Liberal gutlessness and raising taxes

One of the common themes of my blog is that liberals are gutless little rats who are ashamed of who and what they are. Conservatives get elected by stating who they are, what they believe, and following through on it. They lose elections when they get away from their core. Liberals win elections by denying who they are and hiding behind phony words like “progressive.”

This phoniness exists in domestic and foreign policy, with the main area of domestic fraud being in the form of taxes.

Conservatives believe in lower taxes. Liberals believe in higher taxes. While lower taxes is an easier political sell, honest liberals (they do exist) will justify why they want higher taxes. Higher tax revenues can be used to redistribute wealth and be used for more social programs to help the working class.

While I disagree with this philosophy, it is a legitimate philosophy. What is disgusting is when liberals refuse to admit their desire to do this.

Liberals are on the verge of supporting mass tax hikes. This is bad policy in normal conditions and economic suicide during a recession. This is also being done in a dishonest manner as the left refuses to admit that taxes are being raised.

The Bush tax cuts are set to expire on December 31, 2010. Liberals refuse to acknowledge that letting tax cuts expire is the exact same thing as raising taxes. Rather than justify why they are raising taxes, they simply bash President Bush.

In 1984 Walter Mondale gave his word that he was going to raise taxes. He lost 49 states. The left learned from his shellacking to never again tell the truth about anything if it would cost votes. The ends justified the means. Winning at all costs became the Democratic Party philosophy. Policy was peripheral.

The right has offered a clear cogent explanation for why the Bush tax cuts should be made permanent. It is called Supply Side Economics. It works. If the left wants to offer an argument of why raising taxes in this climate would be proper policy, that would be a welcome debate.

Hiding behind gutless phrases such as “letting them expire” is like trying to differentiate between passive and active euthanasia. Either way, the person has been killed.

This brings me to the death tax. People spend their whole life paying taxes. The idea that they should then have to have more taxes taken out on death is disgusting. It is not billionaires who get punished. It is small business owners such as farmers. Rich old people dying today pay nothing. Starting January 1 of 2011, 55% of their estate gets confiscated.

If the liberals truly believe that paying more taxes is patriotic, they should just pay more. Nobody is stopping them. They can fire their estate planners, tax attorneys, and accountants and just send in extra funds to the IRS. Instead liberals from Timothy Geithner to Charles Rangel to John Kerry mandate higher taxes for everybody else. Why should they care about taxes? It is not like they pay them.

John Kerry just bought a 7 million dollar yacht. This is his right. He kept the yacht in Rhode Island instead of Massachusetts to save almost 500,000 dollars annually in taxes. Does anybody see the hypocrisy in this?

George Soros spends millions attacking the rich all the while making his money destroying currencies and hurting the very working class people he claims to care about.

These are liberals. This is how they behave.

The left will claim that they only want to raise taxes on “the wealthy.” Yet when asked to define wealthy, they never offer a number. Sometimes it is 250k salary, sometimes 200k…the number keeps changing.

What the left will never grasp is that these wealthy people create jobs. The government does not. Many wealthy people right now are hoarding cash. They are scared to spend or hire, because they know that a financial time bomb in the form of higher income and estate taxes is about to explode.

The stock market is nervous. People do not want to take new large positions out of fear that the capital gains tax will be increased.

The American people are not stupid. They know that the left wants to vastly increase taxes, and that the rich will just pass the costs on to the middle class since the lower class is already largely subsidized.

The solution is to cut taxes and spur the private sector to grow the economy.

The left disagrees with this, but they should at least have the guts to justify their position.

Until the left acknowledges that letting tax cuts expire is exactly the same as raising taxes, there is no reason to trust a single thing they have to say.

The left needs to stop lying. They need to stop advancing the absolute falsehood that the cuts were always meant to expire, and that President George W. Bush set them up to have a limited shelf life. He wanted permanent tax cuts but the liberals threatened a filibuster, as was their constitutional right. To get the tax cuts passed, he lowered the cuts from 1.6 trillion to 1.3 trillion and gave them a sunset provision after a decade. So technically, the Democrats actually raised taxes by $300,000 by forcing President Bush to come down in numbers.

If the left wants to raise taxes, they need to be honest with the American people. Of course, if they did this they would not be liberals. They know the people are against them on this and so many other issues. For a party who hates anything related to the military, they sure know how to wear camouflage.

Either be proud and stand up for core beliefs, or scurry away like desperate little rats.

The left has chosen the latter.


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  1. Liberals do not “believe in higher taxes.” That’s just stupid. What liberals do believe is that America should fairly and responsibly pay it ‘s bills. There is a time to raise taxes and there is a time to lower them. To believe there is onlt a time to lower taxes and never a time to raise them is stupid, senseless, short-sightedly selfishness, and very bad for America. “Lower Taxes” is a vacuous slogan for the consumption of morons.


  2. blacktygrrrr says:

    A fellow named “Liberty Junkie” posted a comment and I accidentally deleted it. This was done in error. I did not even read the comment. The deletion was accidental.

    I will be on planes all day today, but please repost the comment and I will approve it upon getting home.

    eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

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