The Real White House Threat

Liberals in general, and the Obama White House in particular, need straw man villain conservatives to survive. They need enemies to cover up their own miserable existence. Yet most of the time the White House knows that the fake threats are just that.

Yet one real threat has the White House terrified.

(I wish it was Islamofascism, but that would require the left to enter adulthood. I am referring to a political threat.)

Rush Limbaugh is not the threat. He was a bigger threat during the Clinton era. He is as good as ever, but his jovial entertaining manner leads some to think that he is only playing around. I know Rush is deadly serious about his conservative beliefs, but he does not have the White House as terrified as somebody else.

Bill O’Reilly absolutely does not threaten the White House. O’reilly keeps insisting (truthfully) that he is not a conservative despite the fact that the left portrays him and all Fox News employees as right-wing killers who hunt baby seals with full automatic weapons and beat up school children for their lunch.

(One could argue the left is killing children with those school lunches. My stomach hurts just remembering that stuff.)

Bill O’Reilly is so obsessed with being “fair,” that he bends over backwards to be more than fair. The White House knows it can manipulate O’Reilly because he has feelings, and being seen as “mean” truly bothers him.

Unlike O’Reilly, Sean Hannity is much closer to Limbaugh. He is the political opposition to the Obama White House. Yet Hannity seems more interested in debate and racking up points at times. He jousts with Bob Beckel, and they laugh about it.

Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Hannity are all good at what they do, but only one man truly has the White House terrified.

(One could argue Sarah Palin is the other person. They would be right, but unless she runs against Barack Obama, her ability to do damage to him is limited.)

The real White House public enemy number one is Glenn Beck.

They hate him. They despise him. They fear him down to their core (assuming generously that they even have a core).

I have watched his program many times. He does sometimes get excited and flush red in the face. Yet like Hamlet, he is only playing crazy. He is not crazy.

When he breaks down everything so carefully on his whiteboard, he is at his very best. The man is a teacher.

The left will demonize him because he is on the right and that is what the left does. Yet he is no partisan hack. He certainly has no love for the Republican Party. He does not even make formal endorsements.

The left will say he is crazy, but what they will not say is the one thing that would end Beck as a threat altogether.

They will not say he is wrong.

Some will argue the completely ludicrous argument that they do not want to “waste their time” on him. This is the most pathetic argument on Earth, which says a lot considering the left.

Liberals love to demonize conservatives by taking the most microscopic issues and blowing them out of proportion and context. I make spelling mistakes because I type fast, and that supposedly invalidates every legitimate thought I could possibly have.

When somebody on the right makes a mistake, the White House has thousands of people ready to correct the record. The White House is the most powerful rapid response team on the planet.

Glenn Beck has a red phone on his desk on the show. He challenges somebody, anybody, to call him if he gets something wrong. The phone stays silent.

The left will attack Glenn Beck on style, but he delights in mocking elitists. When he pulls out his pipe and tweed jacket and does his invitation of people who went to Harvard, he gives them a well needed popping of their pompousness pin cushion. He even tells us that he may not know anything, since after all he is nothing but a recovering drunk.

With Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart helping him with research (they are often attacked, yet they keep being proven right, or at the very least unable to be proven wrong), Beck exposes the intricate, incestuous, and downright corrupt relationships that are helping the left spread their poison.

ACORN was a criminal enterprise. Beck hammered them until they collapsed. Now he is going after the various organizations that ACORN became. He points out the White House “Czars” that have close to absolute power with zero accountability.

He takes aspects that Michelle Malkin dealt with in “Culture of Corruption” and applies them to the small screen.

Glenn Beck is who keeps Robert Gibbs from getting a good night’s sleep.

The left will continue to make him out to be crazy. If so, he is fox crazy.

What he is not…is wrong.

This is why Mr. Obama’s credibility keeps nosediving while Beck’s integrity and reputation keeps rising.

Keep applying pressure Mr. Beck. You are right, and the right thanks you for it.


6 Responses to “The Real White House Threat”

  1. It’s a truly sad day when a conservative like our good host would applaud the sleazy, idiotic, uneducated, rabble-rousing, snake-oil salesman, Glenn Beck. William F. Buckley must be spinning in his grave. Is there no class among conservatives anymore?


  2. Me thinks you applauded Beck too soon – a day too soon…

    “If Jesus was a victim he would have come back from the dead and made the Jews pay for what they did.”

    Ya’ sure you want to get in bed with this dude?


  3. Micky 2 says:

    jersey, I mean this in all truth.
    I knew this was exactly what you’d say.
    yet you’ve yet to disprove asny of Becks facts.

    I was also ready to tell Eric that the real threat to the White house is the incompetent nincompoop in the oval office.

    Would you like a list of all your buddies “class acts” ?

    Beck has more class in his urine than Olberman, Maddow, and the whole Obama a$$ kissing MSM put together

  4. Beck is a buffon and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.


  5. Eagle 6 says:

    Jersey, sometimes you make logical arguments, and sometimes I don’t agree that your arguments are based on sound thinking. And, one of the reasons for discourse is to share ideas and thoughts, positions, viewpoints, and whatever. But why the pattern of name-calling? No one cares what other people “think” in terms of whether one person is a buffoon, moron, comic-book hero, or a brilliant guy…opinions such as those are like vacuum cleaners: some suck more than others, and almost all of them blow dust and rotted waste that has been picked up in the past few months and festered in the bag… Eric said, “Some will argue the completely ludicrous argument that they do not want to “waste their time” on him. This is the most pathetic argument on Earth, which says a lot considering the left….and the phone stays silent”… ’nuff said

  6. Micky 2 says:

    “Beck is a buffon and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.”

    I could say the same thing about you.
    The only difference is that I’ve got tons of material to back my calling you a buffoon.
    Becks connections, assertions and accusations have been spot on. When he was wrong he quickly retracted or apologized.
    His research team is of the best around.

    You just cant stand it when he points out progressive and liberal failures.
    To the point you’re unable to see the criticism he also launchs at the right and government in general.
    You have to keep in mind when listening to him that hes making predictions based on facts and historical reminders.
    Hes not guaranteeing anything but much of what hes predicted years ago, actually has happened.

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