Global Idiocy Wednesday

Today is Global Idiocy Wednesday.

While I am on a plane to Nebraska, I pray that being trapped in a cocoon of normal mid-Westerners will keep me safely sealed away from the stupidity that is enveloping the entire world.

I now get all of my news from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, at least for one day. Several of their stories should be covered globally so the world can see what has become of us.

In Germany, a “Love Parade” was anything but. It was supposed to be like Woodstock except with music that may be even worse, unless one loves techno.

The Love Parade was held in an underground tunnel, since nothing says Love Parade like an underground tunnel. As expected, riots broke out in the form of a stampede. 19 people died and 342 were injured. The organizers of the Love Parade said it would never be held again.

The police chief presiding over the tragedy was Detlef Schmeling, who is most likely the athletic offspring of a gay German romance between Detlef Schrempf and Max Schmeling.

While the deaths are a tragedy, this entire episode was completely avoidable. As the song says, love hurts.

In Jordan, an activist named Amina Tarek was arrested in the town square when she showed up protesting, and dressed only in lettuce. Yes, lettuce. She wants Jordanians to “turn over a new leaf” and become vegetarians.

Given that Jordan is a beacon of human rights (spare me talk of how progressive they are compared to Saudi Arabia.), it makes perfect sense that a woman would have no other causes to worry about besides vegetarian lunacy. Perhaps if the police were to torture her in prison for merely being a woman and being outside alone, she may care more about the millions of Arab women living in oppression.

If she wants to care more about trees and animals than human beings, she does not belong in Jordan. She belongs in San Francisco. Actually, perhaps we can relocate PETA to Jordan. They can run around naked covered in lettuce. If they suffer violent consequences, CNN can always blame it on Israeli settlements. Perhaps this can turn into an adult video such as “Debbie does the Gaza (non-bacon) strip.”

In San Diego, Comic Con is a gathering of people who love comics. Like the Love Parade, it is supposed to be a peaceful gathering of people celebrating something fun. Instead, one man stabbed another man with a pen for sitting too close to him. In a disappointing insult to injury, not one comic book hero came to subdue the bad guy or save the victim. Batman, Superman, and the rest of the ilk are apparently make believe.

In Virginia, Senator Jim Webb made some provocative remarks about how diversity has marginalized white people. His remarks could have been worse, but the real surprise (when I say surprise I mean expected behavioral reaction) is the complete and total silence of people of all races. You see, Jim Webb is a Democrat. More importantly, he is a Democrat who publicly insulted President George W. Bush to his face. Therefore, he gets a free pass for any comment about anything.

Any Republican making such comments would instantly be Sherroded, which is like being an agricultural employee who gets cattle prodded.

In New York, Charlie Rangel is as entertaining as ever. I am withholding comments for now, happy to be a spectator.

Lastly, in Bell, California, top city officials came under fire for drawing salaries as high as 800,000 dollars. This led me to ask a question that is being asked all over America.

Where the heck is Bell California?

It is located in Los Angeles County. I live in LA County, and I still cannot ascertain where this place is.

The city is 91% Hispanic, which still does not tell me anything except that the media likes irrelevant factoids.

I have found Waldo with less trouble than Bell County.

I could make more of an effort, but somehow I think that if there is any reason to go there whatsoever, I would have already done so.

The people of Bell may be offended at my remarks, but why would anybody want to live in a town with a dirt poor median income being fleeced by city officials?

The only logical step for these Bell officials is to be promoted to the state level. California is broke, so being governor of the state would be a perfect match.

In honor of the people of Bell, I will eat at Taco Bell. Perhaps that will pour some residual funds into their coffers.

Whether at the national or count level, we get the government we deserve. As for Rizzo, I think he was one of the characters on the Muppets. I think he was in the band.

In Mexico, Jesus Quinonez was a law enforcement officer who was considered by a U.S. officer to be the go to guy for the Baja Attorney General’s office. He has just been arrested for helping drug traffickers. I love hearing about the great strides Mexico has made. Apparently winning the drug war means getting a better supply to market. If Mexico were any more corrupt it would be Chicago.

Ok, fine. I apologize for that cheap shot to Mexico. Chicago is much worse.

The Phil Collins song “Land of Confusion” sums it up.

This is the world we live in.

This is before even getting to problems in Afghanistan, upheaval at British Petroleum (not since 1814 has an American taken down a British institution), and an imbecilic media that is more focused on Hollywood celebrities acting like themselves.

The world is on fire, and people are too busy loving each other to death to notice or care.

I pray that my commentary on Global Idiocy Wednesday leads to Common Sense Thursday, but that would be about as likely as a naked Arab vegetarian moving to America, becoming Jewish, and cramming a burger into their mouth to prevent speech.


6 Responses to “Global Idiocy Wednesday”

  1. I expected to be reading about the big Wikileak here today. You must really be travelling! The story has everything you hate – a bombastic anti-war French guy, leaking of “secret” material, an exposition of the futility of fighting the war on terror with the military… I’m surprised you haven’t gone ape$#@! over this!


  2. Micky 2 says:

    ” an exposition of the futility of fighting the war on terror with the military… I’m surprised you haven’t gone ape$#@! over this!”

    Yeah, we should just do a massive air drop of your avatar over Indonesia and the whole middle east.
    That’ll straighten em all out.

    Wikileak should be shut down. They’re divulging techniques still in use, well, maybe not now.
    Thanks a$$hats

  3. Well, Micky, the administration, pundits on all sides, the military, and so forth, all say that this leak was much ado about nothing. So, which is it? A big deal or not?

    I know the Totalitarian Authoritarians (you, our good host, etc) would like to shut down all the free press save for Newscorp. I know, I know.


  4. Dav Lev says:

    Talk about lunacy, what do we all think of the judge’s decision
    to overturn some of Ariazona’s law pertaining to questioning
    crime suspects about their immigration status?

    I mean, sure, a Jordanian (the real Palestine), woman dressed
    only in lettuce is fascinating..but, who cares? Im more concerned
    over the daily floggings in the Muslim world of women who
    violate Sharia law ( not an eye for an eye, but a body for an eye
    type of law).

    There are 11m illegals in this country, most Hispanic.
    They do work for their ursurping the legals
    who cannot find jobs (34million).

    But not to be denied, not all illegals are Hispanic, some
    even come from Canada.

    The question therefore was, if a Canadian who overstays
    his (her) visa, is stopped in Arizona, for a supposed crime
    (dui), and is not asked about his that profiling in reverse?

    But if everyone were asked about their status….wouldn’t that end
    this issue?

    Hispanics are protesting the profiling aspect..and having to have
    papers on their person.

    When in California, a person is stopped by local police or sheriffs,
    and asked to show a drivers license and is expected.
    I rarely am stoppped, but have the papers in my wallet. So what!
    If one is here legally, it should be a priviledge.

    The judge in Arizona did indicated that illegal immigration, considering
    what is going on south…is a serious problem, and must be corrected.
    I agree.

    The other day, while in a local market, I questioned a lady holding
    a young baby..asking, “How old is that cute baby”. She told me,
    but seemed nervous. Was she here legally? Is the baby hers and legal?

    The protestors seem to have forgotten something. They are protesting
    legally, a criminal act. On the one hand, they demand their rights to
    protest, but are denying others their rights to immigrate through
    proper channels, legal employees from working, benefits
    paid through taxes of hard working legal Americans, and due process.

    Today is a sad day for America, folks. What will our grandchildren
    s America look like in 2050? Will English be a 2nd language in our schools?

    Obama promised legislative action on this building problem.
    Like most everything else of relevance, he has done little.
    His war (Afghanistan), thanks to Karzai, is a dismal failure.
    He has done nothing to convince Pakistan to like us, even with
    all our aid.

    Perhaps if he helped Hezbollah, Iran and Hamas to destroy the
    Jewish state, and warned India to stop meddling in Afghanistan,
    they would love us.

    Mr. Obama, as one President said years ago, “Destroy this wall”,
    I ask you to say, “Build a wall to stop illegal immigration”. Make
    it a felony to hire illegals..(Mexico puts its illegals in prison for 6 years).

  5. I just can’t think of anything more cowardly and sleazy than a proponent of GWB’s GWOT referring to the war in Afghanistan as “Obama’s War.” That takes a complete moral vaccuum.


  6. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, Do you recommend that we NOT have a war on terror? Great! Then you can’t have it both ways…if the President didn’t want a war on terror, he could leave – then it’s not HIS war…however, if he WANTS a war on terror, then it is now HIS again! But wait, I don’t think it was former President Bush who declared war…didn’t Congress have something to do with it? And if so, then it’s STILL Congress’ war on terror, or Overseas Contingency Operation, and NOT the President’s…

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