The Sherrod Charade, Nilsack, Waldo, and Rodney King

For a man who likes to talk us to death, Mr. Obama is harder to find right now than Waldo.

As we all well know, agriculture bureaucrat Shirley Sherrod was fired for making statements that could have been interpreted as racist or redemptive. The NAACP audience sure chuckled at her tale of humiliating a white man before knowing the rest of the story. Somebody gave Andrew Breitbart an edited version of the tape that cast Ms. Sherrod in the worst light.

(She may not be a racist, but she certainly is a class warfare practitioner, which is not admirable.)

Under heavy pressure from the White House, she was fired by Agriculture Secretary and former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, beginning the Sherrod Charade.

As for the Vilsack, he should change his name to Nilsack since he just had his manhood blown off when he dove on the grenade to protect his boss.

I personally miss the old days when the liberal media would deliberately show edited footage taken out of context. The part where Rodney King puts tons of lives at risk before getting caught is not shown. Then the city burns. Nobody blamed the media or talked about context then.

The story coming from Ms. Sherrod is that she had to fired so that Glenn Beck would not attack the White House. Ironically, Beck actually defender her.

The White House supposedly fired her due to Fox News, despite the fact that Fox News did not run with the story until she was already fired.

Robert Gibbs did his best Baghdad Bob impersonation in a rambling incoherent press conference where he was apologizing for an administration currently led by the invisible man.

The argument that the right holds any blame for this leftist mess is ludicrous. First the left spends years stating that every conservative is stupid and evil. Fox News is not a real network. Andrew Breitbart has no credibility. Every single conservative thinker on Earth is somehow stupid and evil, even though those are contradictory notions.

So what did the left say when the tape turned out to be edited? The NAACP claimed to have been “snookered.” The left in general was “tricked,” “duped,” and “fooled.”

So if the right is stupid, and the left overreacted based on something they learned from the right, what level of idiocy describes the left?

The left claiming that they will now no longer take Fox News seriously implies they ever did. That would be like me being surprised if Mary Mapes and Dan Rather brought me fake but accurate memos. When the left does it, somehow they rationalize everything as proper.

I would not make such a mistake. If the Jayson Blair Times is cited, the article is automatically invalidated because they wrote it. If the JBT claims that 2 + 2 = 4, I am going to check with another source just so I do not take the word of a leftist, plagiarized, badly written rag that is virtually always wrong.

Yet the left has nowhere to go on this one. The Sherrod screwup was 100% the fault of the left. The White House ran with it. The reasons are irrelevant. The First Coward in Chief needs to man up for once in his effeminate life and look Americans in the eye.

Admitting fault is not his specialty, but luckily he has staffers to cover for him.

Today is the one year anniversary of when an elitist Harvard gasbag professor (redundant, I know) who happened to be black played the race card against a good cop who happened to be white. Like that incident, Sherrod provided a “teachable moment” where the person most needing to learn sits in the White House cowering.

The media is not at fault here, nor were they at fault when they stoked the fires that led to Los Angeles burning. They did not put the rocks and bricks in the rioters hands. I watched the videotape. I did not burn my city or destroy store windows.

Does anybody think Andrew Breitbart or anybody else cares about the Department of Agriculture? Does anybody even know what they actually do? I think they raise taxes on cows and other incredibly scintillating things.

The right has better things to do than attack people who manage livestock. We are not the poultry police.

If the left wants to blame this on the right, then the right should really turn up the heat. I have always said if accusations are going to be leveled, they might as well be true. Conservative bloggers should find the most low level staffers and make them miserable for sport. Maybe we can investigate if the White House janitors wear white pants instead of black ones, and whether their tailors once went bowling with somebody who looked like a skinhead but actually had chemo.

Come on! The left is like a cheating spouse at this point. Paranoia sets in, so they assume that the other spouse is cheating also since they are.

The left has spent the last 25 years trying to destroy conservatives ever since Ted Kennedy brutalized Robert Bork. Therefore, it is natural that they think the right does the same.

I will say this again until it is drilled into leftist skulls.

We on the right do not hate you. We disagree with you. We are simply tired of you hating and demonizing us. The moment you stop smearing us as bigots simply for being alive and breathing, you would be surprised at how kindly we will treat you in response.

If President Obama wants the racial divisions in this country to recede, he can stop demonizing his opponents using race as a club.

He may wish to follow his own oil spill advice and find out “whose @ss to kick.” Then he can look in the mirror on this one.

Barack Obama screwed up and had an innocent woman fired from her job.

He is human. Humans make mistakes. Honorable humans own up to these mistakes.

It should not fall to Baghdad Bob Gibbs or Tom Nilsack.

President Barack Nilsack Obama needs to reach down and find his own.

It is one thing for the left to be an entire ideology of crybabies blaming the right for their own failures.

It is quite another thing for the leader of the free world to be led by one of them.


5 Responses to “The Sherrod Charade, Nilsack, Waldo, and Rodney King”

  1. A rightwing blog runs a hit piece on a innocent government employee.

    Fox runs it nationally.

    The government reacts, apparently under the impression Fox is reporting a true story (maybe they figured there’s a first time for everything?), by pressuring the employee to resign.

    It turns out the hit piece was out of context.

    Obama et al apologize to the employee and offer her a new job.

    The only person decent enough at Fox to apologize for running the hit peice is Bill O’Reilly, the closest thing among the rightwingers at Fox to human being. Even that apology comes with a hitch.

    Breitbart, Hannity, et al, refuse to apologize, but instead spin the story into more “liberal”-bashing nonsense.

    That’s the story.

    You guys on the right can spin this all you like, but it does not make you look very good.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Hey, I got news for you, and I posted it on your blog as well, but you still come here and spew the same crap.

    The only person Sherrod did not ask for an apology was Breibart.
    You’re administration is incompetent regardless of who you want to attack.
    Its “YOU GUYS” who dont look so good right now.
    Sherrod has had offers but I’m willing to bet shes intentionally hesitant to work with this gang of idiots ever again.
    You called Breitbart some pretty nasty things on your blog.
    He was only posting what he had no idea was edited.
    You owe him an apology.
    And yes, there were those in the NAACP audience that giggled at her comments not realizing the speech was leading up to her enlightment.
    As you’ve said yourself; “dont shoot the messenger’
    Breitbart did not lie as you claim. He only aired what he thought was real as did most outlets when Dan Rather went on his little “fake but real” campaign.
    If I’m correct, Dan never apologized.
    The rush to judgement came from YOUR side. She was fired long before FOX aired anything. To top it off, Beck was defending her before the full edition came out and never had any plans whatsoever to have her on his show, as she was threatened with during he cell phone conversations requesting her resignation
    You’re wrong, put it away and be quite already

  3. Micky 2 says:

    “The government reacts, apparently under the impression Fox is reporting a true story (maybe they figured there‚Äôs a first time for everything?), by pressuring the employee to resign.”

    NO ! You’re lying !
    How and why did she get fired before FOX ever aired it ?

    Please, I gotta hear this one !

  4. Toma says:

    What this boils down to is simple. Obama and his cadre are racist and cowardly. Their actions say it all very plainly.


  5. LOL! No, Micky, she only said that she wanted to sue Breitbart! No, she doesn’t want an apology from Breitbart. Neither would I. I’d want his ^%$#@! hide.

    The admin knew the story was going to air on Fox. I don’t know how, but they knew. I’m sure they have some peopel on the inside of that lowbrow sleaze machine.

    You guys just can’t man up and admit that a lying hit piece on an Obama admin worker was just that – a hit piece and a lie. Our good host throws around “Jason Blair Times” like it’s the National Enquirer, but when one of his friends, Breitbart, is caught perpetrating the worst sort of slanderous yellow jouranlism – no accountability. Nada. And you know what? If you can’t criticize your friend, then you’re really not much of a friend at all. Fine guys. Now we can all see where you all stand. Grow some spines, will ya’?


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