My serious illegal immigration proposal

I will not be covering anything involving Joe Sestak today or the president’s press conference yesterday. Let the media jackals pursue this. It may be something. It may be nothing. I prefer a highbrow conversation about policy.

One of the problems with people who analyze problems (including myself) is that anybody can carp from the sidelines. Those who criticize without offering solutions are useless.

While I have repeatedly stated that this blog deliberately shies away from the illegal immigration debate, I am going to gradually wade into the discussion.

Illegal immigration is not my issue. Passions run high on both sides, and activists often have an inability to understand that it is possible to just not spend every waking minute worrying about an issue because somebody else does.

Some say that the Mexican border is the biggest threat to our national security. No, not even close. Third world Arab Muslim genocidal lunatics who want to kill us all is far worse.

Others say that the people crossing the border are undocumented workers. No, stop being dishonest. They are illegal aliens.

They are lawbreakers, not innocent victims. However, they are not flying planes into towers. Perspective on both sides is needed.

With that, I am floating a trial balloon on the illegal immigration issue. I have absolutely no idea if it is feasible. However, with many others on both sides throwing bombs (in addition to many responsible people on both sides discussing the issue fairly), I am curious as to if my own proposal has a chance of becoming law. I want to make it clear that this is not the only solution or even a comprehensive one. It is meant to tackle one part of the problem.

I think that all illegal immigrants captured should be taken to the nearest military base. The conversation should be friendly, not hostile. An immigration lawyer can be present while the military personnel offer my proposal. Duress or threats cannot be part of this process.

The military person conducting the interview can explain that the normal process for illegal aliens is deportation. However, there is another option. If the illegal alien is willing to serve two years in the United States military, upon an honorable discharge after 24 months, they will be given complete amnesty, and citizenship.

That’s right. I said amnesty and citizenship.

Why not? Most Mexicans come to this country because they want a better life.

Look, I come down hard on those that wave the Mexican flags on American soil. It is bad enough they come here illegally. At least join the melting pot like the Irish and the Italians and everybody else did. Sneaking across the border is bad. Putting down the country you are sneaking into is like disrespecting someone doubly in their own home. It is worse.

The most honorable way somebody can show love of America is some form of service, and military service counts.

Some of the younger ones may get sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. The older ones often end up washing dishes or picking vegetables. Why not work in the mess hall serving chow?

They would have to complete basic training.

If somebody loves America so much that they want to serve, they should be given every protection America offers.

The military is all voluntary. We could always use more recruits.

Some will say that the illegal alien could agree to serve, and then disappear. This would make them AWOL, but they would be treated no differently than any other soldier who went AWOL. The penalty would be severe, but no greater than any other AWOL soldier.

My proposal will not solve every problem. Most 70 year old illegal immigrants are not up to basic training.

(Although Jack Palance of “City Slickers” did do one armed pushups at age 72.)

Yet many illegal aliens are young men. Serving in the American military will open up doors for them that they would never have living in fear of being caught every day.

Some may worry that they would be subversives, but that same argument can be made against anybody. They can be monitored.

Again, some will claim that if they say yes, it would be due to duress. However, the threat of deportation should not be a problem because anybody here illegally is already subjected to that.

My proposal may be completely unworkable, but at least I am proposing something.

We cannot continue to let millions of people illegally come here and violate our laws. We also cannot round them all up and deport them. It is not doable.

I  would even take it a step further. The military should immediately begin an ad campaign saying that any illegal alien that comes forward and voluntarily agrees to serve should be free to do so. Even if only one man showed up, that is one more potential loyal soldier.

This is not a reward to law breakers. Serving in the military is hard work. They would be earning their stay here, and honorably so. They could get college degrees, and not spend their entire lives living a low quality of life picking lettuce or scrubbing bathrooms.

It would give them what every human deserves…dignity.

Others will say that they might earn a good life here and then just send the money back to Mexico. I think that is a chance worth taking. Many foreigners come to American universities and then go back to their home countries to practice medicine or law. Many others do stay here.

They would learn English in the military.

(Bilingual education in the military is a non-starter, and absolutely not part of my proposal. Everything will be English only.)

Legal immigration makes us stronger. Military service makes most people love this country more.

Let’s give this a shot.

Two years of honorable service in the military, in a civilian or military role, followed by amnesty and citizenship.

Well America? What do you think?


15 Responses to “My serious illegal immigration proposal”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    An acquaintence of mine and I debate important issues of the day,
    on occasion.

    He says that Jews know what the L-ord isn’t ( a jellyfish, or Allah), and therefore we are a united people. He also says that no Jew can follow
    people like Ahmad, a false G-d ( or however he likes to define himself as some sort of savior).

    I disagree with this analysis. I want Jews to know what G-d is, not what unites us.

    I admit however that our Torah is analzed and thought of differently
    depending on what “stream” of Judaism one follows..Reform, Conservative (Lieerman), Orthodox or Reconstructionist ( Kagen ). Wolpe is Conservative and has written some very good books on the subject.
    In his analysis, G-d cannot be defined in human terms.

    Anyway, the same applies to this depends ( as Eric
    commented correctly) on who is defining?

    But there is an absolute here, that cannot be disputed, these people
    are illegals..having slipped across the border or overstayed
    their legal status.

    As such, they are criminals and must be treated as such.

    Giving them an opportunity to work in a military camp in the
    kitchen solves nothing but creates more problems.

    For one thing, these people did not undergo a medical test prior
    to entry into the USA. We do not know what their ailments are if any?

    We also do not know about their loyalties? Would they, as shown
    by Muslim psychologists, kill their fellow soldiers, or in a battlefield
    gun down fellow soldiers?

    And there is yet another aspect to this, who would they replace.
    There were 160,000 contractors in Iraq..many dispensing everything
    from pizza to hamburgers. They would then be replaced.

    Sooooo, 12m illegals are taking the jobs of 12m Americans..and someday
    receive benefits, (social security, etc.). These 12m Americans are on
    extended unemployment benefits (unemployment compensation), which
    are paid for by the rest of us.

    We lose both ways. Why make things worse.

    No, the answer is : prosecute any business which hires these people, just as NYState just convicted a businessman of grand larceny for not paying state withholding taxes. His fine is 500,000 on 300,000 in payroll taxes
    and 52 weekends jail time.

    Think about it folks. If we prosecuted illegals caught..fining them, and weekends in jail..get my point.

    Sure, we send our own to jail, yet allow illegals leniency.
    No, serving KP is not the answer, deportation, fining and jail time is.
    Oh I forgot, what about all those people who want to come here legally
    and cannot?

  2. Bishop says:

    I disagree with this proposal vehemently. Why would we put a gun in the hands of an individual who committed a crime? We don’t know where they came from. We don’t know if they have the mind of assimilating or if they’re in the frame of mind of a radical who spouts reconquista (some really do). Do you really want these people who flaunt the law to be given such power? Do you really want the military in the hands of people like this? I sure don’t. The military currently has a problem with gang members joining and receiving basic training and then when their service is done they’re using this knowledge for combat against other gangs. Just imagine this happening on a larger scale. I know this sounds like hysteria or a far fetched thought but there are unintended consequences to everything.

    No, we don’t offer them this possibility. We want people joining the military because they want to. Not because they have to. Memories of resentment are long lived and forcing illegals to serve or be deported will foster those feelings. I’d rather have them jailed and deported. Those are the rules. We need enforcement of the laws. We need to come down on businesses that hire illegals and fine them so it hurts and they won’t do it again. However the current administration and the last administration chose to not enforce the laws for two very different reasons. I’m tired of hearing sob stories of families who are scared of deportation because States are now cracking down on illegals because that’s what citizens want. Should they be able to stay because they have a job? No! The job they have could employ an American citizen who doesn’t have a job. At an unemployment rate of 9% or more, why isn’t the Government doing more to enforce the laws so that more citizens could be employed be the jobs left vacant by deported illegals? All the Government cares about are votes to keep themselves in power. The left knows that an Amnesty would temporarily give them a boost in people who would vote for them until those who were given amnesty realize that the left would do it again and then they see the raw deal they’ve gotten.

    Every illegal in this country is a slap in the face to those who have had the patience and fortitude to go through the immigration system as it is. No other country in the world lets as many immigrants in as we do. We need to honor those who followed the law in becoming a citizen not punish them.

  3. rudemarc87 says:

    Yeah eric you may be irked at the fact that some do fly the mexican flag on U.S. soil but it is their right per the treaty of Guadalupe Hildago. The treaty allowed all mexicans to retain their mexican citizenship and land (Which was taken anyways)as well as their language, culture etc. That means that big italian imposter of a flag goes with it. No where does it say anything about assimilation brother. In fact the mexican flag is the only flag besides our U.S flag that is allowed to be flown here legally on U.S soil. Learn the facts and get used to it man that flag is here to stay. I have a better Idea lets give all of Israel back to The palestinians. Yeah right. Not going to happen. The Only reconquista happening is when Obama lets our country go to hell and we become one with mexico and canada then all the illegals become legal then we can all live happily ever after. farce. Try not to eat at that taco stand because you might be supporting al qaeda with that carne asada taco. Cant people just make tax exempt money without others getting all in a tizzy. if thats not partiality then i dont know what is. We cant use generalizations here man Im Mexican-American. foremost an American with a WWII Veteran Grandfather who fought againts the Afrikan Corps as a machine gunner. Followed by his son who died in vietnam. Can we be proud of both of our heritages? cant others respect that we have spilled more blood than anybody do the dirtiest jobs and still get spat upon? Like the Old Axiom goes what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger.

  4. It’s bad enough that they are the modern American equivilent of slave labor, making them sleave battle fodder is just plain evil. They come here, they get hired, either both they AND the employer go to jail, or niether. Period.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    First you’d have to teach them English and then worry if they even knew what they were fighting for.
    I’ve got a better idea.
    Build a freaking border that works and put rudemarc87 on the south side.

    slave labor, racists, evil, bla bla bla….BS

  6. Wall Street thanks you, Micky.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    Your creativity is at a minimum, and boring

  8. Micky 2 says:

    Cops , judges, prison guards, public defenders,ICE agents, border patrol…

    and the morgue…

    they all thank you for consistent employment

  9. No, Micky, they thank you. I’m not the police state conservative who wants to keep Mexicans illegal and like slave laborers.


  10. rudemarc87 says:

    Side note. I also have an Israeli flag flying hard in my back yard and an American flag in the front. These colors dont run and a little solidarity doesnt hurt either. Chicanos and Mexicans would appreceiate the same from others who they helped liberate in conflicts around the world. We can have every race represented in office except chicano. In movies, there is every race in films and commericals except those who look more like me. The media and politics can ignore me for as long they want shut their eyes and cover their ears for as long as they want but that doesnt make me go away. I am involved in some way indirectly through your goods and services, pay into your social security, Have the most medal of honor recipients than of every other demographic. I have a neighbor who is about 70 years old he came to this country from guatemala. He served in Vietnam in the promise that he would gain his citizenship. To this day he is denied that right from the goverment he helped when they needed him. My nextdoor neighbor is a Korean War veteran. He served and got hit with a bullet. when he came home another guy told his story and took his purple heart that was rightfully his. To this day he is unable to receive disabilty nor his medal. The government banned the use of spanish in public schools in the 1940’s suspending students who would dare communicate in their mother tounge. Today in Arizona cultural programs are being cut from public education for chicanos to learn about their history and heritage. If thats not ethnic cleansing I dont know what is. We are all round you yet shut out, we are the other america we are the invisible force that keeps this machine running oiled by our tears and blood. Despite all of this I am an still an American proud of my country and the peolpe who built it. The true and rightful heirs to liberty and equality, the loyal, the brave the patriotic in the face of ridicule. One day pharaoh WILL let my people go. Read it in the torah Deuteronomy 10:18-19 (New Living Translation)
    18 He ensures that orphans and widows receive justice. He shows love to the foreigners living among you and gives them food and clothing. 19 So you, too, must show love to foreigners, for you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt.

  11. Micky 2 says:


    What part of “illegal alien” do you not understand ?
    We show more love to those that come herethan any other country, even those that break our laws immediately upom entry.
    None of your rant justifies open anarchist borders that cause the loss of American and innocents lives

    “No, Micky, they thank you. I’m not the police state conservative who wants to keep Mexicans illegal and like slave laborers.’

    Hey, its the morons on the left who want open borders that would only exasperate the situation illegals are in now.
    Oh, yeah, the DEA and the ATF wants to thank you also.

    And please, spare me the mundane bashing of conservatives. I’ll bet you dollars to moonbats theres just as many capitalist liberals who take advantage of minimal labor costs along with leaving no doubt the most disgusting aspect of all this is that you sickos just want the voter base. Get off your moral horse, its crapping all down your parade route.
    If you guys really gave a rats rump your precious CIC would of done something about it like he said he would.
    The balls in your court “NOW” and so you and all your illegal buddies have no one to blame but yourselves.

  12. I don’t want open borders, Micky. I don’t want “Free Trade,” either. I’m not the sucker here, Micky, and I’m not the exploiting slave-master, either.


  13. Micky 2 says:

    yeah right.

    As long as you get the votes you guys dont give a sht. Otherwise you’d fastrack these illegals to legal worker status, create a guest worker program which would only allow for stricter regulation of their wages. But you guys havent and wont because its a way greater investment than securing the border.
    If you’ve bought anything Chinese, Indonesian, called India when your computer acts up…
    then you’re just as much a slave driver as anyone.

    “I don’t want open borders, ”

    then get together with your buddies and insist the derelict n chief do his job and enforce the border and the laws applied

  14. REWHBLCAIN says:

    Pay attention you folks who think we owe anything to Mexihole!

    rudemarc87 Directed at you!

    History lesson 101.

  15. Micky 2 says:

    Only republicans pick up illegals in front of Home Depots…

    yeah right

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