Michael Ames–Lying Liberal Scumbag

I recently had the honor and privilege of speaking at an Idaho event as the undercard to Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.

Some people may feel that I am fiercely defending the Chairman because I was allowed to speak at his event. Those people have it backwards. I wanted to speak at his event because I admired the man so much to begin with. I have never claimed that he supports me. I support him.

I know that Chairman Steele has been the victim of a witch hunt. He has made his mistakes as we all have, but the leftist media would love to destroy a prominent minority conservative. This is what liberals do. They hate conservatives, but they really hate minority conservatives. Just ask Sarah Palin or Eric Cantor.

Better yet…ask me.

I am not even a celebrity (God help America if that changes), but as a Jewish Republican I have gotten attacked by everyone from staff members of Henry Waxman to other liberal outlets that like their conservatives dead and buried in the ground, not breathing air and speaking.

The event I did with Chairman Steele was a flawless event that was a total and complete success for everybody involved. Every single speaker was well received. The attendees had a fabulous time. The Idaho GOP hit a home run out of the ball park. Only a leftist media scumbag with an axe to grind would see otherwise.

I normally prefer not to use such strong language, but liberal scumbag is as liberal scumbag does.

Michael Ames is the new face of what is contemptible with the liberal media.

I was tempted to just leave him alone, given that his readership is probably lower than mine. After all, why elevate a man?

Because silence is acquiescence.

If the man wants to lie about Chairman Steele, that is one thing. It bothers me, but the Chairman is a big boy. He can take care of himself.

Michael Ames lied about me personally. Everything he holds dear needs to be destroyed, with as much emotional pain inflicted as possible to him along the way.

I hope one day the Almighty stamps a big fat red “L” on his forehead. It could stand for liberal or loser, but for now it will stand for liar.

Michael Ames writes for the Sun Valley Magazine in Hailey, Idaho. He also writes for the Seattle Times and has a biography on the Huffington Post. In liberal land, this would be considered a neutral impartial fair observer.

Normally I do not link to garbage, since it only increases the scumbag’s traffic. However, I am sure he is awake at 2am in his underwear Googling himself, so I decided to make his year.


Even the title is a lie. Chairman Steele was not there in Idaho mending fences. He had nothing to apologize for that night, and he was treated like the rock star he is. He was among friends. Anybody not looking through a hard core leftist lens would have seen a warm reception and recognized it as such.

“…most of the state’s highest-ranking elected Republicans were not in the audience.”

Most? Idaho has a Republican Governor and two Republican Senators. Senator Jim Risch was in attendance. He warmly received and was received by Chairman Steele. So using a sample size of three, two out of three high-ranking officials were not there. One was. 99 out of 100 is most. Two out of three is liberalism masking as journalism.

The Idaho GOP Convention was the following week, and the other Senator Mike Crapo barely made a cameo there. Idaho is a large state geographically, and traveling between DC and Idaho is onerous. Spare family time is allowed, even in the era of the broken family.

Other GOP politicos running for office were in attendance, including Ralph Perez. Idaho GOP Chairman Norm Semanko was there as well. So yes, politicos were there to see Chairman Steele.

It is one thing to take things out of context. Creating non-stories is another tactic.

“Rush Limbaugh was also in Sun Valley on Friday, attending a wedding. According to the Idaho GOP, the two men did not meet during their time in the state.”

Why does this matter? There is no Steele-Limbaugh feud. They patched things up. I am often in the same town as Henry Waxboy because we both live in a congressional district with a dreadful congressman, who coincidentally is him. We do not speak, but that does not mean anything.

Yet written manipulation and non-stories aside, it is another thing to overtly lie.

“‘Wassup, Idaho?! Brother came and helped you out!’ the former Maryland lieutenant governor said to the all-white, and largely white-haired, audience. Turning to 67-year-old Risch next, he said, ‘What-up, baby?’ and elicited a round of nervous giggles.”

The crowd was not mostly old people despite the desperate attempt of Michael Ames to paint the typical stereotype of GOP audiences. There were plenty of young people in attendance. I met them and shook their hands. If Michael Ames wants to continue lying, then in the future GOP groups can have people fill out age cards. After all, any slur by a liberal writer against conservatives is true until refuted.

As for the “nervous giggles,” Michael Ames as a liberal does not know hysterical laughter when he hears it. The crowd loved the speech and found it as hilarious as I did. Michael Ames can spin the subjective bottle and kiss his own subjective hide when it stops.

“Countless commentators have poked fun at Steele’s linguistic jujitsu. And while some worry that the chairman could alienate conservative black voters, there were no minorities at the Idaho event to offend. Steele’s forced slang scored points instead by offering his party’s dwindling demographic the illusion of inclusion in an increasingly multi-ethnic society.”

These “countless” commentators are liberals who hate minority conservatives.

No minorities to offend? I am Jewish you (incredibly long redacted swear words)!

(Several Jews were in attendance.)

There were also plenty of women in attendance. Mr. Ames dishonestly and selectively decides who makes up minorities.

As for the typical leftist attempt to play the anti-GOP race card, we were in Idaho! The state is 97% white, with black people making up only 2/3 of 1% of the state population.

Should we just put black and Jews (who also are not many in Idaho) onto buses from Los Angeles and Florida and deport them to Idaho so Michael Ames can have his precious multi-ethnic diversity?

Give Jews and blacks some credit. With all respect to Idahoans, we don’t like cold weather.

Michael Ames apparently has never written about the lack of diversity in lily-white liberal neighborhoods he writes for. I am sure the Seattle Times gets a free pass for being as white as Canada because Seattle is liberal. Seattle has constant rain. Again, give black people credit for avoiding awful weather.

“…the man who Jon Stewart once likened to a jive-talking Muppet can also be a ruthless political operator.”

Michael Ames does not criticize Jon Stewart for an incredibly racist comment. After all, liberals cannot be racists, despite making overtly racist statements. Those wanting to defend Stewart are what they are. As for Michael Ames, bringing it up without condemning it shows obvious approval of the comment.

Although I was a tiny part of the event, Mr. Ames decided to lie about me.

“Guest speakers included…a fiery stand-up act by conservative comedian Eric Golub, who writes ‘The Tygrrrr Express’ blog. Golub, who said he wants a return to civility in politics, opened with a joke about the Boise State University Broncos recruiting Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to play defensive tackle. He then pleaded with Gen. David Petraeus to ‘stop being so nice’ to President Obama.

I absolutely made the joke about Napolitano being a defensive lineman, and I stand by it. The joke is funny and it works because for humor to work, there has to be truth. The woman is stocky. My joke is far less poisonous than Stewart’s comment about Steele.

Michael Ames could show an ounce of honor by pointing out what I said next.

“I apologize for that last remark. I shouldn’t say Janet Napolitano’s name in the same sentence as the word defense. She can’t defend anything.”

There you go. The big stocky football player shaped woman was the precursor to a joke criticizing her performance on the job. Liberals don’t like it when minorities are ever criticized for doing a bad job, unless they are minority conservatives.

As for the remark about Barack Obama, Michael Ames is a…(grabbing a bullhorn):

Lying sack of subhuman (redacted).

I never said that. I never would say that. I unequivocally and categorically deny saying that remark.

I did not tell Republicans to not be nice to the president. I made fun of his ears, his pompousness, and his effeminate nature.

What I actually said was:

“General Petraeus, the next time you testify before congress…stop being so polite. That is my advice to the audience here when dealing with liberals who hate you…stop being so polite.”

I don’t expect a scumbag like Michael Ames to retract his comments or correct the record. His behavior justifies why I will not be polite to his ilk. I said it in my remarks.

“Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Bring a bazooka.”

I am not sing Kumbaya with people like Michael Ames who want to tarnish me for being conservative and breathing.

For those who want the truth, a fair, impartial article about the same event was written by an actual journalist who did not come with predetermined leftist opinions. Katherine Wutz at the Idaho Mountain Express captured my remarks accurately.


“Steele: GOP Should Prepare to Fight” was her headline. She was right. Steele was not their to mend fences or apologize. He was there to remind Republicans to stand up against the left.

That was my message as well. Liberal bullies like Michael Ames should notice what Ms. Wutz wrote concerning me.

“Comedian Eric Golub also spoke, promoting his new book and urging the party to ‘stop being so polite’ when it comes to dealing with Democrats. ‘We are right, they are wrong,’ he said. ‘We’re going to win, they’re going to lose.’

Golub’s ending joke perhaps best summed up the mood of those in attendance. ‘When people ask me, Aren’t you glad to have a black leader of the Free World? I say, Yes, we love Michael Steele.'”

That is what I said. I did not tell Americans not to be polite to the president.

Michael Ames did not make an “honest mistake.” The man lied. He lied in print. That is called libel.

His entire column is one libelous slice of bile wrapped in a fraudulent Jayson Blair Times style smear sandwich.

To quote Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy…

“This is why I don’t read the news! Because it’s garbage! The editor who wrote this is garbage!”

Michael Ames wrote this. Michael Ames is garbage.

To allow him to go unchallenged would be to allow garbage to spread.

Let him look me in the eye and tell me what I said. I know what I said.

If he would lie about a small fish like me, then lying about a big fish like Chairman Steele is easy to understand.

Chairman Steele has to be tactful.

I am a private citizen. I don’t.

If Michael Ames thought I was fiery in Idaho, he is going to get the Bachmann Turner Overdrive treatment.

(If he tries to lie his way out of this, he may wish to remember what happens when videotapes surface. They may not…but I suspect they may. Let him roll the dice.)

Amesy boy…You ain’t seen nothing yet.

It may be the legal system visiting you. It may be verbal vigilantism going after everything in this world you care about.

Ask other liberals who have tangled with me how I react when I don’t get my apology.

I’m just getting started.


3 Responses to “Michael Ames–Lying Liberal Scumbag”

  1. Eagle 6 says:

    Eric, I love ya man, but to paraphrase a familiar line, “From whom much is given, much is expected”…another great source of intelligence came from a lesser-known entitiy: my Dad…two quotes: “No matter how seemingly bad it is, all publicity is good publicity” and “Never believe your press clippings”… I guess my point is you are far too thin-skinned about the comments made regarding your comments. You can’t have it both ways…even though the “rest of the story” of JN is that she can’t defend anything, the human interest part is a rather “heavy” attack on her person…and apologizing tongue-in-cheek is great for laughs, as was the entire routine supposed to draw…so there should be no complaints! And, I’m not sure why you are bothered by a journalist taking liberties with the comment, “That is my advice to the audience here when dealing with liberals who hate you…stop being so polite.” An argument could be made that President Obama is a liberal who many people believe despises the military, and if not Pres Obama, who was GEN Petraeus not supposed to be polite to? Boxer, Pelosi, Reed…do any of them possess views different from the President?

    I like your righteous indignation because some of the coverage does, indeed, show an ideological bigotry, but as you duly noted, Idaho IS pretty white, and if 30% of the people had white hair, then the seeming majority would be “white-haired older people”…just as if 30% of the people were Black, it would seem the majority were Black…that’s just journalism… Heck, I would be extremely glad that the guy cited your comments – it piqued people’s interest, and they are now likely to visit your site… Pandering to a liberal audience is not libel – nor is crafting remarks to support the “right” side… Anderson Oil Scooper Blooper Cooper has been quite vocal these past several weeks about how trashed the beaches are and questioning whether they are safe to swim in, yet laments innocuously to Jimmy Buffet that he can’t understand why people are not coming to the beaches… so if some of the most nationally viewed people can get away with making diametrically opposed comments, you can expect someone with a lesser audience to be permitted liberties… Keep the fire burning!

    I don’t expect

  2. I don’t know what Eric is so upset about. Ames piece was pretty tame and most of the “lies” Eric cites are just matters of ineterpretation. Seems like conservatievs are extremely defensive these days…


  3. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, You said in your first sentence what took me two paragraphs to say…of course, your last sentence is quite broad-brush…just because Eric is a little defensive doesn’t mean ALL conservatives are that way…our good host needs to be on the defensive, and on the offensive… good humor usually comes with teeth!

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