Shirley Sherrod, Barack Obama, and more liberal excuses

For those who are unaware, Barack Obama is the liberal version of God. He is perfect. He has no faults.

The comparison to God is not that far off the mark. How else would one describe somebody who Is loved not for doing anything, but for merely being?

The right is hated for the same reason.

Shirley Sherrod is the latest example of how truth and meaning are whatever liberals say they are.

As we now know, Andrew Breitbart posted a videotape he received from somebody (I would sure like to know who…perhaps a leftist plant, but we have no idea) showing Shirley Sherrod making racist comments. Those comments appeared to be taken out of context.

(I say “appeared” because since then she has made several comments about Fox News and Breitbart that are absolutely racist. For this reason the left no longer wants her on the talk shows. She went from sympathetic victim to racial bombthrower in 72 hours.)

Barack Obama…not “The White House,” or “The Administration”…but a singular individual man named Barack Obama…had her fired.

So Andrew Breitbart ran a video that got the ball rolling, but President Obama fired her.

(Despite the story of Tom Nilsack, formerly Vilsack)

How does she feel about these two men?

Despite virtually every media outlet claiming that Barack Obama apologized, CNN of all entities actually got it right, proving the blinking VCR theory about being right twice a day.

The column is entitled “Sherrod regards Obama’s call as apology.” That is not the same as saying that he apologized. This is a very important distinction.

“President Barack Obama didn’t literally say he was ‘sorry’ when they spoke Thursday, but ‘by simply calling me,’ she believed he was apologizing.”

Are you kidding me? Does this guy ever not get a free pass?

Compare the comments by Tom Vilsack to the actions of Barack Obama.

The man could not even bring himself to say he was sorry. Yet by merely picking up the telephone and calling her, that is good enough for her, and most of the media.

This is like the prom queen in junior high school who calls the math geek for help with homework, which he interprets to mean that she loves him. He is so honored to hear from her that her meaningless gesture carries meaning just because she is her. Barack Obama is still the object of teenage crushes that put Obamagirl to shame.

“She said he didn’t precisely say he was sorry.”

Of course he didn’t. God does not make mistakes or have to apologize.

“I really didn’t want to hear the president of the United States say ‘I’m sorry’ to Shirley Sherrod,” she said. “I felt he was saying that in his talk just by simply calling me. I felt it was, in a way, saying ‘I’m sorry’ because he didn’t have to do it.”

So even though he fired and humiliated her, he did not have to apologize. A simple, meaningless gesture meant to do damage control is good enough.

“Asked whether she was able to enlighten him about her work, she said they didn’t have time to get into that.”

Of course they didn’t. Does anybody in their right mind think this president cares about this insignificant low level bureaucrat who works with cows and pigs? Why would he care about what she does for a living?

(Mr. Obama’s predecessor had a reputation for genuinely caring about such low level staffers, and the dignity of individuals. This gets ignored because it does not fit the media narrative of heartlessness.)

Mr. Obama had a political problem. He called up to make sure she was not going to be a bigger problem in the same way a man calls a mistress to make sure she is going to keep quiet and not tell the wife. Once she cooperated, he had no use for her. Shirley Sherrod should win the Susan McDougal award for unrequited love and loyalty.

While Mr. Obama gets a free pass for the emptiest of perfunctory gestures, Andrew Breitbart does not get any latitude.

Mr. Breitbart has refused to apologize. Good. She compared him to those who support slavery. He should not give one inch to this race baiter. He is right to point out that even if her story was one of redemption, her audience did not know that at first. They laughed out loud when she spoke of the reverse racism well before the moral of the story.

So what if Mr. Breitbart were to call her up and apologize?

“He would really need to come and sit down with me and look me in the eye so that we could see if we could find a place — I’m not saying I wouldn’t forgive him, but we would need to see if we could find a place for that to happen.”

Come and sit down with her? Are you kidding me?

Somebody needs to show this woman the “South Park” episode on race. A white man uses a bad word accidentally. Jesse Jackson wants an apology. Reverend Jackson pulls his pants down while the white man kisses Jackson’s bare rear end as cameras snap the “apology.”

Equality means everyone is treated equally. Otherwise the word equality is meaningless.

If Andrew Breitbart has to come down there and kiss her rumpus, then so does Barack Obama. If Barack Obama is allowed a non-apology phone call, then so is Breitbart.

She needs to look deep in Breitbart’s eyes to see what she thinks is truly in his heart. That is not required of Barack Obama.

This is just another example that racism according to an aggrieved liberal minority is whatever they say it is at any given moment.

So why would she have a higher standard for Breitbart than Obama?

One theory is that Breitbart is white and Obama is partially black. That theory would make Ms. Sherrod a racist, which she very well be.

Yet I suspect that this is not racial bigotry. It is ideological bigotry. Breitbart is a conservative. Therefore, she gets to decide what is deep inside his heart, and he must bow down to her to show he is not the evil bad conservative she thinks he is.

Barack Obama is a black liberal. He does not have to prove anything. He automatically gets the benefit of the doubt.

Liberals make excuses for those WHO they feel deserve such excuses. Even though Barack Obama did not apologize, she is sure that he meant to do so. Intentions trump results. The media claims an apology occurred and the matter is settled.

Unless liberals can claim that every human being deserves to be held to the same standards, then nothing they say about wanting to help people matters.

Liberals want to blame Breitbart and Fox News (despite the fact that she was fired before Fox News ever aired the video or spoke about it). They will simply not allow any direct criticism of Barack Obama. His half-hearted gestures of caring are taken as true love.

The more the media tries to protect this man from legitimate criticism, the louder the backlash will grow.

If the president wants to be respected, he may wish to try behaving in the same civil and dignified way that everybody else is expected to adhere to.

Then again, there is no need for him to play by the rules of life when he has his cult of leftist droolers reminding him that he is God, and that they are merely lucky to breathe his noxiousness.

As for black America, the issue will be whether the prevailing desire is equality or revenge. Conservatives should not have to jump through extra hoops and be guilty until proven innocent simply for being conservatives. Liberals should not be held to lower standards and be given full credit for actions not even taken simply because they are liberals.

Many black people just want equality. Yet enough influential black “leaders” (translate: Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton) just want revenge, especially against white, conservative, slave owning oppressors. Those men are deceased, so the sins of the great-grandparents shall be used as a battering ram against their offspring for a period slightly beyond forever.

(Forever is the intention. It keeps these “leaders” and their offspring from ever having to get real jobs.)

“Teachable moments” and “conversations about race” are worthless unless everybody is allowed to talk and alternately forced to listen and be graded using equal metrics. Then again, if liberals allowed this, they would not be the ideological bigots they are. They would not be liberals.


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  4. Eagle 6 says:

    I am surprised CNN got something right. For the past two days they have been race baiting by showing videos of “Colored only”, Klansmen, and repeating the story of a “suspected” Klansman killing Sherrod’s father. The suspect was never prosecuted…that may have, indeed, been a terrible injustice, as were the systems of discrimination in those days. News flash: those days are over, except as our good host points out, for those who want to perpetuate the myth. Under the naive guise of equal opportunity, the government has stifled Black “growth” for decades by creating special rules…they may have been needed years ago, but welfare breeds welfare – go to any Indian Reservation, Appalacian Mountain town, or big city.

  5. Eagle 6 says:

    Copy pasted the “rest of the post” and the cyber police said I was posting too quickly and I must slow down…so I slowed down, and a duplicate message error occurred…

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  7. All see here is another conservative running for cover. Breitbart was wrong. Hannity and O’Reilluy were wrong. The administration should never listen to sources like these and made a huge mistake by doing so. Our good host is abosolutely wrong to continue the attack on the good Ms. Sherrod. There is no other way of looking at any of this.


  8. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, a “conservative running for cover…from (an) attack on the good Ms. Sherrod”…??? Listen to the whole tape. I did. Listen to her subsequent interviews. I did. From my perspective, which IS another way of looking at any of this, she has made a habit of espousing racist views and incorporated those views into her daily work habits. Again, watch the whole tape. The news story – from either the right or the left – isn’t the news. Her race-baiting is the news, and it has been “whitewashed” by the “News is Me” media.

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