Another academic terrorist sleeper cell gets busted

For those who did not know, terrorist sleeper cells exist in plain sight in America. They are known as college campuses, specifically the Middle East Studies departments.

I have said on many occasions that all public schools should be converted into prisons. The criminals are already there, and this saves the money of having to find new plots of land to build the only real property that never goes down in value.

One place that rarely sees its value rise above zero is the University of California at Irvine, UCI. UCI is where the anti-Semitism is so bad that it makes the United Nations seem positive by comparison.

One vile entity at UCI is the MSU, Muslim Student Union.

Earth to those on the politically correct left: Attacking the Muslim Student Union is not the same as attacking all Muslims or all Muslim students. It is ok to refer to Muslim groups as terrorists when they actually are. It is ok to accuse people of things when they actually did it.

For those who do not understand what constitutes terrorism, stop being liberal. I will explain it again. If you fund, harbor, or support terrorism in any way, then you are a terrorist. The people who knowingly give terrorists bed and breakfasts to sleep and eat in are every bit as murderous as those who actually set the bombs.

UCI has for years invited “professors” who have expressed support for Hamas and Hezbollah. These professors have tacitly (and sometimes enthusiastically endorsed suicide bombings of innocent Jews.

Try inviting members or supporters of the Klan to a campus and see how that goes over. Yet when it comes to Radical Islamists, politically correct insanity takes over. This is why our Poison Ivy League universities have become imbecilic and often dangerous institutions of lower learning.

UCI suspended the MSU for one year. This is barely better than nothing. It is like Congress pretending to deal with ACORN. The MSU will have a year to regroup and change their name and go back to spreading the same bile with a clean slate. A better parallel would be when Israel beats the daylights out of Hezbolah, who then insists on a ceasefire to give them time to rearm and reload.

Yet at least the suspension is a symbolic victory. Normally I avoid trumpeting symbolic victories, but on a campus as toxic as UCI, the smallest moral victory is taken.

Liberals, Palesimians, and Islamists everywhere will make excuses for UCI. Nobody on the left will condemn this place that has taken the America custom of accepting the tired and poor to accepting wretched culturally cancerous wretched vermin.

11 Islamist protesters were arrested. This is a shame, because it means they were not shot on sight. Perhaps they will be beaten in prison.

The world has a long way to go before it separates itself from the United Nations and other pathetic excuses for organizations that long ago surrendered to the Caliphate.

This is not a war against Islam. It is a war against Radical Islam. While I personally would have recommended that the Dean of Students take the protesters, shove rocket launchers up their hides, and have them blasted off to where they came from, even a tacit one year suspension is slightly better than the typical leftist college impotence.

I still think that Neocons get a bad rap, that they stereotype is of people who want to carpetbomb an entire village to get one bad agitator.

Let me be an over the top caricature stereotype on this one and in this situation say “sounds good to me.”

If we shut down every school and convert it into a prison, we will get the bad students. Since that will not happen, at least crack down hard on the worst of the students.

The MSU are the worst of the worst. They finance and glorify terrorism. The examples are overwhelming and easily located online for those wishing to do an ounce of fact finding.

For one enjoyable year, UCI will not require Jews to be sent to ICU. For a brief period of time, UCI will attempt to salvage a phony image of tolerance by offering a mild censure of a bloodthirsty anti-Semitic organization.

Yes the punishment will be less than what the NCAA gave to USC for football recruiting violations, but then again football is admittedly serious.

The only thing left is for these Jihadist professors to either follow the example of Helen Thomas and join Al Jazeera, or carry out their dream of Martyrdom and just blow themselves up already.

12 months of peace and quiet await at UCI. We shall see.


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  1. The modern American Right’s hatred of academia – and the press and scientists for that matter too – is reminiscent to that of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Third Reich, the Russian Revolution, the Spanish Civil War and so forth. And we all know how great all that turned out!

    Nationalist reactionaries often turn against the press and academia, because they exist as bulwarks against authoritarianism. These nationalists are authoritarians, feeling that any critique of the state or the mythology of the state is detrimental to the state – treasonous. In the case of some American Jews “the state” is also Israel, and Israel defined almost soley as the Israeli Right, particularly Likud.

    Free speech is a fundamental underpinning of our republic. Without it, we are just another totalitarian empire. Now, of course, free speech has it’s limits, and those who promelgate terrorism in any way, anywhere, via that freedom should not have the freedom to do so.

    It sounds like UCI did the right thing here, and should be applauded for doing so. I’m sure federal authorities have their eyes on these MSU guys too. But rather than applauding academia here, our good host instead continues to strike general blows against academia. Franco would be proud.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    ‘”The modern American Right’s hatred of academia ‘

    Who said these punks were academic ?
    The only concert I ever saw at UCI was Simple Minds… nuff said

  3. Micky 2 says:

    I suspect this group was left in place this long only so the CIA/FBI could get leads

  4. Well, the point I was making is that whatever goes on at one campus or another, the Right despises academia, period. Why? Well, fopr the same reason they hate the scientific community, or the social services community, or the artistic community – these people don’t exist to tow the Rights line, and often disprove the beliefs of the Right.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    “the Right despises academia, period. Why? ‘

    Academia is a cult of personalities.
    Being educated without political indoctrinating influences of the left is a whole nuther deal.

    Academia can tell you what the pieces are in a jiggsaw puzzle but cant put the damn thing together.
    These guys can can tell you every cellular property of freaking Buick but they cant whackoff and turn the page at the same time without getting flustered

  6. Oh Christ, Micky, whatever academicians may think of the themselves, in reality they are not a “cult of personalities.” Academia is just another word for schools, for Christ’s sake. The cons wuold rather have no schools whatsoever, a Randian nightmare where only money hungry scum rise to the top and history is in status forever. And thee stupid bigotted generalizations of teachers is just more proof of what yous guys think of everyone who isn’t wearing a militray uniform or sitting in the back of a limo. God forbid someone make a career out of teaching or healing or researching! No, we should all practice getting rich and killing one another! That’s what’s really important!

    Is there a single solitary moral fiber left in conservatism anymore? Is there any room whateoever left any more for argument about anything? Do you realize that this is the ONLY conservative blog I haven’t been kicked out of after more than a few posts?


  7. Micky 2 says:

    these schmucks are in fact the very fabric of academia.
    Other than the paper the crap is written on

  8. Micky 2 says:

    “God forbid someone make a career out of teaching or healing or researching!”

    Tell that to Obama, he choose a job that produces no wealth and screws at least half the people…lawyer

  9. Micky 2 says:

    “this is the ONLY conservative blog I haven’t been kicked out of after more than a few posts? ”

    Blame Bush.

    The last liberal blog I went to they allowed me…until I found out they were editing my posts so I’d look like an idiot.

    Jersey, a little father/son talk, kay ?

    When no one wants you around and they keep booting you…

    Its usually your fault

  10. Micky 2 says:

    Academia harbors terrorist, UCI harbors academia
    You agreed the right thing was done, did you not ?

  11. Dav Lev says:

    This reprimand for UCI is a pig in a poke, meaningless.

    It’s similar to our country’s (under Obama) sanctions against Iran,
    watered down at the UN, meaningless.

    Iran boasted the UNSC is non-existant as far as they are concerned,
    they fully intend to continue their ‘peaceful’ nuclear goals.

    China and Russia made sure the 4th set of sanctions had little teeth,
    and they don’t.

    Iran still thinks it can bulldoze the world into it’s exchange
    up some enriched ore to be replaced by fuel rods, while keeping the balance and producing more.

    Iran now has sufficient enriched ore for 2 bombs..or enough to
    wipe out Tel Aviv north, or south to Ashdod.

    One bomb successfully exploded over the Jews, and the experiment
    since 48 is over. No one will remain there..just to live to die another

    Thomas said all Jews should move back to Poland, Russia and the US.
    She might get her way ultimately.

    I mean, would you want to live under the threat of another blast?

    BTW, Iran can simply give the bomb componants to Hez or Hamas to
    explode. Or they can have another surrogate group (Al Aksa) detonate
    a dirty bomb or two or three, leaving no signature. Iran will deny it.

    But let’s face it, Pakistan already has the bomb..and could give one or two
    of their over 40 to Iran, Syria, or Turkey.

    This is not about getting the bomb, it’s about deterrent.

    I have written Israel’s P.M. to simply tell Iran, Turkey, Syria, Hez and Hamaas that if one WMD is used against Israel, Israel will retaliate with
    all it’s 400 high fusion nukes. Yes it’s MAD, but it might just work.

    If Egypt joins the final jihad, a bomb dropped on the Aswan Dam
    will work wonders.

    Damasus is closer to Israel than one might think and well within range of
    Israel’s Jericho Missiles.

    Sure this is all something out of sci fi, but so was Auschwitz, Sobibor
    and Treblinka. Ahamd of Iran has again threatened Israel with extinction over the flotilla flap.

    We read that Turkey and Iran are now sending more ships to Gaza
    along with parliamentarians.

    The Israeli navy will stop the flotilla or any ship violating the blockade.

    One incident and WW4 begins.

    Can Obama do something about it?
    Does UCI get the message that disrupting a country’s rep is
    not acceptable.

    Just think if the students did the same to the rep of South Africa,
    or Jews protested an Arab rep. All hell would break loose.

    Now on to UCLA..and their ME. Studies Dept.

    It’s a small victory really, but maybe the heads of Iran, Turkey,
    Syria, Hamas and Hez will get it finally.

    You play with fire, you get burned, big time.

  12. What are you taliking about with “produces no wealth,” Micky? Are you really that short-sighted? Do you really believe that wealth is created in a social vacuum? Do you really think an illiterate, ignorant, uneducated workforce would be productive? Why do you conservatives want to turn America into a Third World sweat-shop economy?


  13. I get booted off sites when I make arguments that they can’t deal with. What makes Eric so extremely rare is that he’s man enough to deal with substantive counter-arguments. Most people can’t tolerate any disagreement with their worldview. That’s why I always say that most people are morons.


  14. Eagle 6 says:

    C’mon Jersey, Your first argument is that the right is all screwed up because they make blanket statements about all members of academia, then you took a cheap shot at what makes this a great country by stating, “…we should all practice getting rich and killing one another! ” How about using the same intent only different words? Produce and Protect. THAT is what makes this a great country. And, if you didn’t know, the greatest percentage of West Point grads who do not make the military a career are called, ta da… Math Teachers. Amazing! And, there has been a great program in the mlitary community for years called Troops to Teachers. And, what makes former military great teachers is the fact they have actually lived or experienced many of the things they teach, such as history, social sciences, political science, accounting, et al, so it’s not simply the academics they are teaching, but the functional context – how it applies to life. I do agree with you though, most people are morons. And I, too, made a couple forays into more liberal sites but was edited to oblivion.

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