Illegal immigration from the “other” Mexico

It was once suggested to me that we could cure two world problems by feeding the homeless to the hungry.

The other day it was recommended that we solve two American problems by plugging the oil spill hole with illegal aliens.

It would be like keel hauling, except not.

Anyway, every day I read reports about illegal aliens sneaking across the border from Mexico to the United States.

I say that Old Mexico is old news.

The real issue is what nobody in America has the guts to talk about.

Immigration from the “other” Mexico is out of control.

Nothing good ever comes out of anything “new.”

New Coke was a disaster. The new math has left us bankrupt. The New Deal and the New Frontier hurt us, and listening to badly dressed consultants talk about new paradigms makes me want to reach for a bat.

(The baseball kind, not the furry flying creature kind.)

New Democrats are phony old style tax and spend liberals.

In that vein, it is time we stop the immigration from New Mexico.

Arizona is being overrun. Do you know how many people effortlessly sneak across the border from Albuquerque to Phoenix?

Does anybody think that everybody in El Paso, Texas, is a citizen of Texas? Of course not. Some are from New Mexico. They come to Texas for a better quality of life.

Some will say that if people from New Mexico want to come to Arizona or Texas to pick lettuce, that I should support them helping the local economies.

Nonsense. Many of them are criminals. Where do you people think banditos like Pancho Villa came from?

(According to Wikipedia, he came from Old Mexico, but he did enter New Mexico in 1916. On another note, how many bloggers take time to delve into Pancho Villa? I praise myself for this.)

New Mexico is a rogue nation state that must be stopped.

(Some schools teach that New Mexico is a state of the United States, but we all know how bad public school textbooks are.)

New Mexico is rife with corruption.

The president will never deal with this problem. His security procedures are so lax that a New Mexican almost infiltrated the highest levels of government to join his cabinet.

Former Governor Bill Richardson withdrew from being commerce secretary due to bimbo eruptions. The real untold scandal was that the current administration found out that he did not have his papers. He could not prove he was from America, only from New Mexico. Plus, if one of the women he was sleeping with was from Arizona, he was infiltrating sovereign territory.

If anybody wants further proof, New Mexico has restaurants that serve food that is partially Texan and partially Mexican. They call it “Tex-Mex.” That is fake Mexican. They are frauds.

We need to immediately build a border fence to keep people from New Mexico from getting into California.

I blame Friz Freleng and Mel Blanc for this problem. They gave us Bugs Bunny. Bugs kept getting lost because he kept taking that wrong left turn at Albuquerque, before the right at La Jolla. This was no accident. He was deliberately trying to sneak into La Jolla. The evidence is there. Watch the cartoon. I don’t need an Acme made anvil to fall on my head before I realize that somebody does not accidentally repeatedly invade somebody else’s territory.

If California, Arizona, and Texas all work together, we can surround New Mexico.

(Some would say this is geographically already the case, but I was never good in geography.)

The only solution is a full scale ground attack.

If we don’t deal with this now, the 2 million people in New Mexico right now will grow. We already gave those 2 million people amnesty. At this rate there might be 4 million people living in New Mexico in a few years.

Arizona, California, and Texas have had enough. From now on, no more screwing around. Every person caught in Phoenix, El Paso, Los Angeles, or even La Jolla will be checked for papers. If their passport says Albuquerque, they will immediately be deported back to the country of New Mexico.

Crack down now, or face more New Mexicans flooding American cities.


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  1. LOL! My folks retired to NM! I guess that makes them ex-pats! LOL!


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