn’t have. I did not ask for your politics. I asked for a cab ride.”

He then said, “Well yeah, I understand, but you have to understand, Republicans have been trying to keep the black man down since…”

I cut him off and said, “I am not here for a lecture.”

This was the longest 5 minute car ride in my life.

The fare was $2.30. I tried desperately not to give him a tip, but unfortunately I did not have a nickel on me. I ended up giving him $2.35. If he chokes on the extra 5 cents, I will not lose sleep.

Does anybody in their right mind think that this man is an isolated basket case? Does anybody with an ounce of credibility think his behavior is outside the norm of leftist behavior? Does anybody think that conservative Republicans behave this way?

No, we don’t. We shut up, do our jobs, and live our lives. We speak out in self defense from ranting lunatics like this.

I don’t discuss ideological bigotry in a vacuum. I offer real life experiences with real ideological bigots.

In 5 minutes, this man equated all Republicans with evil on Earth.

I still do not understand why this man was in Oklahoma. If a person hates whitey and Republicans, why live in an area populated with them? If I hated liberal New Yorkers and latinos, I would not live in Spanish Harlem.

I was a tourist in this man’s city. Yet for 5 minutes I truly felt like a hostage.

At the risk of offending every minority group under the sun (like I care), I don’t care about your problems. I don’t care about slavery, life before feminism, Palesimian suffering, or whether or not gay Malasian CPAs are being oppressed by gay Thai CPAs.

My dad is a Holocaust survivor. His favorite holiday is “shut the hell up and go to work day.”

It should be amended to “shut the hell up while at work day.”

I have minority sympathy fatigue. My relatives were tossed into ovens. You don’t give a d@mn. Why? Because you are worried about feeding your families and living your lives. How selfish of you, wanting to just be left alone to live in peace and quiet.

I don’t care what my auto mechanic thinks about Saudi Arabian lesbian golfers. If my car runs, he did his job just fine.

If there is a second leftist cabbie in America, perhaps he and this Oklahoma City BMC can crash into each other at top speed.

I want to get from point A to point B without being confronted by the worst aspects of leftist societal dregs.

I should have reported the BMC, but I wanted to focus on the Oklahoma City Memorial. I was relieved when the cabbie that picked me up to bring me back to the hotel was calm, pleasant, and non-militaristic.

The left blames every conservative for every problem on Earth. So while blaming every leftist for the decay of America may seem unfair, my justification is simple.

The left does not condemn their worst elements. They celebrate them.

I wonder how many liberals even find my experience problematic. After all, I must have said something to offend this man. I am a conservative. I have to be at fault.

Some will say that he had a bad day, or maybe a bad few years.

That is an explanation, not an excuse.

Until enough people throw pennies at him in his car and say, “Here is your fare, now do your (redacted) job and shut up,” the bullying will continue.

I should have said something. Because I did not report him, he is out bullying other innocent passengers and getting paid for it.

This is liberalism. It is a philosophy of intolerance and hostility.

I have hundreds of these examples. The behavior is not atypical. It is very typical.

I have had it.


9 Responses to “Ideological Bigotry Part XXV–The Oklahoma City Black Militant Cabbie”

  1. I just got home from an explicitly apolitical meeting where some goofball made a sarcastic crack about “free Obamacare.” So, no, it is not just a liberal thing. Republicans’ mouths are just a big.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah well..
    Oklahoma happened on the anniversary of Waco…

    Process that one cabbie
    Liberals subconsciously think its all about race. Its not even smething thats discussed. It just became a deemed belief after a while
    If they dropped the “republicans are racist” mantra Obama wouldnt of won. It was the 95% majority black vote that pushed him thru.
    Victimization pimp.
    To cater to a specific sect for votes is just as racist as to demonize that or one sect to prevent their success.
    Unfortunately when theres no legit argument anymore the discrimination/racist cards come flying.
    Its so old, its so lame.
    I’ve never dated a white woman in my life. I married a Portugese,Scottish, Hawaiian woman. My daughters mother is Mexican/Italian. I am a white conservative.
    I am racist ?

  3. “Yeah well..
    Oklahoma happened on the anniversary of Waco…

    Process that one cabbie”

    What the…? What do you mean by that?

    And Micky, Democrats routinely lose with 95% of the black vote. If you didn’t know that, you’re clueless. What carried Obama over the top was Republican/conservative racism – or at least perceived racism – againt a different group: Hipanics.

    You guys don’t know it, but sometimes you come off stupidly racist. When you guys say things like “Blacks just vote Democrat because they’re _____ (brainwashed, hands are out, gullible),” you sound racist. I know you don’t mean to be racist, but it sure does have that ring to it. People who don’t know any better, people who come from places that don’t have many conservatives or where conservatism is unwelcome, they don’t know any better. They hear what could be inferred as racist and take it as racist.

    This really gets to what Eric means by “Ideological Bigotry.” You guys do it too. Liberals often think that conservatives are idiots, that “People who vote Republican are _____ (brainwashed, have they’re hands out, gullible.” We all do it, and it tend to only embolden and entrecnch the other side. In other wortds, the more you say it, the less likely they’ll ever be to see things your way. My attitude, personally, when it comes to conservatives, is “fine, let them entrench.” If that’s your attitude too, then fine – but don’t complain when people call you bigotted.

    Back to Hispanics…

    Hispanics were key to Obama’s victory in 2008.

    And check this out:


    Latinos have cast a declining number of GOP votes in recent years, and their turnout in Democratic primaries has been growing.

    Latino votes

    trending Democratic

    1996: Bob Dole (R) receives 21 percent of Latino votes.

    2000: George W. Bush (R) wins 35 percent of Latino votes.

    2004: Bush wins 40 percent of Latino votes.

    2006: In congressional races, Republicans take 30 percent of Latino votes.

    2008: In primaries held by both parties, 78 percent of Latino voters participate in Democratic contests.

    Latino turnout

    in Democratic primaries

    California: 16 percent in 2004, 29 percent in 2008

    Florida: 9 percent in 2004, 12 percent in 2008

    Texas: 24 percent in 2004, 34 percent in 2008

    Now, why do you suppose that happened?


  4. Dav Lev says:

    The other day, I debated a fellow shopper ( supermarket), about
    corporations vs small, local, mama-papa businesses.

    In parts of the USA, yu see, Walmart faces hostility by liberals,
    mainly Democrats of course. They are accused of predatory practices,
    destroying communities, killing off “local” business and enterprise, forcing
    people to work part time, not providing any health benefits, using their
    cadre of highly paid lawyers to “win” against those who resent them (coming into THEIR community) AND buying Chinese ( not subgum however)

    Look, Wal-Mart is the largest revenue producer on the planet, and
    by far in the USA. It has hundreds of thousands of suppliers, some abroad (what else is new?). It’s employee base is huge, paid at least the minimum
    wage and do get health benefits under certain conditions. Its main
    attraction is it’s lower prices, nice stores, good service, etc., which is the why of it’s success. It has a good model, but does have competition.

    The liberal who I debated went on a tirade about corporations…and my
    former employer (wont mention here). He said, “I cant believe Im talking to ..”. He referenced the number of part time employees who work at this the corporations virtual control over their lives, and earnings.

    I remined him of the earned income tax credit: the IRS gives you a credit if you work based on your income and number of children.

    It’s really a form of welfare guys.

    I also reminded him that not ALL corporations have 100,000 plus employees. Some have 2. He dismissed that as “garbage”.

    As far as Eric’s parents, I am reminded of another conversation at another time, another place.

    “Jews have 80% of the money in the US (he is of German-Austrian
    background). They control the Democrat. They control Obama who cannot
    do anything w/o their concurrance.

    Are you listening Bibi?

    Are you listening Floridians?

    Hey fellow readers, a survey just came out about Jews in a district in
    South Florida. According to the stats..most Jews in parts of this heavily
    Jewish area would vote 80% for the current Democratic candidate, despite
    Obama’s stomping on their most important concern, Eretz Israel.

    You see, they know that, had their been an Israel during WW2, the Krauts
    would have faced a determined people who would have fought them and
    not walked like lambs into gas chambers, their infants thrown against
    walls, etc., by those brave German 20 year olds, with their shiny
    black hats and boots. (See Einsatzgruppen ABCD).

    Sooooo, despite the isolation of those people in Florida from real life,
    some of it their fault, and a certain naivety, their loyalty is to the
    most anti-Jewish President since Millard Fillmore.

    Great comment Eric, but in fact, the liberals do not have sole possession
    of bigotry.

    As far as cab drivers..just tell them to drive on.

  5. Micky 2 says:

    “And Micky, Democrats routinely lose with 95% of the black vote. If you didn’t know that, you’re clueless. ”

    Obviously I knew it so that kinda makes you not only pointless as well as clueless.

    What Jersey ? You dont think a guy that was fed up with big government coincidentally bombed Oklahoma on the same day Waco happened?
    Notice in Clintons ramblings this week he doent bring up that connection, does he ?
    So lets drop this crap where theres only nuts on one side of the aisle or that they’re even looking at the aisle.
    They’re just nuts.

    Yeah, whos clueless now ?

  6. Micky 2 says:



    Heh, minorities/blacks have historically voted democratic for decades.

    Whos brainwashed ?

  7. Micky, what are you saying? Yes, we all get it that McVeigh was inspired by Waco to commit the worst terrorist attack in our history to that point. So, what’s your point?

    You obviously have nothing to say about the mass shift og the hispanic vote away from the GOP.

    You go on and on to make a point I constantly make as if I don’t make it – that human nature knows no partisanship.

    Eric’s the one saying it’s liberals and not consrevatives – I’m not the one saying the opposite! Heck, it’s his whole blogger idium! I think it’s ludicrous! If anything, there seems to be more vitriol and wenom from the Right than the Left by far in a long ways! Heck, Eric was personally offended by a black cabbie expressing his personal view. Eric was in no way abused or harrassed. He was just annoyed by hearing someone’s opinion. And he complains about “intolerance”???

    Get real, guys.


  8. Micky 2 says:

    “Yes, we all get it that McVeigh was inspired by Waco to commit the worst terrorist attack in our history to that point. So, what’s your point?”

    Clinton obviously avoided that in his little rants.
    Thats my point.
    Intrusive government is what pi$$ed off McVeigh and Clinton fails to mention that the left can and has inspired violence.
    Yet any fool knows he was refering directly to the Tea Party assomehoe being invitiveof violence.

    Its bullsht

  9. Micky 2 says:

    The Waco disaster, one of our country’s worst examples of government aggression gone awry. Did anybody read Bill Clinton’s editorial on the 19th? He basically blamed Oklahoma City on anti-government sentiment, and barely even mention Waco. Or Ruby Ridge for that matter

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