336 hours to go

336 hours to go until kickoff.

I can’t take it any more.

Every NFL offseason is tougher and tougher.

If I see one more thing about baseball or soccer I will lose my marbles.

Not even a world class sex scandal could make golf worth watching.

Tennis is tolerable.

Hockey and basketball are adequate.

There is only one king of sports, and it is not played by college kids or in an Arena league. It is not done by Australian rules.

On Sunday, August 8th, the Cincinnati Bengals play the Dallas Cowboys in the 2010 Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. On August 12th through the 16th, the rest of the league plays their first preseason games.

While the games are meaningless until September, at least it is something.

No more watching the Draft and pretending it is a game. No more watching the release of the schedule and pretending it is a game. Enough of the NFL “America’s Game” series and pretending the games are current.

I only have one hobby, and it has been a long six months.

It is time to get ready to eat raw red meat right off the bone.

The regular season Thursday night kickoff features the rematch of the NFC Title Game from the 2009 season as the Minnesota Vikings are again at the New Orleans Saints. Brett Favre will be playing. Count on it. I am ready for # 4. He will be ready for New Orleans as they defend their Super Bowl crown.

It all starts with the Hall of Fame Game.

Start the season already.

336 hours to go.


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  1. Can’t say much more that CONCUR! Although the pre-season is always the best-season for a Lions fan. Nothing but optimism abounds. This may not be our year, but maybe 6 & 10……………….

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