Ideological Bigotry Part XXVII–Jews, Gays and Republicans

My purpose in the blogosphere is to end Ideological Bigotry, especially in my own Jewish community. Once again a liberal Jew in need of cranial-glutial extraction surgery condemns bigotry while offering her own version of bigotry.

It started with a headline in a Jewish newspaper.

“Gay anti-Israel group to march in Montreal
by Jta Newsalerts on Monday, August 9, 2010 at 12:20pm

For the second consecutive year, the protest group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid will march in Montreal’s Gay Pride parade.”

At first this started as typical anti-Semitism. I don’t have time to take on anti-Semitism, especially from imbeciles. The group needs a simple reality check, since they are flawed on so many levels.

First off, there is nothing in a person’s sexuality that has anything to do with politics or religion.

Secondly, the word “queer” is a slur, and most respectable gay organizations don’t use it. If this group wants to be taken seriously (doubtful), they may wish to enter the world of adulthood.

Lastly, there is no correlation between sexuality and intelligence. If these people had an ounce of the latter, they would know that Israel is the most tolerant country of gay people in the Middle East. The left-right divide in Israel is about security. It has nothing to do with social issues. Avi Lieberman is considered the far right-wing, yet he favors gay marriage.

If this group wants to fight for gay rights (or queer rights in their case), they may wish to take on Libya or Iran. Amageddonijad bragged that there ar no gay people in his country. Of course there are no gays. He executes them. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” carries on extra important meaning.

Maybe these people are like the guy from “Life is Beautiful” who points out that everyone hates somebody, so he is now against spiders and Visigoths.

Or they are just anti-Semites who happen to be gay. Their sexuality is irrelevant in this case because nothing in the facts would justify hating Israel based on gay issues.

I had zero interest in this story other than beyond the idiocy of it. Then a woman named Susan Sholin stepped in.

I have never met Susan Sholin. She is some random Facebook person who commented on the article. I know nothing about Susan Sholin except the one sentence she wrote.

All I know is that the Susan Sholins of the world are screwing up Judaism, and poisoning the well of society. I don’t expect her to apologize, because liberals don’t do that. She is so positive she is right that an apology would be impossible.

She is most likely a lost cause of a human being. I have long since given up trying to change people. I now prefer to use them as foils to educate the reasonable people who may not always agree with me, but believe that all bigotry is wrong.

So what does this Susan Sholin woman have to say about the gays attacking Israel?

“Gay and anti Israel is like gay Republicans only worse. Totally disgusting.”

I agree with the totally disgusting part. Ms. Sholin is totally and completely disgusting.

I am still amazed at the creative ways liberals bring Republicans and political conservatives into the conversation in the form of cheap shots regarding issues that have nothing to do with them.

Maybe if Ms. Sholin would have the cranial-glutial extraction surgery she would realize that it is leftists who are attacking Israel. This gay group is a leftist group.

So on the one hand Ms. Sholin is troubled by a group attacking Israel. She responds by bashing Republicans.

In her world, it is easy to figure out why she does this.

Start with Pauline Kael, rumored (disputed) to have said, “I don’t know how Richard Nixon could have won. I don’t know a single person who voted for him.” He won 49 states. She lived in Manhattan on the Upper West Side.

Now go to Harry Reid, who said the other day that “I don’t know how any Hispanic could be Republican.” He needs to meet Marco Rubio, who wants lower taxes and dead terrorists. Cubans have been Republicans for decades, and the reasons make perfect sense.

Now Susan Sholin cannot grasp how any gay person could be Republican.

I am going to explain this for the complete and utter myopia that affects leftist dolts.

Being a Republican means belonging to a right of center political party. Being a conservative means having a right of center political ideology. Neither of these groups have anything to do with skin color, religion, or ethnic background. When the IRS sends out tax refunds, they do not know if the recipient is Pakistani, Laotian, or even some exotic blend of species like Californian.

Liberals do not understand the concept of a political philosophy because they lack one. Hating Republicans and conservatives is the glue that binds them together. This is how cutting taxes is racist, and a plane crash that kills people can be lamented on the left only because Sarah Palin and George W. Bush were not on it.

The left cannot grasp that we don’t want to kill liberals. We don’t root for and openly cheer their deaths. We just want them to shut up and stop being a bunch of whining crybabies. This is not just ideological. It is about peace and quiet. We don’t work hard all day so we can come home to complaints.

The left will ask the usual questions about why I make such a big deal out of this.

Susan Sholin’s bigotry matters because she is hurting her own cause.

Many Republicans are passionate about cutting taxes and killing terrorists. Their is broad agreement among conservatives and Republicans on those issues. On social issues, there is a range across the entire spectrum.

When Ms. Sholin lumps all Republicans together, she ignores the fact that many Republicans are either supportive of gay marriage, indifferent to it, or against it but very dispassionately. Rather than reach across the aisle, she chooses to be a leftist bombthrower and miss out on the chance to gain new allies.

I mean why on Earth would I want to work with this viper when she has started the conversation by demonizing me?

The Log Cabin Republicans are the premiere gay Republican group in America. They are great people. I have met many of them, and partied with them.

(I am in a relationship now, but let me tell you, Log Cabin Republican parties are a great way to meet hot heterosexual Republican women.)

The Log Cabin Republicans do not even agree on gay marriage amongst themselves.

It is not that the left disagrees with us. They despise us so much that they can’t possibly see how anybody could disagree with them, especially if they are a minority. Black, Jewish, and gay Republicans are targeted for vicious abuse. I know.

Susan Sholin is a disgrace to Judaism. She needs to learn the song “To love your fellow Jew…just the same as you…that’s the basis of our holy Torah.”

I am a Jewish Republican, and I have friends who are Jewish gay Republicans. If she chooses to hate them, that is her problem.

It is possible to be liberal without being hateful. Too many liberals just refuse to try.

I condemn the gay anti-Israel group for their stupidity, and Ms. Sholin for exacerbating the problem. We could have been allies, but she is too hateful to work with.

I say to her what I say to the world.

Hineni. Here I am. Republican, conservative, Jewish, proud of it, and here to stay.

Deal with it.


5 Responses to “Ideological Bigotry Part XXVII–Jews, Gays and Republicans”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    Maybe no ones commenting because sometimes things are so reduntantly stupid you’re at al loss for words.
    Just went thru this in a constitutional debate over whether or not our founders Christian values influenced the writting of it. Because I was a Christian that meant that automatically my input was irrelvant and the debate could only be carried out rationally by anyone other than Christians.
    Because were stupid to begin with

  2. I tried posting something several times in several differnet ways and it didn’t take. Obviously this site has a problem.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    Yeah, its moody like that

  4. Dav Lev says:

    There is an interesting article in a newpaper ( I forget whether Israeli or American), about how Iran treats its gays.

    Israel, to my chagrin, generally allows a gay parade somewhere in its
    territory. Yes, the Orthodox don’t want it, but somehow it is held yearly.

    I once heard a group of gay men say, “Hitler killed the Jews and we gays.””Thank G-d for the Jews, thank the Jews for G-d.”

    Some Christian churches abhore gays. Reform Jews accept them
    and rabbis will even marry them.

    There is a gay Jewish synagogue somewhere on Pico Blvd in
    Los Angeles. One can get info about the female rabbi and the synogogues activities in local Jewish newspapers, sometimes even in the LA Times.

    Moses today would be critical of gay relationships and of course frown
    on marriages. He gave the Israelites 613 laws…some of them dealing
    with beastiality and human relationships. Sex between males and other males and between females and other females, is is sex
    between fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, aunts, etc.

    There is an obvious reason for the continue our species among other things.

    In California, estimates of the gay population are about 2% or 700,000.
    Lets assume that is a low figure..and it is actually 4%, still a minority.

    Yet the LA Times editorial staff and op-eds are filled with news about
    Prop 8, Judge Walker, the appeal, the circuit court, etc.

    I mean, who really cares, except if you are an adopted child?

    I thought about that. I liked on weekends, as a 3 year old, to jump into
    bed with my mother and father. Hmmm, if I had two fathers, or two mothers, would I notice the differences (in size?).

    What if my father had a 4 inch..and my other father had a 9 inch.
    Wowowoo, or one mother had small breasts, the other large..!
    Well, you get the idea. Would I relate to the small father, or the big

    Then again, I can now envision going to parent teacher’s meetings
    or boy scout camp. I could brag about my LARGER father.

    A friend asked me once, “Why is it necessary for Jews to have
    a gay synagogue anyway?”. Aren’t all synagogogues houses of prayer,
    G-ds temple? We have Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, ultra-Orthodox,
    ultra-ultra Orthodox and Reconstuctionist (and humanitarian). For those
    that don’t know or care, the last one is Judaism w/o the Torah and G-d.

    For a gay group to protest Israel’s policies towards gays, is like
    the Muslim anti-Defamation League protesting the Bnai Brith or some other
    liberal Jewish (pro-Arab) group, and there are plenty (see J Street).

    Its like a black group protesting Conservative Republican businessmen
    who want to do away with affirmative action, so as to hire MORE minorities.

    It’s like a group of gays protesting Target Corporation caus they
    donated money to Prop 8, (while hiring gay employees).
    This one really is so outrageous as to be funny.

    If the old May Company (which hired gays predominately), were alive today, it would probably be protested if it emulated Target.

    What did the gays, Roma (gypsies), liberals, corporate heads, Polish
    officers and academics, Jews ( all streams) blacks, Serbs, Slavs, American Indians, Indians, Polish Catholic priests, etc.., all have in common?

    Ans: Hitler wanted them all exterminated and partly achieved his goals.

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