My Interview With Kat Rice

I had the pleasure recently of interviewing Katrina “Kat” Rice.

Miss Rice is the President of the Dallas Young Republicans.

I know some of you out there think I interviewed her just because she is a hot, young Republican brunette with spectacular (redacted). While all of that is true, she has a story to tell that every Republican should learn.

She wrote the book, “The Internet is Blue.”

I became fascinated with the title because I thought she was referring to risqué humor. While this is a g-rated book that has nothing to do with sex or salty sailor language, it is still worth reading.

“The Internet is Blue” focuses on the large technological gap that Democrats (blue staters) have over Republicans (red staters).

As with any interview, I do it in three stages. I start out with the fake interview that never happened. Then I present the doctored version of the fake interview in the great tradition of the Jayson Blair Times. Then I finally present the real interview.

Here is the fake interview.

Eric: Is it ok if I take a picture of me holding a tennis racket to your (redacted) and (redacted)?

Kat: You are a sexist male oinker who sets the dignity of women back decades.

Eric: Does this mean you will not be allowing me to do my impression of the United States Open with you as the naughty French player?

Kat: You are one question away from being punched in the face, and I pack a mean right hook.

Eric: Ok, so I should just focus on your book and ignore your underwear model looks?

Kat: Yes. That is all I want, and not a single thing more ever.

I will now doctor this interview in the way that the New York Times does on a daily basis to earn its reputation as the Jayson Blair Times.

Eric: Is it ok if I take a picture of me holding a tennis racket to your (redacted) and (redacted)?

Kat: Yes. That is all I want, and not a single thing more ever.

I have met Kat Rice in real life. She is a nice person and a smart one as well. She might still swing the right hook at me, so go check out her book to help possibly save my existence from physical harm.

With that, I present my interview with Kat Rice.

1) What is the Kat Rice story? What made you decide to write “The Internet is Blue?”

I grew up in an army house, my parents were Limbaugh Republicans, both officers and gave me a wonderful foundation. Then I went to a liberal arts college (which only cemented my conservative beliefs even though I kept my mouth shut for four years). I started my first company in online marketing there, at 18. My senior year a close friend challenged me to get involved in politics. When I graduated I finally started to attend political meetings and immediately became a true political activist. I also founded the online design and consultation company I have now, Veribatim.

“The Internet is Blue” is dedicated to my grandfather, Col. Arnold E. Rice and I wrote the book at his urging. The beginning of this year he was diagnosed with his second round of cancer at 93. I went up to visit him just as the Health Care bill passed. The day that happened I received multiple emails from conservative leaders and Republican groups whining about the bill and asking for money. The emails were form letters with no substance and terrible PR. I remember ranting to my grandfather about how useless these approaches were. I jokingly said I could write a book about everything Republicans do wrong on the internet. He said “Do it.” So much like my original foray into politics, I did it because someone I respected challenged me to. I wrote the book to be short and fast, more as a digest people could pick up and read in an hour then do something about. I wanted to finish it before the 2010 election, and quick enough so my grandfather could read it. He beat his cancer by the way and is still alive and well, a great testament to our veterans.

2) What 3 political issues are you most passionate about?

1. Political Activism in Gen Y. I don’t just mean conservative youth either. We need to all be in the business of educating and empower the younger generations. I don’t care how they vote, as long as they DO vote. Its our job as Republicans to educate and reach out to them after they’ve registered.
2. Government Transparency. We can’t fix anything if we don’t know what’s going on. Transparency stops corruption, clarifies the intentions of politicians, provides accurate tracking and follow-through and is one of the most important issues to the youth. Republicans should be all over transparency and “gov 2.0” because more transparency will only prove our policies right!
3. The Economy. Unemployment is such a huge issue. We have to fix the economy because it’s not the Baby Boomers who are hurting the most from the current recession, its Gen X & Y. The current economic situation could destroy the future of many twenty-somethings and the current administration seems bent on tackling ANY task but the job loss.

3) What does the GOP get right technologically, and what have we gotten wrong?

Wow. That’s such a big question. A lot of this is covered in the book but short and sweet.
• We’re good at connecting and following-through when we bother to. We just don’t do it enough.
• We educate better than the Left. Again, just not enough.
• Liberals tend to have “rabid” people pushing their message on the internet. Conservatives tend to be thoughtful, logical and layout compelling arguments. When we use this skill online, we win.
• We’re doing an awesome job taking over “mobile”. The NRSC app for the iphone is BRILLIANT and you should go download it right now if you have one. If we can keep up the pace in this arena it will make a difference.

• We don’t spend our money on technology the way we should
• We don’t realize what’s important on the web. Order of importance: Design, Message (I mean marketing message not a paragraph explaining boring details), Usability, then details and personality.
• Not putting Gen Y first.
• Being unaware of trends in technology. Yeah, we missed them. And then when we did figure it out (Facebook anyone?) we congratulated ourselves instead of refocusing on the next goal.
• The way we ask for money isn’t working. We just piss people off.
• Oh and we suck at SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization, aka where we show up on a Google search).

4) You are affiliated with the Young Republicans. Are they as tech savvy as your Democratic counterparts? Is this tech gap only an issue with older people, or Republicans in general?

I would say overall yes, the Young Republicans tend to be more connected and social media savvy. This is a trait of Gen Y (and X) and less about political beliefs. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of non-tech people in the YRs but overall I think we match the Dems except perhaps in numbers.

5) 2004 was the first “blogosphere” presidential election.2008 was the first “social networking election” or “Facebook election.” What do you see on the horizon for 2012 from a technological standpoint?

Mobile for sure. Text, apps, mobile integration with social networking. We HAVE to own mobile in 2012 or we’ll keep losing elections.

6) If you had 5 minutes alone with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, what would you say to them or ask them?

I’d ask them both the same question. “What did you do when you were my age?” I’d love to know what our leaders did to get where they are. Did it start in their twenties (the age so many Young Republicans feel shunned by their own party)? Did they fight the same uphill battles? What would they do as a 20-something in the current environment? I have a heart for bridging the gap between Gen Y and the Boomers so anything related to that would be where I’d steer the conversation.

7) Who are your 3 political heroes, American or worldwide?

Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams (who I mention in my book as having an amazing social media presence, worth emulating, and is just an amazing leader in Texas politics), Abraham Lincoln (perseverance, this guy had it), Charlie Wilson (no war is too big to fight)

8.) Without delving too deeply into your personal life, what would you want Americans to know about Kat Rice the person? 100 years from now, what would you want people to remember about you, and what would you hope the history books say about you?

“I would want people to know I was an unwilling participant! I got involved because no one else was standing up for the issues that bothered me most. (If you feel this way ever, please speak up and get involved because if you wait for someone else to it will never happen!) Career politician? Not my goal. I just want to make an impact on the things that matter most to me.

For the history books: I would hope that I could be a voice for my generation and whether or not people agreed with me, they could still say I fought passionately for my cause. We’re at a turning point in our country: technology, politics, society as a whole; and I would want to be someone who stood strong for my peers and our children to keep America the amazing country we all cherish during this time.”

I would like to thank Kat Rice for her graciousness and her time. She is also the head of the Dallas Young Republicans. She is a rising star, and her book is an important read for any Republican desperate not to fall behind Democrats technologically.

We as Republicans have made many mistakes in the past. Kat Rice is trying to help cement a conservative majority for the future. Her words must be heeded.


2 Responses to “My Interview With Kat Rice”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    Ya know Eric…

    I love ya man but sometimes you really pi$$ me off.
    No other individual has on such a regular basis made me regret being stuck on this rock like you have.
    Its just my envy man, no fault of your own, she doesnt sound like a 20 year old.

    Do you own any tennis rackets ?

  2. Dav Lev says:

    T?he real problem is not how Conservatives post on the Net, it’s
    simply that they have no remedy for USA problems, that are guaranteed to work.

    Look, I changed my voting from the Democrats to Republicans,
    when I finally understood what the Democratic Party is all about,
    taking from the successful, hard-working, educated people, and giving to the opposite.

    I consider myself relatively successful, but am far from being among
    the top 5% of the nations wealthiest earners..or someone with
    millions in assets. I am a hard working guy, with a BA degree from
    a major university.

    I could never really afford a home where I want to live, and so do not
    own one now. When I move, my rent receipts are all that I will have.
    Except for a few dollars, I have never lived on loans and will not
    mortgage myself to any lender.

    I voted for McCain/Palin because I thought they were telling the truth about
    most everything..from the economy to foriegn relations. I believed then,
    and I beleive now, that Obsama spun his candidacy into becoming President. Joe Biden wanted to carve up Iraq, into 3 pieces. I was agin
    that. Obama was against deposing Saddam..I was for that.

    I really thought Saddam needed to have his feathers plucked and not
    because he had, or had had, or could have, WMD. He had the scientists
    and capability to produce those weapons.

    During the War, our troops were protected with body shielding. Fortunately, they didn’t need it.

    What if, what if, he had had weapons and fired them, as threatened?
    How many corpses would we have buried..on both sides?
    Would Arabia and Israel be in existence today? Recall, he fired Scuds
    in 1991. He killed h8s own people. He was a ruthless dictator.
    He should have been brought down much sooner.

    George Bush and Dick Cheney should be considered patriots.
    John McCan is a patriot. Sarah Palin is right.

    President Obama talks about a mosque in NY ( should not be built at the site), and the burning of some a Korans..while in Arab countries, no Jewish bibles are allowed, Christianity is verboten ( no outward signs) and
    Jews and Infidels are hiding beyond rocks and trees (which shout out)

    Some say we have freedom of speech but not to a fault. If a fire, we can shout out, there is a fire. Ones man fire is another mans water.

    Obama has 20% unemployed/underemployed..and he is concerned
    about the Taliban? What? As if it matters.

    Folks, years before Florida, the Taliban linked up with Al Qaeda.

    We have poured billions into Afghanistan, etc., and they riot over
    the torching of a few dozen books?

    Maybe they should consider 5,000 US deaths and 50,000 wounded, before they riot and burn our flag?

    Pres. Obama talks again from both sides. He is for freedom of religion,
    yet is concerned over the appropriatness of the mosque, so near
    the WTC site? Where are you coming from?

    In the meantime, the mosque will be built to show the world that not all Muslims are evil and desire friendship and love between peoples.
    Okay, so then, consider our sensitivities..and build it 1 mile further north or south, or on Long Island, or upstate New York. There is plenty of land there guys..and the scenery is much nicer.

    In the M.E. the Jews and Arabs are talking..a alot, but to Hillary.

    The Arabs forget that they lost 10 wars.

    The Arabs have nothing to cede, except a promise of peace.
    The Jews are offering (at risk) territory and a state.

    To Obama: ask Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran what they think.

    Some pundits believe the race between Boxer and Fiorino will
    determine who rules the Senate. Boxer is sharp..knows how to appeal
    and where the money is. She knows her base..the minorities, unions,
    and youth.

    Fiorino has hurdles..she must get some Democrat and Independent votes.

    She should use the media, and the Net wisely, to attack the liberalism
    of her opponent..and the harm its caused our once wonderful state.

    Jerry Brown vs Meg is another matter. Bald men lack something guys.
    Enough said.

    57m voted for McCain. 63m voted for Obama.
    Better utilization of the net..keeping the platform simple
    and plausible is how to do it. Getting the message out
    to everyone and making it believable is the key.

    I have a few friends who are solid Democrats. When they learn
    that I am a Republican, they are dumbfounded. What, you a Republican, the party of the Christian Evangelicals (who support Israel’s existence)
    and tax and spenders ( our money going to waste on pork projects -hey Obama, I thought you were against special interests).

    And they get upset when having to pay more and more of their
    earnings to the IRS. Thats the irony.

    Obama wants to tax at higher rates, everyone who earns over 250,000.
    Sooo, 40% fo the IRS, 10% to our State, 7% to social security, higher
    DMV fees, higher telephone fees..hidden taxes..think about it.

    The harder you work, the better educated ( paying huge college fees)
    the less you make.

    A spokesperson for illegals who receive medical care, said on TV
    last week that it is moral for them to use our emergency rooms.
    He asked, what kind of America do we want?

    Okay, here is my answer. You committed the crime. It is your
    responsibility for them. Buy insurance people. Go to a clinic..
    have your people contribute to the overall health of your illegals.
    Enforce the laws by having an identity card. Fine and arrest
    any employers who hire illegals. Get the US attorney involved.
    just as they do with tax fraud.

    This is fraud, big; time, cute little kiddies notwithstanding.
    Its my money.

    Think about it.

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