What the 2010 election is about

Today is Captain Obvious Friday. I am going to explain a simple concept in even more breathtakingly simple terms so that even a liberal will fail to believably pretend not to grasp it.

I will get to the Republican 2010 Pledge With America on Monday. Naturally, I think it is an imperfect but mostly fabulous document. Unlike the liberals in 2006, Republicans have decided to stand for something. This will make it easier for them to govern if they win the majority as they did in 2010.

(My current models, which are unsophisticated as can be right now, have Republicans picking up 50 House seats to seize narrow control, while falling short in the Senate 52-48.)

Today I want to remind voters everywhere what the election is all about. This will be the most brain dead analysis ever offered because the most likely reaction will be to claim that any imbecile could offer what I will.

While that may be true, others are refusing to do it, hence my need to state the idiotically obvious.


This 2010 election is a referendum on President Barack Obama and his Congress led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

That’s it?

Yes. That’s it. That’s all. Nothing else.

For those wonder why it is important to overstate such an insanely obvious conclusion, it merits repeating because the Democrats will try and make this election about anything and everything else.

The Obama presidency has been a colossal failure. The evidence is that Democrats are running as far away from him as possible. Like gutless little rats, the Democrats are jumping ship.

If the Obama record was one to be proud of, liberals would be touting their achievements on the campaign trail and in their commercials. Instead, Democrats are running commercials bragging about how they stood up against Mr. Obama and the Pelosiraptor. They are not even mentioning that they are Democrats in their commercials, hoping people fail to notice.

The Republicans tried this trick in 2006. It failed.

The left is trying a new tactic of running against John Boehner. This tactic is colossally stupid.

In 2006 the Republicans ran against Nancy Pelosi. It failed.

Running against her this time is a smart strategy for the same reason Democrats successfully ran against Newt Gingrich. Both Speaker Pelosi and Speaker Gingrich are polarizing figures with ardent supporters and bitter detractors, with high negatives.

Nobody knows or cares about John Boehner. Voters would not know him on the street. He is non-descript. He is also not an ideologue. If anything, he is criticized by the right for being a pragmatist deal-cutter in the tradition of Bob Dole and Dennis Hastert.

I still the think the left will go after Eric Cantor since he is Jewish, and the left despises minority conservatives. Also, Cantor has more of an ideological bent, although still less than Newt or the Pelosiraptor.

What did the Democrats do from January of 2009 until today?

They passed a stimulus package and a health care plan. Both of these plans are highly unpopular with the American people. The health care plan was passed dishonestly, using legislative chicanery. Simply put, it was rammed down our throats.

If both of these plans were popular, President Obama would still have high approval ratings and Democrats would be running on these “victories,” not from them.

Some on the left will cry (what a surprise) that the reason these plans and the Democrats themselves are unpopular is because the Republicans “successfully demagogued them.”

This will be a common refrain that will be heard ad nauseum. The Public simply is too stupid to cut through the negative fog and see how right the Democrats are.

Even if this ludicrous train of thought was right, that is still the fault of Mr. Obama and the leftist in Congress.

The president has to be a salesman. FDR was a master salesman. Whether or not he was selling snake oil is irrelevant. The people backed him in tough times.

President Obama and Nancy Pelosi have only themselves to blame for allowing the Republicans to paint them as leftist out-of-touch ideologues, which they are. This is politics. It is not for crybabies. President George W. Bush frustrated conservatives when he refused to hit back against leftists who kept demonizing him as a liar. Politics ain’t beanbag.

Unless the left is willing to run on their accomplishments, those accomplishments deserve to be dismissed as lacking. This is in keeping with liberals refusing to even admit they are liberals unless they are in safe districts such as San Francisco.

So since the Democrats cannot and will not run on their record, what will they do?

They will demonize Republicans. The familiar words Democrats trot out whenever they fail to govern will resurface.

Republicans will be called extremists and mean-spirited. Their policies will be called draconian. In 1995 Republicans were accused of wanting to beat up school children and take their lunch while throwing senior citizens on the street.

In 2010 conservatives will be bombarded with charges of racism, sexism, and every other ism until either these charges are rebutted or stick.

In short, Republicans will be accused of wanting everybody who is not a rich, white, Christian Wall Street banker to die. This to me would leave Republicans well short of a governing majority, but injecting logic into the left is pointless.

Conservatives will be called screwballs and nutcases. This is code for “evangelical Christians.”

They will be called “backward,” wanting to enslave women. This is code for a pro-life stance on abortion.

So what should Republicans do?

Remind everybody what this election is about.

Those who attack Sharron Angle for having “crazy (translation: evangelical Christian) beliefs,” want people to forget that Harry Reid is presiding over 14% unemployment, the worst in the nation.

Those saying he should not be blamed should remember that the left blamed George W. Bush for the 2008 financial crisis. It had nothing to do with him, but it happened on his watch. Well 14% unemployment happened on Harry Reid’s watch. He owns it.

Christine O’Donnell discussing self-love is irrelevant.

(Yes, I could watch that tape over and over because she is hot. That is not the point.)

The issue is that her opponent would support the policies embraced by the Pelosiraptor and Harry Reid.

Carly Fiorina is not the issue. The issue is Barbara Boxer, who in 18 years has only authored 3 bills, while spending the rest of her time screaming. California is broke, and Boxer is out of touch, failing to understand that most Californians left the bra-burning 1960s rage 50 years ago.

(Her fellow Senator Dianne Feinstein is equally liberal, but is untouchable. It is not just the liberalism. It is the likability. Feinstein works with people. Boxer attacks people personally.)

Blanche Lincoln is toast. She voted for Obamacare, and is paying the price.

Christopher Dodd is retiring rather than face the voters.

In all fairness to Mr. Obama, he can claim successes that Bill Clinton could not. He got healthcare passed. Clinton did not.

Yet the Democrats are pretending like the bill never happened.

If Democrats refuse to run on their record, then Republicans should remind voters every day what that record is.

Republicans cried in 2006. They got what they deserved.

Democrats had two years to show what they could do.

They didn’t get the job done.

The results have been bad, and the perception of the voters accurately reflects this.

No amount of leftist hostility toward conservatives for simply being alive will change this.

The election is about the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi Democrats.

No amount of distractions should change this.

If the left wants to stop being cowardly, they could run on their record. Then both sides would discuss this record and a rich national discussion could take place.

The left will not do this. They have lost the public, and have no options left but to engage in the politics of personal destruction.

Again, this is not new. This is what they do.


8 Responses to “What the 2010 election is about”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    Even if this pledge is not acted on it wont matter much.
    The dems have already made hundreds of pledges they’ve abandoned (or switched on)
    All the right needs to do is sit back and point at recent democratic screw ups that trump all incompetence by both parties in history.
    In addition, in this climate it would almost be impossible not to act on this pledge.
    These are really the only things left to do that reflects what the country “really” wants.

  2. Of coure the election is a referendum on the White House and the Hill – EVERY mid-term election is a referendum on the White House and the Hill. That’s even more “Captian Obvious” than that silly, vacuous “Pledge” from the GOP. And EVERY election – EVERY – is also a referendum on the American attention span, which, this year like to be about that of a two-year-old.


  3. Dav Lev says:

    Barbara Boxer would be the first person chased (beheaded thereafter),
    had the Islamic fascists occupied this country. Enough said.
    Yet she voted against both wars. Apparently Saddam threat to “incinerate
    Israel” meant little to her, or his capacity to make nuikes.

    It mattered to me.

    Barbara Boxer reminds me of a former classmate in high school,
    moderateloy Jewish, smart, liberal and a twit (also short, very short).

    Boxer has the base she needs, minorities of all stripes and colors
    and their money, a lot of money, coming from Hollywood.

    She is fortunate that my kind of people, the rich, hard working, no nonsense, successful, moderately
    conservative (Jew and non-Jew) relocated out of California over the past 50 years. Oh I forgot, not the MJ crowd, people with values, like I will succeed or not succed in life based on my efforts, not charity or tax

    With her base, she will be hard to defeat.

    The Republicans can win in November, if they avoid the issues
    (gay marriages, social security, etc.) and stick to bread and butter, the economy, taxes and defense. Let the SC decide the marriage issue.
    Social security should remain as it is..but increase the age requirement ( we are not France).

    With 20 unemployed or under…real estate falling, Ahmad threatening to nuke US cities, kill every Jew and Infidel, No. Korea buddy buddy with China…where is the problemo?

    Think about it folks. In 10 short months, Obama went from a champ to a chump, his major advisers abandoning him for greener pastures.

    Personally, I always liked the guy, I really did. I respect his intelligence.
    He is simply over his head..lead by the nose by much more experienced and skillful people. I mean that guy in New York City who broke the law yet get standing ovations and wins elections. He should have been prosecuted similar to whats his name Rizzo and put in chains.

    Says it all folks.

  4. LOL! Ya’ gotta love the utter unreal universe in which conservatives reside…

    “Barbara Boxer would be the first person chased (beheaded thereafter),
    had the Islamic fascists occupied this country. Enough said.”



  5. Micky 2 says:

    ” EVERY mid-term election is a referendum on the White House and the Hill. ”

    Really ?
    Was Bushs second term a referendum ? Clintons ?
    Nah buddy.
    This is a referendum thats backed by the most discontent this countys ever seen bro. And it started swelling in record time
    Sometimes misterms reflect the peoples will to see legislative changes implemented.
    This one is more about demolishing the blighted crack house and its residents because any half a$$ con policy is twice as good as what weve seen in 18 short months.
    Barrys too freaking arrogant and deluded to humble himself across the aisle like Clinton did. I may be wrong. The vote on extending the Bush cuts is being put off till after the midterms.
    Obviously theres growing popularity on the left for extending them but it just wont garner too many votes if all moonbats reverse position on whats worked and what they’ve been bashing for 8 years right befor Nov.
    Obama wont veto it, theres too much pressure from his own party, Besides, its the one thing left out of all this bullsht that will and has worked.

    “LOL! Ya’ gotta love the utter unreal universe in which conservatives reside…”

    “overseas contingency act”
    “man made disasters”
    “the system worked”
    “undocumented Americans”
    “Crack monkeys”
    “Kill yourself, you’re bad for the earth”
    “use one square of paper”
    “911 was an inside job’
    “Cow farts will destroy the earth”

    And on…and on…

  6. Micky,

    The 2002 election was unusual. The electorate was freaked out over 9/11 and the hawk party always wins those elections. The ’06 election, some 5 years after that event, was typical, proving my point. Why you brought up Clinton’s ’94 year is beyond me. It was no surprise to anyone at all.

    And to say this is the “most discontent this country’s ever seen” is just plain silly hyperbole. This country’s seen FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR more discontent than this. This is just a bunch of whiny, spoiled old white people afraid of change.


  7. Micky 2 says:

    “This is just a bunch of whiny, spoiled old white people afraid of change.”

    Weve seen the change and the countrys cdivided as ever as a result.

    Like it or not.

    the ladys right.
    I dont see how you can defend this sht any longer either.
    But, party before country , I get it.

  8. Dav Lev says:

    Barbara Boxer voted against both of our incursions into Iraq.

    She is the Senator of the bluest of blue US states.

    She has the minorities in her pocket..financed by rich Hollywood types,
    who believe in the Hebrew Tikkun Olam (repair the world).

    As a consequence, we have repaired everyone, but ourselves.
    Now, we hear that President Obama will double the amount of foreign
    aid to 50 billion year, thats in billion. He will also change where the moneyh goes..from food, medicine, etc., to infrastructure. Some
    welcome the change, some people decry it.

    A little known fact: over 400 billion dollars was given to Africa since WW2.
    little of it ever paid back and little having actually gone to the hapless people there.

    I would like to know how much money the rich Arab/Muslim countries give? Even the feckless Palestinians arent getting much that was promised to them.

    I also wonder who is paying for those Scud Ds and other missiles going to Hezbollah? They aint cheap you know.

    With 12% unemployed in California, how can Miss Boxer claim she
    has brough tjobs to California? Something seems remiss here.

    She is not responsble for the deficit (Calif), but how much did she
    achieve for California during the Bush years?

    Its time folks, to send her packing..to that othr blue state, New York,
    to spend her retirement days at the beach at Coney, eating hot dogs,
    corn and knishes. She fits in well there. Dont believe me, go there and see for youself. I have.

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