Suicide Bomber Helen Thomas finally blows herself up

Arab sympathizer and anti-Semite Helen Thomas was finally knocked off her perch to make room for some younger bats. The old bat had to go.

She said that the Jews of Israel should “get out of Palestine.”

(There is no Palestine. She never let facts interfere with her reality.)

She suggested that the Jews should all move to Poland, Germany, and America. She laughed as she said it, but she was deadly serious.

(This is why Jews like myself don’t want to give Palesimians anything. It is obvious that when they talk about a homeland, they mean murdering every Jew and taking all of the land of Israel.)

It takes a lot for a liberal to ever face consequences for their actions, but Helen Thomas finally went so far beyond the pale of decency that she had to go.

Even some liberal Jews…yes I am shocked, but even some liberal Jews…decided to show some gumption.

(It is not the same as standing up to President Obama, but it is something.)

Other moderate Democrats leveled Ms. Thomas. Ed Koch and Lanny Davis deserve particular praise for their immediate principled stands.

(Robert Gibbs was more circumspect, but better than usual.)

Naturally, conservative Republican Jews understood the situation, with Bernie Goldberg providing his always astute analysis.

Ms. Thomas would like the narrative of her life to be what a terrific journalist she was.

Nonsense. She was always terrible. She just never got called on it.

When asked why she was liberal, her response was “What else would I be?”

It never occurred to her to be what she should have been, an objective journalist.

She never missed an attempt to bash Israel. She would hide behind the notion that legitimate criticism of Israel did not make one an anti-Semite.

While this is true, it is also true that many people hide behind this canard to bash Israel for the sake of doing so, with anti-Semitism being the reason.

It did not matter what the topic of the day was. Whether the country was focused on health care, environmental legislation, or sports, Helen Thomas had an anti-Israel question to ask.

Her love of Palesimians allowed her to whitewash their behavior.

The late Tony Snow once (totally properly) told her that she was advocating the Hezbollah point of view.

Bernie Goldberg pointed out last night that her views were expressed in the exact same manner as  Iranian President Armageddonijad. He accurately noted that her views were expressed in the same manner as Iranian President Armageddonijad.

Former George W. Bush White House press secretary Dana Perino handled her perfectly. When she would ask one of her insane questions, Ms. Perino would calmly say, “now Helen…” so that the public record would reflect who asked the question.

As for her “retirement,” let’s not sugarcoat it. She was fired by the Hearst company.

If I were a New York Post writer, my larger than life headline would read “Helen gets the hearse from the Hearst.” Maybe I would say “The Truth Hearsts.”

I have not been this pleased with a media comeuppance since Gunga Dan Rather and Mary Mapes got Monster Mashed for trying to help rig the 2004 election. I enjoyed their graveyard smash.

These liberal media bullies need to be decked until they bleed and run away crying. Otherwise they will never stop.

Some will say that Helen was just a senile old biddy who did not realize what she was saying. This is baloney. She is lucid. She knew exactly what she was saying.

I am absolutely not in any way calling her a Nazi or a murderer of Jews. However, a  parallel to her situation would be that of a 90 year old Nazi SS Guard caught by SImon Wiesenthal. They should absolutely stand trial. They don’t get sympathy for getting away with it decades longer than they should have.

Again, for the politically correct, it is not the best comparison. Helen never killed anyone. I am merely stating that age is no defense to bad behavior.

Some on the left will now offer the tired cliche about how since she has retired (been fired), we should all “move on.” Liberals love telling us that there is nothing to see here.

This does not end with her firing. Now the issue is to make sure that this horrible incident defines her legacy.

The days when liberals get to rewrite history and define their own legacies is over.

These same people decided that even though Richard Nixon opened up China, his legacy will always be Watergate. Bob Packwood and Larry Craig will forever be defined by sexual scandals. Their years of service will never see the light of day.

(Not defending any of them)

Time to hit back.

Dan Rather was the guy who relied on fake but accurate memos, dragging down CBS News from Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite (the most trusted man in America) to the lowly Katie Couric.

Bill Clinton was the guy who was impeached for soiling the Oval Office with an intern.

Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne.

John Edwards gave the public a scandal that would have made us forget Bill Clinton had he gotten elected.

Helen Thomas deserves to be treated with more harshness than Jimmy the Greek Snyder and Al Campanis, since her comments were far worse and meant with malice.

I don’t care if she has covered every President since Abraham Lincoln and got her start by sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom with Honest Abe himself.

Her comments about Jews…not Israel, all Jews…were not an aberration. They expressed exactly who and what she was her entire career.

The liberal White House press corps tolerated an anti-Semite because she was liberal. Liberal Jews kept quiet because she was liberal.

I doubt this will get liberal Jews to wake up in the long run, but at least the 2010 elections today will be better because Helen Thomas will not be covering them.

She was a verbal suicide bomber, and I am glad that she finally pulled the belt around her vest and blew herself up.

(I never want to know what she is doing with her 72 virgins.)

Whenever dealing with Islamists or those who support, finance, or harbor them, removing them is the only solution.

An Islamist has been removed from the White House press corps.

Time will tell if she is hired by NPR, MSNBC, or some other engine of hate. Perhaps the Huffington Post or Daily Kos will find a place for her.

Helen, I am not going to say you deserve to be euthanized, but your career certainly did.

Bad riddance.


8 Responses to “Suicide Bomber Helen Thomas finally blows herself up”

  1. I was wondering why this didn’t come a day sooner. I couldn’t imagine you just letting it go.

    Of course, Thomas, one of my favorite reporters ever, made a dumb mistake. You just can’t say what she said in this hypersensitive, politically correct society of ours. She should have known better, and the fact that she said it anyway makes me think she perhaps should have retired sooner.

    That said, as I said on my blog, I think most people at one time or another have thought to themselves or said aloud, “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if the Jews just got the heck out of Israel?” Most of that most, though, would be well aware that it is both completely unrealistic and insensitive to the Israeli people. It is after all we who are to blame for the creation of the state of Israel and all the problems that have come from that. It is we Western, Christian, White People who so abused the Jewish people so badly for so long that they finally said, “That’s enough with you psychotic gentiles already!,” and moved to Palestine. It wasn’t the Arabs that murderd 6 million Jews up to just 65 years ago. The West did that. It says all you need to hear that so many Jews would rather be in the Middle East than amongst us. Heck, I think I would too sometimes (especially when I recall that Sarah Palin was once a nominee for Vice-President!).

    To call Helen Thomas an “Islamist” or a “verbal suicide bomber” or “anti-semite” is just slanderous and irresponsible, though. You most certainly don’t have to be an anti-semite to think the Israelis, the Palestinians, and the whole world for that matter, wouldn’t be a little better off if the Israeli Jews just packed up and said goodbye to the Middle East. Everyone would be better off. Lord knows, the sleazy, crooked, murderous, backwards Arab Klepto-Theo-Aristo-Military states wouldn’t have the Jews to blame for every sleazy, crooked, murderous, backwards thing they do anymore. Heck, within a few years, the people of the Middle East would probably welcome the Jews back – with a sincere apology! A couple of days after the Jews left, they’d all realize that Israel was the least of their problems, if a problem at all! I’d like to see the Palestinians throw rocks at the Saudi princes! Let’s see how far that gets ’em.

    Just the same, in the real world, a person of Helen Thomas’ stature and position just can’t make an observation like that. It makes too many people too uncomfortable. I’m sad to see her illustrious career come to an inglorious end, but in a way it’s fitting – unlike the useless sycophants that righties call “reporters,” Helen Thomas was a fighter for truth and the people, and in a way that’s how she went down. Live by the sword-tongue, die by the sword-tongue. I’m sure she’ll be at peace with it.


  2. Toma says:

    I have never heard Thomas “ask” a quetion. She made accusations and slammed people she didn’t like. Typically liberal. She didn’t write objective articles, again she made accusations and opined. She is the laughing stock of the WH press corp. One could see the others members of the corp shake their heads and sigh when Thomas was called on to offer her rant. Thomas was and is a joke.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    were not the ones following the wretched old hag jersey

  4. You’re not supposed to follow anyone, Micky. That’s the whole point. Helen Thomas was a true Fourth Estater, constantly asking, reporting, investigating, criticizing. I can’t imagine anything very much more un-American than a hatred of the great Helen Thomas.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    Then stop tripping over yourself running up behind the wretch to support her disgusting self.
    Even back in my moonbat days she was an embarassment.

    Shes Lebanese.
    Soooo… how “American” is she being with her comments on Israel ?
    Or is the Lebanese in her ooozing out ?

  6. Micky 2 says:

    Rather was supposely real great until his true self was revealed.

    I’ll give these people a little slack.
    Maybe, just maybe, they as any of us have deep rooted sentiments for our whole life that we hide knowing those sentiments are offensive to the set standards of our societies generalized morals and ethics.
    We hold these feelings back our whole life to the point we forget they’re even there and then one day as we’ve grown tired, geriatric in the head, we drop our guard, we slip, and the real person jumps out for a split second, just long enough to expose the charade we’ve been presenting to everyone our whole life.
    Everything at that point goes to sht and never mattered in the first place. Your whole life has ended appearing as nothing more than an expedient farce.

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