Rosh Hashanah 2010–A line of thought

Today is the second day of Rosh Hashanah. Again I will be in Temple in New York.

This pre-written column is just my thoughts on one line of thought I have.

A recent experience had me thinking in ways that disappointed me. One person sent me an email wishing me a happy Rosh Hashanah. I thanked him for his support, and that I appreciated Christian support for Israel. He seemed confused, asking If I thought he was Christian. I have known him a few years, and always assumed he was. It turns out he is Jewish.

He has never hid his Judaism, but I always assumed he was Christian. For one thing, he is Republican. For another, he is very tall. Also, most people in America are Christians.

Yet the real reason I thought he was Christian was that he is overwhelmingly pro-Israel.

Despite the fact that I am a Jewish Republican who is staunchly pro-Israel, I still figure that when I meet somebody who is Republican and pro-Israel, that they are Christian.

That is a sad commentary on my part, but maybe if more Jews were loud and proud I would feel differently.

I hope on this Rosh Hashanah Jewish pride flies loud and proud.

Happy Rosh Hashanah to all Jews and thank you to others for your support.


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  1. Well, happy Rosh Hashanah from an athesitic, liberal, tall American, who, though he thinks Likud and the rest of the Israeli Right is misguided and Israel needs to concede more land and rein in the settlements to help form a viable Palestine, considers himself just as pro-Israel, if not more, than the vast majority of Christian, Republican, “pro-Israel” folks.


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