Singing Doo-Wop With Black Panther Malik Shabazz

I found a picture of the new leader of the Black Panthers

Who knew that Charlotte, North Carolina was such a hotbed of controversy?

Given that liberals truly believe we can make everything better by singing Kumbaya and starting a Love Train for those who hate us, I have decided to help spread the love.

Malik Shabazz is the “head” of the “New” Black Panther Party.

This proves two things.

1) The word “new,” whether referring to Coke or Democrats, means “worse.”

2) Malik Shabazz needs somebody to lovingly sing to him Doo-Wop music.

Here is my serenade to our new warm adorable racist fuzzball, courtesy of the 1950s group “The Silhouettes.”

“Sha ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba, ba bazzzzzz,

Sha ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba, ba bazzzzzz,

Sha ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba, ba bazzzzzz,

Sha ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba…

Yip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip,

mm mm mm mm mm mm,

Get a job.”

Maybe Mr. Shabazz needs to consult with Damon Wayans and Tim Meadows, who participated in a hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live called “Perspectives, With Lionel Osborne.”

Wayans: The blood of the white man is going to roll as the revolution takes to the streets this weekend.

Meadows: What if it is raining this weekend?

Wayans: Then the blood of the white man is going to roll as the revolution takes to the streets next weekend.

Meadows: What if it is raining next weekend?

Wayans: Whose side are you on man?

Meadows (to the audience): There you have it America. This weekend the blood of the white man will roll as the revolution takes to the streets, unless it is raining, where the blood of the white man will roll next week. This concludes today’s episode of ‘Perspectives.’ Our diversity programming continues next at 4am with programming for the Spanish community. Up next is ‘Los Perspectivos’ with me, your host, Lionel Osborne.

Ok, enough fun.

What part of “Kill whitey cracker honky babies” do guilty white liberals not understand?

Maybe we misheard Shabazz. Maybe he wants to kill crack babies. After all, that could be seen as an act of compassion if it was deemed that they would live miserable short lives anyway.

Given that crack is particularly problematic in inner city black communities, he was advocating killing his fellow black people.

After all, if he hated whitey he would advocate killing powder cocaine babies, which is the rich caucasian problem.

I wonder if the sentences for killing crack babies are much tougher than for killing powder cocaine babies. That would be racist. I will not rest until the penalty for killing all babies is equal.

Now that I have done my part for social justice, let’s all be liberals and give Mr. Shabazz what he wants.

Let’s bring back segregation.

You heard me. Forget Plessy vs Ferguson or Brown vs Board of Education. Forget Thurgood Marshall. Let’s go back to a very limited form of segregation.

First we arrest Mr. Shabazz and all of his cohorts.

Then we ask them to take a loyalty oath to a separate black society.

Lastly, anybody who accepts the oath gets put in lockdown, segregated from the general prison population.

A few days in lockdown may have some of them singing the praises of integration.

Why are these criminals on the streets?

Because Attorney General Eric Holder is their ideological soul mate.

Eric Holder has zero objection to these people. He would say so if he did. Putting on a fancy suit does not make him less radical.

Besides, if Mr. Shabazz kills an 80 year old Tea Party grandmother, he will be a hero for stopping the “real” violent threat facing this nation.

The problem is not Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, or wheelchair bound ladies with knitting apparel. I can say with statistical certainty that they are precisely zero percent responsible for what is ailing our nation from a crime and terrorism standpoint.

The problem is the radical left. They are the violence in this country and world wide.

The consequences of this violence is that many caucasian Americans like myself are developing an ailment known as “minority sympathy fatigue.”

Everybody needs to celebrate my father’s favorite holiday. It is called “Shut the hell up and go to work” Day.

It is the precursor to Christmas and Hanukkah. You work all year to earn the money to buy the presents.

Some will say that finding work is difficult.

Has Mr. Shabazz even looked?

There are plenty of Doo-Wop bands that could hire him. Perhaps “The Marcels” are hiring.

“Bob buh buh bob, buh bob buh bob bob,

Buh buh bob, buh buh bob, duh dang duh dang dang,

Duh ding dong ding dong,

Black (Panther) Bu-ffoooooooonnnn,

You saw me standing alone,

Without a dream in my heart,

Without a love of my own.

You saw me screaming at whites,

While I wielded a baton,

I only wanted love,

and my own telethon.”

It is time for Mr. Shabazz to feel the rhythm and beat of the soothing sounds of Doo-Wop.

Then it is time for law enforcement to actually enforce the law.

It is time for a Doo-Wop lock up.

Maybe a Klan member can shave “Ebony and Ivory” into Mr. Shabazz’s head in prison, and Mr. Shabazz can reciprocate.


10 Responses to “Singing Doo-Wop With Black Panther Malik Shabazz”

  1. Well, that’s religion for ya’. I never understood why some in the black community chose to target Jews. Of all the people who have ever abused the black people, the Jews are the least among them. And of all the people who have ever suffered as much as and even more than black people, it’s the Jews. You’d think black leaders would be siding up next to Jews, not slandering and threatening them. But if you notice, most of the anti-semitic vitriol from the black community comes from the usual places – the churches and mosques. Secular black people never take such stupid positions. Taht’s why I never understoood the anger at Obama for sitting in Wright’s pews. Obama is a secular man. I don’t think he gave a rat’s behind what Wright thought about anything. He was just there because that’s where aspiring black pols have to go to church in Chicago.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Obama dont wanna to pi$$ off his Homies.
    Plain and simple

  3. Well, that’s a little too racial for me, but yeah, that’s the basic idea. Look, lots of pols, from both parties, attend churches that preach things the pols do not practice. Catholic conservative and liberal pols have serious divergences from the church, but they still attend. Some people, including myself, would say that encouraging the forcing of raped little girls to have babies is just as bad as spewing anti-semitic stupidity. Yet pro-choice Democrats regularly attend pro-life churches. Most churches preach that greed and war are the worst of evils, yet plenty of rich, hawk Republicans attend those churches.

    The “New Black Panther Party” is nothing but a bunch a bunch of old Nation of Islam has-beens who’ll say anything to get attention. Even the old Black Panthers, who weren’t exactly mainstream, don’t associate with this bunch. I don’t know why Eric would even bother paying attention these shmucks. But I guess it’s good to call out hate-speech when you hear it, even if it comes from marginal voices.


  4. Bishop says:


    I’m a little perturbed at your dismissal. If it had been a white man in a uniform saying they should be killing the babies of black people to liberate the white man you’d be calling for his head. I love the way Liberals say there’s nothing new nothing to see here and make excuses when it comes to radical minorities. “Oh, they’re just old has-beens. Leave em alone. They’re harmless.” The Obama regime gave them a pass for their bad behavior when they should had the hammer brought down on them for intimidating voters at the polling place.


  5. I think you’re thinking of different “Shabazzes” here, Bishop. I don’t think Malik Shabazz ever said that. They are old has-been NoI leftovers. They’re not important. They don’t represent a lot of people. All this is just sleazy, typical con tagging the Obama adminstration with things it has niothing to do with. You’d have to be a moron to believe these rightwing stories anyway.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “All this is just sleazy, typical con tagging the Obama adminstration with things it has niothing to do with. ”

    Awww, cut the crap for once in your life would you ?
    Who the hell do you think got him off the hook ?
    The good witch Glenda ?

    Beer summits in order here, cept they’ll be 40 ouncers of Old English 800 and not Paulaner Pilsners.

  7. Micky, the evidence wasn’t there. There’s no way Obama stepped in for these shmucks. You really have to be an idiot to believe otherwise.


  8. Micky 2 says:

    “They don’t represent a lot of people’

    Neither do the Tea Partiers you claim are racists yet have not one ounce of proof.

    And I never said Obama “stepped in”.
    But then again. It would of been really smart for him to make one of his nationwide speechs denouncing such crap and making sure Holder sent em to a nice white jail

  9. Micky 2 says:

    “You really have to be an idiot to believe otherwise.”

    Yeah, I seem to remember “cops acting stupidly” and racist black professors getting more attention than the oil spill

  10. Bishop says:

    No of course not. There was no proof … except for the people who came forward who said the two Panthers at the door attempted to block their entry and oh um the video of the same two with one twirling around a night stick. Nah, that’s not proof. Nope, no proof at all there. Move along folks, the bill of rights and civil rights laws are only equally enforced against white people.

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