Election 2010–Support Bill McCollum

I normally stay out of primary fights, especially in other states. Sometimes a person comes along that causes me to make an exception.

I am endorsing Bill McCollum to be the next Florida Governor.


I know nothing about his opponent Rick Scott. I have never met the man, and I am sure I would support him in the general election if he won the primary. However, he has one thing going against him.

He is not Bill McCollum.

I have met Attorney General McCollum and his wife. She is one of the lovely people in this world.

I had the honor and privilege of sitting at the same table as the McCollums at a function about a year ago. They are smart, thoughtful, and engaging. They are good, quality human beings.

The function was a Jewish function, and bigger supporters of Israel and the Jewish people will not be found.

Mr. McCollum also has the proper views on everything from tax cuts to the Second Amendment.

As Attorney General, he has found the balance between toughness and fairness.

Mr. McCollum was a congressman in 1998 when he was thrust into the spotlight as one of the 13 impeachment managers. He presented his portion of the case with a legal and moral clarity that any litigator would have been proud to deliver.

There are many politicians out there, and public service is a noble calling.

Mr. McCollum is a principled man with unquestionable integrity. He is what is needed in a leader.

I believe that when important bills get to his office, he will get it right. I believe in the man.

Former Governor Jeb Bush has endorsed Mr. McCollum. That is good enough for me.

The Florida polls are open until 8pm EST.

Bill McCollum is a good man. Vote for him.


2 Responses to “Election 2010–Support Bill McCollum”

  1. I’ve been watching the slugfest between McCollum and Scott down here in Florida – and it’s been nasty. With coruption charges flying around all over the place, both men look terrible right now. Scott is wealthy (made his money off Medicare) and has a shady past. He’s been throwing a fortune at the campaign, playing off the Tea Partiers and anti-immigration movement. McCollum’s worst offense seems to be a few dubious fundraiser associations, something which few pols can claim innocence. McCollum was behind for a little while, but

  2. …Scott has the Rubio problem – too many independent and mainstream GOP voters think he’s a pandering screwball.


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