France Bans the Burqa

In an Earth shattering decision that may have global ramifications, the nation of France has decided to ban the burqa. Women in France are no longer allowed to wear that piece of Muslim garb.

While I am a proud Neocon who wants to eradicate Radical Islam, I am surprised myself at the fact that I am not so sure I am in favor of this decision. What I am sure of is why this law passed, and what it means for the future.

I am totally in favor of banning the burqa and any other face coverings in drivers license and other identity photos. The right of law enforcement to see the face of the person is paramount. It is called identification to begin with. In America, United States law supersedes religious law.

Yet a total banning of the burqa does seem to be an encroachment on religious freedom.

Some will argue that the burqa reduces women to second class citizens. However, if religious law does not interfere with government law, then the government does not have a role.  Honor killings are illegal because murder itself is illegal.

Yet many religious communities have separate existences. Some very religious sects of Judaism have their own Rabbinic courts for issues such as divorces, and federal and state law often defers to these Rabbinic courts.

If Sharia law does not infringe on American law, there is no legal issue. The problem with Sharia law is that it does impose Sharia on non-Muslims and others who have their own traditions. It is one thing for Muslims to have foot baths at airports. This does not hurt anybody. Yet cab drivers refusing to allow alcohol, pork, dogs, or other items banned under Sharia into their cars crosses the line.

People should be free to practice their religious faith without encroaching on the freedom of others.

While strict Islam is a male dominated culture, the issue becomes whether women are forced into this life or if they do so voluntarily. While social pressures exist in communities, women in places such as Europe and America have legal protections to prevent subjugation.

Why should a woman in France who wants to voluntarily wear her traditional garb be banned from doing so? Isn’t this an issue between her and her husband?

Yet while I want to be sympathetic toward the women who choose their garb, I am more sympathetic to those instilling the ban. It is important to understand why the ban was enacted.

In short, parts of the non-Muslim world has had it.

I have had it with third world genocidal lunatics running around like Ali Baba in the Bugs Bunny cartoon yelling “Hassan Chop!” I am tired of the words “infidel,” “blasphemer,” “Jihad,” and “Allah Akbar!”

I have just had it.

Peaceful Muslims are collateral damage, and they have only themselves to blame. They will not stand up and condemn Radical Islam.

I understand the need for silence in the Middle East, where the penalty for speaking out is death.

Where are the Arab Muslims in Minneapolis, Detroit, and Dearborn?

When England turned into Londonistan, it was another sign that Europe had surrendered. This makes it even more ironic that the French of all people are not surrendering. Nicolas Sarkozy is not your typical French appeaser. He does not want France to be part of the Caliphate.

Is he taking an elephant club to mice? Sure. Is this the best way to handle things? No. Is it better than doing nothing? Yes it is.

With France the issue is secularism. In America it is Christianity. Christian Americans would sooner bring back the Crusades than surrender to Radical Islam.

The word “crusades” is a term that is deeply offensive to Muslims. They can get over it. I am offended by beheadings and towers being blown up.

Should I stand up for the right of Muslim women to wear their burqa? Sure. I am willing to do it? No. I have my battles to fight, and I have better things to do than stand up for people who won’t fight for themselves.

This ban is a backlash that is years in the making. Yet backlashes often rage out if control, resulting in innocent people getting hurt.

The backlash will not always be justified, but the anger behind the backlash is certainly proper. If Radical Islamists do not stop their craziness, it is their fellow decent Muslims who will feel the pain.

The Radical Islamists don’t care. If Moderate Muslims do care, they should speak up now before the burqa bans are only the tip of the reactive iceberg.


5 Responses to “France Bans the Burqa”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    Wonder if we’ll hear any triumphant cries from NOW.
    From a security standpoint I get it. We gotta know Jihad Jane if shes around.
    If Islam didnt contain its radical element running around blowin stuff up I’ll bet this never would of happened .
    Its kinda creepy for myself when the chick next to me is disguised like a Ninja who doesnt want to be indentified during or after the deed.

  2. Something tells me that if Christians (or Jews) wore burqas, you guys wouldn’t be so keen to see them banned anywhere. Yet Christians right here in America kill each other far more than Moslems ever could! Ever. As a matter of liberal feminism, the issue is a little tricky. While we’d all like to see women treated as equals, free to do as they choose, if they choose to wear burqa, what do we say? How do we know they are freely choosing it? As for France, this isn’t about secularism, though that is how it’s rhetorically disquised. This is about nationalism. There have been strong nationalist movements in Europe these days, and targetting Moslems is a popular methid of playing to those movements. Part of this is understandable, as these countries seek to retain their identities in the face of globalization, low fertility rates and massive cheap-labor immigration, but really the problems lay in the countries themselves and not outsiders. Just like here in America we get mad at Mexican immigrants but not the corporations who hire them, or drive them off their homelands.

    For Authortarians like Micky and our good host, this is good news. But remember, one day it could be the Jews getting singled out once again.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “Yet Christians right here in America kill each other far more than Moslems ever could! Ever. ”

    Oh bullspit !
    Who do you think has killed the most Muslims in history ?

    “Just like here in America we get mad at Mexican immigrants but not the corporations who hire them, or drive them off their homelands. ”

    Not true. But once again, you guys seem to think clicking your heels and saying it over and over will make it true.
    No one is mad at or blames illegals for their desire to escape oppression. I dont know anyone thats nlot mad at the ones that sell meth out of gangland operations or steal from our system.
    We the people get mad at those who hire them. You’re saying were getting mad at the junkie instead of the dealer. Not.
    Believe it or not, there are capitalist liberals who take advantage of slave labor as much as the liberals who have no use for minorities other than a voting base that knows they’ll get some entitlements…

    you guys are the dealers creating entitlement junkies who wouldnt dream of crossing their dealer.

    I got news for you…
    The Jews are being singled out again if not by radical Islam and even mainstream muslims but the good ole American president also !

  4. Micky 2 says:

    Its not tricky at all.
    When little green men are running around blowin everything up that doesnt agree with them we want to know that they’re not little green men hiding in black sacks.
    Christianity, today as an organized religion to me is still quite archaic in its ideals. Recently;
    “On Thursday, new rules were issued by the Vatican on ordaining women as priests. “A grave crime” they say, as serious as pedophilia. The new rules were issued by the Congregation for Doctrine of Faith (CDF). The Vatican considers ordaining women as priest “a grave crime against the faith”.

    Why should a woman with as much faith as any man not be able to pass the word ? Does Gods word carry less meaning coming from a woman ?
    Aside from that idiocy we,ve still seen Christianity move along with the times at a much more relevant pace than Muslims who are still stuck in the 17th century

  5. Dav Lev says:

    Many years ago, I used to visit NYCity, and see women clad in blue
    burkas. They were mainly black women.

    At that time, I thought little of it, considering how diverse NYCity is.
    I sometimes asked myself why Orthodox Jews always have their
    heads in prayer books on the subway. When questioned, I got
    some really strange answers, which Iwont divulge here.

    Then the Italians come onto the train, and I observed crosses
    10 inches long. I thought they either wanted to advertise their
    faith, or had some other motive?

    When I discussed stars of david with a relative, she told me
    that people should not advertise their religion. Hmmmmmm.

    One thing about wearing a cross. star of david, or burka,
    everyone else knows your religion. It takes the guessing out of it
    and even helps to avoid slips of the tongue.

    If wearing a burka does not violate French law..and the law pertains equally to all faiths (garb), I am for it. If not, I am against it.

    The backlash notion should be directed at requiring Muslim
    residents (in Muslim neighborhoods) to obey the laws of France.
    Simply obey the law.

    Some consider certain Christian sects ancient, stuck in the 17th century.
    I can think of a few, the Penn Dutch, Amish, etc.
    Live and let live. And what about some Mormon practices?
    To we Jews they seem absurd. I mean Joseph Smith in upstate
    New York. There are no caves in upstate New York just streams and creeks. Nah, there are caves there .

    However, if ones face has to be on a passport, or drivers’ license,
    they should be denied them if, well, they wont reveal themselves.

    On the other hand, the brothels in Nevada and their excesses,
    make all this kind of silly.

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