Ideological Bigotry Part XXVI–Debbie Does Dennys and Eminem Returns

I have said on many occasions that the left hates the right solely because we on the right exist and breathe air.

The downright hostility emanating from leftist ideological bigots makes it impossible for conservatives to walk down the street without being harassed.

Conservatives have their cars keyed, their lawn signs stolen, and their lives turned upside down.

I have been verbally assaulted by hotel employees for daring to attend a function where a liberal congressman was speaking. I have had a five minute cab ride feel like a hostage situation. I have had women scream at me for feeling a certain way without asking me how I felt.

In the Jewish community, this ideological bigotry is especially noxious.

I have said on many occasions that if Osama Bin Laden were captured tomorrow, liberal Jewish women would ask his stance on abortion before determining if he was a bad guy. They would want to know if the car he drives to greet his suicide bomber employees is a hybrid. When he speaks about drinking the blood of dead Americans and Jews, they want to make sure it is in a biodegradable cup.

A Jewish function I recently attended ended up with several people going out to a local club later on.The club was within walking distance of my home. One of the people sitting at the table was a woman I will refer to as “Debbie.”

I have run into Debbie many times over the years. I did not know her well, but we engaged in casual conversation. I knew that she was in an on again, off again long distance relationship. At age 30-something, she was struggling financially. Her “career” was that of a nanny.

Six of us sat at the table, and the conversation was light, breezy, and harmless. Somebody asked what I did for a living.

I used to avoid answering the question because I was tired of being attacked. Republican Jews are the new gays. We are in the closet out of fear.

I decided to “come out” as a Jewish Republican and be proud of who I am. So when I am asked what I do, I say that I am a speaker. I tell them that some of my speaking is political. I also make it clear that I like everybody, and do not let that affect my friendships.

Yet too many people on the left do have political litmus tests for friendships. My constant obsession with ending ideological bigotry, especially in the Jewish community, has led me to be much less patient with people when they exhibit it.

Some have even argued that since ideological bigotry is not codified law like racial or ethnic bigotry, it is less important. After all, if it was serious, it would be leagally wrong. THis line of thinking is a pathetic rationalization.

At this dinner table, Debbie proudly claimed that she was a socialist. I had zero problem with that. However, she then offered up the usual tired litany of insults. “Republicans don’t care about people.” “I can’t stand Republicans.”

I pointed out that she shouldn’t label a whole group of people, especially since I was one.

She then made it clear that while I may personally not be bad, most of them are.

This is where I had a decision to make. I could let it go. Yet again, if this were racial or ethnic bigotry, I would be criticized for staying silent. The idea that anti-Republican bigotry should be tolerated is nonsense.

I unloaded on her. I am not proud of it,  but I did it. I called her a bigot. After all, liberals have been throwing around that word forever. A taste of their own medicine was in order, especially since this was an actual example of real bigotry, not the fictional stuff the left invents.

We aregued in front of the Denny’s and inside the Denny’s. It got pretty ugly.

I let her know the reason why she really hated Republicans. It was because I was successful while she had failed at life. She may have been working “hard,” but she was not working smart. I worked my behind off to be a success and I was not going to have a failed human being tell me I was a bad person because I did not want to redistribute my success to her pathetic failed existence.

She claimed to have been reduced to tears over this, but cry me a river of crocodile tears. While there are female Republicans and male Democrats, the parties to have a gender gap in the other direction. Women (especially liberals) love to put men (conservatives) on the defensive by calling us mean and insensitive. My response is that these women should just act like guys (with breasts) and grow a (figuratively) pair.

I am tired of the left throwing punches and then getting all hysterical when the right fires back.

She said she did not mean what she said, but that was not good enough. She did mean it. What I wanted from her was a promise not to say such things again. I mean why apologize to me and then go around and say the same bad things to other people? Even by liberal standards, that is phony.

She absolutely refused to make this promise, and stated that I had no right to limit her speech. Actually, like a typical leftist, she is unaware that plenty of speech is restricted, such as hate speech. She is just lucky that her hate speech is not codified yet.

That is when I decided to play hardball. The only thing liberal bullies respect is force. I let her know that I had a mailing list of 10,000+ people, and I was going to make her the next poster child for liberal bigotry gone wild. I was going to make her famous.

She threatened to sue me, as if she could afford a lawyer. Liberal lawyers who do pro bono work do not care about white Jewish liberal women who have a problem shutting up. Other groups are more sympathetic.

At this point I decided to consult with the Real Slim Shady. I asked myself, “What would rapper Eminem say in this situation?”

Hey, Eminem knows how to handle nasty women who try to criticize his success.

I referred to the song “Without me.” Eminem explained the emptiness of Debbie’s threat. That is when I decided to call her ridiculous bluff and accelerate my fury.

“Get ready…’cause this sh*t’s about to get heavy…I just settled all my lawsuits, f*ck you Debbie!”

Some may ask why I did not let this go. Why am I such a heat seeking missile? Why rip a woman to shreds?

Because I have had it.

I light myself on fire so that others do not have to do it. Others can continue being nice. It is a valuable public service.

The stress of it might kill me, and I really do abhor conflict. Yet until the other side is willing to treat me with decency, unilateral disarmament is not going to have.

Debbie made the wrong comments to the wrong guy, and she was unprepared for the rage directed at her. Well she should have been prepared. Again, change the word Republican to gay or black, and liberals understand my indignation.

So why not let others handle this? Again, philospher Eminem, has the answers.

“This looks like a job for me…so everybody else just follow me…cause we need a little controversy…it’ll feel so empty without me.”

I am really good at taking wretched human beings and ripping them to shreds. I wish I was not. Yet years of being on the receiving end of abuse have left me battle hardened. My hands are daggers and my words are stilettos.

I honestly wish somebody else would do it. Yet waiting for conservatives to stand up for themselves is pointless.

I wish I could just “let it go,” but I am not going to sit at a dinner table while somebody tells me I am evil, uncaring, stupid, or any other adjective when they know nothing about me.

I am not going to allow somebody who has failed at life to come at me for succeeding. It is not the system. It is the crybabies.

Debbie finally relented at 2am after about 3 hours of battering. She promised not to defame or defile me in any way. I promised not to use her last name when telling her story.

Besides, she is a leftist. It is not like she could do anything if I did.

In 10 years I might be dead from stress. Yet I can guarantee that if I am alive, I will be doing my best to try and succeed in life. She will still be complaining and blaming Republicans. What a pointless existence.

So while Debbie does Dennys, I reach for the snack bowl and enjoy free Eminems.

I did not seek this role. Yet until ideological bigotry is vanquished, I will be the reluctant conqueror of all things leftist and vicious until these miscreants are crying their eyes out and promising to be nicer people.

I did not start this conflict, but I sure will finish it.

So for those conservatives who have had enough, I am there for you. The Debbies of the world will crawl back to their leftist holes, under a fusillade of superior verbal firepower if necessary.

Get ready…

Cause this sh*t’s about to get heavy…

This looks like a job for me…

So everybody else just follow me…

We need a little controversy…

It’ll be so empty without me.

You’re welcome.


6 Responses to “Ideological Bigotry Part XXVI–Debbie Does Dennys and Eminem Returns”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    Ah personalities, what would we do if we were all alike?

    Many moons ago, in a Circuit City Store, I debated another customer
    who said Americans should be homogenious (or is it homogenious?), that
    it’s our diversity that is causing all the internal strife.

    I thought about it for a moment, looked at this guy, and plainly said,
    “yeah, how dull it would be”.

    Debbie, this unsuccessful nanny at 30 plus, is a jerk.

    I mean, it would be beneath me to argue anything except how
    wrong her diaper procedures are. Where the shit hits the fan, so to speak…

    I mean during my years of employment, I heard hundreds of
    anti-Semitic, anti-Hispanic, anti-Catholic, anti-Protestant, anti-
    black, anti-Muslim, anti-American, anti-Korean, anti-Vietnamese,
    anti-Irish, anti-German, remarks, etc., etc.

    Occasionally, I would defend one of the groups being villified and

    I recall during the Vietnam war, how come employees wanted
    to bring their guns to work, and “get rid of” them.

    I am sure that for every Debbie, there are others who are more
    thoughtful and accepting of other opinions about just everything.

    Intolerance, stupidity and bigotry is across the board Eric.
    Don’t get carried away with this Jew (or Israelite) thing.

    Goodness, I have heard some of the most vicious anti-white statements
    coming from black females. Hispanics are not much better in their vile
    use of language against fellow Hispanics ( Puerto Rican vs Mexican
    vs West Indian, vs Argentinian vs Mayans, etc.

    Orthodox Jews (ultra) in Israel and here, are against Israel’s existence and let you know it. To them, the entire state is a fraud, w/o their
    messiah as told in the Torah. Reform Jews love everyone but Orthodox
    Jews, who they see as antiquated. (Reminds me of an Amerian Italian
    who kept telling me that the entire Jewish religion is prehistoric and basically worthless, except for “deals” negotiated in synagogues).

    He is no longer with us..maybe he is with his creator and the angels,
    or wherever?

    I mean bigotry and narrowmindedness satiates our society, beneath
    the “Cannot we all be friends”.

    Diversity in civil service is a fraud and everyone knows it.

    Affirmative action is illegal, yet governments still hire and fire
    based on the color of someone’s skin or heritage.

    Is their prejudice in private industry, you bet.

    Are jokes told about ethnic groups, you bet.

    Ever here the one about Tiger Woods and Obama?

    Talk about bigotry, read the LA Times today for proof.

    I mean, there are people in Caliiiiifornia, who want to boycott
    those mean, ugly whites in Arizona, caus they approved
    a law which makes it illegal to be there illegally.
    Now, some want to stop all trade with that state, and refrain
    from having conventions.

    Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder how many legals will lose their
    jobs if ever this comes to fruition?

    If I were an Arizona legislator, I would advocate rounding up every Californian
    who relocated there for cheaper homes, better weather, a good atmosphere to retire in, less crime, strong law enforcement, or to build manufacturing plants, without worries over weather AND SHIP THEM BACK.

    It will be interesting to observe how McCain deals with this one, him
    wanting amnestry for illegals.

    Maybe California should send in the National Guard, and airforce,
    and “occupy” parts of Arizona. Or, as with Israel/Palestine…fire
    rockets into Pheonix to get our message across.

    Now that would be an idea.

    But of course, a Goldstone type will come to the rescue of the rocket
    launchers…claiming Arizona’s retaliation ( shipping Californians back)
    were war crimes.

    Oh me oh my! Oy vey!

    But remember Tikkun Olam, repairing the world is our creed.

    BTW, the dictator of the Sudan won his election by a large majority.
    I mean, he only murdered a few hundred thousand people.

    Some say President Obama inherited a complex and irrational
    US public..and is reasonable himself, thus his lack of achievement.

    I say, if you are the President, you get elected to do your job.
    If you cannot, stand aside, and let someone who can, do it,
    like John McCain.

    If you cannot take advantage of the protests in Iran against Ahmad,
    the Rev Guards and the Mullahs, then allow someone who can.
    Why are we spending billions on those 3 aircraft carrier fleets in the
    Gulf, doing nothing concrete? Why, why, why?

  2. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah, this last family Christmas gathering I’d just about had it with some family members who are much the same way. For years now they’ve held the floor with their unfounded accusations flung at Bush, calling republicans p*ssies etc and I’m always expected by everyone to just shut up.
    I ripped em to shreds.
    I destroyed the party.
    While most of their arguments were the generic ones we see scraped off the front of every liberal media, they had no idea just how well informed I’ve become in the last few years and could literally answer none of my questions or place one factual arguement.

    For the first time ever half of them didnt show up for Easter.
    Sorry, but I’m also fed up with hearing this crap from moonbats who never take into consideration that there might be someone listening thats offended and when that person does speak up they’re made to be insignificant by means of attacks on their sanity or intellect.

  3. “I have said on many occasions that the left hates the right solely because we on the right exist and breathe air.”

    “I have had women scream at me for feeling a certain way without asking me how I felt.”

    Do you see the irony here?

    You have the unmitigated gall to accuse the left of harboring pure aribitrary and irrational hatred of the right and then you complain when someone accusing you of harboring thoughts that you do not. You blanketly accuse the left of bigotry and in doing so are being blatantly bigotted yourself.

    The left does not agree with the right. It’s not just for breathing – a insulting, gratuitous lie. It’s because the left belives the right is wrong – dangerously, destructively wrong. Some on the left believe that rightism is a character flaw, as many on the right believe the same of people on the left. In social setting, though, it is very rude to throw that opinion around.

    “I let her know the reason why she really hated Republicans. It was because I was successful while she had failed at life.”

    Now this is just aweful. Who are you to judge anyone in that way? You just did exactly what she did when she made that comment about Republicans. She issued an insulting, subjective insult, and you countered with the insulting, subjective insult – only yours was even more personally hurtful. And remember, what you call “success” other people don’t. Success is a pesronal measurement, not a second-person judgement. Personally, I couldn’t live with myself if I was a popular rightwing speaker! ;)

    It’s one thing when we vent on blogs or in politcal debates, but when we deal with each other on a social basis we should uphold the old axiom: if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Instead of getting nasty with the woman, you could easily have replied to her, “Hey, that’s not nice. I’m not a bad person. You shouldn’t go around saying things like that about people. How would you like it if I said ‘all liberals are smarmy %$#@$?'” You could have slammed her in a way that would have made her reflect on herself and be more respectful of you and other conservatives. Instead you debased yourself and acted like a punk. And now she really hate conseravtives. All uyou did was to reinforce her negative stereotype. I’m very disappointed in you.

    But this is a typical conservative reactionary response. You guys have a terrible habit of taking a bad thing and making it much, much worse. When will you guys ever learn?


  4. Micky 2 says:

    “You have the unmitigated gall to accuse the left of harboring pure aribitrary and irrational hatred of the right and then you complain when someone accusing you of harboring thoughts that you do not. ”

    The only flaw with that ridiculous argument is that e wa branded just for being known as a republican regardless of what his actual thoughts.

    Heres an example from another blog concerning Az.immigration…

    “This Arizona bill is nothing more than a shoddy attempt by the GOP to disenfranchise Hispanic voters via fear and intimidation. It has nothing to do with immigration. It has everything to do with keeping voters who are apt to vote Democratic away from the polls.”

    Really ?
    I guess when Clinton and Obama call for reform they’re trying to alienate their own base ? But when the right calls for it were all a bunch of racist xenophobic Nazis.

    You guys really need to start following yourown creed of peace, tlerance, and kumbaya. For the last year you’ve been accusing cons, reps, tea partiers of being these evil hateful violent racists yet theres been not one incident of violence or arrest at their gatherings.
    Now lets contrast that next to the scene in Arizona for the last 3 days.
    One guy at the moonbat rally spoke out against them and had to get hauled away by the cops before the mob beat the sht out of him as as the cops were rained on with everything from water bottles to rocks ontop of spraying the sidewalks with messages that say “burn this racist city” and smearing swatikas on the capital bldg.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    “The only flaw with that ridiculous argument is that e wa branded just for being known as a republican regardless of what his actual thoughts.”

    should say.

    The only flaw with that ridiculous argument is that Eric was branded just for being known as a republican regardless of what his actual thoughts were.

    “Success is a pesronal measurement, not a second-person judgement. Personally, I couldn’t live with myself if I was a popular rightwing speaker! ”

    She was bitching about her financial woes, fugure it out for yourself.

  6. Dav Lev says:

    Let’s be honest with one another, there are both Republicans, Independents and Demcrats who are bigots.

    Haven’t we all met them at one time or another?

    A few weeks ago, I was sitting at a bus stop, next to a black woman.
    She told me she was residing in a section 8 apartment building. Okay.

    Along came an elderly lady, who, If I didn’t know, would assume
    was of Irish background. Something about her looked Irish to me.
    She was obviously mentally ill, but articulated her views on black
    and Hispanic women. According to her, they always are with child.

    She then said that abortion foes are absurd, the customary method
    is using a coat hanger if all else fails.

    Anyway, both the black lady and I sort of looked at her, with
    some disdain.

    We got on the bus. The black lady (about 60), told me she lives
    in a building with mainly Russian immigrants. She thought a few
    passengers (Russian) were looking at her oddly.

    This is a true story.

    So much for bigotry among only people like Debbie.

    A mixed Hispanic and black lady once said that “For all of the following reasons, I am Jew”. She then listed her assets: smart, brilliant, bold,
    aggressive, successful, etc.

    I told her that we had enough problems w/o her.

    I never apologized. I think she owed me an apology for her
    narrowmindness. I know many Jews who are timid, stupid, high school
    drop-outs and failures.

    Sure, we have our Einsteings, Volkers, Emanuals and Axelrods, but we also have
    morons and people with (serious) mental illnesses who make no sense whatsoever.

    We are not very different from all other ethnic and religious groups.

    But Eric is wrong in cherry picking Debbie to illustrate an obvious
    slant. It doesn’t become him.

    For an example of reasonableness, read, “Why are Jews Liberals”
    by Norman Podhoretz (former editor of Commentary).

    Since we are only 2% of the US population, and will be less than 1%
    by 2050, when the pop. is 450m, who really cares?

    And with corporate funding now legal, and the Internet, our
    campaign financing generocity is fading quickly.

    To really have an effect, we should be minimally Independents,
    not favoring either side, but supporting the side that helps us the most,
    whatever guidelines we use. (Which vary).

    Hey guys, what if, what if, we in California decided to reduce our
    illegal population by asking everyone suspect or involved in a crime,
    to prove their citizenship. Now that would really upset people
    like Al Sharpton, and David Duke, birds of a feather.

    I favor immediate arrest and after a 10 minute hearing, deportation to
    wherever, Russia, the Ukraine, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Pakistan, families
    and all.

    Why should their children be allowed here..since they knew all along
    they were illegal? I have no sympathy for them or their kinder.

    Maybe Debbie should be given a one way ticket for Tehran, Iran to
    see what it is like to live under a dictatorship.

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