The Illegal Immigration Mexican Conundrum

Illegal immigration from Mexico has been in the news lately. At least I think it has. I was busy watching sports when somebody may or may not have been talking about it.

Yet one issue is never brought up. It is the reason why I am hesitant to take tough action, especially regarding the border fence.

In twenty years (or less), when Americans are fleeing to Mexico for a better quality of life, what if they don’t let us in?

Let’s be honest. America is flushing itself down the potty machine. Our inevitable loss in some worthless soccer tournament that nobody of consequence cares about will be touted as proof of our decline.

If we build the border fence, how will we escape into Mexico to find work?

If we are not nice to them now, they will not let us in when we need a place to sleep, and of course, a delicious authentic taco salad.

We are not going to take over Canada. There is nothing there. Also, it is too d@ng cold.

Besides, it is not like Mexico can do anything to make matters worse that we have not done already.

The Mexican government has never raised my taxes, not once.

In theory I think we should crack down on illegal immigration. In practice I think that we will be looking at things differently once we need a new place to live.

Mexico does not have Hollywood or San Francisco. In that sense they are much smarter than we are.

Plus, their leader is named Calderone, who was a great bad guy on Miami Vice. Calderone was a drug dealer. Drugs come from Mexico into America. Forget stopping the flow of the drugs North. The drug addicts can just migrate South and we can save money on shipping containers and treatment clinics.

Further proof of the impending financial wealth of Mexico comes in the form of an anagram. Rearrange the letters in the word Mexico, and one gets ” I Comex” Comex is the world’s most well known gold exchange. Mexico is code for “I have gold.”

Gold enriched California, so Mexico is about to get wealthy.

Mexico, you are on notice. Turnabout is fair play. 300 million Americans will be coming to your country and demanding American flags. We will demand signs in English. To be more clear, English will be when people press 1, not 2. We are going to flood your country. Then we will kick your @ss at soccer, even though we still won’t care.

To really add insult to injury, all of Arizona will be coming, and you can’t stop us.

As for New Mexico, I have always suspected that they were part of your nation to begin with. We will return it to its rightful owner.

Texas will most likely stay independent, as it always does.

The conundrum has now been solved. It is time for the United States to take over Mexico. We will not use guns. We will just drain your nation of services.

Then when we are done building the nation up, your people will start sneaking South again, and we will start sneaking North again. It will be a relay race minus the batons. Actually there will be one Baton, the Rouge located in what used to be Louisiana.

Time to migrate South everyone. We better do it before our economy collapses and they seal off the area.

Hawaii will stay put because Japan has nothing to do with this conflict. Maybe we can give Hawaii statehood, despite their insistence they already are a state.

We can declare victory and surrender at the same time.

Mexico, if you think you can keep us Americans out, bring it on. We are ready for you.

Then when we are done screwing up Mexico, we will flee to Cuba.

We will fail our way to world domination.

Our plan is working perfectly. Just try keeping us out Fidel. Castro is an anagram for Castor, which is a type of oil, which is what runs the world.

So open your borders and let us run wild like Baywatch Babes on Spring break.

You asked for it.

Vive America!


15 Responses to “The Illegal Immigration Mexican Conundrum”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    This is such huge load of rap. Probably the largest effort I’ve ever seen whee liberals turn something as benign as the Arizona law into some kind of major civil rights offense.
    Everyone in Obamas administration was railing against this bill before tey even knew what actually said. And the what ? A week later they begin telling us “we’ll be going over it with a fine tooth comb”

    You mean to tell me that after all the disengenouos false drummed up crap you spewed now you’re telling us you’ll be going over it ?
    Now you gotta find something to back up all the crap you said… but you wont be able to.
    You know why ?
    Because the fed law is actually less forgiving than the Arizona law.
    The feds it turns out can jack you up for any reason, anywhere, anytime.
    Arizonas law stipulates a host of circumstances that make the fed law look downright Drakonian and medevial.
    When all comes to ight, right before Nov… Liberals are going to eat it bad over this

  2. Micky, all the AZ law does is make these aliens more of a slave class than they alreay were. If we really wanted to “fix” the problem, it’s easy – don’t have it be a “problem” anymore. just make them legal workers. Bingo bango done.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    jersey, I’ve been following every legal interpretation of this law and theres absolutely nothing to back your crap except for the inflammatory crap it is.
    The “FACT” is that the Arizona law is actually less imposing than the fed law thats been in place for decades.

    a 9-0 supreme court decision, the police do NOT need reasonable suspicion to ask for immigration status. The AZ law says they DO! It’s actually MORE strict than the Federal law. THANKS FOR READING THE LAW OBAMA!

    According to FEDERAL LAW you can stop and detain ANYONE and question their immigration status. NOT IN AZ! Way to condemn something Dems, when you don’t even know what you are condemning!!!!

    The Court further held that the officers’ questioning of Mena about her immigration status during her detention did not violate the Fourth Amendment. The officers did not need to have reasonable suspicion to question Mena.

  4. Micky 2 says:



    the United States Supreme Court essentially said that asking about immigration status during a lawful police contact (or, by implication, any lawful contact) was as fundamental a question as asking for name, address and date of birth. Indeed, the Court made clear that no predicate “independent reasonable cause’ need exist to inquire into immigration status. It is the Law of the Land.

  5. Micky 2 says:

    And here…
    The lady has both laws in her hand and makes her case way way better than you do.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves, really.
    You care so much about illegals ?………….. NOT !
    Otherwise you morons wouldnt be boycotting the very industries in Arizona that are supporting the illegals and legals.
    Way to go…schmucks.
    Now, put something up that substantiates your bull or have a seat

  6. Micky 2 says:

    “don’t have it be a “problem” anymore. just make them legal workers. Bingo bango done.”

    Yeah. lets give work visas and green cards to crack and meth dealers, human smugglers and MS13 members.

    As i’ve only said a million times , theres no way we should or could ship 12 million people back, many of them being parents of adolescent American citizens.
    If they’re working, yeah.
    Andwhats this simple minded crap “just make them legal workers”?
    WHAT ??
    Are we obligated to employ every schmuck that sneaks across the border ?
    What if they’ve been here for years and dont want to work ?
    What if they’re dealers, smugglers, and taking public assitance ?
    Just make em legal ?
    Whens the last time you had to walk down the street in Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Lemon Grove, Whittier, L.A., San Diego, San Ysidro ????

    HUH ??
    Its down right freaking dangerous bro !!! Dont even get me started on South central bro !! I wont even drive thru that hood. These hoods make your little Havana look like freaking Disneyland. Ask Eric, these places are teaming with illegals whom when they cant find work end up selling dime bags on every freaking corner packing heat.

    Wise up and put your country and its citizens first

  7. Micky, semantics and rhetoric are the refuge of scoundrels.

    The PRACTICAL EFFECT of this law is to make undicument immigrant workers and their families live in even more fear than before, to accept even more abuse from their AMERICAN EMPLOYERS, and to become and even cheaper labor source for AMERICAN SCOUNDRELS like the ones on WALL STREET.


  8. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, semantics and rhetoric are the refuge of scoundrels.”

    And yet…. thats all you’ve got

    Simple presemptous guess work laden with contemptuous political hacking that goes to no facts whatsoever.

    Please, defeat the decisions by the supreme court and the liberal justices that decided them.

    Please answer the questions I’ve provided.

    Please explain to me why the left is condeming a law thats actually less intrusive than the fed law.

    And please, please, explain how illegals will get paid any less than they do now or be subjected to worse or worsening conditions than the ones they’re exposed to now as a result of Arizonas law, or when it goes into effect.

    Please explain to me why those on the left are boycotting Arizona industries that actually support the illegals and documented workers they say they care so much about ?

    Please explain to me what in the past or under the Arizona law will stop or contribute to racial profiling.
    (as if cops were never able to profile all this time anyway ?)

  9. Micky 2 says:

    “The PRACTICAL EFFECT of this law ”

    Is to ensure your voting base and twist the facts to beat the right with.
    Because you guys are desperate right now

  10. Micky, I’m not arguing the law (though I do think that it’s sketchy). I’m saying that this is nothing but a bunch of free trader corporatists using stupid racists to get rich.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    “Micky, I’m not arguing the law”

    “The PRACTICAL EFFECT of this law ”

    Really ?


    Cops have always had the ability and opportunity to profile, how can the left honestly say that an old law affords more opportunity for this or that the more benign Arizonalaw affords it ?

    What you or I think is really irrelevant.
    Whats relevant is that the lefts arguement is a fabricated strawman arguement only concoted to brand the right because everything around the left is tanking.
    Come Nov. or 2012 you guys had better have some decent immigration policy in place that satisfies the 65 to 80% of Americans who support Arizonas law or you’re gonna lose.
    Mind you, I’m just as pee’d off at every administration for the last 30 years at least for not enforcing our laws. One thing that Bush said that had me scraping my jaw off the ground was (paraphrasing) that money was more important when it came to the border.
    I’ve seen and lived first hand what the undesirables effects are that sneak over here. They all dont just want to pick produce and be left alone. They all dont want the American dream. A good many of them are some of the sneakeist, meanest ruthless sons of b*tchs I’ve ever met, and theres hundreds of thousands of them Jersey. They’re Columbian, Nicaraguan, Chilean, Peruvian and yeah, Mexican.
    This shts gotta stop

  12. Yes. The pratical effect of the law is to scare undocumented Mexican laborers. Yes. That is what it is. I suppose there is another practical effect, which is to appease racist voters.

    The practical effect is the only relevent matter.


  13. Dav Lev says:

    To all the thousands of people who come to this blog site, please understand our conservative attitudes towards this entire issue.

    Arizona has about 6.5m legal residents., many from other
    states. It has grown substantially these past 15 years. It’s major
    city, Phoenix is a metropolitan area of over 4m people.
    It’s climate various, from cold in the north, to unbearably hot in the
    south and desert.

    Many years ago, I drove through Kingman, and was frankly surprised
    at the vegetation (forests) and cool climate. I have also
    been in Phoenix, during the summer months. Enough said.

    Barry Goldwater’s family lives in Arizona, as does John McCain.
    It’s GDP is over 200 billion dollars. Divide by 6.5m and you get the

    Lets do the math..over 700,000 illegals/6.5m legals.
    Now view Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles
    and the State of California using those percentages, and you
    get an idea of Arizona’s problem.

    Let’s go further and look at our (Calif) unemployment figures.
    Over 2m unemployed..(Im assuming among the legals). Our State has 12.5% overall unemployed.

    If the phrase “Too big to fail” was used to describe the unemployment
    problems, we could say, “Not bad enough to refuse”.

    Let me explain.

    If every illegal was immediately fired and shipped back to wherever,
    along with his (her) family (anchor children born in the USA), AND
    replaced by someone unemployed..get the picture.

    We know that 30b/year is sent back to Mexico by workers here.
    Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder how many of them are illegals?

    Sooo, we lose out several ways. High (er) unemployment among legals,
    benefits to illegals (including social security in later years), food stamps,
    health care, education…you get the picture.

    And legals unemployed have just gotten another extension of
    unemployment benefits.

    Let me be honest, I have nothing against providing benefits
    to people legally here, from any country whatsoever. They worked
    for it, and or deserve it.

    A current legislative candidate (Republican) who is a dean at
    a noted law school, is very conservative but often voted with
    the Democrats ( in California). He wants a stronger
    border patrol (National Guard) to keep illegals out.

    The Gov of Arizona is trying to get more helicopters from other
    states. She is having a difficult time ( Ariz now has only 4).
    Federal aircraft (and personnel) are being deployed overseas
    in our 3 wars (and patrolling off of Iran). Many states
    are not inclinced to lend their aircraft.

    Sooooo, the fight goes on in Arizona to keep illegals out.

    BTW, the LA Times corected a mistake. The law only provides
    for questioning people suspected of being illegals by a law
    enforcer if in the act of another crime.

    Some decry citizens informing on others.

    I am against citizens making citizen arrests ( it’s dangerous
    and subject to lawsuits). I am not against the police however
    doing their job.

    Think folks of what NY and California would be like if 1 out of every
    7 volk were illegals, concentrated in a few counties.

    Why anyone in the USA would want to go to Mexico other than
    for business or to tour is beyond me frankly?

    I also favor a national identity card, which must be shown to
    a prospective emloyer AND severe criminal penalties for anyone
    working “beneath the table”.

    Under Obamacare, the IRS will enforce against people who are penalized
    for not paying premiums. That could mean, levy, lien, seizure of
    real and personal property and summons (for information). All this
    backed up by the US Attorney (Dept of Justice) which prosecutes
    tax crimes.

    I want some of these attorney’s as part of an agency whose job is
    to prosecute businessmen who violate the above.

    This is called enforcing the laws on main street, while
    our resources and time are being devoted to so-called crimes
    on Wall Street.

    My bet, Goldman Sachs will have nothing done to them, cept
    perhaps a fine..they did nothing wrong guys.

    Some people advise buying Ford stock, others advise agin it.
    Get it! My advice, buy American.

  14. Micky 2 says:

    ‘Yes. The pratical effect of the law is to scare undocumented Mexican laborers. Yes. That is what it is. I suppose there is another practical effect, which is to appease racist voters.’

    I hate to come off this way, and its not my blog, but I’ll express myself the best way I can to convey what a loosing arguement you have.

    Back it up or shut up and continue looking like the slanderous unsubstantiated hack that you’re being.

    I’ve given you the bills in their entirety, attorneys explaining the difference in each bill and their applicatons, asked questions that you cannot, will not or do not care answer and all you can do is keep repeating the same crap over and over again that is simply a bunch of bullsht vindictive wishful thinking on your part.
    You’ve convinced no one of anything other than the fact that you’ve an opinion.
    I on the other hand have made my case and assertions backed up with actual facts.

    You lose, and so is the democratic party as we speak simply due to the kind of crap you’re saying now.
    The majority of the country knows that all this bullsht of discrimination and profiling coming from the left is nothing more than some drummed up crap as a last resort in your crumbling little world.

    The president, Napolitano, Holder and God knows who else out there slamming Arizona hadnt even read the bill.
    Bout as bad as gets man, really sad

  15. Bishop says:

    “Yes. The practical effect of the law is to scare undocumented Mexican laborers. Yes. That is what it is. I suppose there is another practical effect, which is to appease racist voters.”

    And there goes the left pulling the race card again. So it’s racist to want enforcement of the law is it? That’s such bullshit. People who pull the race card are promoting hysteria. Have you read the law? Calling me a racist is not going to make me back down. In fact it enrages me and makes me want to push back harder. It irks me that the left has become so slanderous and mean spirited. And yet they tout that they have an open mind? No. They don’t. Not when the law has been compared to Nazi Germany and the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s and this can’t even be compared to the two. Treacherous!

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